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The Blueprint To Unlock Entrepreneurial Success With John Lee Dumas

Episode Summary

John Lee Dumas (JLD) has interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs that are at the top of their game on his podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. Now he’s sharing the tips, insights, and secrets he collected from these years of talking to the best of the best. 

-the lies you’re being told
-how to avoid massive mistakes
-how a simple process can change everything for you.
-and how you can get a very special bonus from him today!!

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. With over 1 million listens a month, 2700 episodes, and 7-figures of annual revenue, JLD is spreading Entrepreneurial FIRE on a global scale. His current focus is his first traditionally published book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success, which was released on February 28th, 2021.

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John Lee Dumas Podcast Transcription

Kris Ward: Hey entrepreneurs. Are you going full speed? Just trying to keep up. Do you feel you have more losses than wins for years? I was rushing to get to the next thing. There was always something that I had to learn before. The thing I actually needed to learn. I felt like it was running in the wrong direction and moving even further away from my goals.

[00:00:20] So the big question is how do you stop the craziness? How do you get to your next win? Well, this podcast will give you the answer. Join me on my journey. As we have real conversations about struggles, successes, and tips, so we can get you quicker, faster result, no fluff, and get you to your next win now.

[00:00:43] Hey, everyone. Welcome to win the hour, win the day. And I am your host, Chris ward. Oh my heavens. Today we have a really amazing, super special treat. We have John Lee Dumas. JLD from entrepreneur on fire. Super, super exciting. JLD from entrepreneurs on fire. I don’t even know where to start with him. He has interviewed thousands like thousands, like.

[00:01:08] Yeah, I think around 3000 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Seth Goden, Gary Vaynerchuk. I mean, Tim Ferris. I mean, any name that you know, or have heard of in the entrepreneurial space he’s been there, he’s interviewed them. He has the only, I believe the only, but definitely the first. The first podcast that was daily.

[00:01:32] That’s how we crashed onto the scene. His story is quite interesting. And I know as a fan of his show, I’ve heard many tales of his wisdom and success, which he simplifies and makes it sound so easy and attainable. And you know what he’s right. It is you just got to false and simple stuff that he’s going to talk to us about today.

[00:01:50] But one of the stories that really impacted me and it just rang true for me a lot. Was I, one of them, I was listening to a show one time and he was talking about how. You know, before he started his podcast and he decided, you know, what could he do different with a podcast? You know, podcasts were coming out.

[00:02:08] What could he do different? They were starting to become mainstream. So he decided he would have the first daily podcasts. So he’s putting all this stuff into play and he’s getting everything ready. He’s doing the promotions. Like he’s pulling all the materials together to launch it and all this stuff that we do as podcasters or when you’re creating any product or launch or anything like that.

[00:02:29] So. What happened though? So super interesting is right before he went to do it, he found out there was another guy that was, you know, uh, I believe either going to, no, my apologies. He was already doing it. He had been doing it a couple months. There was already a guy that was doing it everyday, a podcast every day.

[00:02:49] So his whole concept. Crushing, like kind of gone out the window, right. That his angle, his uniqueness, as far as he saw it, this is going to be the thing that separated him from the pack. But, you know, we talked to some people and they said, no, go ahead. Just do it, just keep going with it, whatever. Anyhow, he’s telling this story years later onstage about, you know, uh, recalling his journey and his success.

[00:03:15] And here’s the interesting part. This guy, a couple of months in the other guy, quit. He just quit. He quit. That was it. So as JLD is onstage, he’s telling this story about how he almost didn’t do it, but he proceeded anyhow. And then the other guy after a couple of months fell off the radar and just quit.

[00:03:39] And so he was in fact, the only entrepreneur, the only podcast show that was daily. And then this guy came up to him afterwards and said, Oh, my heavens. That was me. So he’s now paying to be a JLD  event, learning from him. And he, he w he was neck and neck with him in the beginning, but he didn’t have the consistency.

