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Special Episode: The Top 7 Value Bombs You Need To Hear!

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These are the top-ranking shows from our first year! Take a listen and get BIG value bombs! We’ve had some wonderful guests and amazing conversations to be at the top of the list is HUGE.

-what marketing really is! from the very wise Ray Edwards
-how 10% can change everything for your brand by the talented Mike Kim
-the most important rule in sales by the dynamic Cheryl Burget
-the number one rule in marketing with the amazing Jim Edwards
-the secret to achieving success with the incredibly bright Jeff Brown!
-what coaching is really about by the wonderful William Winterton
-how to quickly leverage your LinkedIn by the smart Karen Yankovich

Guests featured:
-Cheryl Burget
-Jim Edwards
-Ray Edwards
-Mike Kim
-William Winterton
-Karen Yankovich
-Jeff Brown

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Anniversary Show

Cheryl Burget

-don’t’ jump in! 


What can I give about? What can I take? And so even in a sales conversation, uh, when I keep myself from being excited, which has been a long time ago, but I, I, you should, as a, as an entrepreneur, you should talk 20% of the time, 80% of the time is you are asking questions and you don’t talk about it.

[00:31:55] My goal is to get through. Um, you know, even meeting somebody for the first time, five minutes before I ever say anything about myself. 

My thoughts

-get feed back quickly in 3 hours not 3 weeks

Jim: (21:13)

I think the number one thing is that marketing is left to, it’s almost like an afterthought and people also confused marketing with sales and marketing is not the same thing as sales. Sales is what your funnel does for you. Sales is what your website does, sales is what your inbound telephone scripts do for you. Sales is the actual act of asking people to sign up, to buy, to click, to try to call on a phone and then converting them either into being a lead or into ultimately money. So that’s sales. Marketing is the function of actually putting people into those funnels. That’s the, it’s the generating the traffic. It’s the Facebook posts, it’s the Instagram posts, it’s the emails, it’s all of that stuff. And because most people don’t have a plan for consistent marketing, they, they have these huge peaks and valleys. Most people think that marketing is like a product launch and that’s not the case. It marketing as a consistent stream of information going out into your target market and designed to elicit a response or at least to get them to go check out what you’re doing to go into your sales process. So that’s the first thing is is most people confuse sales with marketing. Number two, they don’t do it consistently. So, and the reason they don’t do it consistently because they just don’t know what the hell to do. They, they just don’t understand how to do stuff every single day to to-do some marketing every single day. And, and all of us should be engaging in marketing related activities in our business every single day, in my opinion, depending on what level you have your business at at any particular time. If you’re not really making a lot of sales, you should be spending a lot of time at marketing. And if you’re making a lot of sales, you still got to spend time at marketing because otherwise once your existing sales fall off, then you don’t have any marketing. So it gets that cycle of spikes and stuff. So I try to spend at least an hour a day doing some sort of marketing related activity, mostly content marketing related, um, because I have other people that take care of the advertising and other stuff. 

Ray Edwards Ray: (09:45)

 All copy is, is communicating with the intention to persuade and we’re the first person we have to persuade about anything as ourselves. The first person we have to influence is ourselves. And once we can do that and then it may be about the importance of our work, the, the power of our skills that we offer to people, how we can help them. Mmm. That’s communicating that message to us and empowers us to communicate to other people what we can do for them. So then, then it becomes, well, what is not copy? 

Mike Kim

[00:23:02] It’s that last 10% that makes you different. I call that the special snowflake writing. Right? That’s, that’s what makes you sound. Different. And so, um, that’s the part that you’ve got to own. And if you can focus on getting the 90% down Pat, then you can devote your energy to that 10%. That does make you different stylistically.

[00:23:26] In tone, uh, the length, the pace at which you write, what your voice sounds like. And, um, you know, it’s sorta like, it’s, it’s, it’s like Simba in the lion King was first trying to roar. You know, it’s a process.

William Winterton

[00:15:19] You know, in whatever kind of business or really anything ,relationship, wealth,

it's getting really clear on that and then understand, look, that is a problem for somebody

and somebody somewhere is willing to pay you to get out of that problem.

[00:17:22] Coaching is taking somebody from point a to point B and you're that vehicle to

get them to that, to that place. That's literally all it is.

Karen Yankovich

Karen: (36:17)

 I like that theory because you know, there’s a lot of value in offering free services to people. You know, I mean I’ve always got, we, you know, we build our email lists by giving people something for free. Right? So you control it. Like I control it. I say drop in your link and then I know it’s gonna take me two or three minutes per person. I usually do a print video review. I give them one tiny little thing to change. I don’t make it, don’t give them a whole profile review. I say, try this, start with this, start with that

Jeff Brown Jeff: (39:48)

 I believe that if you desire to achieve true success in business and in life, then intentional and consistent reading is a must. Yeah. No, that may or may not be a worldview you agree with, but that’s, that’s my, uh, I don’t mean you personally, but I mean anyone listening, I know, I know you buy into that. Um, uh, but, uh, but that, that was my worldview. And so that’s the umbrella, uh, through which guests or potential books get filtered. Now, uh, with that as an umbrella, I can talk about leadership, I can talk about personal growth, I can interview authors on books about entrepreneurship and jobs and career and leaving a nine to five job and working for yourself and sales and marketing and business in general and on and on nodes, a lot of topics.