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How To Use Video Testimonials To Get More Sales! with Greg Cross

Episode Summary

Greg Cross is the cofounder of Glimpse Video. Greg does a fantastic job showing you how to use testimonials to truly leverage your business!

-the secrets to the most effective testimonials
-how to make subtle changes to add big emotion
-techniques to craft a simple but powerful testimonial
-a win formula so your clients want to give you testimonials
And much more!!!

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Greg Cross Podcast Transcription

[00:00:03]Kris Ward: Can I record this timer

[00:00:07] Gallery view

[00:00:15] Perfect clap. Okay. All right. So our big thing is conversational self with real takeaways. People praise me constantly. Like we’ve got almost a thousand reviews and they’re always talking about how they listen to the show. They can go do something. So that’s what they want. They want tangible things, not theory.

[00:00:32] They’re entrepreneurs that have been in business at least five years. Small teams, that kind of stuff service-based. Yeah. And when you say something brilliant, I will want to jump in and unpacked it. So I try not to interrupt you, but let’s be real. It’s going to happen. But what I do try as I try to put my finger up so you can see I’m trying to jump in because I wanna expand something that you just said that was wisely intelligent.

[00:00:56] How’s that, that sounds good? Okay. Are you going to have fun? Your energy seems lower than last time. Is it the snow that got you down? 

[00:01:07]Greg Cross: No, I’m just listening. I can talk. And so I’m trying to, just to be a good listener. 

[00:01:16]Kris Ward:  Yeah. Okay. So Glimpse Video Foundation is a video marketing platform. Our tagline: grow your connection.

[00:01:23] Build trust faster. We offer four tools, video marketing platform, email. Yeah. Okay. So it’s all going to be about video marketing, and then we’re going to tie it into your company, but fundamentally the message is about video marketing. 

[00:01:46]Greg Cross: Right. And I think when we last talked, we were going to kind of go down the path of video testimonials.

[00:01:46]Kris Ward: Oh yeah. Yeah. I like that one. Okay. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I see my notes now. That’s what I prepped for. So yeah, no, no, no. I was reading your talking points. No, I love the idea of video testimonies. 

[00:01:57]Greg Cross: We’re all on the umbrella of video marketing and then the micro is guidelines, creating videos  you know..

[00:02:02]Kris Ward: Yeah, love it. We haven’t tapped into that at all. Okay.

[00:02:06] And it’s so important. Okay. Hold on. Okay. So what do you call yourself? Are you the founder of glimpse? 

[00:02:14]Greg Cross: Co-founder. My son, Ben, is my business partner and co-founder.

[00:02:20]Kris Ward: I don’t know if I’d give him credit. He’s your son, but anyhow.

[00:02:23]Greg Cross: I couldn’t have done it without him. He’s the creative genius in the sense of the branding and everything and the website.

[00:02:31]Kris Ward: All right. So co-founder of glimpse, which is a video. What’s the official thing? What do I say? Co-founder. 

[00:02:38]Greg Cross: I’m the CEO and co-founder of

[00:02:44]Kris Ward: which is a..

[00:02:54]Greg Cross:  video marketing platform, software offers a service. SAS company. 

[00:03:05]Kris Ward: Okay. All right. And Greg cross. Okay. I can’t miss it. I checked names. Now, interview somebody. You could, you could interview them for like a half hour and you’ve known them for a year on Facebook and you think their name’s Anna. And at the end they say, yeah, you can check me out on Facebook. And I’ve been pronouncing it wrong the whole time.

[00:03:21]Greg Cross: Now in a networking group, I met Kris and her name is Saundra. Oh, you say Sandra, she corrects you Sandra. Okay.

[00:03:32]Kris Ward:  But when you’ve been reading it for a year on Facebook and you think you have the right name in your head, and then you on the show at the end of the show, find out you pronounced it wrong.

[00:03:41] Cause you’ve never said it out loud before. You’re like, oh, okay. All right, Okay. So we’re about 20 ish. Come minutes. See how it goes. Okay. Right.

