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How To Use Your Talents To Get More Clients! With William Winterton

Episode Summary

Listen in as William Winterton simplifies what so many of us make complicated.  How to attract the people that you want to work with! 

Learn how to: 
-find the people that will appreciate your work the most
-how to connect with your audience
-how to translate the connection into sales William is the host of Coaching Success Radio, a podcast for coaches who want to grow their business using strategies from the world’s leading experts.

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William Winterton Podcast Transcription

[00:08:39] Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to the show. When the hour, when the day podcast, I am your host Chris ward, and I’m about to be out voiced by the awesome William Winterton. He is waiting to hear him. I can’t take him seriously, cause I always feel like I won something on a radio show. Anyhow, William is a lifelong entrepreneur beginning with his very first.

[00:08:59] First business at 14. Now it’s not babysitting. It’s not a lemonade stand. It’s performing magic shows for children’s birthday parties. And he since went on to be a professional musician, videographer, and eventually a professional puppeteer, there is a career. Um, you know, so his business has obviously evolved.

[00:09:18] Now. He is coaching coaches and he does an amazing job of that. And we’re going to have them here dive into, you know, Even if you’re not a coach right now, often what you’re doing is people start asking you more and more. Hey, how do you do that? And it’s a really great opportunity to leverage your time.

[00:09:34] So tune in, listen attentively, because now William also promises as we do this. Look, if, if this coaching stuff doesn’t resonate with you, okay. But you still want more time with him. He is prepared to still do magic tricks for bar mitzvahs and anything else you need. So, all right. Welcome to the show, William.

[00:09:55] William Winterton: Absolutely. Chris, great to be here. And the, yes. So, so excited love this. 

[00:10:01] Kris Ward: And I love that fact that, you know, the, the whole, whatever token lemonade stand. I mean, I did have a babysitting business and Oh my gosh. I was. Obviously, like I was insanely intense as a babysitter. Like when they bought me chips and stuff, I would never eat it.

[00:10:15] Cause I thought it costs in their overhead. And I wanted to be like, save them money and stuff. I was hungry and I gave him discounts for rebooking and stuff. So I wasn’t your lemonade person. But at the same time I, you, you got hands down like. If nothing else, originality for how your career started. So, so now 

[00:10:33] William Winterton: your work.

[00:10:34] Yeah. My parents are glad I have a job in doing something. Now you’re the look on their face and you say, I want to be a professional magician. The hopes and dreams of their son actually being successful in life goes away pretty quickly. So they’re, they’re quite proud that I’ve actually survived. 

[00:10:47] Kris Ward: Yeah, I do think it’s a unique.

[00:10:49] Right. And from what I’m understanding too, at 14, it didn’t really attract the ladies. Would you say that’s true or how does he do there? 

[00:10:55] William Winterton: Didn’t attract the ladies for a long time. Believe it or not. I have ventriloquism and juggling and puppeteering, and I just thought, you know, I was going on about all wrong.

[00:11:02] I thought there’s so many football players in docs out there. There’s gotta be another angle. And, you know, I met my wife actually, before she realized I was into magic and that material. Uh, and then, and then we got married and she’s like, crap. But, you know, he’s in it for life now. 

[00:11:16] Kris Ward: Yes. She loved you in spite of yourself, so.

[00:11:18] Awesome. Okay. So why don’t you dive in and tell us who you work with coaches. So why do we want to be a coach? And when you are coaching, start off with some of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start coaching. 

[00:11:31] William Winterton: So a lot of the reason why I even got into my backstory of what, you know, the magic and the puppets hearing, I joke about that stuff, but that’s who I am.

[00:11:39] That’s just my nature. So part of what a lot of people do, it doesn’t matter if you’re a coach consultant or whatever your business is right now in the online space. And you’re all about going and helping entrepreneurs and building your presence online. It’s authenticity. It’s really attracting people who are attracted to you.

[00:11:56] And there is a certain demographic of people who look at me like, I mean, there’s a rumor that I’m kind of a nerd and I haven’t lived that. I don’t know, but some people are drawn to that. And some people are repelled by that. So I live into that. I lean into my weirdness and, and that is one of the big things I will say.

[00:12:13] When I first got into the online space. I tried to do it. Everybody else looked like they were doing, I went out and I shot all these videos about, yeah, I’m the guru who can do whatever, whatever. And I was this complete goofball and I didn’t take myself seriously. I was trying to impress whoever and it just fell so flat.

