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Boost Your LinkedIn Strategy with AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity! with Joe Apfelbaum


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Episode Summary

This week’s episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day Podcast is sponsored by Win The Hour, Win The Day’s Signature Coaching Program the Winners Circle. Kris Ward who helps entrepreneurs to stop working so hard interviews, Joe Apfelbaum.


Are you ready to streamline your LinkedIn presence and boost productivity effortlessly?

Join Kris Ward as she chats with Joe Apfelbaum, exploring the revolutionary impact of AI tools on LinkedIn strategies.

In this eye-opening episode, you’ll discover:
– How AI can transform your LinkedIn game.
– Ways AI saves you time by automating interactions.
– How AI maintains your personal touch online.
– The unexpected joy AI brings to LinkedIn networking.

Gear up for practical tips and transformative insights that will elevate your professional online presence like never before. Don’t miss out on unlocking the full potential of AI for your LinkedIn strategy!

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Joe Apfelbaum Podcast Transcription


[00:00:00] Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour Win The Day, and I am your host, Kris Ward.

[00:00:04] And today in the house, we have Joe Apfelbaum. He is a marketing expert and he is a CEO and founder of EvyAI. And oh my gosh, I have so much to say to you, Joe. I think Hats off to you if you get a word in edgewise. Okay. First of all, may I address, did I say, did I do okay in your last name there?

[00:00:25] Joe Apfelbaum: You did a great job in my life. You did a really wonderful job.

[00:00:30] Kris Ward: Okay. Joe, you came into my world, but a couple of months ago, tripped over, one thing you’re this great marketing expert. You’ve got amazing insights. And then on top of all that, if that wasn’t enough, you are the founder and CEO of Evy AI. So I’ll let you explain what Evy AI is and then I’m going to jump in with my two cents worth.

[00:00:52] Joe Apfelbaum: LinkedIn has a billion users right now and most people don’t have the time to take the right actions on LinkedIn. Like for example, actions that will get them exposure, credibility, getting meetings. And so with the invent of Artificial intelligence. Now people can start using artificial intelligence to help them be able to assist on specific tasks.

[00:01:16] For example, if you want to leave a comment on someone’s post, you can use AI to help you leave a comment, but to copy the post into an AI and then paste it back into LinkedIn, and then figure out exactly what to say with the right prompts, that can be pretty difficult to do. And so we built a technology that’s an assistant for LinkedIn.

[00:01:35] That’ll get to know your voice, and then it will draft intelligent comments for you. And I said draft, it’s not going to do it automatically. Yeah. Draft it for you so that you have a really smart comment. It’ll draft posts for you in the right format. With LinkedIn, you need to have a hook, main points, call to action, hashtags.

[00:01:50] And so the AI is really smart and it knows what I taught it and it can produce all that for you. And then of course, replying to direct messages. Sometimes we can send these one liner direct messages that are very, don’t have enough information and the AI can take that one liner and turn it into a nice, several sentences that are extremely written in your voice with the right context. And so doing things like sending,

[00:02:13] Kris Ward: okay, hold on, let me jump in. I just want to jump in because I want to add to this right away. So when I heard about this first, it’s like AI, first of all, I have come to realize the world is very divided. So you hear AI and you hear the artificial part, not the intelligent part.

[00:02:27] And there, yes, chat GPT is helpful in some ways and not so much in others and blah, blah, blah. So when I first tried this and I was like, I don’t know. And I had my. I was resistant for a couple of reasons. One, I was scared of getting kicked off LinkedIn because I was thinking this is some hack and it’s not going to work.

[00:02:45] But as you explained to me, which was very powerful, it is more like grammarly than it is it’s not something we’re not robotically manipulating or sending out blasts or doing anything like that. So then I started really raw and real immediately within seconds and I would go in and click on it. So as a response to somebody and what I noticed right away was without even building out their personas and I, please, I may jump all over the place people.