[00:04:05] He didn’t. Continue. He just, you know, it fell off, it fell off the radar, it fell to the wayside. So I mean, all my heavens to be standing there, listening to that story, you’re in the audience and you’re looking at the guy and all he did was provide consistency at the time. In the beginning, of course, you know, he, he, it’s not, uh, we’re not minimizing his skill set in any ways by saying, you know, that’s all he did.

[00:04:28] But at that point, when the, when the race is neck and neck and you’re three months in, you know, what one was as good as the other at that point. So it was the consistency and that’s something that really was impactful and resonated with me. And I think of that all the time, like, okay, you just, you know what, we’re just, maybe we’re calculating the results too soon, or, you know, it’s, uh, also like that other story.

[00:04:51] And, um, sometimes not always key on my facts, but I know the bamboo, I think it’s like something when you plant a bamboo, uh, I think it’s something like the first two, three years, it doesn’t grow at all. And then it shoots up like six feet in the fourth year. So, you know, tying that in with JLD story. I mean, that’s the thing is when you’re sitting there and you’re go, Oh my gosh, what am I doing?

[00:05:11] What am I doing? Um, you know, whatever you’re looking for to have a bigger impact than social media or your market. These are two really powerful messages that really government, how I feel about my accomplishments. So I just want to share that all with you before I introduce you to the man of the hour.

[00:05:30] Uh JLD. He is awesome. He is here. He is going to bestow wisdom to us and let’s just dive right into the show and welcome JLD to the windy hour when the day. Podcast,

[00:05:44] JLD: Chris. I am fired up to be here and we will win this hour.

[00:05:49] Kris Ward: Awesome. There’s a sound byte,

[00:05:51] JLD: everyone I’m done.

[00:05:54] Kris Ward: Okay. So the man of the hour who is interviewed all the men and women of the hour, You know what I want to do.

[00:06:01] I just want to lay it over to you. And I want to ask you, you know, what, what should we be asking more about as entrepreneurs? What is that question that we’re just not talking about? Not asking enough, you’re out there. You’re rubbing shoulders with the best of the best in your, among you, you are one of the best of the best bestow some wisdom on us.

[00:06:18] What should we be talking more

[00:06:19] JLD: about? So listen, if you’re not currently experiencing the type of success that you want to be experiencing or think you should be experiencing, I want to be honest. It’s a pretty simple reason. You are not solving a real pain point better than anybody else. So, if you can say, you know what, I built an audience because I’ve delivered free, valuable, and consistent content around this topic.

[00:06:45] I built up no, like, and trust with that audience because of those things that I’ve done. Um, I’ve asked my audience what their biggest struggle is in this world. And I’ve listened to their answers and I’ve identified the biggest common threads of those struggles, obstacles, challenges, pain points, and I’m now going to create the best solution for that specific challenge.

[00:07:05] You can’t not win. If you follow that process, you can’t not win. It’s how I built every single one of my multimillion dollar funnels. Not by coming up with ideas. I don’t really have any good ideas. I have one good idea. And that was to launch a daily podcast, interviewing entrepreneurs. It allowed me to become friends and connect with all those people you were talking about, like the Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Seth Goden is Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuks of the world.

[00:07:30] And it allowed me to. To build an audience that knew that knew, liked and trusted me because of that content. I was providing them. So I could say fire nation, what are you struggling with? And I would hear all these things. I would put them into themes and I would say, okay, I can create a solution to that problem that a lot of people are having.

[00:07:50] Boom. Podcaster’s paradise, multimillion dollar course and community boom, the freedom journal accomplish your goal in a hundred days. Um, you know, now over a million dollars in sales, boom, this boom, that all from doing that simple process. So if you’re not having the kind of success that you want is because you’re not doing that simple process, you know, that

[00:08:11] Kris Ward: is so simply profound.