[00:04:00] Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day. I am your host, Kriis Ward, and I am excited to dive into this conversation today with Greg Cross. He is the co-founder and CEO of and it’s a video marketing platform. All right, Greg, let’s just jump right in. Tell me what does that mean? A video marketing platform?

[00:04:27]Greg Cross: Well, you know, the video’s hot, Kris. I mean, people want to do video. A lot of people struggle. They’re on the struggle bus, you know, they’re trying to figure out how I do video. I’m just going to stop you right now. You’ve got phones chirping in the background. I just heard something come through.

[00:04:43] I thought I turned it off. Sorry. No, I get it. Cause I did, it’s off. What, what? I think it’s from my computer. So let me see if it’s just..

[00:04:58]Kris Ward: Cause we’re at the beginning, I would have suffered a fine.

[00:05:01]Greg Cross: But how do I turn my computer off so I can hear you?

[00:05:05]Kris Ward:  Well, what do you have? What do you have? That’s alerting you.

[00:05:07]Greg Cross:  They’re alerts on my computer. So let me, if I do this, can I still. How do I do that? All right. Well, we just have to suffer through then if he can’t fix it. Cause, my phone is off. I know that all my volumes are off, in fact, I can even turn my phone off, which wouldn’t be bad. Let me turn my phone off, off.

[00:05:34] It’s coming through my computer. Okay, well, we don’t want to burn up too much time doing that. It’s just something you want to keep in mind for future references. So, all right. And we’ll dive in too. When I asked you what is a video marketing platform, let them know. I don’t know where you’re going with that, but just in case that is what it is physically, so that, cause there’s YouTube is a video marketing platform as well.

[00:05:57] So just want to make sure they understand that they can purchase it. All right. So let’s try this again. Hold on.


[00:06:04]Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Win The Hour, Win The Day. I am your host, Kris Ward, and I am super excited today to talk to Greg Cross. Greg Cross is in the house and he is the CEO and co-founder of glimpse video, glimpse video.

[00:06:18] And that is a video marketing platform. Now I can jump in and tell you what I think it is, but Greg, welcome to the show. And why don’t you, why don’t you tell us what is a video marketing platform? 

[00:06:30]Greg Cross: Perfect. Thanks Kris, for having me on. A video marketing platform, glimpse video is a do it yourself platform where a software as a service is subscription-based where people come on and we offer them tools that they can use every day in their business.

[00:06:46] So we offer video email, capture video testimonials. From their happy customers, create what we call story videos, which is really kind of propelled and motivated from Donald Miller’s philosophy of building a StoryBrand. And then just your general branded videos, thought videos. 

[00:07:06]Kris Ward: Okay. So this is a software that makes it really super easy.

[00:07:09] Cause we all have videos on our phone. We can do that. We don’t need you, but this is much more interactive, user-friendly and also I understand too, when it’s coming up in the email, you see the video instead of click here on this dry link and all that other stuff, right?

[00:07:27]Greg Cross: Right. So for instance, like our video testimonial tool, we provide the functionality for a customer to send their customer, their recipient, a link that would then using in our 

[00:07:42] video software can capture, there’ll be an onsite or an onscreen countdown timer that would get 50 seconds. And then the recipient can play that back and go, yeah, I’m happy with that. And then when it shoots back, then our customer has the ability to go in and add music, have their branding for the front end of that video, the back end of that video, a call to action thumbnail, boom. And then produce it as an MP4 video that they can..

[00:08:13]Kris Ward:  Okay that is impressive. Then you just make it user-friendly for the end user when you’re asking for a favor already with a testimonial. Right. And then you’re just not monkeying around. You’re just spoonfeeding. Okay. That’s fantastic. All right. Awesome. Okay. So let’s talk about testimonials.

[00:08:31] You’re all about video marketing. Where do we start with a video testimonial? Do we give.. What we’re asking for a favor? How much guidance do we give that consumer? You’re saying, Hey, you’re really happy with my service. So would you mind giving.. are you open to giving me a video testimonial? How do you approach it?

