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Boost Visibility: Repurpose Content and Leverage Podcasts With Christina Lenkowski


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Episode Summary

This week’s episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day Podcast is sponsored by Win The Hour, Win The Day’s Signature Coaching Program the Winners Circle. Kris Ward who helps entrepreneurs to stop working so hard interviews, Christina Lenkowski.


Get ready to shine online!

I had a chat with Christina Lenkowski, a podcast publicity pro…

about smart ways to get noticed and share your stories with more people.

In this exciting talk, you’ll learn:
-How to make your work or story pop up everywhere online.
-Cool tricks to use your podcast visits in new ways.
-Easy steps to make Google love you and show your name more.

Dive in for simple strategies and big wins!


You can find Christina Lenkowsi at
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Win The Hour Win The Day

Christina Lenkowski Podcast Transcription


[00:00:00] Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour Win The Day, and I am your host, Kris Ward. And today in the house, we have Christina Lenkowski and Christina is a podcast publicist, but we’re going to talk about all kinds of things to leverage your… your PR or what’s even a better word?

[00:00:18] Cause it’s more than just PR. I would say, Christina, I guess it’s your content, the content that you can push out there. So it’s really, don’t be pulled back about PR. It’s not just all that swanky stuff. It’s how to get more content out there and how to repurpose it and make it, just get it working for you. Right, Christina?

[00:00:34] Christina Lenkowski: Absolutely. I think that really visibility is the thing that, that people are looking for, and they go on these shows or they go do other things to your point, doing PR, publicity work, getting in other people’s audiences, but then they’re not really lever, a lot of people don’t leverage that as much as they could be.

[00:00:53] And so that’s what I think we’re really going to talk about today is like, “Hey, you did the thing, right?” You went on the show or you did, you had an article come out, something like that. What are the different ways that we can be leveraging that? And perhaps in some ways you haven’t thought of before.

[00:01:07] Kris Ward: Okay, then let’s dive in. What’s something we haven’t thought of before??

[00:01:11] Christina Lenkowski: I think that one thing I was talking to Kris about earlier that I know you found really interesting is one thing we do on behalf of our clients is we actually take a couple of the interviews they do with us throughout the year and we send out national press releases on those.

[00:01:25] And the reason that we do that is not because we are necessarily thinking that, “Hey, this is super newsworthy and the different outlets are obviously going to be super interested in talking to our clients.” We’ve never had that happen. So I’ll tell you right now don’t think that’s probably going to be the outcome of this.

[00:01:44] The outcome of us sending out these national press releases is to get a whole lot of backlinks from established places. And what that does for you is it ups your Google positioning, like crazy, because you’re going to show up in all these different media outlets where they pick up this press release.

[00:02:03] And the press release is there for about six months. That’s about how long it tends to stay there. Meaning when someone Googles your name, all these legit media places and they’re going to be random places for the way, like you’re going to get picked up from like a Fox station in Tennessee. And somewhere else random that you’re getting picked up in, but it doesn’t matter because the point of it is that you’re getting these backlinks.

[00:02:27] Kris Ward: So here’s the thing. So let me clarify because we understand you do this and you do it. However, we’re always looking for really immediate and tangible takeaways. Can we do our own press releases?

[00:02:37] Christina Lenkowski: You can absolutely write your own press release. I would absolutely recommend hiring someone to send it out on the press wire for you.

[00:02:45] Okay. And this is something that you can absolutely find people that do this. Like it, this doesn’t have to be a big, huge thing. I would just Google it. I’ve actually, honestly think I’ve even seen stuff on Fiverr before, like I will send out press release for you and things like that. And a lot of times they could even write it for you too, for probably a really nominal fee in addition to that.

[00:03:08] So this isn’t something that I would say write it and then you be sending it to every that’s going to take way too much time for you to research that to figure that all out, et cetera, just find someone that could send it out on the press wire. That’s what you’re looking for.