[00:08:12] And of course, like anything done well in life. It’s simple. Right? And as I hear you talk, one of the thing that resonates. To me is I also think we get stuck in a line or a lane as an entrepreneur, because as you’re talking, I’ve been told many times it might pitch to get on shows to get people on my shows.

[00:08:29] It has got me in doors. I shouldn’t have got in my ability to pitch and use video and stuff like that. But you know, with my, when the hour, when the day. You know, there’s certain things that we cover and it’s building your team, you know, so that your business supports your life and doesn’t consume and all that stuff.

[00:08:43] But at the same time, I’m asked all the time, how do I get these pitches? So you think, Oh, you know what, I guess I thought that’s not my lane. So I shouldn’t be doing a product on how to get on podcasts and stuff. So I think a part from your brilliance is, and solving the pain point is don’t box yourself in either and define who you are.

[00:09:02] JLD: I agree with that because for me, a lot of people, again, are assuming that like I’m coming up with these ideas or like I’m thinking of these things. And if I like stayed in my own box in my own head, in my own lane, like, frankly, I might not have come up with a good idea after entrepreneurs on fire. But because I came up with that one thing that was delivering value to an audience, and there was able to ask them that simple question, What are you struggling with?

[00:09:28] And then listening to their answer. Everybody loves to be able to complain to somebody that’s listening. Um, and I created the solution for them. One solution at a time, one process at a time. Right.

[00:09:41] Kris Ward: Making 1 million at a time. So

[00:09:44] JLD: that’s how that adds up because I’m Puerto Rico. I get to keep all the money I make.

[00:09:50] Let’s

[00:09:50] Kris Ward: call a spade, a spade folks. Let’s call them out, making it sound very gentle and kumbaya. Okay. We’re counting your money while we’re kumbaya.

[00:09:59] JLD: Okay. So

[00:10:01] Kris Ward: my brilliant friend, then, you know, wise words now what’s something you should you think we should be doing every day? Like if you’re going to be doing this.

[00:10:09] You know, you’re going to play the game. You’re gonna play big. What’s something we should be doing every

[00:10:13] JLD: day. So there’s a quote by Albert Einstein. Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value. And I’ll be honest, during my first 32 years of my life, when I wasn’t finding much success, I was chasing success.

[00:10:28] I was trying to be a person of success. And it was especially during my mid twenties and early thirties where I was really falling down flat on my face, doing those things. But like when that quote really clicked for me and I was like, wait a second. I need to be a person of value. What does that mean?

[00:10:43] And then I was like, okay, I understand what being a person of value means now, like providing value to people, providing solutions to real problems. Wait a second. I haven’t been doing that at all in my life. I’ve just been chasing success and money and fame, whatever that means and not even coming close to any of that.

[00:11:00] So that’s when I shifted everything and said, I’m just going to become a person of value. And then I created a daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs in 2012. And Chris, it was the best daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs the day that a launcher. It was the worst daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs the day that it launched.

[00:11:21] And it was only daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs the day that it launched, like back in the nineties, which you know, you and I remember when there was a blockbuster in town, it was the only video store in town. We had to go there to rent movies. That was the only option. So they crushed it until of course, Netflix crushed them.

[00:11:41] Yeah, but I was the only game in town for a really long time. And so even though I wasn’t that good as a podcaster, as an interviewer, I was the only show in town. So people wanted a daily podcast with an inspiring and motivational entrepreneur. They had to come to entrepreneurs on fire and I was able to get good over Ty was they put in the reps.

[00:11:59] So that’s what my answer is. Your question is. What are you? Dear listener, dear viewer, what are you doing every single day to become a person of value? What are you doing? And if you can get specific on that, meaning like you’re delivering this specific value on, you know, this specific solution from that value to a real specific pain point or problem.

[00:12:24] Your waist you’re many steps ahead.