[00:12:28] And the biggest mistake that I’ve made that I’ve corrected is, is going in being authentic. And you’re going to attract people who are authentic to you as well, and really have a better relationship and actually get them better results. So yeah, in your, your, 

[00:12:42] Kris Ward: let me jump in here. I never people see.

[00:12:44] Yeah. When people say why the things I want to stop them. And I went on, pack it for a minute. I always promise people. I will interrupt you. So here’s the thing I did that as well. And here’s my mistake is my gosh. I spent a lot for college and university and then all these entrepreneurial courses and I spent a huge amount of money.

[00:13:00] And so you put your shoulders back and you say, okay, I’m going to show up. I’m going to be professional because that’s what people are paying for. So the word authenticity always kind of rubbed me the wrong way because nobody. It means to be inauthentic, like nobody signs up and says, okay, I’m going to put this facade, but you, I think expand different versions of yourself.

[00:13:17] So you are on Sunday with is different than who you are with your friends chatty. So, you know, it’s still me, but it’s different versions of me. So. I think the first thing you’re saying, and I know I did this wrong for years is that I was putting the wrong version of myself up because when people would work with me that’s Oh, you’re high energy.

[00:13:33] You’re fun. But I felt like they had to get to know me, like that’s a fifth date thing, not like the first date. And then when I just like to hell with this and a whole bunch of things changed in my life. And I just, okay, I just gotta do this and not, not think about getting it right. Not overthink things.

[00:13:47] Get out of my head, which has always been my downfall. And my big sloppy self out there being silly, putting videos out, telling stories, people I get compliment every day over my videos, I think, Oh my gosh, do you know how many, like I restarted because I flubbed a word cause I speak too quickly. And you know, I just, it was, it went a waste of time.

[00:14:05] Like it would have been very different five years earlier than that. If I had just went out and been, I guess your raw self, maybe your raw self resonates more than your 

[00:14:13] William Winterton: SLT itself. I like that. Yeah. 

[00:14:15] Kris Ward: Okay, so people show up and they want to be a coach. And then that’s the first mistake they make. Let’s start going down to the second 

[00:14:21] William Winterton: mistake.

[00:14:22] Let’s give you some meat here because everybody’s talking like, like you’re saying, so how do you actually attract clients? And that’s what I focus on. And, and it’s, it’s, it’s authenticity. It’s also not just trying to mimic what everybody else is doing, not just in your style and character, but just really, everybody’s talking about building a great funnel or having an amazing Facebook page or building a Facebook group or starting a podcast like.

[00:14:42] Do what you feel you need to do, but ultimately publish something, get your message out there. Like you do, you have your so, uh, and, and just. Share your, I don’t want to say it sounds very cliche, but share your truth, share with what it is that you’re actually doing. So if you have something that you can seriously help somebody with, if there’s something that you don’t have to wake up, but the morning of freak out, like, Oh crap, how am I going to figure this out?

There’s something you’re naturally good at. And in tune with it may be helping people too, uh, carve out more time in their life. You’re able to help people do it. Maybe I’m getting people to get clarity on focus. You see what their actual goal is. Maybe there’s process problems. They have, maybe they have problems.

[00:15:19] You know, in whatever kind of business or really anything ,relationship, wealth, it’s getting really clear on that and then understand, look, that is a problem for somebody and somebody somewhere is willing to pay you to get out of that problem. That makes sense. 

[00:15:35] Kris Ward: Yeah. So what you’re saying is don’t run around and look and say, Oh, this is hot right now.

[00:15:39] Everybody needs to know how to do funnels and I know how to do a funnel. So that’s, I think what you’re saying is that thing that you always took for granted, that everyone tells you you’re good at, and you, we all make it harder than it needs to be. Oh, well, yeah, that’s right. Because what happens is I think when you’re really good at something, you just think it’s easy and you don’t understand that.

[00:15:55] Right? So you think, Oh, that’s easy. Everyone knows how to do it. So I’ll go teach him something that maybe it was hard for me to learn because it was so hard for me to learn. I will teach others. So what you’re saying is just lean into whatever, you know, you enjoy and are passionate about, and then start breaking that down so you can teach others.