[00:03:24] Kris Ward: Okay. All right. So it’s doable. It’s not like a huge thing. Cause we all hear PR. We think this is this big expense. So if we’re not working with someone like you, we can say, all and now if you’re doing a lot of podcasts, do you do them for every podcast?

[00:03:36] Christina Lenkowski: No, I don’t. Okay. I don’t. I only will take usually. So when we work with our clients, we get them guaranteed booking on 24 podcasts.

[00:03:44] Okay. Okay. So over the year, we’re getting them on that many shows. We send out two national press releases. Okay. So And you’re going to, we just choose two of the shows that we think were great interviews and we do it towards the beginning of our contract as well. And they always have the option to add more on if that’s something that they do want to do.

[00:04:03] But really I think two is completely fine. If you’re sending out two of them, that’s going to give you like each of these gets picked up by 50 plus places. Okay. So it’s going to up your Google positioning like crazy, even just to have one to 2 go out.

[00:04:20] Kris Ward: Okay. That’s a good point. And I think press release too.

[00:04:23] I know it just seems I don’t like, we just think, okay, everybody gather for some big trade in the football industry or something, dramatic when you have, when you hear the word press release. And I know even for my book, Win The Hour Win The Day it’s we had to do press release for that.

[00:04:36] And it’s I had to be told. Cause I was like, all right, how many books are out there? Who cares? But it really isn’t about is what you’re doing national newsworthy. Exactly. It’s, but it is acknowledging that you are doing something. So I think we also skim over press releases in, in its entirety.

[00:04:54] Christina Lenkowski: Yes, absolutely. And I think that what kind of happened is press releases for me at least have had a real boomerang. And what I mean by that is like, when I was trained in PR 20 plus years ago, when I was going to school and when I started working in the field that’s what you did. You wrote a press release for everything you faxed it over to the newsroom, things like that.

[00:05:16] And then we went to this point, this, we I came to this point where I was like, why? Like, why? I don’t need to send press releases. There’s no, unless like a client is really doing something to your point, national newsworthy, what’s the point. But then I came back around when we did this for me.

[00:05:31] So I always experiment everything we do for our clients on myself first. And so I, I thought like you did, I had this realization of oh, I don’t need to be doing this because me going on a show is like national news, but I can see that it’s going to help my Google rankings, or at least that’s what I think is going to happen.

[00:05:49] So I hired someone to send it out on my behalf. I wrote the press release. I had someone send it out on my behalf and my Google positioning went up like crazy. When someone typed in my name, when they typed in podcast publicist, me on these places, me showing up in these media outlets is coming up really high for folks.

[00:06:08] Kris Ward: So let me jump in here. So right now you got me thinking. So right

[00:06:12] now…

[00:06:13] Christina Lenkowski: I love to get people thinking.

[00:06:14] Kris Ward: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What we do is we, we do, we work with our clients, many of our clients say we get them 25 hours back a week within the first month of working with us. And we work with their team, their time and the toolkits.

[00:06:26] And one of the things that we do, it’s often the pain point is where we start, but it’s not the big thing we do is helping them find, train and hire and onboard a VA. And it’s very different than agencies. Agencies cost a lot of money. They don’t pay the VA as much. It’s, and they’re just not trained for you.

[00:06:42] You’re not set up for them. There’s this whole story. So not only do we do that, but now we are in the midst of creating this new program where our VAs are going to be credited they’re going to get accreditation. There’s this whole amping up the training and making it much more structured. And it’s a really big deal.

[00:06:58] And so now I’m thinking, Oh my gosh, I should be doing a press release for that.

[00:07:03] Christina Lenkowski: You certainly could be absolutely. And I think it just depends on look, my number one strength and like strength finders. If you’ve taken any of that stuff or anything, it’s all strategy.

[00:07:12] Yeah, it’s all futuristic. That’s where I really futuristic and influences where I sit, like my top 10 things are all those things. And that’s why I say think about the strategy behind what you want this press release to do. Okay. Again, if you’re looking like you’re thinking this is like a national and by the way, a lot of people think the stuff they have going on is national.

