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Video Messaging To Reach Your Audience! with Sarah Michelle Brown



Episode Summary

Sarah Michelle Brown gives us a refreshing view on how to show up on video.
It’s the opposite of almost everything else we’ve heard.
-how tech can hurt your videos
-why messaging can get in the way
-the one thing you should do before every video
And much more!


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Win The Hour, Win The Day!
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Sarah Michelle Brown Podcast Transcription

[00:04:32]Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day podcast. I am your host Kris Ward. And today we have Sarah Michelle Brown in the house, and Sarah is going to talk to us about videos. Now we’re going to come at this from a different angle. We’re not going to get techie.

[00:04:48] We’re not going to tell you stuff you already know. This is a whole different look on it. Sarah, welcome to the show. 

[00:04:56]Sarah Michelle Brown: Thank you.

[00:05:00]Kris Ward: The crowds go wild. Okay, Sarah. So we’re going to talk about, I don’t want to get into the obvious tech stuff and that’s one of your things. I don’t think it makes for great listening here, but that’s one of your things is that people get caught up in the tech versus really what is this video about? So why don’t we start there?

[00:05:19]Sarah Michelle Brown  Woo. Okay. That is like a universe of questions there. I love it. So yeah, one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is they start at the end of the video journey. So they start by like buying a ton of gear and they, you know, the researching on YouTube and Google, like what kind of camera should I have?

[00:05:39] What kind of lighting should I have? And they’re worrying about up and script writing and all that stuff. What happens more often than not is to make a crappy video because the reason is they’re focusing on the wrong thing. So video…

[00:05:56]Kris Ward: And if I could just say, jump in there for a second, Sarah why is it called that a justified distraction?

Oh, well, I now need to research it or order it. And I was going to do videos, but I have to wait for my Amazon order to come in. And don’t, I feel like a good human being, having a really good reason to justify why yet? Another month I don’t have to have a solid video campaign going out. 

[00:06:17]Sarah Michelle Brown: Yeah. I a hundred percent agree with you. It’s a distraction tactic. 

[00:06:23]Kris Ward: Gotcha. You go ahead. 

[00:06:26]Sarah Michelle Brown: Yeah. So the video that is really done the right way, you start from a place that’s actually the opposite of technology. You start from the heart. Start from intuition. You start from really putting yourself in the shoes of your dream clients and learning how to really show up on camera in a way that is not just engaging and informative, but it makes your clients feel something.

[00:06:59]Kris Ward: Okay. Let me just jump in there for a second. So yeah, so we’re gonna, cause it was all about like the heart sounds great, but then I’m like, oh, the inpatient Kris is like, okay, what does that mean? Right. Let’s get to it. So the heart is one thing. Let’s put a pin in that for a second, a pin in the heart.

[00:07:16] I don’t know if that’s healthy, but the whole thing too, is we do get caught up and we just define these distractions. And I know too, it’s like, oh, we need these to feel good. I’m a professional. But yet I know for myself, when I keyed something in, like I’m trying to do whatever, fix something or do something.

[00:07:31] And then all of a sudden this piece of information, like how do I do this? And I’ve logged in to really not well produced, sometimes crappy videos where you’re trying to learn something tech, but they got right to it and they solved my problem. I’m like, oh, what’s this person’s name. Okay, great. And I didn’t care about the production.

[00:07:48] Now a younger, or I don’t know, the old me, the old business me, many years ago, I would have looked at that video and said, oh, I never put a crappy video like that, that doesn’t look very professional. I look at that and he’s just, it’s so horrible, but he solved my problem in 15 seconds. And there wasn’t this big preamble intro and stuff.

So, you know, when we talk about the heart, really it’s whatever pain they’re in, what problem can you solve for me? And how fast can you solve it? Does that make sense? 

[00:08:18]Sarah Michelle Brown: It does. That’s a huge part of it. I think that that piece of having a quick solution, a quick fix to something is really important to instill trust in them.

[00:08:29] So, absolutely. We don’t want me, enduring 45 minute videos about how to fix a light bulb or how to change a light bulb. Right. So, knowing who your people are, knowing if they’re busy entrepreneurs absolutely can help build the trust factor, you know? When it comes to the heart, though, what’s really missing for most entrepreneurs, videos is they don’t understand that video is actually a conversation and it’s a conversation that is very specific.