[00:16:12] William Winterton: Teach it in a framework. That’s simple. Teach it in some way that just step-by-step goes through. I’ll give you a, for example, my daughter, she’s 15, she’s amazing artist. She can sit and she literally can draw these animate, these incredibly detailed things. I’m the much of the stick figure guy. I look at this and I’m like, I can create like the little, I, you know, it looks like a house and a dog.

[00:16:31] I think she did these elaborate pictures. And for her she’s like, this is very easy. So she doesn’t in her own mind, see value in that. And I keep telling her, this is really, this is not a skill set. Everybody has. It’s like, you know, going in and having somebody who can professionally talk and get in front of an audience and just share it’s somebody who can be empathetic and who can actually relate.

[00:16:49] And emotionally relate to somebody in a way that’s deeper than what most people get is people who can look at business systems. And maybe it’s so easy. Like, man here, you’ve got these bottlenecks and you just really need to like, take this out. This person is holding you up. This is totally off. I get rid of this.

[00:17:03] Probably like they can do see that stuff, but in their mind, because it’s. Easy for them. They don’t understand the value. And you’ve got to realize there is a huge value to somebody who doesn’t have the view that you had. Doesn’t have that, that helicopter view that you’ve got. And that’s all coaching is, is literally broken down in its simplest form.

[00:17:22] Coaching is taking somebody from point a to point B and you’re that vehicle to get them to that, to that place. That’s literally all it is. It’s it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

[00:17:33] Kris Ward: No, I’m back to being raw. And you talked about your daughter saying, okay, she doesn’t even understand that this is talent for her.

[00:17:39] I, I was always comfortable speaking and, you know, although, you know, people around me tell me, I talk too quickly. I felt they weren’t listening, listening fast enough, but yeah. And, you know, so then I was two courses. I took trying to learn how to speak slower so I can do it when it’s necessary, when I’m on a podcast or when I’m high energy or whatever, doing videos, I just go the way I want to go.

[00:18:01] Right. Because also you’re pressured for time. You’ve only got a minute. You’ve only got a certain amount of time. So I will talk quickly, which is my natural rhythm. And I fought that for years. In fact, even my husband said, you took two courses. Now you should get your money back on. Both of them is what he said.

[00:18:14] So that’s why now people tell me all the time. They’re like, Oh, I love your energy. And I love how you’re whole high energy and all this other stuff. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I suppress that for years, trying to look road up and professional. So, you know, really leaning into what, you know, what you’re good at being you, because also it is more fun when I’m more energetic versus when I had my shoulders back and trying to sound proper.

[00:18:35] So be raw. I understand the stuff that comes easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy now let’s talk about attracting clients. Okay. So you’re a much more developed person than I ever was. And you’ve got that stuff that you’re talking about right off the bat. Not a problem yet, Chris. Sorry about you, but I’ve got that figured out.

[00:18:52] So how do we attract those clients? 

[00:18:55] William Winterton: And this is the, this is the million dollar question. Isn’t it? No matter what industry you’re in, like where are my claims? The easy answer is your clients are everywhere. There’s like two point whatever billion people on Facebook. And there’s a billion people on LinkedIn and they’re everywhere.

[00:19:08] The problem is not where, you know, I need clients, clients need to come to me. It’s honing and flipping the script. It’s going to where your clients are already hanging out and just putting your hook in the barrel and pulling them out like if you are. Let’s just pick a niche. Let’s say you are in the health and wellness industry.

[00:19:25] Okay. You are working, you’ve got like this amazing keto diet that will help you, you know, reduce your body fat, blah, blah, blah. Right. And you’re this person. So where would you naturally go? You would naturally go to people who are already looking at keto diet and that kinda stuff like that for one thing.

[00:19:40] But then you also think who, who really needs us and who’s. You know, what problem am I solving? We’re not just talking. I mean, the problem of, I want to look good in a swimsuit. That’s, that’s one of the things, but what about, and you start going into these groups with very busy professional people who are seriously, like just overstress or they’re staying at home now.

[00:19:56] They can’t go into their own zoom all the time. They’re freaking out. So what message can you send to them that’s relevant knowing that there’s a huge number, the graphic of people who are not eating well right now in this pandemic were not taking care of themselves and are totally stressed about other things.