[00:07:33] Kris Ward: No, I’m not all big. I don’t know.

[00:07:35] Christina Lenkowski: I’m not even talking. I’m not talking about you. I’m just saying like a lot of people will be like, Oh, I did this. And it’s obviously a national newsworthy. And it’s probably not. Is it? And so that’s just one thing to think for yourself, but when it comes to the Google positioning…

[00:07:48] and if you’re thinking, I actually want to do this because I know it’s going to up when someone types in whatever it is that you’re looking for, people are looking for the keyword that you’re going to come up really high or when someone types in your name, right? These like media outlets are going to come up really high.

[00:08:05] The other really cool thing about doing this is these are a lot of logos that you can now put on your website as well, so this is something we recommend to our clients is we’re like, hey, you’re going to because what happens after you send this out is you’re going to get a report of all the places that picked it up.

[00:08:20] Okay, so you’re going to be able to see exactly which places picked up and put it on their website and there’s going to be a link to it, et cetera. You’re going to be able to say oh, wow, this was actually picked up by business insider. This was picked up by ABC, an ABC affiliate. This was picked up by a CBS affiliate.

[00:08:37] These are now all logos that you can also be putting on your website. And I’m not a huge believer and you got to pay a lot of money to be like, I never think you should be paying to be in a lot of these publications, meaning like not paying to do an article, not paying. Yeah.

[00:08:51] X, Y, Z, but you having a press release and being featured on them is absolutely a credibility marker that you should be putting on your website when people come to your site and they see that you’ve been featured on, Fox, ABC, Business Insider, Forbes, right? All, you choose which ones make the most sense for you.

[00:09:10] Kris Ward: Yeah, I have some of those on my website.

[00:09:12] Christina Lenkowski: for people.

[00:09:12] Kris Ward: Yeah, I have some of them on my website now from the book and stuff. So then you said you could. So the PR for the VA’s for the program we’re doing again, that is a keyword that we are searched for a lot, so that would lend itself. I’m not going, Oh my gosh, I think that changing the world, but that it does line align itself with keywords that we want to be recognized for.

[00:09:32] Christina Lenkowski: I would just write a press release that has, the thing is you want to make sure there’s backlinks. Okay. So what is it that you’re going to backlink to? And what I mean by that is like, When our clients are on, we do this press release, we are linking to their website, but we’re also linking to the hosts show.

[00:09:52] So like they’re getting backlinks from multiple, so it’s a real plus for the host as well. Because they’re going to also be backlinked multiple times now in these publications too. So it’s all just like upping that credibility there, but making sure that there’s like links in there, because that’s what’s really going to drive that Google positioning for you.

[00:10:11] Kris Ward: Okay. So in the PR, when you say links that I might be talking about our program, and then there’s a link in there to our website with that program, like the links that we, the backlinks that we even put in our own blogs to other blogs.

[00:10:22] Christina Lenkowski: Yes, absolutely.

[00:10:23] Kris Ward: Okay. Okay. That makes sense to me. All right. So that’s a big whole thing. I know I said I’ve become a big passion for rock climbing and I know that this isn’t. What it’s not so much about local news, but he had built in our gym or wall, whatever you want to call it. Is there a toddler climb now? And I don’t think it’s ever been done before, but if it has, it certainly isn’t, no one else is doing it.

[00:10:43] We’re on us. I’m on a, as a small island in Canada. And so I’m like, Hey, I would call the local press. This is a big deal. You’ve now got rock climbing for toddlers. Nobody else is doing it. It’s the only place on the Island. Again, you don’t see it as news when it’s your news. And he looked a little bit surprised.

[00:11:00] I’m like, yes they’re looking for content and especially small town, local stuff.

[00:11:04] Christina Lenkowski: Brick and mortar businesses, unless they have an online component. Yeah. It is mainly going to make sense for them to focus on local regional. Yeah. So for this particular person that you’re speaking of, absolutely, you should absolutely be sending a press release to all the local.