[00:09:03] So for example, most entrepreneurs, when they’re thinking about making a video, all of their work is on, okay. The content, what do I need to put into it? You know, what’s the ingredients of the content. And then they’re about to press record or go live. And they’re like, okay, remember this point, remember that point when

[00:09:21] actually that’s hurting your videos and is carving the effectiveness of them because you’re showing up frazzled, trying to remember things and trying to get it right. And that energy does not instill feelings of trust in your people. That makes sense?

[00:09:39]Kris Ward: It does. And you’re tapping into some things. Okay. Hold on. So I do know, and I know I’ve tackled this in the past, but now it’s coming to the forefront again. I call that presentation mode instead of talking to me, you’re presenting. And I always say that when I was first doing more on social media, especially with videos, you know, I was comparing that really, to when people ask me to do a speaking gig and even a good speaking gig, you’re better off talking to the audience and presenting, but I always felt like, okay, shoulders back with professionals.

[00:10:08] So you’re presenting in these videos when I should be talking to them. Right. And then it kind of leans into, you know, what we’re always talking about is, you know, getting more done, really always being execution mode. And I call myself a recovering Russia Holick and I used to think years ago that I could show up to have a meeting with somebody or even someone on my team.

[00:10:31] And I’m in a rush. And I don’t want them to suspect that because I have learned that people don’t appreciate when I say something like, can you talk faster? Like I need to go. So that doesn’t work. And so then I would sit there and I would smile, but I could feel blood rushing through my veins because I’m in a rush.

[00:10:51] And I think I’m faking it. And now I’ve learned after all these years, I’m no. So I will never put myself in a position to be rushed because it doesn’t work. I’m not in alignment there. They can sniff it out. There’s tension in my smile. So you’re.. that really? And I know that I’ve had many degrees of learning in that journey.

[00:11:10] So that’s what you’re saying about the video is we should just be talking, doing our thing. It’s better for it to be in our eyes, perceived, flawed than it is for us to be presenting and all that racing in our head. We’re not even like, we’re just, it’s coming from the wrong, it’s coming from the wrong angle.

[00:11:27]Sarah Michelle Brown: A hundred percent, because that angle is all about getting it right. Like that’s what you’re worried about. You’re like, okay, I need to get this right. I need to be clear and succinct. I need to make a sale. I need to. And it’s all about you. All those things are about you. You know, it’s like, okay, I got to seem like I’m not rushed. Got to seem like I’m not nervous. And it’s, I, I, and that’s the wrong way to connect to anyone, you know, like say you’re at a house party and somebody comes up to you.

[00:11:55] Oh no, let’s go, first date. Okay. First date, blind date. And you sit down across from that person. And all they do is talk about themselves. You know, their energy is all about themselves and not about you. Makes sense. 

[00:12:09]Kris Ward: Yeah, it does. But I guess what happened is when we’re showing up for the video, I never talk all about myself, my video, but I might as well be, if I’m thinking about all the things, oh, is, you know, is this right?

[00:12:19] Is that right? Whatever, my head’s not in the game. I’m on the wrong side of it. Okay. All right. Perfect. Okay. So we’re having some insights here. So just when you think you’re getting it all together, we’re coming at this from the wrong angle. Yeah. It’s better to say things sincerely than to say the right.. Like what you perceive to be the right thing. Okay.

[00:12:37]Sarah Michelle Brown: So, you know, I’d like to add into, you know, this thing around getting it right. And getting it perfect is so boring. You know, I come from a filmmaking background and as a director, like  if I have someone on camera, who’s trying to get it right. Who’s trying to please me.

[00:12:55] Who’s trying to like, remember their lines. It’s dead, it’s dead and you have to go in and fix it. You have to get them in tune with that vitality that will bring this video alive, make it just burst with energy and love and generosity and helpfulness. And instead of trying to remember, okay, I’m remembering my lines, I got to remember those points.

[00:13:21]Kris Ward: We know that, and I’ve come really far in learning that you know, that you know that you know that, but I think we still have to be reminded a lot of that. Cause I know for me there was a video I was shooting one time I was talking about, listen… we’re talking about efficiency and getting ideas to execution and stuff like that.