[00:08:50]Greg Cross: Yeah. So here’s how I approach it. Everybody has happy customers.  There’s, you know, in most small businesses, you know, I always, it’s not something I generate, but you know, there’s that honeymoon stage people love what you do, love with what you offer them: product or service. And so that’s the perfect time to capture that and just say, “Hey

[00:09:11] Customer, would you be in a position and willing to give me a video testimonial? Most times Kris, if people just ask. They will say yes. And so then once you get that permission, then you can send them a video testimonial. Now, the thing that glimpse video does that’s different, like you said, at the beginning of the podcast, you know, we have phones, we have this, we have that.

[00:09:36] So what we do is we really kind of systematize that for the customer journey, so that then they get the ability in their inbox and has a button that says I’m ready to record a video testimonial. They started doing that, or we also can say, Hey, remind me in two days, then they get dripped on two days later.

[00:09:56] And then they do that for 14 days. But customers are willing to do that. We don’t want your customer. And this is also just as important as time and attention. We don’t want them to drone on about your product and service, even though it’s great. We don’t want them to go on for five minutes. So we only give them 50 seconds.

[00:10:15] They only get, and actually being more pithy is going to be to your advantage because people’s attention spans are small. 

[00:10:23]Kris Ward: Yeah, you’re right. Now, I have to tell you, you know, I’ve been in business for quite some time now, but what a rookie mistake I would make those first few years, first of all, I would get really busy and forget about testimonials.

[00:10:35] Okay. Painful lesson, learned that then it would move to I don’t even understand where my brain was, but then I would move to, I thought you had to be at the end of the journey to get the testimonial like, oh, okay, we’re done now. You’ve accomplished all these things. Like maybe my mind got sucked into like before and after as a weight loss, like, oh, here you are before.

[00:10:54] And now you’ve lost the weight. You give us a testimonial because you’ve made an accomplishment. So you’re right. I now get frequent testimonials when I’m dealing with my coaching clients Win The Hour, Win The Day private coaching. So I get that frequently. And you’re right. I also learned, oh, the more likely somebody would say something really awesome to me.

[00:11:15] Like, you know, I’ve had people say, Kris, oh my heavens, you changed my business. You changed my life. And I said, oh, that is fantastic. Would you say that on video? Would you do that? Oh, for sure, Kris. For you, anything. And then they go on and start. I’m not kidding you from where they were, like their life story.

[00:11:31] And you’re like, oh my heavens land the plane land it. Like, all I wanted you to say was that exact thing. So, what I’ve learned is you really need to sort of coral that in with time and some sort of direction, because it can go awry really quickly. 

[00:11:48]Greg Cross: Yeah. And so you just gave the perfect scenario. And so I would, the encouragement that I would give, you know, a business owner is to understand and be listening for those clues, those high points.

[00:12:02] So like in that scenario that you just painted, you know, if you heard somebody say that. You know, figure out a window there to say, Hey, you know, Bob, Susie, you mentioned the other day that you love what I did for you. If I sent you an email. Requesting a video testimonial. Could I get your permission to do that?

[00:12:22] I’m telling you most people will do that for you. You know, if I take the example of like a roofing company, you know, people, there’s a lot of things in that customer service journey. You know, but it may be in the middle of that process. Like, oh, I just love what you guys are doing. And, you know, at the end of the day they picked up nails.

[00:12:42] Maybe that’s the time to come in on that journey and ask for that video testimonial, or maybe it could be at the end of that roofing project, they love the beauty of above blah blah. So video testimonials. Oh, yeah. Perfect. Because then you can cite, we all know the power of reviews. We all know about my business.

[00:13:00] We all know when we get in our inbox, a written testimonial, those are beautiful expressions of what your company did. Right. But I’m telling you video testimonials, if you can capture that. Or like winning the lottery. It’s like steroids, because now it’s all about story. It’s about a narrative. And if somebody can tell their own personal story about your business, it’s hard to downplay that emotion.

