It’s Time To FINALLY Build Your Business
The Way YOU Want!

Finally Create The Business You Dreamed About…

And Create The Impact That You Want
Even If You’re Working Crazy Hours And Don’t Have Time

Are you rolling your eyes?  
You’ve heard these empty promises before…
You don’t believe me and we’re a few lines in…
I’ll wait a moment…

Believe it or not, I’ve heard what you’re thinking before.


You might be like Sara:

“I’m WORKING 24/7 trying to keep up with the business I built. Yes, I want to make a bigger impact.  I have a virtual assistant outsourcing and it’s a big help but I’m still exhausted and can’t see my way out!  I don’t have time for any new projects”


Or maybe you’re like Eric:

“I started a podcast, and then it petered out when my other work fell behind. I do have some help but it’s not enough.  I don’t have time to manage more people. I just need to get more organized. Small business systems and processes, seem like they will confine me more?”


How about Jamie:

“I have a small team now.  But, I’m not happy with the return on my investment. The effects of outsourcing isn’t what I thought it would be? I’m constantly managing them and I never get my own work done.  It costs a lot of money, and I just don’t see how I’m getting ahead? I’ve even tried outsourcing services agencies and that was a lot of money but no real traction?


Or Charlie:

“I have so many things I want to do. I want to be an influencer but I can’t even post on social media consistently. I have a virtual assistant outsourcing but I’m still always behind!”

Hi I’m Kris Ward

I Help Entrepreneurs Stop Working So Hard!


You didn’t start your business to run a business or worse to be run off your feet. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about getting your ideas to execution – it’s that simple. 

I worked insane hours the first few years I was in business.  It was intense and counterproductive but I didn’t know any better.  Luckily I turned it around and set myself up with a W.I.N Team and implemented what is now our signature Super Tool Kits.  Because just a few years after that I was pulled away from the business when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.

And when I returned after his passing, my marketing clients had no idea of my absence. “How did I manage that,” they asked.  So I started working with them under the capacity of virtual assistant outsourcing and systems and processes.  This is how Win The Hour Win The Day was born. 

I help entrepreneurs like you get 25 hours a week the first month we work together.  Conservatively I’m told we save you $50,000 a year.  With some of the amazing effects of outsourcing and small business systems and processes you’ll be shocked how fast we can turn your small business around and get your life back!

Want To Work With Us?

It’s All About BIG Results! No Fluff

Unlike other coaching programs where they 

cheer you on and laden you with homework we

 do all the heavy lifting. It’s a huge amount 

done for you and done with you…You move 

very quickly!

Join Our Win Formula


The Proven Blueprint To Get 25 Hours Back A Week.


The Secret Blueprint For Ultimate Effects of Outsourcing.


5 Ninja Tricks To Build An Amazing Team Of Outsourcing Services You Can Afford.


The 5 Ways You Can Have A Team That Takes Courses For You Using our signature Systems and Processes Super Toolkit


7 Step Proven Formula To Get Your Ideas To Execution Fast


The 3 Ways To Easily ​Master Our Signature 60/40 WIN Formula With Our Small Business Systems and Processes Super Toolkits


​The Secret Formula for Finding, Hiring And Training The Perfect Virtual Assistant Outsourcing For Your Business.


​The Ultimate Play Book To Building A Team That Manages You And Having A Rock Star Outsource Virtual Assistant


​The 3 Proven Ways To FINALLY Crawl Out Of The Web Of Admin.


7 Ways to To Engage More On Social Media And Get Bigger Results While Spending Less Time Online.


And of course… How To Stop Working So Hard! Because I believe your business should support your life NOT consume it!

You Get The Idea

So let’s recap, because this is exciting! I want you to feel the excitement you should feel right now.


You’ll explode your profits and crush your demanding schedule. 


Easily get your dream projects out easily and make more money!


Finally, have an impact on your marketplace and be viewed as a thought leader.


Your business will support your life instead of consuming it


Once you complete the process A to Z you can repeat the process, again, and again to Double, Triple or 10X your revenue while decreasing your hours!

IMPORTANT: Don’t delay because you have a QUESTION!
Email me at
And I will personally answer your questions!

Here’s What People Are Saying

This is where the magic really begins. Here is where we start building a simple and highly efficient process you will use for years to come. This makes you and your team highly efficient and creates more momentum in every passing month.

This makes you and your team highly efficient and creates more momentum in every passing month.

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