[00:13:40] And I was holding in this example, a hammer and I was anyhow, I won’t explain the whole video, but in the middle of the video, I dropped the hammer. And I would have previously stopped the video, started over and it just brought back to my point. I’m like, listen, that’s exactly my point. And I just dropped out of frame, laughed, picked up the hammer and kept going.

[00:14:03] Whereas I wouldn’t have done that earlier. And I know that too, like all the stuff that goes viral, it’s really fun online is the mess ups. Like there’s a video on that it’s the mess ups. But yet we all think, well, I have to show a professional and that’s fine over there, but I’m trying to be professional, but we flub our words.

[00:14:21] When we’re having conversations. If you’re sitting there at a networking event, you don’t say, oh, excuse me, let me start that sentence over. You just keep going. Right. Okay. 

[00:14:30]Sarah Michelle Brown: Mistakes are our friends. 

[00:14:33]Kris Ward: Yeah. Relax and just do it.

[00:14:37]Sarah Michelle Brown: Just do it and also have a clear intention of what you, what you are actively doing with this video.

[00:14:44] So what that means is when you’re about to film, instead of trying to remember all the points, instead of like, just kind of going through your head, what you’re going to say. Or is my makeup, right. Or, you know, like those types of things, the moment before you film, take a moment and close your eyes and connect to your dream clients.

[00:15:05] So if you can imagine, like this is a video that you’re filming for someone down the road. Okay. So you can even pick a specific person in your mind and connect to what is their pain point? Why are they going to watch this video? You know. So for example, in my business with people, I start working with people when they are afraid of putting themselves out there and really making a splash.

[00:15:31] And if I just showed up and kind of was like, well, I’m trying to remember my thing, blah, blah, blah. It’s not going to inspire them to take action. You know, they need to feel inspiration from you. They need to feel a little bit of relief from you or motivation or upliftment, inspiration. Instead of I’m trying to remember my lines.

[00:15:53]Kris Ward: Yeah. I do get a lot of compliments on my videos where people tell me, oh Kris, I like your energy or it’s real. It’s all these other things. Although as I’m talking to you, I still think it could be more real. Like I think that even, I always say, I mean, I’m standing right now. I have a standing desk and I stay there and shoot the videos, but I’m also thinking.

[00:16:09] You know, to soften it sometimes maybe if I was sitting down with I’d call it a pretend cup of coffee, cause I don’t drink coffee, but I get, have a cup in my hand and look grown up and have water in it. Maybe I need to come. Like sometimes the clients I work with are so stressed out, they’re burnt out and they are chasing the wrong thing.

[00:16:26] They’re running around thinking, oh, maybe I need this new tech thing. Maybe I need this coach for that. And coach for that. And they just don’t know what they don’t have is the infrastructure in their business. So they’ll be doing this forever. So maybe. You know, so like fireside chat, a calmer, instead of me, you know, with my enthusiasm blasting at you, maybe I also need to be changing the tone and the temperament sometimes.

[00:16:48]Sarah Michelle Brown: You know, it’s a great idea to experiment, you know, because the more that you know your dream clients and what they need, the more you can bring to your videos.

Okay. So, you know, sometimes they may need someone to be like, I’m standing, I’m giving you the standing energy of we’re going to get stuff done. Right. And other times, if you’re talking about something that is really stressful to them, it would, you know, be a good idea to give them a space where they feel relief. They feel calm. They feel grounded. 

[00:17:19]Kris Ward: Okay. Okay. I’m hearing that. Yeah. Okay. That relief word. I’m starting to get that. Okay. I get it now. I had to hear that a couple of times. Okay. So we’re coming at this really the wrong way. It’s almost like I’m thinking, well, I’m in front of a video camera. And I’m looking at this as my opportunity to have a megaphone really, but really it should almost be like, I don’t know when you’re in a store and you see somebody drop a, ‘Hey, excuse me, sir.

[00:17:47] I think you dropped your wallet.’ Like here, I can help you with that quickly. Right. So instead of it being a broadcast or a blast. It’s how far. And I know that like one of the turning points for me too, was when I was getting better at talking instead of presenting to people is of course, thinking of one person, instead of trying to present to everyone, but still make that talking to one person have different layers and a little bit more intimacy  or different things you’re having a conversation about.