[00:20:10] Who feel it, who there’s, there’s a feeling of like, and I’m not taking care of myself, what message can you tailor to them that speaks to them that can say, Oh my gosh, this is actually something very interesting. I’ll go to that. Right. And so often we think like, well, I’m a business coach. I’m just gonna go to business owners.

[00:20:24] I’m working with professional women. So I’m just, well, just finding groups for professional women or groups for real estate investors. That’s one spot. But. That’s where everybody’s going. If you think about it, everybody’s got problems. If you can tailor your message clearly, and you gotta be super clear on your message for that to work.

[00:20:42] Does that make sense? 

[00:20:43] Kris Ward: Yeah, it does because I know so many people and it’s so easy to get sucked into this way of thinking you think, Oh, if I niche down, I’m losing so many people, but what happens is you become the only answer for that niche. And it reminds me of this. Fitness person. I apologize. I forgot her name, but she was, it was fitness for women and you know, it was like, whatever, just women.

[00:21:05] So I don’t know, 30 forties, fifties. And she was online instructor right in the middle of her video. She actually peed her pants because she had a car pelvic floor from giving birth since stopping the video. She explained what happened and then she started. Yeah. Niching down to her audience, to people who had given women, people I’m being generic here.

[00:21:26] There’s only women giving birth. This is not a gender neutral thing. So she needs I’m way too politically correct. Now. 

[00:21:32] William Winterton: So 

[00:21:33] Kris Ward: any, any man or woman that gave birth who had to crush pelvic floor would be her ID. Like she really needs down and she really soared her business. And you would think that’s crazy.

[00:21:44] She’s eliminating so many things, but no, she became the only answer to this problem. So I think we can, I can’t hear that enough where it’s like, yeah, you’re not losing losing business. You become the only answer for that problem. 

[00:21:56] William Winterton: Absolutely. And any of the men who give birth who are offended by it? I think you’re probably okay.

[00:22:00] But I would say that it’s, it is it’s super it’s. It is so hard because we are freaked out and I, I have conversations all the time. Like I don’t want to exclude anybody and it’s really a weird thing. It’s interesting that you said that about this whole politically correct thing. Um, it’s, you know, absolutely when encompass and serve everybody, but there is no political correctness when you’re talking about your niche and your business.

[00:22:22] If you are serving. You know, men who are at this age, who gone through a divorce who were trying to solve, there’s nothing wrong with being so focused on that because you’re going to be able to tailor a program specifically to that. I don’t want to be excited if anybody, I don’t want to say, well, you’re not worthy of it, but I just happen to really work well.

[00:22:41] And what I’m offering works incredibly well for. Women who just gave birth or women who are going through this problem. Right. And they experience different things. Or I’m not a small business owner. It doesn’t mean that just because you’re an employee. I don’t like you. I just, I work really well with this group.

[00:22:55] Right? Yeah. It’s getting specific on that. And also standing yourself, finding what’s finding what’s working with popular right there, but seeing what you offer different. And that’s, I guess that’s a last big thing I’d really pushed in here is that’ve got something specific about what you do. There’s no matter how many.

[00:23:10] Fisher in the ocean. There’s something about the way you solve the problem. There’s something about your personal experience. And again, like we talked about the way you attract people, so you don’t have to worry about how there’s not anybody out there. There’s, there’s literally thousands of, I promise you thousands of people who need your help as a coach or as a business owner or on some level.

[00:23:28] So. Yeah, 

[00:23:29] Kris Ward: and it makes it more fun. I know for me, when I work with my clients in 90 day cycles with when they are, when the day building your wind team, what I call your, what is next team? I know now, like every single client I love, whereas years ago I would have like my two or three favorites and then I’d have five that are, you know, nice.

[00:23:45] And then a few that, you know what I mean? There’s a ranking, but now, because I’m more me out. They’re like, then I’m attracting people who get my sense of humor who often talk fast. Like I do. And all my it’s like, Oh my gosh. You’re like my business cousin. Right. And now my whole, you know, my whole, my clients are like my favorites and it’s just because I was, you know, not putting a facade or trying to be a professional.

[00:24:07] Chris has just being me online. So it really does impact keeping those clients enjoying your work, just making everything easier. You’re you’re so right there. 

[00:24:16] William Winterton: I think if you can come up with a bit business, whatever you’re doing, coaching or whatever. Uh, my first real business coach in life gave me this great story of if you’re laying in bed and the phone rings, and all of a sudden you pick up the phone and you answer it.