[00:03:10] And again, poor Joe is not going to get a word in, but these personas are, you can build out different things. Like in my case, I have a book and a podcast and I do coaching. So I might build out a little one page blurb on highlighting that. Like when I, the things in my book or the things in my podcast, whatever.

[00:03:26] So even without the personas. I found it to be really conversational, written, not sounding A, artificial, and B, tying into things where I wouldn’t have thought to tie into it. Like I might comment, Hey, Joe, that’s a really good post, glad you had a good time. But then the Evy AI would say, Oh, it looks like you had a fantastic time on your vacation, Joe.

[00:03:51] That’s why I’m all about your business should support your life, not consume it. Cause you can put key phrases in or just who you are is your business. And then it ties it into the response in a, which in a way, I’m ashamed to say that I never thought of, and it does it in a much, and it sounds like me.

[00:04:09] It sounds more like it does a better version of me. It sounds like the name when I’m talking and then when we all go to write, we lose a part of ourselves trying to sound like academic and written. So it is it’s unbelievable is what it is.

[00:04:21] Joe Apfelbaum: Yes. It’s unbelievable because you know what, at the end of the day, you’re unbelievable.

[00:04:27] Kris Ward: Aren’t you kind, but I would say it’s a crazy, it is a crazy tool. And it has made me like LinkedIn. I am addicted to it now. Whereas before I went through many, almost like the six stages of grief. I went through the six stages of LinkedIn. So hopping on once a week, not doing much. Okay. I have to be on LinkedIn.

[00:04:51] So now I’ll just go on and go emoji. So you saw a scroll, I put a happy face. You saw that I was there. Is that enough? No. Okay. Then make a little bit better comment. Like, all right, glad you had a good time, Joe. That’s it. But now I’m putting thoughtful, meaningful, conversational, but then people are coming back and forth.

[00:05:09] And I’ve even had a lot of people tease me lately, Sam, become the LinkedIn queen because it just allows you to produce so much quality responses. And then people are reaching out to me saying, thank you so much for chiming in on my posts. I want to connect with you. So my connections going up, their relationships are going up.

[00:05:30] And again, I’m not just filling it. If you’re connected to me on LinkedIn and you think, Oh, Kris is using AI. Yeah, it drafts something. And then you hit. Regenerate and you tweak it or you add a hashtag, their name and, or I might add an extra thought, but I used to prEvyously, Joe, I thought I was ahead of the game.

[00:05:48] I would do audio transcript off my phone cause that was quicker, but you still have to go back and capitalize things and do whatever. So this is really just allowed me to be the best version of me.

[00:06:00] Joe Apfelbaum: Yes. And when you are able to be the best version of you, you’re able to be more creative, to be happier, you’re able to add more value to your clients.

[00:06:08] Look at the end of the day. Those people that have something called writer’s block, they end up suffering. And I don’t want people to suffer. I want people to have a voice. If you can have AI do the hard work to come up with a comment for you, then you can actually build the relationship and get to know the person without stressing out.

[00:06:26] And you can do that 10 X. So talk about the hour of winning the day, like in an hour, what you can do on LinkedIn now is what it would take somebody a day or two days to do. And you’re doing it so magically building those relationships, getting to know people. And some people think of it as inauthentic, but I would say that 99.

[00:06:44] 9 percent of people won’t even know that you’re using AI. And it doesn’t really matter because if you’re using AI to fix your grammar what do you want to be authentic and have a bunch of words that are all misspelled because that’s who you are. No, you don’t want to show up like a slob. Some people say don’t wear makeup because it’s inauthentic.

[00:07:01] No wear makeup because that’s what’s acceptable in society and use AI and do it the right way.

[00:07:07] Kris Ward: And also too, what I would say is that it’s what I mean, what I said, cause you get to hit regenerate a couple of times. All it is writing it quicker. And then to your point too, I know it’s hard without you guys seeing it and listen, there will be links in the show.