 [00:18:16]Sarah Michelle Brown: A hundred percent. People wanted to work with people who are real people, you know what I mean? That you’re a human being over there. You’re not perfect. You’re not like an automaton. Who just does everything. Right. I think, you know, giving yourself a clear intention of how you want, what types of feelings and actions you want to encourage in your people is a great signpost to let you know what type of energy you should be.

[00:18:42] You know, we all have all sorts of different energies. You know, I am a natural introvert, so I will be happy in the forest with my tablet drawing and painting, like, you know what I mean? But I can also extrovert myself, but I have parts of myself that are funny, that are ridiculous, that are stupid, that are clever, chirp.

Yeah, damn it. We all have those different parts of ourselves. And it’s really about understanding what part of yourself is most helpful to your dream clients

[00:19:14]Kris Ward: Okay. That is interesting because one of the things for me, it’s like, oh man, I believe business should be fun. I believe that your business should support your life.

[00:19:21] Not consume it. And when people start coming to me, working with me, I tell you, they look like they’re under like a driving under influence picture. There’s Raz is frazzled. Their hair is a mess. And I want to give them hope. I’m like, listen, I have dealt with people just like you. Listen, I promise you, this is it.

[00:19:37] And most of them within the first month of working with us get 25 hours back a week. And I said, listen, here we are here. We can do this. And it gives them such hope like, oh my gosh, Kris,  like, this is amazing. So I think I have been coming at my videos with high energy, which is great, people like that, but I could be sprinkling in some hope and some softer feelings in that.

[00:19:58] And I don’t think it’s like, I’m a rock, like a music challenge. Doesn’t have to play hard rock all the time. Yes. This is a worthwhile conversation.

[00:20:11]Sarah Michelle Brown: Excellent. You know, there’s something to like, if you think about what type of party you’re throwing with each of your videos, you know, what kind of drink are people drinking at your parties, you know, with your dream clients?

[00:20:26] Where are you? Like for me, I feel like it’s like a rooftop and Soho. We’re all chilling. And there’s like, just the most amazing musicians who are playing a ‘maybe somebody starts singing in the distance’ and we’re just seeing the New York skyline. And that’s the vibe I bring because it’s like fun. It’s creative.

[00:20:46] It’s the unknown and playful, you know, there’s a magic to New York city, you know, even though I’m in Toronto, I’m like, I want to give some vibe of that creative, amazing, fun spirit of that city. 

[00:21:02]Kris Ward: You can sell them that, you could sell Toronto, come on. We don’t all have to go.. 

[00:21:08]Sarah Michelle Brown: My heart is in New York. I love New York. Yeah. I went to school there and I returned whenever I can.

[00:21:15]Kris Ward:  I’ll let you have it, then I’ll let you have it. Creating a visual in your mind. Well, that is a very different thing than anything I’ve done before, because it’s all about how can I get this content out as fast as effectively and sort of, I felt look like hot butter, like a knife cutting through hot butter, like, oh, I want to get, I want them to hear me, but they can hear you if you’re talking.

Like, if you change the dialogue. All right. I’m just recapping what you said. So tell me, tell us more. I’m just finding this helpful. Okay. 

[00:21:43]Sarah Michelle Brown: So, if you think about video as like, what is the true intention of video? So it’s not about numbers and sales and just getting it done, the slicing through the butter and just like putting out as much video content as you can. Videos

[00:22:01]true intention should be to let your people know how amazing it feels to work with you. Okay. So all that stuff that you use when you’re working with someone and that energy that you bring to the table. And I’ll say not just energy, but energies, you know, when people, I would imagine with what you do, you know, sometimes people get really overwhelmed and you get to be there and help guide them

[00:22:25] to simplicity. Right. You get to be there and be a grounding presence for them while they are freaking out, you know, and you help to bring them back down to earth.

[00:22:36]Kris Ward: Well they freaked out a lot the last they worked with me. But yeah, yeah, we just move forward and get rid of the freaking out. But I see what you’re saying. So we talk then about like really how you prepare for these videos.