[00:24:30] And on the other end is somebody who. Instantly you resonate with, they have a problem that, you know, you can help them with and they’re eager to work for you and you would actually get up and go, Oh my gosh, I would spend an entire day working with this person. You figure out who that is. You, you dial in on that.

[00:24:44] And if you can, if you can get that, then your messaging, your marketing, your, your publishing, everything you’re doing, and you address that one person, then that’s who you dry. And like you said, fast talkers. I mean, hello, I’m here. Yeah, we’ll do work. But you draw in the people that you’re attracted to. And you’re a couple of, you’re not, it’s, it’s very, the universe kind of just works in that way.

[00:25:06] Like we just gravitate that way. So 

[00:25:08] Kris Ward: sting, because then it would be people where a lot of people really love my directness. Like let’s get to the point and we get stuff done, no nonsense. And they really, really like that. Like, cause then it’s more time efficient and then there’s other people that I would highly advise.

[00:25:20] Then, so then I was always, what would happen is, you know, years ago back, you know, they have a, a meeting with someone and they’d be like, Chris, just get to the point. That’s what I love about you. But I had had too many meetings that day with people where I had to sugarcoat things and handhold them. And they’re saying, why you talking to me like that?

[00:25:36] Now we get to the point like, Oh, sorry, had two meetings before you were, I had to watch what I said. So I was, you know, diluting what was working. Right. So, you know, this sounds, I don’t know, like. I feel for myself that I shouldn’t have figured this out a lot earlier in life, but I think it’s, again, you get caught up in being this professional.

[00:25:55] What does that mean? Like you’re not standing behind a counter at like a grocery store, so you don’t have to be accommodating every single person. You have to find your people and then you’re just totally blossom. So, so talk this morning. These are really great points. What else do we need to be thinking about when we’re 

[00:26:10] William Winterton: coaching?

[00:26:11] When we’re coaching when we’re finding clients, I mean, there’s like 

[00:26:13] Kris Ward: many clients finding clients. Yes. 

[00:26:16] William Winterton: Great. So, so honestly, the number one, number one thing you must do, I mean, you’ve got of course set up, like all the stuff we’ve talked about, but you have to be really ridiculously clear on your offer.

[00:26:26] And when I say that that is a phrase that is thrown out there all the time. Now get clear in your opera. What does that actually mean? It literally, like I said before, it’s getting somebody from where they’re stuck point a to point B, it’s that in between? What, what exactly are you doing? And the, the, the form by now, it’s, everybody’s aware of it in the coaching world is kind of a pretty obvious thing.

[00:26:44] It’s simply I help these people. The specific people that you want to pick up the phone and answer, right. And I’m going to help them solve this problem, the problem that I can totally totally solve and help with to get this resolved. It’s, it’s not any harder than that, but, but what the challenge is, is not just coming up with, okay, I got middle catchphrase and that’s good.

[00:27:00] I can put that on my Facebook bile and people are going to be all excited that the challenge really is saying it in a way and speaking. Not because nobody’s going to hire you because they found a one sentence thing about you. Oh, cool. Chris works with these people to solve this problem, but that’s not it.

[00:27:14] Yeah. But you got it. You’ve got to use that as everything. That’s everything you’re doing. And like I said, before, everything, you publish everything, your message and, and the way you get them there, the, you have to have a very specific framework worked out in how you’re actually going to get from a to B and actually get those results.

[00:27:28] If you can get people results like that, then it’s a matter of. Going on and sharing your framework. I went to the very key thing to 

[00:27:36] Kris Ward: don’t. Hold up for a second on, let me just pause you here because I, I want to tell you, I don’t want to minimize what you just said, because I cannot tell you how many times as now that I have this podcast and people pitch me to be on the show and it’s like, Three paragraphs.

[00:27:49] And at the end of it, I still don’t know what they do. Right. It’s all like, uh, I help you. We’ll find their inner demons to release certain voice so they can squash their inauthentic self and find freedom. And it’s like, Oh my gosh, I don’t even know what that is. Right. What do you do? What do you do? And I can’t even respond because if I say to them, I, what do you do?

[00:28:08] I know I will offend them. I just don’t so, so terrifying that you say, okay, well, That one sentence. That’s not going to change the game, but I think it would change the game for a lot of people. So, okay. So now we have that sentence and now we need to go what’s our, what’s our layout. What’s our formula.

