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How To Fly With Creativity And Ease! With Tyson Sharpe

Episode Summary

It’s an interesting conversation with Tyson Sharpe! He touches on underlying themes in entrepreneurship that we seldom get a chance to examine. It’s all the excuses or blocks we use to distract ourselves.

Learn how to:
-recognize fear and how it inhibits your results.
-how and why you were conditioned to look for the wrong results
-how to recognize and change your limiting patterns

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Tyson Sharpe Podcast Interview

[00:23:56] Hey everyone. It’s Chris ward. When the hour, when the day and two day we have Tyson sharp, I’m really super excited to talk to him about a whole bunch of things. And so we really want to get into this cause he’s going to talk about some stuff that we haven’t yet talked about. So Tyson has coached hundreds of online business owners, helping them transcend their patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration, so they can build a more conscious business as an extension of their personal awakening.

[00:24:25] He does this by connecting ancient wisdom, right. Or Eastern philosophies and Western psychology with modern day business building Tyson is a creative online community connect, contribute, collaborate, and is also the host of awaken your business podcast. It’s a great show. I’ve been on it. He believes that when you build a business from flow creativity and love, the universe will gift you with opportunities that mirror the inner peace you feel.

[00:24:50] If you’re ready to take the hearts leap and create a meaningful difference, Tyson superpower. Is helping you develop your wings to fly. Welcome to the show. Tyson. 

[00:24:59] Tyson Sharpe: [00:24:59] Thanks. Thanks for having me. Good to be here. 

[00:25:02] Kris Ward: [00:25:02] I am super excited. Not just because I’m a big fan of a good Australian accent, but we’re going to talk about some things here that I tell you.

[00:25:11] I personally neglected for a lot of years, so I’m really eager to unpack this. So you talk, you know what, let me, let me stop and not tell you what you talk about. Why don’t you tell us, give us a, say a 32nd sorta review on how you got to this position of, you know, your business and why you wanted to do it this way.

[00:25:32] Tyson Sharpe: [00:25:32] Well, first of all, if I’m only here for the accent, let me know. That’s fine. but in 30 seconds. Basically what I do now is, the reason why is because I found myself hooked by results, hooked by external circumstances and feeling constantly on constantly that I needed to achieve that next level of success to feel. Worthy to feel loved, to feel enough. And I feel now, you know, like you said, coaching hundreds of business owners and having quite a large online community that I run now, it’s basically a pattern that I find most people, most business owners, have unconsciously. So that’s really what I’m raising awareness to.

[00:26:11] Kris Ward: [00:26:11] Yeah. And you know, there’s so much to this that I didn’t get for years. And when I work with my coaching clients with, you know, um, right now we’re doing this whole thing, the outsourcing playbook for busy entrepreneurs, one of the big things I’m always talking about is pulling all these things off your desk, because you are the visionary, you are the creator.

[00:26:30] And, you know, you’re the one that moves the needle and gets whatever it is out you, whatever passion project you have, whether you’re writing a book or a podcast, or you just want to have a bigger impact on your audience. But you know, people get caught up in. It’s hard to measure creativity right off the gate, you know?

[00:26:48] So then you start trying to earn your keep and do, instead of create. And I, myself didn’t realize sort of like how you get sucked into that cycle and that pattern. And then it is a little bit, or, or dare I say a lot. Fear-based right. So you’re always looking at sort of what is. And I’ve learned what is really is what was like, whatever’s happening to you right now.

[00:27:12] You created that in the past. So you’re always looking at these external forces, you know, for your results and not just that puts you in a bit of a tailspin. Would you agree? 

[00:27:24] Tyson Sharpe: [00:27:24] Yeah, totally. I mean, that’s what people are starting to awaken to now and starting to realize. Right. And people can feel that when you feel, like I need to be somewhere else.

[00:27:35] Oh, when you have this unconscious, story that says. I need to achieve this and this needs to happen in my life. And this needs to change in order to me to feel how I want to feel, right. That’s the, that’s the undercurrent to a lot of people and their life and their decisions are based on that, right?