[00:12:27] Kris Ward: Yeah. Another again, really good point. Because as entrepreneurs, you just 20, 20, the year of the word pivot, really pivoting often as we acting as entrepreneurs, you’re like, okay, I’ll chase this. Oh, no, that, okay. I’ll chase this. And I’m just chasing things like a dog. The next car comes running by I’ll chase it, thinking this is the answer.

[00:12:47] Or where with your approach that consistency. And I’ve told my listeners, you know, your, your wonderful story before you came on your wonderful story about consistency and how you almost didn’t do this show. So consistency really is the big thing is providing value, but also being consistent with it because I see keeps quoting all these numbers about his age and blockbuster and stuff.

[00:13:08] He’s living a good life and he looks like he’s 12 and a half. So

[00:13:11] JLD: I just sort of 41.

[00:13:12] Kris Ward: Yeah. Okay, well, I want to see an ID and a mom to know there’s the good thing is this is what good living looks like. Right. And that’s the thing, you know, I see that, I see that in pictures of myself and my business, the first couple of years, it’s like, Oh my gosh, I wasn’t taking care of myself as running myself down to a nub.

[00:13:31] Reacting not being consistent, just, you know, hot and cold. And so, you know, you look successful because it breeds a life of success and you and the successful look is youth. Right. So there you go. Okay. So really profound, simple advice. What did you wish you had known sooner?

[00:13:51] JLD: There’s a lot of things. I wish I knew sooner.

[00:13:53] I mean, you know, you kind of bring up the whole taking care of yourself thing. I hit that wall as well. Like back in 2015, I looked in the mirror and I’m like, man, like I do not look good. I don’t feel good. My energy levels are lowered and they could be like, I really wish that I knew sooner, like back in 2012, 13, 14, 15, when I was really grinding out and building my business that.

[00:14:13] There still had to be a balance there. I still had to make time, you know, to have 30 minutes of a workout every single day to really focus on, you know, drinking a lot of water, eating the clean foods, focusing on getting my eight plus hours of sleep per night. Like, I really wish I knew those things over the first four years of my business.

[00:14:33] You know, since then, you know, I’ve hired a personal trainer, which I, you know, Uh, meeting, uh, three to four days every single week, you know, I have a non-negotiable 9:00 PM bedtime, which I very rarely break, you know, during the weekends, you know, things may happen, you know, and if I’m trying to get out there and hang out with some, some friends, but

[00:14:51] Kris Ward: Michael wild, nine, 15, nine, 20, but I hear

[00:14:55] JLD: five.

[00:14:56] Like, that’s it though. That’s just

[00:14:57] Kris Ward: wild. She’s going well, nine 45. I’m a big time person myself. And they laugh at me. Also, if you’ve nonnegotiable weighted blank, The weighted blanket, it will change your life. But that’s another story I’d

[00:15:08] JLD: love to send that. Yeah, I really do. And I get it and like he, my, my room here in Puerto Rico, ice cold.

[00:15:13] So. Blankets are very welcomed down here. And, you know, the reality is this, like, you know, like I am so focused now and have been for the last four plus years on my health and my wellness. Cause I know that that just oozes into, you know, my business and my relationships. So it all kind of starts with that.

[00:15:30] Like when I get a great night’s sleep and I’m hydrated and I have the right foods and nutrients in my body, Like, I’m a different person. I’m a real different person. And I was born in 1979, like I’m 41 years old. And you know, I, I do take pride in the fact that I still look great and feel great and all these different things.

[00:15:47] And, you know, I meet with people, you know, right now who are as successful or more successful than me, like financially. And man, he looked like crap. You know, they’re 50, 60 pounds overweight. And I wouldn’t trade places with him for a minute. Like you can give me $10 million right now, if that included 50 pounds of fat, because it’s

[00:16:04] Kris Ward: not worth it, is that success that’s to me, that’s not success.

[00:16:08] Right? What is success? And again, I take great pride in you quoting your numbers. Can you birthday? But I will tell you that my mother knew the math. Every year, she changed her birth year to accordance to her new age. So she kept the math up. Right. She’d say you do the math. So, yeah. So I do think, you know, what is success?