[00:28:25] William Winterton: Yeah, absolutely. So you, you figure it out and again, I’m not trying to belittle that sentence at all. I’m just saying that’s not going 

[00:28:29] Kris Ward: to be clear. 

[00:28:31] William Winterton: Oh, totally. Totally. Yeah. And for me, I mean, I work with coaches who want to get their business to where they have three to five clients a month and be able to do this full time.

[00:28:39] Like I’m going to go from taking my coaching hobby to a coaching full time job. That’s it? And people are like, Oh, okay. I get that. You know, and that’s happened since dependent, like before then I had other stuff, but we’ve shifted, right? Like you keep shifting, moving, but that is where I it’s what I do. So now that you, you are clear.

[00:28:53] Okay. So here’s what I do. Here’s who I serve. Here’s how I help them. Then it’s literally going in and sharing your framework. You don’t go share all the details. Nobody, nobody wants to buy coaching from you. I would just say that nobody wants to pay you to be their coach. Like they don’t want, like, nobody wants to buy a diet.

[00:29:13] They want to lose the weight. Nobody wants a budget. They want to have more money. You know what I’m saying? So, so then you’re like, I sell coaching. You’re like, 

[00:29:21] Kris Ward: don’t sell the spark plugs, sell the car. 

[00:29:24] William Winterton: Oh yeah, exactly. And it’s amazing. I use everything. You said I’m a mindset. I’ll I’ll shift your limiting false beliefs.

[00:29:30] You’re like people don’t talk, coaches talk like that. Coaches love that kind of stuff. We get all like beliefs, limiting beliefs, like, no, but the real world doesn’t want to do that. So you solve then once you have that, you tell them exactly, you know, you gotta relate here. I know you’re at, here’s your problem.

[00:29:44] I was there. Or somebody was there. A client of mine was there. They were stuck. They had this issue, right. They were up at night there at two in the morning. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, pay for this. Or how many gets fixed this? And they had this problem. Right. And then what I do and here’s, and here’s the steps.

[00:29:56] There’s some steps of how to fix them. You give them an actual framework and answer and you post literally a small win for somebody you give them. Wins and you, and you show them that, you know what you’re talking about, the worst mistake you can really make is going on talking all the time about, I help people do this all day and come message me.

[00:30:12] And I’ll, I’ll tell you how it’s so ambiguous that somebody can go onto Google and type in how do I do whatever and they can find it yeah, just as quickly. But if you are specific and you can just tell them, look, if you’re having a problem with this, try this here’s step one, step two, step three, step four.

[00:30:27] Here’s all the steps. And you shouldn’t be able to get this result. Does that make sense? Great. I can help you further reach out to me. And that just blows people away. Right? This free stuff. You’re giving me your free stuff and it’s gold. How, how awesome is your paid stuff? Right. And if they realize that your, your, your freebies like your, ah, this is just, this is just, if you want to, you know, solve this problem, that problem that’s free.

[00:30:49] And then their minds are blown and then they start messaging you. Like, how can I work with you? I mean, it’s not even, it’s like, it’s not even a question. It’s like, what do I need to do? 

[00:30:57] Kris Ward: Yeah, it was like, I did a podcast last week. I was talking obviously about creating your wind team or what is next team and blah, blah, blah.

[00:31:02] And I believe that your business should support your life, not consume it. So then he reached out to me afterwards and he was talking about something cause he was just like, he had a team, but he’s way over paying them and he’s managing them and it’s like more work than it’s worth and all this stuff. So I said, look, I have a podcast too.

[00:31:16] Am I the person that edits my whole show and does all these things. Things. And we were known for when your honor showed to give a lot of marketing value. We give you all these graphics, do all these cool things. And I’ve been told the production value of my show is really high. And I’m like, well, my video editor who I’ve had for years does the whole show for 12 bucks so that he said, well, my gosh, can I borrow her?

[00:31:33] Or do you know someone else like her? I said, she’s not the point. It’s the process of being able to create that wind team for you. I like your she’s not, you will break her if you have her in two weeks, cause you don’t have it in your toolkit set up. You don’t have the communication there to get what you want.