[00:27:54] Their decisions and their actions are based on what they think their external life needs to be like in order for them to feel how they want to feel. And that, like I said, drives down to the belief around. To be enough to be worthy, to be loved. This is so I need to be, and this is the way my, my life needs to be externally.

[00:28:18] You know, 

[00:28:18] Kris Ward: [00:28:18] also when I, I went through this many years ago and when I’m working with my coaching clients, sometimes what happens is when we start okay. You know, giving them some relief and they start being more creative forces, which is what they started their business for. You get the sense when you’re not busy, that you’re not like when you’re not frazzled and running around like a crazy person that you’re not working hard enough.

[00:28:39] You’re not sweating it out and grinding it out. And so if you can accomplish this in ease and flow, And really, if you just turned up, you know, took it up to another gear, you would get even more done, but you’re getting this, you know, this efficiency in this creativity and this productivity because you are in flow.

[00:28:57] And I know too, um, you know, I learned in my personal life too, that I had to learn. That there was some aspect of me where I had to like, understand that I don’t have to earn my keep. Like, if there’s a problem, I don’t need to be the first person in. I don’t need to be, everybody’s go to person. I don’t need to be the problem solver.

[00:29:16] I’m here to help, but you can come a little further and say, okay, I’ve tried this on my own. You know, could you help me out or whatever, I don’t need to be jumping in even before somebody asks for help. But there is that sense of, um, of work equals worth. I think. 

[00:29:32] Tyson Sharpe: [00:29:32] Yeah, exactly. And it, it, it all comes down to, you know, these patterns that we’re conditioned by when, where, when my young guy, right.

[00:29:40] Especially in the Western world. I mean, we, we only have one real fear, one real pattern, and one real belief when we’re young, like when we’re, infants and toddlers. And that is that. If I am, if I am loved, then I will survive. Right. That’s basically the only thing that’s going on in our, in our mind, in our psyche.

[00:30:01] And so we basically have this, unconscious question of who do I need to be in order to get that love, that matters most to me. Cause if we all know a baby, if the baby isn’t physically loved, they may die, right. It’s called failure to thrive syndrome. And, and this is where, this is how much it’s hooked in our, in our biochemistry and in our, you know, and in our psyche is that if I’m, if I don’t get that love, if I don’t get that attention, I’m not going to survive.

[00:30:32] And so. We develop patterns. We develop a conditioned ways of being that got us that love. And it just so happens that especially in the Western world that was built through achievement, right. As if we walked, if we did something, if we, if we got some accolades, if we, was on top of all the other kids in sports, whatever it may be, we got that love.

[00:30:56] We got that attention, that to our unconscious mind is our very survival. And that’s why when we’re now adults growing a business and wanting to create more income and more impact. And like you say, get that win. Once we have that object or once we have that obstacle in the way it causes the fight flight response and it makes no logical sense why I’m kicking the fight flight response.

[00:31:23] But when you understand your unconscious patterns, that’s exactly why it’s because it’s kicking in because your success is literally linked. Unconsciously to death and that’s why that’s kicking in. And so what I helped raise awareness around is that there’s a different way to go about it. There’s a different way to build a business.

[00:31:42] It doesn’t have to be from fee, from lack, from scarcity, from urgency, right, from desperation that you can actually achieve and such a. So much more powerful and, and why this inflow way, this aligned, why this creative way that’s built from love. You start to recognize this. 

[00:32:01] Kris Ward: [00:32:01] Let me jump in there because I know for me, when I, like, I hear stuff like that love when I made my business brain, I kind of, don’t always.

[00:32:11] Resonate with that. I kind of grapple with that a little bit. And I think, ah, I’ve got loved ones in my life. I feel really. And I like myself and, you know, I like my quiet time, so I was never able to relate to that because it just seemed a little that the wound was coming too deep into the business, even though I very spiritually based.

[00:32:30] But what it does resonate to me is I didn’t. Understand the profoundness of like, needing to be liked. And when I say that, I also would like to argue that for the longest time. I certainly didn’t think I was someone that needed to be liked and be like, you know, if you don’t like me for no apparent reason, I can’t change that.

[00:32:49] That’s on you. I can’t earn that. Right. But I think with this day and age of social media, I did notice until I was forced on it more aggressively for different reasons for my company. I did notice, I always held back. I didn’t give my opinion. I didn’t, you know, I don’t know everybody that’s in this sort of in the chat room on social media.