[00:07:22] No, it’s a hundred percent, but the beauty of it. And Hey, I even have put a little, I even have, cause I’ve wanted to share it with my, some of my clients. I made a little Cute little training thing is really quick. I’ll give that to you guys in the show notes. It’s five minutes and I’ll show you stuff I learned so you could do it within seconds.

[00:07:38] But what I say in these responses, so I read the post and then I hit my first thing with Evy AI, and I might pick the second or third one, but every word I say in there, and also, as I said before, you can tweak it, but you can tweak your personas and stuff like that. So it’s not. It’s suddenly artificial because I guess it sounds awful, has a bad name, but this is allowing me to communicate in a more sincere, I’m more sincere now because it allows me to produce quality stuff than I was before.

[00:08:10] Cause before I’m just like, okay. Hope you had a good time. Next. Cause I’m just trying to get to the next thing and I didn’t have time to be typing out three, four sentences. So it really, I guess I’m now starting to wish we had a different word than artificial. I guess I would call it efficient intelligence instead of artificial intelligence.

[00:08:26] Joe Apfelbaum: Yeah, it’s really powerful. A lot of people don’t realize the benefits of really using automation using automation, using AI, using technology, it’s all there as a tool. To make your life better. Just like calendars a tool. Some people are like, I don’t use calendars. I’m like, Oh, don’t use the calendar and hope for the best.

[00:08:46] Kris Ward: Yes. Yes. Oh my God. Okay. So let’s talk about this. We’re getting into this conversation. So AI on LinkedIn. Listen, you got to check out my show notes, everyone. I’m telling you, I’ve got a free gift for you. It’s going to be amazing. So what are some other misnomers? Because I think it’s now like the word sales.

[00:09:03] Sales is not a bad thing, but it got a bad name, right? Everything comes down to sales. You have to sell your kids to get to bed at night. And now all of a sudden everything is being thrown out in a very aggressive form. Oh, you’re cheating. You’re using AI. No, I’m using, like you said, AI a better, more efficient way of me to express myself at a higher volume.

[00:09:21] And you are true, Joe. I do now in an hour, what would have taken me a day? Cause I would never spend a day on LinkedIn. So it’s awesome.

[00:09:29] Joe Apfelbaum: So it’s cheating to use an airplane instead of walking. If you’ve got to get to California, if your business has to make money today, Use technology, use automation and, make sure that you comply with the LinkedIn terms like our automation does comply with LinkedIn terms because we don’t even ask, have access to your LinkedIn account.

[00:09:46] We don’t, we’re not a robot, we’re there just to draft things for you. We’ll draft the post draft the comment. I used to pay 180 for each post for a writer to write the post. Now I pay a couple pennies and I have the AI just write the post for me in a better way than the writer would ever be able to write it for me.

[00:10:04] And so thinking about using this technology, not being afraid of it, so many people misnomerize that it’s gonna kill you. I promise you it’s not gonna kill you. It’s not gonna kill you. What’s gonna kill you is the stress of having to do all this work and not having the support of the technology. So don’t worry about dying from it.

[00:10:19] Instead, Use it, leverage it, get to know it. And some people are like it’s inauthentic. It’s only inauthentic if you didn’t train it, just like an employee, it’s going to be inauthentic. If it doesn’t have training on how to be authentic, your regular employee that you pay 50, 000, a hundred thousand dollars a year, if you don’t train them, they’re going to suck.

[00:10:34] I don’t care how good they are at what they do, your systems and processes and your business and your language. They’re going to be terrible at your company. And so just like a regular employee, you need to train, treat AI like an employee. It’s not like a magic box that should have known everything already.

[00:10:49] No, it knows nothing. Just like when you started doing something in your business, you knew nothing either. So they come to the AI with a clean mind and realize that, you know what? I got to train it. And instead of saying it’s garbage and throwing it out, saying, how can I use this? How can I make it better?

[00:11:03] How can I train it better? And realize that technology is there to serve you, not to make an excuse and say, Hey, I’m not going to use it, but instead leverage it. It gives you leverage. It really does.