[00:16:26] It’s freedom. It’s lifestyle. It’s quality of life. So I, I love hearing you preach that because I’m all about that. I tell my clients if they should treat themselves like business athletes, right? That’s the name of the game.

[00:16:37] JLD: I like that. I’m going to steal that. I’m going to give you credit twice, but then it’s mine forever.

[00:16:41] Kris Ward: It’s as long as you quote me on your show, you do whatever you want. I hear my name on your show. I’m good.

[00:16:48] JLD: Everything you

[00:16:48] Kris Ward: want. So awesome. Um, okay. So when you’re interviewing all these amazing talents, what is it, you know, in your own life? And there’s, what do you see is like, what’s the common thread through it all when you go.

[00:17:01] Yeah. Okay. I I’m playing with the big boys. I’ve got that too. And this is what we’re all doing. What’s that? I’m sure there’s many, but what’s give me a couple of the common themes and threads you see

[00:17:10] JLD: throughout. Yeah, a really common thread that really honestly led to, you know, one of my million dollar plus ideas, which was, I asked my audience, Hey, what’s your biggest struggle?

[00:17:21] And one of the answers one of the years was, well, John, all of your guests. Come on your show and they talk about how they set really meaningful goals. And then they accomplish those goals in a short period of time. And I said that there’s an idea. So in 2016, I launched the freedom journal accomplish your number one goal in 100 days, nice and simple and sweet and teach you how to set a smart goal and accomplish that goal in a hundred days.

[00:17:45] And in 33 days on Kickstarter that $39 journal raise $453,000. So just to show you like. Wasn’t my idea. I didn’t come up with an idea for a gold journal. My audience told me they needed that and I just created it for them. And then I sold it. And that was again, almost $500,000 in a month and has gone on to sell well more than a million dollars in sales now, since then.

[00:18:09] So that’s an example of, you know, listening to my audience and producing what they need, but you know, that’s also a common thread success launching universe.

[00:18:18] Kris Ward: Can I jump in there? Cause I would tell you that nine out of 10 of us would have done that wrong because what would happen is we would have taken that information and over complicated, we need an app.

[00:18:26] We need a check on it. You know what I mean? Like to make it, I would have, I would have been sitting in the room with you going, come on. Yeah.

[00:18:33] JLD: I created one page essentially, and this repeated it 99 more times.

[00:18:39] Kris Ward: And I would’ve said we’re come on other than your mother and me, who’s going to buy that right.

[00:18:43] So having faith in the simplicity of it too, I think that’s beyond powerful because I would have, I would have made that so complicated. It would’ve made your head spin, so awesome. My apologies for interrupting keep going.

[00:18:54] JLD: Right. That was it. You know, that was the thread and that accomplishing goals. Yeah.

[00:18:58] Kris Ward: Yeah. Awesome. Okay. All right. We have a few minutes left. Um, cause your time is very precious and we are so thrilled that you sharing with

[00:19:05] JLD: us. You, you mean to, yeah.

[00:19:08] Kris Ward: I always think at cookies,

[00:19:09] JLD: if you want a few, but anyhow, so you have a fantastic book behind you when the hour, when the day, so congrats on that, you know, I’m actually fired up because.

[00:19:18] I ended up signing my first traditionally published book deal with Harper Collins, not too long ago, spent all of 2020 writing my book. Um, you know, really committed to the process. And I am very proud of it. It’s called the common path to uncommon success. I distilled. The 3000 interviews I’ve done over eight years into 17 steps to your version of uncommon success.

[00:19:45] Okay. Fantastic book, very simple, laid out step by step by step 17 steps to your version of uncommon success. And the book is available for pre-order. Right now we have five fantastic bonuses to go along with it. We’re talking like. Real value, real dollar amounts. For instance, if you’re in the U S I shipped all three of my journals to your door, that’s over a hundred dollars of value.