[00:33:09] So I always was more of an observer scroller, and I never put myself out there because I didn’t realize that there was this, um, I don’t want to use the word fear, but I guess it is, it’s like, ah, I don’t need it. Like if somebody invited me to a speaking gig or do something, I’m totally fine on stage, but to be injecting myself, what I felt like injecting myself in relationships, you know, or trying to make friends as people are scrolling by in social media, that to me was really uncomfortable.

[00:33:37] And I think it really does come down to what you’re saying. It like leads to love to all these other things and these unconscious behaviors where. I found it really painful at first on social media. And I’m just, I would say in the last year, getting over that, like I was always the person behind the person and I’m happy to promote you on social media, but I think, you know, it really can be crippling and I think it does limit your business that, and I think it’s a different game now with social media, you know, is that something that you addressed as well in your work?

[00:34:09] Tyson Sharpe: [00:34:09] Yeah, not only is it a different game in social media, but it’s also a different, like we’re starting to hot in our level of consciousness now and the level of the consciousness of the planet starting to really shift. And I feel there’s a key opportunity here where our business can going flow with that can be in alignment with this new consciousness.

[00:34:31] If like, for example, if someone was to go and see an ad. And it’s very, it’s like a loud ad that it’s like urgency and it’s fear based. Like we can start to see through that now. Right. We can start to it’s it’s, it’s not drawing as many people in. And when it does, if, if that is what your business is, is based on what you may be drawing in other clients and customers who are triggered by fear, instead of those who can cocreate with you, those who are in your expansion, those are the ideal clients.

[00:35:04] Right. And that’s just a, that’s a business, a business point of view. Um, but that’s just a sign of what’s happening. And our unconscious mind and DP now and out psychology and in our spiritual awakening is that things are starting to shift. We can start to say POS peoples external patterns, and we can start to feel what feels aligned to us.

[00:35:28] Yeah. And I think that’s starting to really, really shift 

[00:35:31] Kris Ward: [00:35:31] you make a really good point and you know, it kind of reminds you just triggered something in me that I hadn’t thought about it a really long time. And I would remember when I was new in business, like the first two years or something, and you’re so eager to prove yourself, you’re right.

[00:35:43] Proving yourself worth. I can do this. I’m new in business. Look at me. And if I had, let’s say five clients and yeah. Two were not what I would now say was not a good match, but back then, I would’ve said, well, they don’t know me that well yet. Or we seduce them or assign them on or gave them a deal or whatever.

[00:36:01] And they would be taking all my time because they were more difficult. And I would be like, I was going to show them like, okay, you’re doubting me, but you wait, I am going to put everything in this. And I’m going to prove to you that this is time and money. Well, they just were not a good match for me. And there are people coming with their own agenda and it was just not a good fit for a number of reasons.

[00:36:23] I would never, never, never do that now, because now I realize a whole lot more work and I just don’t, I, I’m not working with people that I don’t thoroughly completely have fun with and enjoy. That’s my whole mission in life. Now it’s all about quality of relationships, but back then, I think that does come from, you know, wanting to prove myself, wanting to be liked by a doubter and say, no, no, I’ve got the goods.

[00:36:46] Let me show you. So I think it’s really interesting when we talk about fear, because I would have said I’m not a fearful person and most describe me as very positive yet. There’s all these deep seated behaviors that I didn’t recognize two years later, as fear or limitations. 

[00:37:04] Tyson Sharpe: [00:37:04] Yeah, it’s awesome that you’re saying that because you can start to say, ah, let’s say some deeper reasons.

[00:37:10] So for example, I find a lot of people in, in, in my community and my clients, most of them are very happy. Most of them, And most of them are successful. Right. But my deep question is, are you trying to shift your emotions and feel more happy in order to avoid a side of you or I trying to succeed in order to avoid a side of you?

[00:37:34] I was on a business call and, um, and this, and I was coaching this lady who was in this business group and she said, yeah, day to day, I feel really happy. And it took us. It took a step. She took a step back. When I asked her this question, I said, are you happy? Because your external circumstances match the way your ego thinks they should be.