[00:11:22] And that’s not really something he needs to hire someone for. No, that can be something that he just writes it up. Say, I can’t imagine there’s multiple outlets. Yeah. And that’s fine where I live. There’s not a huge amount of outlets either. Like I get that, and but he should absolutely be sending those out because yeah.

[00:11:40] When it comes to local news, yes, those places are always looking for stories. They’re always looking for things that they can put out there. So when it comes to local brick and mortar, places that are very specific local media and local coverage is absolutely where it’s at.

[00:11:56] Kris Ward: Okay. So now you’re all about podcasts. I love podcasts. Clearly I have one. We’re here today and no surprise, spoiler alert. And then also I guest on a lot of podcasts as well. So you know, here I get to meet amazing people. We can talk about anything from sales and social media, but we don’t really talk about what I do.

[00:12:13] So then I go out and I talk about what I do and all the other shows. Now you talked about, I know you talk about numerous ways of repurposing them and one is to turn it into a blog. And full disclosure, we did that for a little bit, but then we found it too much nuisance to clean it up. And we and I don’t know also if it was too long.

[00:12:31] So I don’t know if we knew how to clean it up properly or when to stop it, started, or do we take experts at excerpts out of it? Or then do we make sure that If I’m talking to person A, ’cause some of the contents, you only do so much. So then do we have to navigate that? If I spoke to interview A is one thing, but then if I bring up a similar subject in interview B, do we cut that out? Am I overthinking this?

[00:12:53] Christina Lenkowski: You are overthinking it.

[00:12:54] Kris Ward: Okay. 100%. It’s a disease I have. Fair enough.

[00:12:57] Christina Lenkowski: I’m all about. I’m all about that. What is that kiss? Keep it simple.

[00:13:00] Kris Ward: Yeah. Stupid. Silly. Yeah.

[00:13:02] Christina Lenkowski: I didn’t wanna say the last part, but I think yeah. Yeah. Silly. We’ll do, we’ll say that. Silly. Yeah. Yes, I, the whole point of going on podcast is to be talking about the same messages over and over again. So your blog posts are absolutely going to do the same thing. And the thing about blog posts is, again, that is really for our SEO. That is what that is for. It is not for people to go and read, necessary.

[00:13:27] We want them to read our blog, don’t get me wrong, but like they can always skip to whatever blogs they want to go to, right? I also think you need to keep in mind that AI can be very helpful here, right? These tools that are out there, they can essentially write these blogs for you, right?

[00:13:45] Kris Ward: You’re right. Hold on. Let me jump in here because that’s a really good. point. So we were doing this back in the day. Gather around children. It was a good old four years ago and nobody knew what chat GPT was, right? Exactly. So we were doing this a couple of years ago and you’re right. Again, we, everybody, every time you mentioned chat GPT, you have to go, or AI, you have to go, okay, they’re good, but then don’t make sure they get all wonky and give you emojis.

[00:14:06] If you know how to use them and we do have really quite a AI engineer on our team, and she’s really awesome. If you don’t want to use them, it’s fine. But even in the basics here, you’re right. We could put that in there and say, clean this up and just have an excerpt.

[00:14:19] Christina Lenkowski: You could even say pull an excerpt from that.

[00:14:21] There’s a lot of stuff that like, I am also just delving into the world of AI, but that is the type of stuff that like it can do and it can make your life a lot easier. And you just to your point, you’re still going to have to look at it, right? You can’t just take it, copy paste and assume that it’s going to be perfect.

[00:14:40] Yeah, but it can do a lot of that work. You want to make sure you have backlinks in there to the podcast interviews that you’re doing to the guest or, either to the guest or the host, based on if it’s your show or someone else’s a lot of stuff in there, but it is truly again for your SEO.