[00:13:31]Kris Ward:  Yeah, it really is because I know, like for us with Win The Hour, Win The Day, you know, when we do our big thing is how to stop entrepreneurs from working so hard. So we do that a couple of ways, helping you create your W.I.N Team, your What Is Next Team, and also leaning into what we call: Super toolkits.

[00:13:45] They’re kind of like SOPs, but Standard Operating Procedures are built to cover liability and never by the end user they created, you know, that type of thing. So we, you know, I just had a video testimony last week by someone and she was explaining like, oh my heavens, when I first started working with Kris, So I was working like seven days a week for months.

[00:14:06] Like maybe she, I don’t even remember my last day off, six months. It’s insane. And she said within the first month of working with, you know, Kris, I got 25 hours back a week, which people tell me all the time. But she said something like, you don’t know, that looks like it looks like I’m not impatient with my children.

[00:14:21] It looks like. Now I’m starting to take Fridays off as well, but more importantly, I’m getting so much more work done, but she started giving details of her life and the age of the children. And she didn’t go on too long. She did a spectacular job, but it made this story far more relatable to the person watching it just so you can get more done in less time.

[00:14:40] You know, it started to be like, oh yeah, I’ve got kids I’m snapping at like that kind of thing. Right.

[00:14:45]Greg Cross: And just the emphasis that someone brings to the table in the embodiment of a video testimonial. Because if I say, you know, Hey, you know, Win The Hour, Win The Day with Kris ward was one of the best experiences I ever had, she was very generous.

[00:15:02] I mean, here the intonation, my inflection, my excitement, my enthusiasm. That doesn’t necessarily always get, you know, compelled in a written testimony. Written testimonies are great. I’ll take them all day long, but if I can get somebody, a customer to convert that to a video testimony, I’m willing to go into a camera and do that. Let’s go.

[00:15:27]Kris Ward:  I think the ‘written’ is also a little bit less trusted nowadays, but I know. 

[00:15:32]Greg Cross: Yeah, that credibility is huge, you know, and that’s a good point. 

[00:15:37]Kris Ward: Yeah, I know for me, we’ve talked with each other a couple of times in the show. Like I’m all about the personal message, anything that I could do, where I could send a video instead of writing it out.

[00:15:46] First starters people, it’s quicker. I don’t have to write it out and try to be charming in an email and chat. And then I can just talk and people really do hear a lot to the tone of your voice, right? I mean, how one sentence can be interpreted seven different ways when you read it. But when they hear you say, oh my gosh, I really truly had a good time versus the written.

[00:16:06] I had a good time, you know, that’s night and day, but I know even for you, I send everything in video all the time video pitches to be at when I’m a guest, another show. When I want to thank somebody, anything. Right. And so people go on and on about this. Like I, you know, made some big productions and they’re so appreciative of it.

[00:16:24] And you were one of the few videos I’ve ever gotten. So I was like, oh my gosh, I got a video. This is so exciting. And you instantly connect with that person. It’s like, oh, okay. Especially people. And I say this all the time. If I can go on a rant for a minute, my pet peeve is when people reach out to be on my podcast.

[00:16:41] And sometimes either they’re presenting themselves as bigger than they are or whatever they’re doing. I don’t care how big you are. And then you have your assistant send me a dry email of all your credentials that you’re fabulous. None of which tell me why you’d be a good fit for the show. Cause you may be spectacular, but it could be a great dress, but the wrong size, you may be really brilliant at what you do, but not a good fit.

[00:17:01] For, you know, my audience. And so what happens is you don’t get any idea of their personality at all in this blurb about how great they are. But you know, when I saw the video of you, it’s like, oh, okay, he’s carrying on a conversation. He’s engaging. Okay, great. Let’s yeah. Yeah. Let’s talk. Let’s connect. So change is a game changer.

[00:17:19]Greg Cross: Yeah. I remember when I wanted you to remember when I reached out to you, I said, Hey, pick me, pick me, but, you know, so it was natural for me to send you a video email because then it was kind of… I was taking it up to another notch, like pick me, pick me and then you’re right. I got to humanize. You got to meet Greg Cross in the flash, you know, so to speak virtually email, video testimonials are that and even more, I mean, yeah.