[00:11:13] Kris Ward: And it does. And two things I would say is one, that it’s so much more, I found the effectiveness from zero to 10 of being 10, being amazing is completely different than chat GPT.

[00:11:26] So it’s not like that. You still need, we get a lot out of chat GPT and I understand the engineering, the work you put into it. And I agree with you, Joe, but at the same time, I felt that this really started from a different level. And to your point where we’re all about efficiencies and it’s time and all this other stuff.

[00:11:43] There was a number of years ago before everything exploded. Let’s say I had a webinar coming up, and so you’re saying the same things constantly. So we had like a sheet where I would just write out 10, 20 different replies and copy and paste them in Facebook. If somebody asked a question because it’s like, why am I typing the same thing over and over again, especially on your phone with your thumbs.

[00:12:02] So you’re right. I was doing that. And this is just a effective, quicker version of that. And that’s how probably smart people like you would evolve. Like, why am I copying and pasting all day long? When we could just make it a tool to do this for us.

[00:12:17] Joe Apfelbaum: And listen, it does cost money, but it’s extremely affordable.

[00:12:20] And especially if you train it and, like on LinkedIn, I built a task list for 30 things you need to do on LinkedIn, if you want to be successful. And even if you just look at 10 of those things to do. AI can help you with a lot of them. It can’t do everything for you. Like it’s not going to have the conversation to build a relationship with your client.

[00:12:36] Although AI can now qualify people and have phone conversations like a regular human. But it’s not the same. It’s not going to have empathy. It’s not going to build those relationships. It’s not going to do have the intuition that you have and all that stuff, but it’ll definitely assist you. And it’s never going to be perfect, but it’s going to get you 80, 90, 95 percent to where you want to go.

[00:12:55] And that’s really what you need. You need, some people say if the planes were great, they would take us to our destination and we wouldn’t have to go to the airport and go through security. No, you have to spend an hour going through security, but you’ll save six hours of having to to drive 24 hours to California.

[00:13:10] That’s just the, or 48 hours to California. But you still have to spend time getting to the airport. You still have to spend time going through security. You have to still often walk a mile to get to your gate. Yes, you do.

[00:13:22] Kris Ward: You’re right. Yes.

[00:13:23] Joe Apfelbaum: So it’s the same thing. It’s it’s just because we have an airplane doesn’t mean it’s going to come to your house, pick you up and take you to California.

[00:13:28] But that’s going to come eventually. You’re going to have those drones that can do that. So I just want you to realize that technology is evolving very quickly and you got to get involved today and stop being afraid of it.

[00:13:38] Kris Ward: That’s a really good point you’re making. So what I want people to understand is you’re not just beating the bandwagon because, Hey, I have an AI product and it’s cool and you should see how great it is.

[00:13:49] You’re right. This is not going to end in, this is not the beginning and ending with you and your tool. This is. Everything is exploding. So to your point and also too, sometimes now there’s things that I have that we don’t even refer to as AI, but we’ve had them like the GPS in our car, we don’t, Oh, I’m not using that cause that’s AI.

[00:14:11] So suddenly there’s this big pushback on AI, but it’s been here a long time. We just haven’t been referring to it as that. So to your point, this is a, we’re, there’s going to be more and more tools coming, so figure out how to use them.

[00:14:22] Joe Apfelbaum: Yeah and the more you get involved with learning how to train AIs, the more you get involved with learning how to leverage LinkedIn, learning how to network, learning how to market yourself, learning how to be a thought leader, the more you get comfortable with that, the more revenue you’re going to generate and the more impact you’re going to make in the world.

[00:14:38] My mission is to give people a voice, to give people a voice, and a lot of people have, And they’re afraid or they don’t have time. So we solve that problem. We’ll help you get a voice. We’ll help you solve the writer’s block issue. It will help you save the time issue. We’ll help you leverage LinkedIn.

[00:14:54] We’ll help you leverage AI, and you’ll be able to grow your business more effectively.