[00:37:56] Right. And that’s a key question because you can start to say, am I succeeding? And am I really shifting how I feel? And, and, and trying to feel more positive and more happy because I don’t want to feel sad. Right? Cause I don’t want to fail. And with this shifting of consciousness, what I’m finding now is that those who succeed and not those who work the hardest and not those who work, you know, the right strategy, but it’s those who succeed.

[00:38:22] And now those who love the side of them that can fail… Those are starting to make the most money are those who are gonna love the side of them that can go broke or those who put themselves out there. And not those you use the right strategies and those different things. It’s those who love the side of them that can look silly or that can make mistakes, or that can be judged.

[00:38:43] And if you love those sides of you, that’s where the success is going to come from. It’s just a completely different way of seeing it and seeing if you are avoiding a side of yourself that needs. That attention and love.

[00:38:54] Kris Ward: [00:38:54] Okay. Let me break that down because I think that’s really important. And that’s another thing that I went through a painful process of learning is I used to think when I put stuff out there, I would work so hard and I wanted it to be just right, because I wanted to show up prepared.

[00:39:09] I wanted to people to understand like, like I’m not messing around with your time. I take it seriously. So somebody would say to me, I’m into reminds me, well, you’re trying to be perfect. I’m not trying to be perfect. I’m trying to show you that the work is done and I’ve done a good job of it. And he gave me an example.

[00:39:24] He said, Chris, when you rather fail in three hours and find out what you have to fix and be working on it on your own for three months, put it out. And then there’s all these learning curves. But for me, it was always not showing up prepared, but it was now I think. A deeper seed of, Oh, I I’m embarrassing.

[00:39:40] Like I’m embarrassing myself because I made a mistake or, you know, I put, when I was starting my podcast, I, I put this graphic up in this group. We talked about this in another show and. They, it was just the graphic for the podcast. Which one you want? We’ll they ripped, it’s just brutal. I’m like, okay.

[00:40:00] Everybody calmed down and the old me would have taken it right down in a few minutes. And I was like, okay. So they didn’t like these colors. There was a nicer way of. Saying this, but anyhow, I learned from it moved on, but the old me would have just had that down. Frankly, the old old me would have not put it up.

[00:40:16] The second version of me would have taken it down immediately, but that is a fear of being judged or people criticizing you or saying, you know, you don’t, you don’t know what you’re doing. And I, I would have not described myself as a fear based person, but yet you do these little micro behaviors that add up to you being reactionary.

[00:40:36] I think is what you’re, what you’re getting at. 

[00:40:38] Tyson Sharpe: [00:40:38] Yeah. I think from studying what I do and coaching who I do and doing the amount of work on myself, what I’ve realized if every single unconscious or every single him uncomfortable emotion you have, is basically fear based. It really is based if you’re not.

[00:40:58] If the emotion isn’t feeling, you know, deep, inner peace, Then it’s coming from fear. You just need to work back to it. Tony Robbins says this all the time. It’s like, Oh, roads lead to Rome. It’s like, anytime you have, frustration, confusion, uncertainty, doubt, worry, fee, lack, whatever. It always comes down to that unconscious story of who I need to be and what I need to do in order to be loved. It always comes back to that. I’ve out of hundreds of people I’ve coached. One-on-one it’s, it’s never not come to that. It’s never not buried down to something that that’s, that’s different. It always comes down to that. And so that’s why I find when we uncover these truths.

[00:41:44] People can start building a business from a very, very different place from a very different level of understanding, very different level of consciousness. And you’re accessing different resources within you that allow you to not only succeed, but do it in a way that feels aligned. Do it in a way that feels, like it’s your heart calling

Like, this is a pull for you. This is the reason why you’re here. And if you can do that, if you can build from that place. You know, that’s really your success. And I found this within myself. When I started noticing I was hooked by results, I started realizing what is coming up in the form of fear. And I used to take action from that fear.

[00:42:22] Right. I used to feel the fear of the uncertainty of business or the fear around money, and therefore I try and go out and make more of it. Right. Nice links. 