[00:20:12] These are journals you can buy on Amazon right now for $39 each. Um, so you get all three of them shipped to your door. There’s four other fantastic bonuses. And as you know, as an author, like pre-orders mean everything. So if I provided any value to you, visit uncommon. Success uncommon success,

[00:20:34] So

[00:20:34] Kris Ward: JLD common path to on-command success. You know what, when I read that the first time I’m going to, I’m going to tell you the truth. I kind of skimmed over it. And then I really grasped the perf the profoundness of it. It’s deep stuff. So why don’t you just start from there and sort of like how other than getting to interview thousands of amazing people.

[00:20:56] W w what w what initiated this, this wisdom of yours to share it with us.

[00:21:02] JLD: Listen, you’ve been lied to, like you have been lied to, and it’s okay, because we’ve all been lied to, but the reality is people want you to think that the path to success is complicated. They want you to think that it’s it’s secret.

[00:21:16] They want you to think that you’ve got to pay some guru $1,997 and 97 cents to get the answer. And it’s not true. I’ve interviewed. 3000 plus entrepreneurs over the past eight years with entrepreneurs on fire, I myself have been incredibly successful having a multi-million dollar a year business for seven of the past eight years with entrepreneurs on fire.

[00:21:38] In fact, the consecutive last seven years of entrepreneurs on fire and I’ve recognized. That’s the path is simple. The path is clear. I’m not saying that it’s easy and it’s going to just be handed to you, but listen, it is a common path to achieve uncommon success. And that’s the essence of the book, the common path to uncommon success.

[00:21:59] It’s available to you. In fact, I’ve been able to take these 3000 interviews. My lessons, they’re lessons and creates a 17 step roadmap to find freedom and fulfillment it plain and simple works. This is a chronological 17 step roadmap. That will get you to your version of uncommon success, which by the way, we help you get to your definition of that in the book, of course, and this is the culmination of everything I’ve done over all of these years.

[00:22:30] And, you know, I went all in with this. I partnered with Harper Collins, one of the big five publishers. I have personal endorsements from Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Eric, Manny, Dorie, Clark people who have read and believed in this book as well. And. We’re going big with this. I mean, we’re still a couple months outs, you know, from the book going live, but we know that a book succeeds or fails based off of the pre-orders cause that’s everything.

[00:22:56] So Chris, we went huge with our pre-order bonuses that by the way disappear, they literally disappear the day the book goes live. But if you pre-order this book, $17 Kindle or a $28 hardcover, whatever that is, of course you’re getting. Next level value from just the book itself, but there’s five insane bonuses and just one of the five bonuses, by the way, we’re shipping all three of my journals, the freedom podcast and mastery journal to your door.

[00:23:28] Um, it’s just. $150 worth of journals to your door for pre-ordering this book, plus four other amazing bonuses. Because again, we’re going all in on this and I cannot wait to get this book in the hands of as many people as possible, because I don’t just think, like, I know this is going to be a game changer for every single person who reads this book and applies this principles.

[00:23:51] Period and the story, well, this is what I

[00:23:53] Kris Ward: would call fully loaded folks. He’s not kidding you. So I got a sneak preview and I skimming through it and reading it in depth and, and there’s, you know what, there’s just so many different layers to it. Like it is an excellent, uh, foundation and formula and blueprint for any level of excellence that you want to achieve.

[00:24:11] Yeah. But also, as I often say, sometimes you forget what you already know. Sometimes they would look at something and go, ah, I know that matters. And I remembered it mattered, but I forgot how much it mattered. So it’s a reset as well at different points in your career. So this is going to really impact anyone at any level of business is my opinion.

[00:24:31] JLD: It’s the truth. It doesn’t matter where you’re at on your journey. You’ve done stuff wrong. I have done plenty wrong on my journey and guess what? It hasn’t stopped me from having massive success from making millions and millions of dollars, but I’ve done things wrong. I’ve had to go back and redo things in my journey.