[00:17:50] If you can get customers to capture that, it’s easy. We’re working on some technology, Kris that I think is really cool. I think sometime this summer we’re going to launch. A feature on our platform called ‘Fusion’ and the thing I love about this. So imagine sending a video email and going, you know, “Hi Greg, you know, this is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

[00:18:12] And then, Hey, I want you to see, you know, what other customers are saying about us as soon as I finished my video email and then, and then have that video testimonial just play. But right inside the body of that video email, that’s going to be huge. That’s techno. Nobody else has. And so we’re trying to figure it out because we believe video is powerful.

[00:18:34]Kris Ward:  Well, I believe you are correct. All right. So we’re talking about video marketing in general and we’re focusing on testimonials. Tell us what else do you think we’re missing the boat on? Because you’re preaching to the choir. I’m all about this, you know, what do you think people are just not appreciating about it?

[00:18:52]Greg Cross: About video in general, video marketing? 

[00:18:55]Kris Ward:Video, whichever way you want to go video or video testimonials, whichever way you want to go.

[00:18:59]Greg Cross: So there’s, I think what people are missing out on is they kind of come to this presupposition that video’s too hard. You know, and, and it’s just like anything, Kris, I mean, right. It’s like, you just have to kind of step up to the plate, put the bat in your hands and swing the ball. And there’s always going to be pitches and stuff coming your way.

[00:19:20] And so people need to get, I mean, to be honest, they just need to get over their bad self and just realize and embrace it and just do video because zoom, you know? Has done more to help prep people for a video generation than anything. Because now I meet people to go like, oh, I’m on zoom all week.

[00:19:43] So now it’s nothing for me to get in front of a camera. So I think that’s one of the things I say that people just need to embrace it and realize that it’s here. And so they need to do that. So the technology platforms like ours, platforms, you know, there are a lot of that, there’s no excuse in the business world today to say that I don’t have a platform that can do this for me because you know, it’s easier now more than ever, and it’s gonna continue to grow.

[00:20:10]Kris Ward:  Yeah. And I know I can’t stress this enough, people. I know it was like a Friday afternoon and I wasn’t working. I left the office early and one of..somebody who just started working with me had referred me to somebody else and they wanted, you got to meet Kris, got to get on her calendar.

[00:20:27] And I want to say to her, listen, give me your calendar link. I’ll be really creative because mine is very restrictive right now. I’m packed with that kind of thing. And I thought, Ooh, you know, that’s going to, I don’t like that in an email. It sounds like I can barely fit you in. I’m so important. So I was actually out and I was in my car and I shot a quick video.

[00:20:47] I said, Hey, you know, Sarah says, I should meet you, that I could really help you with your business. I’m all about that. I believe your business should support your life instead of consuming it. Here’s the situation. Friday, I’m not even in the office. I want to get you in, and this is how we’re going to do it.

[00:21:01] We’re going to be creative. Can you send me your calendar link? Cause mine is really restrictive right now and I will make this work. Now. She went on like, I don’t know, like I created a fashion shoot in the middle of my day. I was out and I stopped and then I produced this video for her. And frankly, it was just so much quicker than writing that out and I knew it would come across so much more, you know, customer oriented versus

[00:21:26] in the email would come off like I’m all, I think I’m all that and a bag of chips. I don’t have time for you. Right. So it’s so much easier. It’s really easier. 

[00:21:35]Greg Cross: And you know, and I love it. You said earlier, Kris, when you said, you know, the idea about credibility, I mean it’s people who try. I mean, I can give a pitch about, you know, my business.

[00:21:48] You can give a pitch about Win The Hour, Win The Day, but if someone else comes into the narrative and gives a video testimonial about what you’re doing, that’s so much more powerful because people will trust the expense and that’s this in one sense, that’s not something new, right? Because people. We’ll seek after celebrities to endorse their product through video.