[00:14:56] Yeah. I can’t tell you how many people come to me through Google search, right? They put into Google podcast, publicist, podcast, publicity, XYZ. And we rank high for that organically. And the reason for that is because we do the blogs. We’ve done the press releases. We’ve done these things. And so that is the reason why.

[00:15:17] And so I think that it’s really important for you to understand or not you, anybody…

[00:15:22] Kris Ward: no, I understand the, you, I’ll take the, you, I would need to understand, I was like, okay, no, no, speak to me. I get it. No, go ahead.

[00:15:30] Christina Lenkowski: Is more for the SEO is more positioning.

[00:15:33] Kris Ward: Yeah. Let me jump in here. That is a really great point because in one hand, I often say, I forgot I knew that. So I know we write blogs and we write them for that. We write them for our SEO and we’re purposeful about the words that we use for the SEO. I get that. Then I flip over to the other side of my brain and nothing makes me crazier when you see these very ambiguous blogs, which by the way, are probably lacking SEO anyhow in my industry, they’ll say something like how to avoid burnout.

[00:15:58] And they’ll say something like quit work early. Take care of yourself. Exercise and just when I used to read that back in the day, I was working insane hours. I’m like, quit work early. Are you kidding me? I haven’t slept in three days.

[00:16:09] Christina Lenkowski: You’re like, I wouldn’t have a job. Yeah.

[00:16:10] Kris Ward: Yeah. It’s like saying, oh, hair has how to lose weight, exercise more and eat better. There you go. I’ve got that done. I’m fine for the new year. Yeah. Yeah. So then I am over here focusing that there’s content it’s shareable and it’s meaningful. But while it’s all that, you’re right, we’re doing this for the SEO.

[00:16:28] So when we, copy and paste or do whatever with our podcast repurposing, it’s just a cheap way, especially when that’s all I’m going to be saying in that interview are my keywords. Cause those are the words that come out of my mouth. So it’s a great reminder. I think you step away from one idea to another and all of a sudden you don’t realize you’re seven steps away.

[00:16:47] So I think that’s really profound. What you said is remember, this is all about the SEO. And I think sometimes I forget that.

[00:16:55] Christina Lenkowski: I think we all forget that. And I also think there’s a moment of ego to a certain extent for all of us, because look, I’m an English major, like I’m a writer. And so when I…

[00:17:09] There’s a lot of things that I’ve had to get over as an online business owner, and one of those is feeling that everything has to be written like an absolute, the most amazing thing people have ever seen. And I remember the first time I hired a copywriter, I, for years, I wouldn’t hire a copywriter because I was like, no, I know what I know how to write.

[00:17:29] If I know how to do anything in this world, it’s right. That’s the thing I got, and stuff like that. And then I hired a copywriter, and it was like my whole world changed. I was like, Oh! Oh, someone else can do this. And you know what? They’re I’m trained as like a writer, like a short story writer, like a fiction writer. This is a whole different ball game.

[00:17:49] Kris Ward: Yeah. Yeah. That’s so true because first of all, I remember when I wrote my book and my editor kept saying to me go, my gosh, I, yeah, I went to college, went to university. I’m doing all these things, trying to be professional. And she kept saying, First of all, good, any book worth reading or the books that do best are very digestible, easy to read.

[00:18:06] So now you got to bring down the grade level a lot. And then she kept giving me grief of saying things like, I cannot, I will not, it has to be can’t and won’t. And I’m like, oh my gosh. And I thought all those years I spent in school, if I knew that I would be expressing myself with little pictures and emojis and having to bring down my language to grade three, I’d be like, why am I here?

[00:18:26] You are right. I know I also have a background in marketing and even copywriting or even writing headlines or we forget that the most memorable songs or Nike just do it or got milk. That’s not a complete sentence. It would not, the campaign would not have taken off where you say, I have milk.

[00:18:42] I like milk, right? Got milk, right? So you’re right. It’s a whole different thing. So we have to remember what is the goal at the end of the day. The goal is for SEO ranking and that will take care of the website. We’ll take care of everything else. Yeah. A hundred percent. Okay. So much to .. So many profound moments here already.