[00:24:51] So when at the level that I’m now winning, and that’s what this, this is all about. If you’re at step one right now, perfect. Start a step one. Go forward all the way through step 17 and you will crush it. If you’re at step 14 right now, go back to step one. Let’s go through the first 13 steps. Either confirm you did each one of those steps correctly, or find the ways that you kind of left on the table, add to it.

[00:25:15] And by the time you get back to 14, are you ready to go forward? You will be so much stronger in such a better position with a better foundation to absolutely crush it. That’s a focal point. That’s why it’s literally for anybody in their journey. And you

[00:25:30] Kris Ward: really could actually go through it no matter what level of success you’re at and then start over because as you evolve and as you develop and as the business matures and you bring in more income, those, those pieces that blueprint’s going to change, because what got you here is not going to get you there.

[00:25:45] So it’s really, you know, a revolving door of helpful information.

[00:25:50] JLD: Every time I’m adding another revenue stream to my business, every time I’m launching a new product or a service or a book or whatever it might be. I go through this 17 step process is why each one of them are the, the level of success that they are because I apply these principles, this roadmap to every single one that I go through.

[00:26:11] So at any point in your journey, this book is for you to clarify. To pivot, to adjust, to add to, or to at least have ultimate confidence and confirmation that maybe you did crush step six. You’re good there, but it’s good to know because this isn’t just, for me, this is from 3000 success newers that I’ve interviewed over the years, not to mention Chris.

[00:26:35] And you’ve seen this in the book I identified who I consider the top 17 entrepreneurs at each one of these steps brought them in. And they share how they look at this step and applied it in their life as well. And we’re talking to Amy Porterfield path, Lynn, Jeff Walker, Russell Brunson, Rummy. Satie how our rod, um, the list goes on.

[00:26:56] They’re all amazing. Entrepreneurial studs instead ads. Yeah.

[00:27:02] Kris Ward: And you know what else I like about it. And, and I’m always about being positive. So let me say this in a positive manner without being negative about something else. But what I want to say is these are tangible things that you can read, do implement it because you know, when I see that rah, rah out there, like, you know, if you want to be success, entrepreneurs don’t sleep until noon.

[00:27:20] Like I just saw an ad that yesterday I have never known a lazy entrepreneur in my life. You know, very few people you need. Like, if anything, you need to just tell them to slow down, to do more, you know, like take it. Let’s pace this out people instead of killing yourself. So this whole rah, rah of character, this is tangible stuff.

[00:27:38] This isn’t a feel good. Look, I looked at different professionals and they all have this wonderful characteristic that you could, you know, climatize to our claim. This is real stuff we can do

[00:27:49] JLD: today. Real stuff actionable today is one thing I’m very clear about with this book is. Everybody’s version of financial independence of lifestyle, freedom, it’s different and it should be, and this is one thing you need to sit down and really get clear about this book helps you do, because, you know, if we just try to emulate, you know, somebody over here, they may be following their bless and following their journey, but it’s not your journey per se.

[00:28:17] Like it might be. And then that’s great. That’s the perfect mentor for you, but you need to at least sit down contemplate and be real with yourself as you go forward

[00:28:27] Kris Ward: a hundred percent. Oh my goodness. Okay. All right. So I have my highlights, but I like to hear you talk more because your pearls of wisdom, just throw them at us when you’re looking through this, you know, what, what are the parts that, you know what I know it’s so fantastic to do it in order, but maybe you could highlight a few things for us where there were there, the no missteps for most entrepreneurs.

[00:28:49] JLD: The media chapter in that book, which I didn’t know going into it was going to be, but when I got done I’m like, this is like 20,000 words, just this chapter, it’s a create your content production plan. And I just realized while I was going through and creating that chapter that wow, like, This is why we’re so successful.