[00:14:58] Kris Ward: And you are so right. Because now I spend a lot more time. In the met doing the DMS answering those because I’m having meaningful connections, comments that are, I can do it, and much quicker pace before, and they’re much better.

[00:15:13] So now I’m over the DMS, which by the way, I’m a big proponent of leaving audio messages, not only because that’s quicker than trying to type it all out, but once somebody hears your voice now. I remember years ago, I was going back and forth with this guy on Facebook and we’re talking and then suddenly we had a reason to meet virtually and he showed up and he had the thickest Scottish accent.

[00:15:34] I’m like, I don’t know you at all for a year and a half. I’ve been talking to you on Facebook thinking, I don’t know what voice said in my head. So I’m always going right to the audio and it seems to really start, people thank me for that. But frankly, everyone,

[00:15:48] Joe Apfelbaum: here’s what some people have done. I’ve seen some of our clients do, they generate the message with the AI, but then they pull up their phone and they read the message.

[00:15:56] Kris Ward: Oh,

[00:15:57] Joe Apfelbaum: it’s almost like having a script for what to say in the voice.

[00:16:00] Kris Ward: Okay,

[00:16:01] Joe Apfelbaum: so it’s really powerful. So a lot of people don’t realize you have the power to use the AI to guide you and support you to give you the perfect words because sometimes we say or we’re not sure what to say. And we end up missing out vital information.

[00:16:13] The AI gives you all the vital information so that you never know, you never miss out what are the right things to say. And the same thing goes with your posts. If you use Evy AI to help you generate a LinkedIn post, you can read the post and turn it into a video later by just reading the post that it generated. And so you can repurpose this in many different ways as well.

[00:16:35] Kris Ward: Those are really good points because what I found frustrating after going to college and university and doing all this stuff is then learning how to, when I wrote my book, Win The Hour Win The Day, the thing I got from my editor constantly, she said, you have to stop saying I cannot, I will not.

[00:16:50] It has to be can’t and won’t and has to flow like a conversation. I’m like, Oh my gosh. So really what I’m doing is undoing all this education I have and the fact that we write more academic than we speak. So what I found too, is when we lose some of ourselves, when you try to type and make things sound the way you want them to sound a certain way where our conversations, just like I’m speaking right now are flawed and I fumble my words and it’s just more real.

[00:17:18] Joe Apfelbaum: And

[00:17:19] Kris Ward: yeah. And the AI does a better job of sounding like me than the written version of me writing it myself.

[00:17:26] Joe Apfelbaum: A hundred percent. And you know what, at the end of the day is you have to try it out for yourself. You have to just get started and use it yourself. If you’re not going to use it. You’re not going to know the power of it.

[00:17:36] And the reason why Kris is so excited right now is because it’s saving her so much time and say that you can make more money, but you can’t make more time. And so if you’re able to save yourself 20 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day, an hour a day, and do the same level of activity that you were doing before to get you more clients, this is powerful.

[00:17:56] Even just an activity like responding to comments. If somebody leaves a comment on your post and sometimes I’ll get 20, 30, 40 comments on my post. I have to go and respond to each person. Now I can say thanks to each person, but that’s annoying. My AI, Evy AI will read each comment and a beautiful response to each person, acknowledging them and thanking them for commenting while at the same time, taking into consideration what they shared in their comment.

[00:18:24] That is a huge time saver for people that get comments and it’s a reward to your engagers that will make them want to engage more in the future because they see you paid attention to their comment. That’s powerful.

[00:18:36] Kris Ward: It does a fantastic job of pulling out salient points of either it’s a comment or the post.

[00:18:43] Like it’s not just, Oh, those are great five tips, Joe. Thanks. It will say, Joe, I really liked tip number two, when you talked about your wife on vacation and how she was finally thrilled, you took one. Like it really is. Unbelievable. Now, Joe, I do operate a high level of excited all the time. So people used to this, but I am overly excited about LinkedIn because after all these years and who knew, I just saw LinkedIn turn 21.

