Leverage Your Time, Scale Your Business!

Make More Money!

Stop Burnout!

And Get Time Back Today!


Tired of chasing success in your business with no results? Meet your game-changer: Discover how to make MORE money in LESS time, whether you’re a Stressed Sara or a Hopeful Helen!

Unlock the SECRET to skyrocketing productivity and PROFITS in your business, without the burnout. It’s time to say hello to the SUCCESS you’ve been dreaming of!


Do you resonate with Stressed Sara

Working 24/7, struggling to keep up with the business you built. You crave a bigger impact but can’t afford a virtual assistant. You think you don’t need systems and processes, yet you’re overwhelmed most days.


Or are you more like Rushing Ralph?

Always hustling and moving fast, but feeling stuck in the same place. Unsure what else to do when your current efforts aren’t working.


Perhaps you’re Tired Tim?

Constantly burned out, feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle. You have big dreams, but can’t seem to tackle the work you already have.


Or maybe you’re Hopeful Helen?

Eager to achieve more, but struggling to consistently post on social media. You have a virtual assistant, but you’re always playing catch-up.

Hi I’m Kris Ward

I Help Entrepreneurs Stop Working So Hard!

You didn’t start your business to run a business or worse to be run off your feet. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about getting your ideas to execution – it’s that simple. 

I worked insane hours the first few years I was in business.  It was intense and counterproductive but I didn’t know any better.  Luckily I turned it around and set myself up with a W.I.N Team and implemented what is now our signature Super Tool Kits.  Because just a few years after that I was pulled away from the business when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.

And when I returned after his passing, my marketing clients had no idea of my absence. “How did I manage that?” they asked. So I started working with them under the capacity of virtual assistant outsourcing and systems and processes.  This is how Win The Hour Win The Day was born. 

I help entrepreneurs like you get 25 hours a week the first month we work together.  With some of the amazing effects of outsourcing and small business systems and processes you’ll be shocked how fast we can turn your small business around and get your life back! 

Here’s Another Version For You:


Constantly Pushing Yourself To Achieve Even More.


Wishing You Were Working Fewer Hours By Now, Right?


Struggling To Concentrate On Your Most Important Tasks.


Too Busy Resolving Problems, With No Time Left To Grow Your Business.

You Like The Thought Of Getting Support, But…


Your Work Has That Special Touch Only You Can Provide.


There’s Just No Time To Set Up Proper Systems And Processes.


Previous Outsourcing Attempts Haven’t Quite Hit The Mark.

Let’s Back Up For A Moment…

The formula you’ve been given is all wrong!

Most entrepreneurs are trapped in an administrative web which results in long days and longer nights… Always trying to get to the “real” work.

You Should Be Following Our 60/40 Win Formula!

This means you spend 60% of your time in creation work and…
only 40% of your time is spent on Administrative Tasks.

Join our Winner’s Circle Premium!

1 Hour Group Coaching Weekly!

There will be:
– Super Ninja trainings to scale your business.
– Hot Seat Sessions (get 1:1 coaching from me)
– Q+A (I’ll answer anything but my weight)
– And HUGE STK bonuses and giveaways!
– Get your first virtual assistant outsourcing, or add to your team!

** We find, hire and onboard the perfect person for you.**  

Our Training Will Cover Things Like…


Get 25 Hours Back A Week


How To Build An Amazing Team You Can Afford.


Get Your Ideas To Execute Your Ideas Fast!


Master The 60/40 WIN  Formula


Find, Hire And Train The Perfect Person For Your Business.


Build A Team That Manages You.


Crawl Out Of The Web Of Admin


Creating Super Toolkits To Accelerate Everything You Do!


Have A Team That Can Take Courses For You!


Engage More On Social Media, Get Bigger Results In Less Time.


Be In The Creation Mode, Consistently Increasing Your Output


And of course… How To Stop Working So Hard! Because I believe your business should support your life NOT consume it!

Free Bonuses Included!

I Want You To Feel The Excitement You Should Feel Right Now!