[00:22:09] We live in a video culture. I mean, Netflix is through the roof, Hulu. I mean, we all like to watch, you know, film videos, movies, commercials, a compelling commercial will draw this in, but video testimonials, even if you take it on the lowest rung of the small business ladder, now the technology is there and it’s not expensive for people to be able to do that.

[00:22:34]Kris Ward:  Okay. All right. So video testimonies, what else do you think makes a good testimonial?

[00:22:45]Greg Cross: So one of the things that we do is a lot of times people will say, “Well, yeah, I’ll give you a video testimonial. Then they say, what do you want me to say?” Because there’s some people who say, “I can get on a video testimony”.

[00:22:58] So I always tell people it’s good to kind of instruct them and short of writing the script, but instruct them and say, Bob, talk about the time. And then give specific end parameters. So again, going back to my roofing client, you know, talk about how we.. that you love the curb appeal that we, to your, you know, 28 year old home, and you now smile big every time you drive into your garage every night, coming home, after a long day at work. I mean, you start to paint a narrative and then get that person thinking about the story that they want to tell.

[00:23:41]Kris Ward:  Yeah, I totally agree with you because if you don’t, they really do try to do their best for you. And all of a sudden it’s a full on presentation, like reading the charter of rights or something. Right. And you’re like, listen to say this. So I do really find, it really was a turning point for me. When I started saying here, I’m going to ask you this one question, can you answer it?

[00:23:59] Like how many hours were you working before? How many hours are you working now? Second question, you might be like, how has that impacted your family or your health? Right. Another thing I learned and I have to say I’m ashamed. I really only started a mentor of mine, who turned me onto this about two years ago.

[00:24:16] That I used to think the more specific the testimonial, the better. Like, oh, I read Kris’s Win The Hour, Win The Day Book, boom, boom, boom. Right. And it was all specifics, but he’s like, listen, when you get a testimonial, if you can just keep it general, then you can use it for your book or your part.

[00:24:33] Because at the end of the day, they worked with Kris, they worked with Win The Hour. So whether it’s this coaching program or the next coaching program or whatever, if they had a positive engagement with you, keep it generic because then you’re not, can’t use that one. It’s a really good one, but that’s our first book. And I’m now talking about our second book, you know what I mean? So I also learned that it doesn’t have to be super, super specific. 

[00:24:54]Greg Cross: Yeah, but it’s not like don’t write the script for the people, but, you know, but give them some cues and then get their wheels turning. I mean, I always liken it to, you know, back in college days, you know, you got this 30 page term paper you want to write, and it’s always that first page, that’s the hardest to write.

[00:25:12] But once you kind of get the wheels going, the video testimony will come out and you know, what if it needs to be redone. It can be redone. On our platform, we add music. I mean, have you ever watched a movie with no music? And that’s another thing I encourage people to do, is to add compelling but…

[00:25:36] whether if it’s a soothing video, have a soothing audio because that blur or not makes a huge difference in how the video sounds. And so even with our glimpse video platform, we let you put music, there’s going to be some.. if you’re a funeral home looking for videos while your music’s probably not going to be upbeat. Pick a music, pick a genre that fits the vibe or the energy.

[00:26:04] Like I used that word several times, the energy of the person giving the video. So we have like one audio trial called “Let’s Dance”, and it’s like the band that may not be something you’d want to do, maybe a counseling session..

[00:26:22]Kris Ward: You guys out there, do you think I should ask him that? I didn’t understand and made him sing that again. 

[00:26:28]Greg Cross: That was my bad impression of electric guitar. 

[00:26:33]Kris Ward: You know, that’s a powerful point. Like when you first said add music to it, I was like, yeah, yeah, of course. Add music to it, but I didn’t add music to any of mine. I was like, oh, right. Like, it makes sense.

[00:26:46]Greg Cross: I don’t know if it was on discovery channel or something. I saw a whole documentary on the power of sound engineering and the show was ‘movies. I mean, they would show you like a minute clip of a movie without any music, and then show you what the movie is. It makes those suspense sounds, orchestras and it’s same way with video testimonials, when you add music to it, it just, it draws people in.