[00:19:09] I, where has the time gone? I did not know that, but it’s fun. I go on LinkedIn and it’s fun. And I’m really having, I now have the time and the capacity to have meaningful relationships. On LinkedIn, which I’ve never had before.

[00:19:24] Joe Apfelbaum: Yeah, no, that’s so powerful. It’s such a huge game changer when you now have the time to have the capacity to be human and connect because you have AI doing the grunt work for you.

[00:19:32] It used to be that every comment that you would leave would be like taking your soul out. Yeah. That it brings your soul into it because now you can customize it’s, it’s so much easier for me to go in and edit a 10 word comment than it is for me to go in there and come up with a 10 word comment myself.

[00:19:48] So I can make the comments so much more fun by making it just like 20, 30, 40 percent better. And people appreciate it so much more than me just saying great. Cause I’m lazy or because I’m exhausted. I just put a picture of a balloon and move on,

[00:20:01] Kris Ward: Yes, I did that too. And I’m so impressed where it will tie in something that I do because of my little persona into something, like I said earlier, like you could be on vacation and it would tie into, Hey, that’s why I believe your business should support your life, not consume it because la, because I will have that in my persona.

[00:20:20] And I’m like, damn, I would have never thought to tie that in a way. That isn’t salesy and isn’t stepping on your toes. So I, I wouldn’t have, I just wouldn’t have had the insight or I would have fumbled through it and made, I would have somehow now you’re trying to get the attention back on me, which I don’t like that in a comment.

[00:20:38] So I would have been dancing between those two worlds, missing the boat or doing it in a way that makes it look like I’m trying to draw attention.

[00:20:46] Joe Apfelbaum: A hundred percent. And you know what? At the end of the day, it’s all about building those relationships and showing people that you care. It was a guy named Zig Ziglar and he said, yes, don’t know how much people don’t care how much, until they know how much you care.

[00:20:59] That’s what Zig Ziglar said. And it’s such a powerful idea of showing people that you care, that builds trust, that builds connection and that makes people’s life better.

[00:21:11] Kris Ward: Yeah, I agree. So a lot’s happening in the AI world. Big fan of Evy AI, big fan of LinkedIn. I know you’re on LinkedIn a lot. What else are we missing as far as opportunities go for just even marketing aspects?

[00:21:26] Yes, anything you talk about marketing will take 10 times longer doing it yourself, but just having that,

[00:21:31] Joe Apfelbaum: It’s like editing videos. For example, this video we’re recording right now. I’m going to take this video. If you post it on YouTube, I’m going to have an AI take the video and turn it into clips.

[00:21:40] I’m going to have the AI type up the whole video and create a summary. I’m going to have the AI literally take the entire video and write up everything that was written and it’ll turn into a series of LinkedIn posts. I can do these things right now very quickly with a click of a button. And we teach these things inside our AI.

[00:21:56] Business development circle. We meet once a month for three hours and we teach people how to use 20 different AI tools to do everything like voice cloning, like avatar creation, like creating books with a click of a button. There’s so many amazing things you can do with AI right now and automation.

[00:22:13] Like for example, if you want AI to learn your voice and be able to start replying to tweets, you can create an AI Twitter agent. right now and it’ll just use your voice to start tweeting and replying to tweets. It’s really powerful. So learning how to do these things by clients and students learn inside the AI business development circle.

[00:22:32] Kris Ward: So to that point, I guess maybe that’s what the circle is for. Cause my other thing would be saying, there’s so much coming at us that literally if you stopped everything, you’re doing your family, your business and whatever, like it’s shiny object syndrome as well. Oh my gosh, this could be a full time job.

[00:22:45] Cause I also, when I heard about yours, I was like, all right, whatever it was only because it came through somebody. I’m like, I’ll get somebody I knew liked and trust, right? I said, all right, I’ll try for a second, but there’s just so much coming at you. I don’t time to learn another tool and then you have to learn this and play with that.