[00:19:02] What are some other things that you think we overlook or miss or don’t understand with when it comes to repurposing or any aspect of this, frankly.

[00:19:10] Christina Lenkowski: Yeah, when we’re talking about strategy, just in general, especially when it comes to publicity. Just I want people to think about the shows that they’re wanting to go on and what I mean by that is a lot of times people get really hung up and I must be on only the biggest shows, right?

[00:19:27] They get very sometimes people come to me on a call and they’ll be like, I don’t know maybe you could just get me on like Oprah’s show. And I’m like, yes, sure. I you’ve never been on a podcast. Like you think that we’re just gonna. Yeah. Oh I don’t know. Yeah. And so I, I think that it’s really thinking about who are these exact right audiences for me, right?

[00:19:48] Kris Ward: And let me jump in there. Let me jump in for a second. It’s not only did you not have never been on a show and now you want to be on the biggest show, but don’t be confused too that show, the biggest show may not have your audience. So again, back to your point. It may be fantastic if I was suddenly on the today show tomorrow morning, but what would that give me?

[00:20:07] That would give me a logo for my website. It would not give me business because my audience are not there.

[00:20:13] Christina Lenkowski: Speaking my love language. I love it. I love it because this is something people get so hung up on is I must be on the biggest. And I’m here to tell you, you want to make money. Yeah. You want to make money?

[00:20:24] Is that what you’re here for? Then you need to get in front of the right audiences. Yeah. And that can be whatever size. And people get so hung up on this stuff. And we don’t actually know download numbers. Like to be clear. Yeah. Download numbers are not public. So I don’t know how many downloads Kris shows that only she knows that if she wanted to share that with us. Great. But that’s not something that I expect our hosts to share with us.

[00:20:46] Kris Ward: And by the way, it’s a little insulting. So we’ve got over a thousand five star reviews. We’ve had some significant people on our show of great weight, a celebrity type deal. And so the odd time I might reach out to somebody and I see their content and doesn’t happen very often, but I might reach out to somebody and say, Oh my gosh, I saw your stuff.

[00:21:03] I think you’d be great on my show just because I felt the vibe and I wanted to meet them. Here’s the opportunity because the podcast also really is great for connecting people. It’s not just the relationship and the odd time I’ve had someone say what’s your numbers? I’m like, you know what?

[00:21:17] Christina Lenkowski: I hate that so much. Yeah. No, thank you. Nevermind. That’s like me

[00:21:21] asking somebody out.

[00:21:22] Kris Ward: Yeah. Yeah. I just don’t reply. It’s almost like somebody asking you on a date before they go out, they ask you how much you make. It’s you look nice. How much, Hey, how much are you worth?

[00:21:32] Christina Lenkowski: It’s I hate that’s a good analogy for it.

[00:21:33] And I hate that. Like I hate that’s something you’ve experienced, but that is, I’ve heard that from multiple hosts before. And guess what? All listeners today, we are never going to be those people. Yeah. Because we are more focused on who is listening when Kris told me who listened to this show and after listening to it myself, I was like, Perfect.

[00:21:49] This is the exact right audience for me to get in front of quite frankly, I don’t care about the numbers because let’s say Kris had a hundred downloads per episode. Okay. There’s a lot of people out there that would be like a hundred downloads. I don’t know if that’s really worth my time. I’m sorry.

[00:22:04] If someone called me and was like, Hey, Christina, will you come speak at our event? It’s going to be a hundred of your ideal customers. Sitting in a room, you best believe I would be booking that flight, booking that hotel room, and I would be there. This is a lot easier for me to do. I show up in my little office, I plug my fancy mic in, and here I am ready to go for this, for this interview.

