Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Problem with Outsourcing Services / Agencies?

With outsourcing services you’ll get a highly trained virtual assistant outsourcing who is ready to jump into your projects. But here’s the thing: you won’t get the effects of outsourcing you want. Many of my clients have tried this route and been very disappointed with the high costs and low return on their investment. It’s no one’s fault, the problem is the setup.

Let me explain.  Let’s say I found you a great chef. This chef is known for their fine cuisine and has won awards at prestigious culinary events all over the world.

Now let’s say that I send this amazing chef to your home but your kids only like chicken nuggets.  The chef is set up to fail because there is nothing in place to support their talent. 

The same thing goes with outsourcing services agencies: if you aren’t set up for them to succeed (with small business systems and processes that accelerate their success), it’s doomed from the start.  The outsourcing services are short lived and you will find there is a high turnover rate.  Whereas we have a 90% retention rate.

Why Are Outsourcing Services Agencies More Expensive?

Outsourcing services are expensive, and I’ll tell you why.

A lot of my clients tried outsourcing services agencies before working with us. They spent a lot of money! They were locked into contracts, and they found the whole process draining

The outsourcing services agencies operate under the old-school mentality where you need to manage your outsource virtual assistant. This takes time, effort, and costs you money.

Our process is totally different—and yields high results! Most clients tell us they get 25 hours back a week within the first month working with us—and it’s a much smaller investment than outsourcing services agencies… and your outsourcer is set up so they manage YOU!

Super Toolkits Are Different From Systems and Processes!

Systems and processes, sometimes known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), are usually not written by the end user, static in nature, and written to cover liability. 

Super Toolkits are dynamic, fluid documents that allow you to constantly compress your work and your outsourcer(s)’s work so that you can be working on your next ambition instead of being trapped in an administrative web..

We follow the 60/40 WIN Formula. This is where you’re in execution mode 60% of the time and only in administrative work only 40% of the time.  Most entrepreneurs spend all their time trapped in the administrative web trying to get to the “real” work.  Remember: getting your ideas to execution is what being an entrepreneur is all about. 

Do I Need Small Business Systems and Processes?

You started your small business because you wanted freedom, right? You likely wanted creative freedom and the ability to work on projects that were meaningful to you.

But did you know that many small business owners think that small business systems and processes will cage them in? That’s not the case, when you use effective systems and processes like our signature Super toolkits, you will be freed from the grind of always trying to keep up with your business.

You’ll be able to easily leverage yourself and your outsourcers time while you’re moving on to your next ambition.

What Are The Effects of Outsourcing?

The effects of outsourcing are huge! You can get to the “real” work, leverage your time, stop costing your small business by delaying revenue generating projects and focus on the problem you truly solve for your clients. You won’t be always trying to catch up and dig yourself out of administrative work anymore.

Finally, you’ll be able to scale your business!