[00:42:32] Kris Ward: [00:42:32] Which is really reacting. So it’s not taking action. It’s really reacting. 

[00:42:36] Tyson Sharpe: [00:42:36] Yes. Yes, exactly. And so I would basically feel that and take action from that fear.

[00:42:43] And then. I decided when I realized I was hooked by external results and I needed that to feel enough. I decided then that I wasn’t going to take Ash from the fear. I was going to sit down and actually start looking at the fear. And what I realized was that fear was a five-year-old may that learned that I need money to feel safe, or I need success to be worthy.

[00:43:06] Right, or I need to achieve in order to feel loved. And so what I decided to do was instead of trying to get more clients and make more money, I decided to sit down and meditate and hold a loving, safe space for this inner five-year-old that felt this fear that had these beliefs. And what happened was to my amazement, the fear just started transcending.

[00:43:27] The fear started leaving and the more and more I held a loving, safe space for whatever emerged, The more started coming up, the more, all those fears, doubts, frustrations, you know, I had sadness around POS relationships. I had no clue was there. I had, I had this confusion in this deep seated, you know, fear around being broke.

[00:43:51] And I would just feel all of it. I actually sat down and I did it for six hours in one day. I just sat there in silence and notice all these patterns come up. And from that work, what I started realizing was these patterns, these emotions are coming up so they can come out. They’re actually coming up because they’re ready to be released.

[00:44:10] It’s just most business owners push them down and they resist them and they avoid them. And that is just the practice of avoiding a side of you and allowing it to grow unconsciously. And therefore it’ll still run your decisions, your actions, your results, your moods, your relationships, your health.

[00:44:32] And, um, and so I just decided to take up this work. And since then it’s been eight or nine months and I meditate two hours a day in silence and just be in that space of holding. That love for whatever’s emerging and just being in that space of, of surrender and 

[00:44:49] Kris Ward: [00:44:49] allowing. So let’s be clear because I’m here to tell you until pigs actually start to fly, that I could not, I believe meditate for six hours or even two.

[00:45:00] So what I want people to be able to take away from this is that there is a lot of what you’re saying that puts us in a position where we come from a reactionary desperation. Or fear of rejection and that even if we start sort of weeding this stuff out of the garden, you know what I, I think sometimes what separates the Eastern world and the Western world is that big bridge where you hear somebody say, Oh my gosh, he meditates for two hours a day.

[00:45:26] You know, I don’t have that in me right now. So, you know, if you start with 10 minutes or you start with letting go or you start. With just understanding that you move from fear. Um, I think that changes things for you. I know, you know, now, or even when I started my podcast or I was writing my book, you know, I would ask people now stuff like, listen, if you’re open to it, I would love a review.

[00:45:48] Or if you’re open to it, I really big fan of yours. I’d love you to be on my show. Whereas before, excuse me, I wouldn’t want to bother someone or ask them or, and that really was a fear of being rejected. And, Oh my gosh, why is she asking me this? Whatever. So I think. There is all these things that I used to think, the person you are after five is different than the person that you are before or five.

[00:46:08] Like I was really efficient at work and got things done, you know? And then your personal life is separate, but I think what you’re, what you’re doing a wonderful job of articulating is look, there’s these foundational mappings to how you react and they’re limiting your work more than you realize. 

[00:46:26] Tyson Sharpe: [00:46:26] Yeah, totally.

[00:46:27] And what you’re saying is, is key, is that right? This the longer extended meditation’s isn’t for everyone. This is just my journey and this is just what my heart’s calling me towards. 

[00:46:38] Kris Ward: [00:46:38] So we want you to be really good at it. 

[00:46:40] Tyson Sharpe: [00:46:40] Yes. Yes, totally. And so, and it’s, it’s gifted me with a lot of things. Like now that I do this deep inner work myself, I can help people very, very quickly, almost in an instant recognize what side of them.

[00:46:53] They need to look at all the side of them. They’re avoiding all the pattern that they need to release that they’re not seeing. I can do that very, very quickly because I do it so much myself and so not, not everyone. My clients don’t meditate two hours a day, you know, they didn’t have to do some do, but that’s only if they pulled towards it.