[00:22:25] And I’m gonna be in people’s ears, and people are going to listen to me. They’re listening to me, they’re listening to Kris, etc. Do not get hung up on the numbers, get way more into who is that right audience. I would always rather have our clients and they’ve told us time and time again, getting in front of smaller, more niched audiences is typically a bigger ROI for them than going on the bigger name shows that we’ve done before, because, and that’s not to say they don’t want to get on the bigger shows too.

[00:22:54] It’s just that they don’t get a whole lot of movement from those, but they do get a great logo on their website, which also has value.

[00:23:00] Kris Ward: Yeah. Awesome. That’s well said and good points. And you just, and we do, we’re getting also inundated with numbers and social media is making us all a little bit crazy.

[00:23:10] And that’s what I looked at too. There was a, back in time, I know it sounds children gather around like it’s dinosaurs are roaming the earth, but you used to get up and have to go to a chamber event in your local town. You just stuck with whoever you’re having breakfast with. That’s one person, maybe three or four at the table.

[00:23:24] And now we’re going, Oh 200 views. What’s happening? It’s don’t worry about it.

[00:23:29] Christina Lenkowski: A few hundred people that if they want to hear what you have to say yeah that’s legitimate. So I love that kind of shift and I love thinking about how it used to be and how it is now.

[00:23:38] And just remembering that it’s the right people. It’s not the huge, the largest amount of people.

[00:23:44] Kris Ward: It’s, do you want to have, 50 acquaintances or five really good friends? Absolutely. Where’s the leverage, right?

[00:23:49] Christina Lenkowski: Absolutely. I’d rather have those five. I think most people and myself included would rather have those five really good friends.

[00:23:54] Kris Ward: Okay. So repurposing, we talked about just take the whole interview. Awesome idea. Did it, dropped it. I’m going back on. I’m back on the wagon here. What else do you feel that we’re missing the boat as far as repurposing the content?

[00:24:08] Christina Lenkowski: I think that a huge thing is making sure that the host also knows you’re repurposing the content.

[00:24:13] And this is one thing that Kris, you touched on earlier, but I think is so important is do not sleep on your host relationship. Okay. This is one of the things that our clients at the end of our time working together say was one of their biggest surprises because I coach on this a lot with them is you’re about to have a real conversation with someone.

[00:24:32] You are about to actually take some time. You’re going to listen to their show beforehand. You’re going to come, you’re going to have a conversation with them, et cetera, meaning you are on a different level of a relationship than someone that maybe you like their social media posts or something like that, right?

[00:24:47] Kris Ward: It’s five dates.

[00:24:48] Christina Lenkowski: Exactly. Exactly. We’re in it. We’re in it, right? At this point. And so the thing that I really coached my clients on is at the end, this is exactly what I’ll do after we hit recording here with Kris, I’ll let you in, Kris, it won’t be a surprise when it happens, I’m going to thank her so much for having me on the show, because I know how much work it is to put out a podcast, but then what I’m going to do is I’m going to say, now, how can I provide value to you?

[00:25:10] That is key. That phrase right there has brought my clients speaking of engagements, it has brought them, other podcast interviews with other people that host knows. It has brought them many other things, being able to to teach in a masterclass or a mastermind, right? To this, these people’s particular group.

[00:25:27] And so when we talk about what are we missing with repurposing, there’s a lot of different things there that you can keep that relationship with the host going. One thing that I really bring up with people a lot is, Hey, do you want to do an Instagram live when this airs? And that’s a really great way to be repurposing like the work that you’re already doing in the sense of you’re going to then go on to Instagram live.

[00:25:49] Your host, the host is going to be able to get in front of your audience and vice versa. Okay. When you do that, it doesn’t have to be big, long, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Like I’m not talking about like another podcast interview, but you guys are just talking about Hey, what did we discuss on the show?

[00:26:04] Here’s where you can find it, et cetera, et cetera. The other thing is when you repurpose, just always be tagging the hosts in that. Yes. Okay. Because otherwise, how are they really going to know?

[00:26:16] Kris Ward: Let me jump into that. Yes. Let me, I might impress you. I hope I’m ready. Okay. So we’re all about systems and anything you do once you want to be able to do more and more effectively.