[00:29:09] Like we have such an amazing content production plan, but the systems, the tools, the automations that we use, that’s why we win. I mean, Chris, There’s three virtual assistants on my team and my business. Hasn’t netted under a hundred thousand dollars in 89 months in a row. I mean, this is an income producing machine that I’ve created.

[00:29:33] This is a content producing machine and they go hand in hand by the way. So that chapter is spectacular because man, it just shows you. The importance of a content production plan, and then how to actually create the right one and how to implement that into your business and into your life. And I’ll tell you, 99% of people that read this book, have a terrible concept production plan.

[00:30:00] Even if they think they might have a good one, this chapter will slap you in the face. Get you into, into reality and get your content production plan on point.

[00:30:10] Kris Ward: Yeah, it really is. It is really profound stuff. And what I would say again too, is. You know, it’s just so easy to get lost in the busy work. So this is your new thing and your runoff is okay, we’re going to do this.

[00:30:21] And then you get distracted or something happens. But the beauty of this book is like, you know, it’s like a GPS. It’s going to tell you really quickly, like you’re off route. Like, stay on route, just follow this. So it’s sequential, it’s informative. It’s clear. It’s simplistic. It’s easy to implement. So yeah, I, I, you know, In case we haven’t been clear here.

[00:30:42] Fan I’m a fan it’s it’s worth it. Sign up now. So in case they dance around the Bush here

[00:30:50] JLD: being Bay seventh, it is a chronological sequential, like you mentioned, it seems that roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment. Yeah. That’s it wrapped up in about if that’s not for you go back to your nine to five.

[00:31:07] Yeah.

[00:31:08] Kris Ward: Yeah, well said, well said, okay. So that’s the big one. What I would tell people is totally sign up. Now we’ve just got a couple minutes left. You’re a man in demand because you are going to be like guide the author. Like the parades are going to be coming in your honor. What are some final words you’d like to wrap up with us

[00:31:27] JLD: here?

[00:31:27] Just to show you what, what Chris is talking about here. I mean, this is just my schedule today. This is what you do. When you believe in something when you want to get it out to the world. And that’s what I, I believe so strongly in this book that I’m literally giving up another gorgeous day here in paradise, as sun has been shining all day, it’s 82 degrees out.

[00:31:48] I live right on the beach here in Puerto Rico. I could be outside all day. I’m inside this room talking to you because I want to, because I believe in this, um, again, if you want to achieve. Your version of uncommon success. If you want the financial freedom and fulfillment that does await you, the 70 several map will take you there.

[00:32:09] Step-by-step and I’m not trying to get you to pay $2,000, you know, to unlock discourse. This is a $17 books. So head over to uncommon success, Pre-order the book, because as I mentioned, we have five. Amazing bonuses. I’m shipping all three of these journals to your door, all three for just pre-ordering $17 book, $150 with a journalist are coming to your door.

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[00:32:59] So time is of the essence. If you want all five bonuses act take action today. Pre-order the book. Pre-order three copies for friends, family loved ones. Give them the gifts of achieving this financial freedom and fulfillment’s uncommon success.

[00:33:18] Kris Ward: Well JLD as always, you are very generous with your time, your knowledge, your expertise, and we are just lucky to have you on our radar.

[00:33:25] Can’t thank you enough. So we’re going to end this now. So you guys pull over, do whatever you’re doing and get on this now. Do not waste. Sign up. Do not pass. Go get, get going. Get now there is no excuses. We don’t want to hear you complaining this time. Next year, how busy you are. Listen, you know, freedom, lifestyle, schedule income, and you’re looking for it.

[00:33:45] Sign up now. JLD thank you so very much.

[00:33:49] JLD: Thanks

[00:33:49] Kris Ward: Chris. Bye. Thanks, bye. Hey guys, don’t miss out. Hop on over to free gift from That’s free gift G I F T from Kris K R I S. Dot com we are constantly putting goodies in there just for you guys, so that you can have a business that supports your life instead of consuming it. .