[00:27:11]Kris Ward:  Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. As far as music goes, when I start hearing that scary stuff, I’m a coward. That’s I’m like, oh, this movie’s over for me. Yeah. 

[00:27:19]Greg Cross: If not Shovel On, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen his movies, you know, and he has..

[00:27:23]Kris Ward: No I did not. They’re not what we call a Kriis’ movie. I watched the whole American sniper movie cause they didn’t know what it was about.

[00:27:29] And then there was 10 minutes left and the music got dark and I thought they’ve got 10 minutes. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but they’re not about to turn this around. So I just ended the movie. So I’ve seen a lot of movies that have wonderfully happy endings that the rest of you all have not seen.

[00:27:45]Greg Cross: We went to the theater, my wife and I saw that. And she wanted to get up and walk out because it’s typical, you know, but our son who at the time, which I was like, duh, was in the military. She’s like, why didn’t you drag me to this field? Why did you, you know, being in the military, but anyways.

[00:28:03]Kris Ward: No, no, no, I get it. So, okay. So that’s a really powerful note. Like I know how to add music when I’m producing or doing videos for whatever, even our podcasts, the intro music, it has a big impact, but it just, I know I nodded and I said, yeah, yeah, add music, but I didn’t really understand the impact and the purpose of it having, like, I just, I know, I know that, but I forgot of how impactful it would be in testimonial.

[00:28:25] Okay. That’s a really good point. Awesome. All right. So we have a couple minutes left. What’s that one last thing you want to educate us on so that it doesn’t go amiss? 

[00:28:36]Greg Cross: I know this is gonna sound like a no brainer, but at the end of the day, people watch videos. I know, so my point there is that, you know, if somebody listening to this podcast has gone, like, okay, you convinced me, I know I need to do video testimonials, but just remember, is that whenever, you know, whether it be in social channels or if you have on your landing page, on your website, you know, video testimonies on you have what I call a wall of videos of people giving praise, you know, about your service.

[00:29:10] People will take time to watch those and keep them short. Don’t let your customer drone on for, even two or three minutes, Kris. People just, you want to think they will, but they won’t. Would you ever go to YouTube and you see something, you have a certain threshold in your brain, you know, that’s why we live at ours to 50 seconds and you train your customer to really get pithy and concise and be very exact in what they want to say.

[00:29:41]Kris Ward:  Yeah. And I’ll tell you a machine did admit this. It happens more often than not, but, and I know everyone does it. Like, you’ll read an email and you skim it and you got to the point that you wanted and you’re like, oh yeah. And then you reply and like, oh, I miss that other like, no, no. Like there’s some clarification where I just find that people hear me better in video.

[00:29:58] Like I’ll send an email, ask somebody for two things and they get back to me with one like, oh, I skipped that. I just got to this one. But when you send a video, you know, you can stop and pause and say, okay, I need two things from you holding up two fingers. Hear me, this is why I’m doing this, this we’re going to do this with.

[00:30:13] And the second thing is super important because, right, because I did that too. We changed our podcast process, but at one point what I was doing his accent explaining when we have an intro meeting, why I have an intro meeting it’s because I want to find the interview before the show. I want you guys out there to really have a purposeful show and not as sort of all floundering all over the place.

[00:30:37] And some people don’t like that because it means two meetings, whatever. So when I wrote that out, it just sounded like arbitrary policy, whatever. But when I explained it in a video, I’m like, listen, here’s the thing. I want us to dive right into the conversation. I want us to get going. I want the audience to get a lot out of it, but I want you and I to have fun.

[00:30:54] And here’s what I found that works. When they heard me, they were appreciative. They listen, but in the email, that’s just one wawawa…

[00:31:03]Greg Cross:And kudos to you. Because for me, the fact that we had that prep actually then helped me between then, and the time of the act, it helped me think, what am I going to say? What am I going to say?

[00:31:15] Well, there’s this spontaneity in the moment that we’ve been talking today, but it’s the same with video testimonials when a small business or a business reaches out, don’t expect that your customer to pounce the minute they get to your request, they need to think about it.