[00:26:27] And we have these super tool kits. And so when I get off this call, I will have a super tool kit to follow. And so we want to make this it’s so that it’s all effective. It takes less and less time. So here’s two things that we do. One is. If I was a guest on a show, what like to your point earlier, Christina, I’m only going to discuss so many things.

[00:26:44] So I have about spoiler alert, maybe about eight different copies written Oh my gosh, I was just on this show. Where did the time go? And I’ve got them with different vibes, different energies, and highlighting different points. We discuss the three D’s of this blah, blah, blah. So when I get off the guest show, I had these things pre written during my super toolkit.

[00:27:01] And then I grabbed one that best suits. What happened? I take a picture, I grab a screenshot of their, them or their badge or their cover for the podcast. I do a selfie of me on my, with that behind me on the computer. So now I’ve got a selfie with their picture, just their cover from their podcast. I post immediately on LinkedIn or wherever I tag them and say, I was just on this show, blah, blah, blah.

[00:27:24] We discussed this. I will, can’t wait to share it with you when it airs. So then it’s, I love that. Then even if it airs three months down the road, a, I look like, Hey, Kris is doing a lot of interviews. B, I have told, showed them it has not been five minutes and I’m promoting you and I will take this seriously.

[00:27:39] So they love you for that. Then in our super toolkit as well, we have this spreadsheet I called Kris’s network. So then I will just put key few key points in there, their name, whatever. My team will fill out the spreadsheet and put their picture. And so what happens is then I have this spreadsheet of meaningful relationships where I do keep in touch with these people.

[00:27:59] I connect them to other people. I inter… introduce them to other podcasts and everyone thinks I’m, Oh, Kris is the best. And when she sends us people or a network and I maintain relationships instead of rotating them and I can do it because it’s on a spreadsheet instead of just who happens to be stumbling across me in Facebook or wherever I am LinkedIn.

[00:28:18] So it’s just about. You’re right. I made these relationships. We had a deep conversation for half hour. Let’s sustain it.

[00:28:27] Christina Lenkowski: “A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And I am impressed. All right. I think that is amazing. I I’ve never even heard of anyone having like that type of a toolkit type thing there.

[00:28:40] So I think that’s amazing. And I think the more that to your point, you can be showing the host “Hey, I appreciate. The time and effort that you put in, to make your podcast, y’all, if we, if there were no hosts, we wouldn’t have any shows, right? There’d be no shows for me to guest on, shows for my clients to guest on, et cetera.”

[00:28:57] So the most that we can do, the other thing that I’ll do is I try to do is if we put stuff in an e-newsletter then we will forward that to the host so that they can see because unless they’re on our emailing list, which some are, but some aren’t, how will they know exactly how will they ever know?

[00:29:13] And we do a every two weeks we send out like a Spotify playlist that features all our clients on show. And so that’s a really another even opportunity. And they could be months old. Like they could have been out for quite a while. We’re switching it up with the different topics and the different clients and everything like that.

[00:29:29] That’s a nice thing to just send the hosts also and just say, “Hey, FYI, just so you know, we’re promoting this again.”

[00:29:35] Kris Ward: Excellent. All right, Christina, where can people find more of your brilliance?

[00:29:39] Christina Lenkowski: They can find me over, head on over to podcastpublicityquiz. com. That is a really great, fun quiz I have that’ll let you know what might make the most sense for you.

[00:29:49] And if you think that potentially having us pitch on your behalf is the right move and what you’re looking for there’ll be a, you can head to applyforpublicity. com.

[00:29:58] Kris Ward: Okay. Awesome. Everyone, please share this with a business buddy. Don’t let them suffer and bang around by themselves. There’s lots of amazing content here.

[00:30:06] And yeah, share it with a friend and we will see you all the next episode. Thanks again, Christina. You were awesome.

[00:30:12] Christina Lenkowski: Thank you.