[00:47:09] I think the underlying message here is that you have some uncomfortable emotions that are coming up. Yeah. And they’re being triggered for a reason. And here’s the analogy I use. It’s almost like if you have a five year old, that’s in a park, let’s say it’s someone else’s five-year-old and they walk up to you.

[00:47:27] They come to you and they’re very scared. Let’s say they don’t know where their parents are. Right. And they’re crying, but you can see, you can see those loving their eyes. Right. But they come to you for safety. What’d you tell that five year old. Go away until you feel better. What’d you tell that five-year-old it’s wrong.

[00:47:43] You’re feeling this way. You need to be feeling something else you need to be fixed. Right. Of course you wouldn’t. 

[00:47:50] Kris Ward: [00:47:50] You have confidence your parents to come back, stop complaining. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. But that’s one good example. Yeah. 

[00:47:55] Tyson Sharpe: [00:47:55] Yeah. But that’s what we do to our internal five-year-olds. That’s what we do to internal five rounds.

[00:48:00] When we have fear, doubt, frustration, we distract ourselves. We basically tell that five-year-old that’s within us. Go away until you feel better. And it’s wrong. You’re feeling, it’s why you need to be fixed. Right? And so that’s why I say a lot of people are trying to shift their emotion consciously and they can be avoiding a side of them.

[00:48:20] That’s still growing unconsciously. And what I found was that if you actually welcoming that fear, if you welcoming the doubt, the frustration, that confusion, whatever it is, that’s uncomfortable for you. If you hold a loving, safe space for it to be there. You will actually, they will actually feel safe to transcend. It’ll actually feel safe to leave. 

And the reason being is because you become the parent that that five-year-old wished they had, you become the loving parent with unconditional love, unconditional safety, where it can actually now start to leave. It can actually now start to feel safe. 

And what you’ll find is that those you can basically feel any emotion and you can feel any emotion that comes up and it will actually allow you to like, say, get that win because what’s stopping you from getting the win is the emotion that you’re avoiding. What’s the emotion that you don’t want to feel. A lot of people are not putting out their projects.

[00:49:19] Why? Because of how they think they will feel if it fails or how they think they will feel. If they’re judged right now, they think they will feel when they succeed. Some of fearing success. Like everything comes down to how you don’t want to feel. And if you’re willing to feel everything, if you’re willing to love those sides of you.

[00:49:37] There’s literally nothing stopping you, going out there and putting your heart into the world and building a successful business in a way that is not only profitable, but a way that makes the most impact. 

[00:49:46] Kris Ward: [00:49:46] That is awesome. And it really, um, I think it is something we don’t talk about enough for, or that it takes, it took me years to see little things bubble up that I thought, well, you know, I’m doing busy work.

[00:49:56] I’ll deal with that later emotions where you’re right. Meant to be managed, not, not to be dealt with. So tell us, why is Tyson, where can people find you when they want to hear more? 

[00:50:06] Tyson Sharpe: [00:50:06] Yes, there’s, there’s a couple of things. If you’re listening to this podcast, just, you can just search awaken your business.

[00:50:12] So awaken your businesses is my podcast. I do these deep dives and, I, I love, you know, just coupling ancient wisdom and Eastern philosophies with modern day business and helping people. You know, really start to build a business consciously that’s their hot pool and their calling. Um, but if you love community and you’re on Facebook, just jump over to connect, contribute, collaborate.

[00:50:34] That’s the, the group where we’re basically hots and a business size that are not only doing this deep inner work, but also. Collaborating doing service exchange is doing really, really cool work where we can, where we all grow was one. And we, yeah, and we do what we can to really serve some worthy causes around the world as well and, and make a difference.

[00:50:53] So it’s a really cool crew and I, yeah, I love serving them and fall in love with them every day. So, that’s, they’re, they’re two of the main ways you can find me. 

[00:51:01] Kris Ward: [00:51:01] Fabulous. And we will do that because not only did you speak wisely, but everything just sounded way more powerful with your lovely accent.

[00:51:08] I think so. So, so you, you serve on all levels, so thank you again so much Tyson for being here. We appreciate you and remember everyone to, you know, win the day. You gotta win the hour. So we’ll talk soon. Next show. Thanks so much guys.