[00:31:32] So there’s a system. And so they need to think about what they want to say and go do it. Because he’s short and pithy.

[00:31:43]Kris Ward: A hundred percent cause listen, guys, I read every, every testimonial you put out there, as far as the podcast goes, every single one. And I just, you know, I really take it seriously.

[00:31:53] And you’ve been so generous and there you guys are really clear about, you want solid takeaways. So I am militant. You wouldn’t be, you’d be surprised how many people want to be in the show that don’t get on this show and all this other stuff. But I do take that very seriously. So. All right, Greg, you have been fantastic.

[00:32:08] So, Glimpse Video. Hey, just so people aren’t wondering or eliminating themselves from the process thinking they can’t afford it. Are you comfortable telling us what the average size of your package is? How could they work with you or get on this? 

[00:32:22]Greg Cross: Thank you for that opportunity. Yeah. So our service is $49. A subscription is $49 a month, and we’re like, different other video marketing tools we offer to our customers, Kris video email, video testimonial capture from your customers, story videos and branded videos. 92nd short pithy videos. All of those tools for $49. 

[00:32:50]Kris Ward:  That sounds like a deal to me. All right. People, it will be in the show notes. Greg, thank you for your brilliance. And so when people are looking for you, they go to Okay. Awesome. Thank you so much. And everyone else till the next show, we’ll see you then. Thanks. END[00:33:10].. 


[00:33:12] Okay. Awesome. Greg, did you have fun? Yeah, it was good. I liked the once we got and got into a cadence, um, I, uh, I, I really feel like if people just need to kind of embrace technology, I run into small businesses, they just go, I don’t know how to do that. You know, like, but the thing that I like about, you know, once they see it’s education, right?

[00:33:35] I mean, you know, podcasts, or even people that say, I want to start a podcast. And once since, you know, people are like, well, just do it, but there’s software out there. Now people that started up. Five years ago. Oh my gosh, you did have to have this and this. And so you’ve done a really good turnkey in developing a system.

[00:33:56] And that’s really what we’re trying to do with clumps video is just providing a system that people go, I mean, the greatest testimony would be, I’m going to be like, this is so stinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like, that’s what we want to do. Mean we can keep working. Yeah. Yeah, well, we’re all about systems.

[00:34:14] It’s what I do. So we’re all system because we’re all about what we call the 60 40 rules. So most entrepreneurs are in the web of admin about 80% of the time. And I believe you should be in creation mode, 60% of the time and admin mode, 40% of the time, because you need to constantly be creating whatever it is, your podcast.

[00:34:32] Book your next coaching thing, whatever. And you can’t always be waiting to get to the real work. So we’re all about that because I think that formula of being in admin mode, 80% of the time is just to, you never get where you’re always in a pain point. If I can’t get to the real world, Yeah, no, I, I appreciate that.

[00:34:51] And, and that’s, you know, Gerber’s philosophy and, you know, just whole Michael Gerber’s systems, it’s just the more you can, you know, develop systems that makes business life so much. Yeah. Fabulous. All right. Stay in. Touch my friend. No, I, I promoted you today as precursor to here. I’m going to introduce you to Corey Walker.

[00:35:15] I mentioned that last time, Corey is a coauthor of Instagram for business, for the one of the dummies books she’s out in California. So you would be a great guest on your podcast. She actually just wrote a revision, her and her other. She has two other co-authors with the Instagram for business dummies book.

[00:35:38] That sounds fantastic. And, um, yeah, and the show, what will happen is you’ll be given notice and it usually on the Tuesday, and I don’t, I don’t, I would guess, I don’t know, cause I don’t control this, I would say within the next six weeks. But, um, what will happen is you’ll be, they’ll reach out to you on a Tuesday and they’ll give you a whole bunch of information, your links and all that stuff.

[00:35:58] And then they’ll remind you on the Thursday. Great. Okay. All right. And if you need anything from me, my friend, reach out, please. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks so much. Bye.