[00:23:00] And you’ve got 50 bucks here and 50 bucks times, a hundred different platforms in a month, or I’ve tried so many AI tools. Oh, this is splices up your video, but then they grab the wrong parts of the video, which is why I’m so excited about your dEvyce is so much more impressive. But where do we slow ourselves down or speed ourselves up with when we have so many options?

[00:23:21] Joe Apfelbaum: I would say take a moment and write down the issues that you currently face in your business. This is what I tell all my clients and students make a list of issues, things that are just taking too long or things that are costing too much money. And then find someone who can coach you, guide you, and support you to automate some of those processes, either using automation or using AI.

[00:23:39] And if you find that you just isolate specific issues, and this is how we coach people inside the AI business development circle, because it’s not about learning a new tool, because I can give you 11, 000 tools right now. And you’ll be able to like, wow, I can do this. Wow. I can do that. You get that shiny object syndrome that you mentioned, but it’s more about, okay.

[00:23:54] What problem do you have? So you might say, okay, I need a five step email series for my email sequence that I’m doing to real estate agents. Okay. Let’s do that right now and let’s use Perplexity. ai to do that in a combination with Google Gemini. And they’re like, wow, how do you, what is Perplexity and what is Google Gemini?

[00:24:10] And I just show them and show them how it works. And they’re like, wow, can you create one for EOS coaches? Oh for that, we would need to tie in this other tool. And I show them the tool to use. And they’re like can you take my face and put me on a dancing video? Oh yeah, sure. We can solve that problem.

[00:24:24] We can get your face on a dancing video. Let’s use a face swapping technology. That’ll swap out a face in a video. And then we’ll go through the issues that they’re having, that they want to achieve, and then we’ll do them one by one.

[00:24:35] Kris Ward: Okay. So what I’m hearing is because this is so new, a new frontier for all of us, it new for us, maybe not for you is almost like we, we social media came to the forefront.

[00:24:47] I know it sounds like it was the 1800s when that came, but social media, and then we get social media managers and then we get social media people that can manage their social media. And so now this is the first time I’ve heard this, but it’s almost like an essence, another social media platform. But you’re saying, Kris, what you need is somebody to navigate with expertise and guide you, because it will be like a a firetruck hose spraying in your face that there’s so much AI coming at you and you shouldn’t be navigating this jungle alone. You want to have a guide.

[00:25:19] Joe Apfelbaum: Yeah. Like for example, if somebody’s overwhelmed and they’re not organized and they’re spending a lot of time and they’re not sure who to speak to, to help them be able to organize their day to win the hour, win the day, they can hire you and you can help them be able to do that.

[00:25:30] And you’re the guide that will help them. If somebody logs into LinkedIn for the first time, or they haven’t logged in a long time and they don’t know what to do, cause there’s 400 different things flying all over the place. Hire a LinkedIn coach like me. I’ll come in. I’ll give you a plan. I’ll give you a strategy.

[00:25:42] I’ll tell you here are the three things you should do. Ignore everything else and move forward. So anything that you want to accomplish in life, whether it’s going to the gym and getting fit, whether it’s making sure that you’re healthy, making sure that you’re spiritual, making sure that you have a great relationship, Hiring a coach, a guide, a mentor, a guru, a wizard will help you be able to get there faster.

[00:26:02] Kris Ward: Yeah, that makes sense. But here’s the thing. I said, how naive I sound, but AI for the rest of us is just like raindrops. It’s, Oh, is it raining? All of a sudden it’s pouring. So I just, all I heard prEvyously to you, Joe was, Oh, this one’s pushing this product. Cause they’ve got every, everyone’s coming with a new AI tool.

[00:26:19] So I didn’t really see that at this point, there would be people like you where you can say, look, I have clarity under what covers under all this umbrella and we can guide you through it.

[00:26:29] Joe Apfelbaum: For example, if you wanted me to guide you through how to use AI to, for example, solve problems with children or whatever it is, I don’t know that I would be the best person for that.