[00:22:53]Sarah Michelle Brown: So number one so important is you need to warm up for your videos. So after you’ve dealt, you’ve set up the lights, or even while you’re setting stuff up, you can put some music on, you can sing, you can dance. Some people would like to go for a walk once they’ve got everything set up, other people like to meditate or do yoga or play with their dog, whatever

[00:23:16] will get you into an open and generous spirit. You know, that energy of like, it’s not about selling. It’s not about convincing them that you are good enough. It is simply about being generous of heart. Okay. Okay. And ‘generous of heart’ means a million different things. It’s not just like I’m going to show up and be meaningful with you.

[00:23:40] Like, no, it can, it can show up as being playful. It can show up as being to the point, you know, because you know they’re busy and let’s keep this fun and you can do this and, you know, cheer them on. Okay. When you are about to thumb, make sure that you have warmed yourself up, as I said, and that can happen during the process of setting up it can, you know, you’re getting your clothes on. You’re putting your makeup off, treating it like a date, playing music

[00:24:03]Kris Ward: Dear lord, I thought she’d say, you get your clothes off at a whole different kind of video. 

[00:24:10]Sarah Michelle Brown: That’s a very different type of video, but you know what I mean? 

[00:24:13]Kris Ward: I am not shaped for that. Okay. So you’re thinking of it is it’s not just step into the, what we perceive to be the light, the limelight, and then push our message out is this is the opportunity to have a meaningful connection with someone like a business date.

[00:24:34] And just have a talk. So get rid of all that stuff where we’re in production mode and being professional and say, okay, now I’m going to show up and I want to talk to you. Yes. Like we’re at a really whatever different types you can have as your, the way you’re dictating here or describing is different type of networking events.

[00:24:52] Like almost like, oh, is it a really calm one that you described in a New York apartment? What is it like, what is that word?

[00:25:09] Or is it a breakfast meeting or is it whatever. So show up, get excited about the different opportunities and you can control that because now where you can celebrate, you know, we’ll just go to black year. Cause I can’t talk now. And only the Lord you take over this show. I’ve lost all of those they’ll find out later.

[00:25:30] Oh, didn’t you notice? Yeah, she had said if you stroke it’s cause you can talk. Okay. All right. So there’s different flavors in different tones versus just stepping up to the stage. And when I perceive I’m in front of the mic to go, here’s my song. Right? Okay. 

[00:25:44]Sarah Michelle Brown: It’s almost like so many entrepreneurs when they hit that record button or hit the live button. It’s almost like you can feel the bandaid being ripped off. You know, it’s coming, I’m gonna rip this bandaid off. Okay, I’m doing this. I am technically doing it, you know, but they’re not taking a moment to go, you know what that person over there, let’s say their dream, your dream client is really, really, really scared.

[00:26:08] Yeah for their future. Okay. Like they are definitely afraid to show up and let the know that you see them. Okay. And that comes from how you show up energetically. It’s not just the words you say and the information you’re delivering. It’s that moment of “I see you”. Yeah, I know how you’re doing. So let’s..

[00:26:28]Kris Ward: Those are really good points. I mean, we’re almost at a time here, but I think what you’re saying is I’m like, people love that. I get stuff done. I get them to A to B, no fluff, big results, but there are different times in any journey where you are scared or overwhelmed or just frigging tired and you can’t see your way out. And this is all of course, before they start working with me, but I could be speaking to them and those pathways and those tones versus just jumping in, rolling up my sleeves and say, look, I’ll get you out of there.

[00:26:54] You know, even somebody that does do some sort of military rescue, you want to see that person come and they’re the hero and they get you out of that, whatever situation, but they’re still going to be soothing and saying like, you’re okay now I got you. We’re fine. We’ll get you in the helicopter. You’re going to get out of here. So there’s still different tones to that rescue. 

[00:27:11]Sarah Michelle Brown: Absolutely. With the rescue that, that rest, that idea of I’ve got you, you know, and you are safe with me. 

[00:27:23]Kris Ward: Excellent. Okay. My friend, Sarah, where can they find more of your brilliance?

[00:27:30]Sarah Michelle Brown: Head on over to and I would say slash freebie, but that one’s for like a visibility challenge, which I think your people are not quite so into. So just head over to videos, that kind of

[00:27:41]Kris Ward:  Okay. All right. Fantastic. Sarah, thank you so much. This gave us lots to think about, and it really came from a different angle. So. I know I learned so much, so I lost the gift of speech. So thank you, Sarah. We appreciate you and everyone else. We’ll see you in the next episode.