The Super Toolkit Content Crusher! ($297)

You know by now, you have to be consistent with producing content but who has the time.  Here we show you how we take one piece of content and get a MONTH’s worth out of it!  It’s easy and all done by YOUR team.  And we have the exact fast-action Super Toolkit for that!!  All you have to do is follow it!!!


The Super Toolkit Message Hacker! ($297)

We will show you how we make solid connections on social media, quick and easy.  How we get our message out so you’re engaging, interesting and memorable in any group, platform or feed. It’s a simple copy and paste – no tech or bots here.  You’ll be going “ohhhh, wow,” like all my clients do!


The Super Toolkit Author Accelerator ($1299)

Want to write a book  or have any publishing ambitions? We can show you how to do that in a CRAZY short amount of time. It’s 100% easier and faster than you think! I promise! You’ll be saying “wow!” just like all everyone else does! 


The Podcast Powerhouse Super Toolkit! ($1999)

Have a podcast or want to start one?  But the admin work just weighs you down?  Well, this is your lucky day!!!  Podcast production companies have bought my Podcast Powerhouse Super Toolkit to manage their full catalog of shows!  So if it works for them, it can work for your single show.  


The Super Toolkit Engagement Stuffer! ($297)

Is social media a never ending chore for you? But you know you have to do it! You have to be out there!   Well, what if you could be out there being a 100% you but YOU don’t have to do it.  It’s simple, quick and easy!


Testimonial Treasures Super Toolkit! ($497)

Do you wish you had more testimonials?  Are you always searching for that “one thing” someone said because you need it for this next thing?  What if you could have a steady flow of testimonials coming in and ready at your fingertips?  You probably know by now that social proof is EVERYTHING! A catalog of great testimonials is a game changer!


Networking Magic Super Toolkit! ($497)

Are you networking trying to make new connections only to realize you are rotating relationships instead of maintaining them?  I did!  For years, I struggled trying to keep up with new and important contacts! Only to find things slipping through the cracks. I can tell you several people who I wish still remembered me – ugh!  Well, no more!  This Networking Magic Super Toolkit will put all that behind you!


Media Magic Super Toolkit! ($799)

Here is it!  My secret weapon! I’ll show you how I was able to guest on over 300 podcast shows in one year!  I’ll show you how to pitch for anything you want! I’ll show you how I get amazing and prestigious people on my own podcast!  It’s simple, quick and super effective!  I’ll even show you what people are saying about my pitch!  You’ll see responses, testimonials… the whole works! 


We Will Find The Perfect Person For YOU! ($799)

Yes! We will get your W.I.N. Team started!  I’ll personally recruit your first (and very affordable) W.I.N Team member! This will be an absolute game changer for your business! Your 1st W.I.N Team member will go through our 12 step WIN Hiring Formula. You’ll meet them and get the final say! And then we even onboard them for you!   

IMPORTANT: Don’t delay because you have a QUESTION!
Email me at krisward@winthehourwintheday.com
And I will personally answer your questions!

Join Our Winners Circle Super Group!

A Group Coaching Seminar usually costs $5000 or More…

So For $5000, $3000, $2500


Or $2300 For 3 Months

Here’s What People Are Saying

Author – Podcaster – Coach – Speaker
Kris Ward – Team Building And Systems Strategist

Kris Ward is the leading authority in scaling your business. Kris is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy. She helps entrepreneurs create their W.I.N Team (what is next) team using her signature Super Tool Kits so you can get your Idea to execution! 

After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist. She was thankful to see that her business had not only survived her absence but was growing. Now, Kris has completely changed the landscape for entrepreneurs by sharing the successful practices that allowed her absence.

Kris has been interviewed by one of the original sharks from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, and ABC’s The Secret Millionaire – James Malinchak. She has been featured on award winning podcasts, radio and TV shows throughout the world.

You can hear Kris on her own podcast – Win The Hour Win The Day, where she has engaging conversations with dynamic guests covering a variety of business topics so you can get to your next win now!

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