[00:26:39] Sell solving telecom problems that are complex it issues. I don’t know that out, but if you want to solve marketing problems or business development problems come to me, cause I’m an expert. I have a, I have expertise in marketing and business development and networking for many years for 20 plus years, I have an agency serviced over 1100 clients was on the Inc 500.

[00:26:58] They have a lot of deep expertise in marketing. And now you attach AI to that. I know how to apply AI to business development, marketing, website development, all that type of stuff. And LinkedIn, I can help somebody and guide them in that realm. But if you tell me, Joe, can you help me use AI to become a better accountant or a lawyer or a doctor or an insurance broker, I would be like, I can dabble in there and show you the way, but I would tell you, go to an AI insurance guy that knows how to use AI for insurance.

[00:27:24] And so finding people that have the AI expertise and also a domain authority within a specific area, like marketing in my case. or networking or prospecting or sales in my case, but like in your case, it could be organization or clarity or coaching or whatever. And you can use AI together with that person that has the expertise.

[00:27:42] You’re going to find people that have domain expertise in you’re going to find AI. To be able to use nanobots to be able to determine if you’re, if you have issues without surgery, like not every doctor is going to want to use nanobots, but you’re going to find the one that uses AI nanobots to go into your body, find the issue, and you don’t need surgery anymore because the nanobots took care of it.

[00:28:04] They’re like tiny robots that can go into your body.

[00:28:07] Kris Ward: We’re talking to Martians. The funny thing is, Joe, I don’t know if you remember this because you’re a busy guy, but when I tried the EvyAI and it was so impressive and I just could not believe it. And I sent you an email and I’m like, okay, I know who you are.

[00:28:20] I don’t even know what you do. But you must have something going on. If you create this amazing product, could we meet? I didn’t even know what you did. I said, let’s meet and let’s have a little meeting to see if you’d like to be on the podcast. I didn’t know when I reached out to you, if you’d just be some, really intelligent, geeky guy living in his mother’s basement.

[00:28:36] And look, I made this tool and I don’t know anything else, which would not have been enough for the show, but I’m like, there’s, I could just see by scratching the surface. There was an incredible amount of substance and marketing. Brilliance and technique there that the tool was just an extension of that.

[00:28:52] And my email was not pretty cause I wasn’t using AI. I was just like, I don’t know who you are, but I think I need to meet you. So

[00:28:59] Joe Apfelbaum: I appreciate that. We met, I appreciate that we connected and I have a lot more to share about funnels and marketing strategy and techniques. And, if you guys are listening to this and you’re watching this, leave a comment and let us know what are the things that you’re wondering about or send a message to Kris and tell them.

[00:29:14] What questions you have related to marketing, LinkedIn, networking, prospecting, sales, and how to use AI to help you be able to do that better. Even my webcam right now is artificial intelligence. It follows me around and zooms in and out and does all types of fun things.

[00:29:29] Kris Ward: I hear you. Okay, Joe, where can people find more of your brilliance?

[00:29:33] Joe Apfelbaum: You can definitely find me on LinkedIn. If you just search my name, Joe Apfelbaum, A P F E L B A U M. Or you can check out Evy AI at www. evyai. com. And of course, if you want to get a demonstration video of the AI, you can send a text to 973. 841 8868.

[00:29:54] That’s 973 841 8868. Send the word demo and you will get a demonstration video. My AI will text you if you’re in the U. S. and Canada. It’ll text you a link to a demonstration video. And if you text the word community, It’ll send you a link to our community. So you’re using AI to help you out. It’d be really helpful, especially when you don’t have the time to reply to every single communication you get.

[00:30:19] Kris Ward: Yes. And we will have all of that in the show notes. Please share this show with a business buddy. Do not let them flail about on their own. This is really good stuff. And there’ll be, you got to help your buddies out. So make sure. And we love your reviews and we will see you all in the next episode.

[00:30:33] Joe, thank you for your time and your energy.

[00:30:36] Joe Apfelbaum: My pleasure. It’s a pleasure being here. Thank you for being a client and thank you for being a friend.