[00:31:48] All this other stuff. Oh, I get it. I can take you from a to B. Giving you that video editor is not going to solve your problems. So he’s like, Oh, he didn’t. He said that changed everything for me. It’s like, Oh, I thought I had to find that magic person that other people have. No, you don’t have, you don’t have the infrastructure to bind onboard train and keep these people.

[00:32:08] Right. Even if I hand fed them to you, they’re going to be, they’re going to unravel. So, you know, that’s again taking them from a to B, so really good point. All right. So we have a couple minutes left. What would be your last. The thing that people need to know as we wrap up on RA, what you’re really good at, what you do, people tell you all the time, you want to leverage your time, you’re going to be coaching.

[00:32:27] And how do you find these people that, you know, want your coaching? 

[00:32:32] William Winterton: I think, I think the next thing I would say is to, once you find this pattern, if you have all this stuff in place and you really do have a service that you can provide an answer and you’ve got to, you’ve got to really have some proof and actually be able to do this.

[00:32:44] This is not something that I read the book one time, you know? So you think you can coach and you see, you think you can invest in real estate like, Oh, I can be a real estate coach. Yeah. And I’ll make a bunch of money. You have to be able to provide, you have to be able to have social proof. Nobody believes anybody on the internet right now and write this.

[00:32:59] Right. So you’ve got to be able to prove that you’ve got that in place. You’ve got the system in place and you you’re able to clearly identify what problem you solve. Then it comes down to consistency. Like, you’ve just got to make a lot of noise. You’ve got to either have your team make a lot of noise.

[00:33:13] You’ve got to make a lot of noise. You’ve either got to have people who are, uh, marketing and promoting for you, campaigning for you. It’s a very noisy world, and there’s a couple of ways of doing it. You can do paid ads, which I do not recommend paid ads. If you’re just getting started in the coaching world, that’s a great way to lose money and learn while you lose the other way to do it is to just go and start building relationships.

[00:33:32] And. You start, the only thing you should be doing right now, if you’re starting as a coach is like, get all that stuff set up and then you should be going out and just trying to find clients, just serving and giving and publishing. And literally don’t worry about having that amazing funnel or having that, you know, automated email sequence or for God’s sake, don’t get a business card, you know, like, I mean, this is crazy.

[00:33:54] Like I spent all this time and got a logo and like, Great, but you don’t have, like, why are you like, that’s 

[00:33:58] Kris Ward: not 

[00:33:59] William Winterton: Holy cow. Yeah. Go start serving, go start getting results. You know, getting your clients. Cause once you get people results, those testimonials will feed you for the rest of your life. 

[00:34:08] Kris Ward: Yeah.

[00:34:08] Don’t buy pain for a host. I don’t have yet. 

[00:34:11] William Winterton: Oh my gosh. 

[00:34:12] Kris Ward: Yeah. Yeah, I know that’s old school that we all made that mistake at one point, but it’s it serves you nothing. Okay. William, we appreciate your energy. We appreciate your fast talking. I wish this was more than just audio because we could get some magic tricks in, but thank you again for fitting us into your tight schedule.

[00:34:28] And it’s just been awesome and a treat as always. And where can people find you? Where should they check you? 

[00:34:33] William Winterton: So, absolutely. They can go to a, I mean, there’s never a place to go. I have a Facebook page. I’m actually part of the group it’s just called the empowering life coaches group. I’m actually a moderator for that.

[00:34:41] And if you’re interested in coaching, if you’re interested in getting into this, I started a brand new program called coach swap. It literally allows coaches to do practice sessions and just get used to your coaching skills. And it’s something I just literally launched about seriously at the time it was recording about a week ago and we’re just getting membership and people coming in and helping and training.

[00:34:58] I just, anything you can do to help serve, uh, coaches just reach out to me. 

[00:35:04] Kris Ward: That’s a great idea, because then it gives him, you know, some testimonials and some practice and all that other stuff, 

[00:35:09] William Winterton: the testimonials feedback instantly you start collaborating, you start meeting people, uh, and it’s been, it’s been pretty wild, so, yeah.

[00:35:15] Awesome. 

[00:35:16] Kris Ward: Well, you always bring the big value wherever you go. Thank you, William. Again, so much. It’s been a blast, 

[00:35:21] William Winterton: Chris, when I grow up, I want to be just like you. You are amazing. 

[00:35:25] Kris Ward: Thank you. Bye.