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How To Get People’s Attention And Make Money! With Jamie Atkinson

Episode Summary

This week’s episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day Podcast is sponsored by Win The Hour, Win The Day’s Signature Coaching Program the Winners Circle. Kris Ward who helps entrepreneurs to stop working so hard interviews, Jamie Atkinson.

Jamie started working his career in corporate sales at the ambitious age of 16 rising up the
ranks to sales manager breaking records as the youngest person in the company to do so.
After his sister got cancer, his company painfully screwed him over, which became the
turning point of Jamie quitting and making the decision to leave his job to gain his freedom and work for himself.

What he didn’t know is that it wasn’t as easy as everyone on Instagram made it look. Seven
failed businesses later, he finally found his purpose. On a pursuit to publish the truth of his entrepreneurial journey, he stumbled upon his true passion: podcasting.

Immediately his podcast took off, and through the lessons he learned on his journey, he started making thousands a month through his show. Realizing this, he created strategies
that all entrepreneurs can use to successfully monetize their podcast and broadcast their message to the world.

Jamie Atkinson has turned his entrepreneurial engines on full blast! He’s created a very loyal tribe in a short period of time, and he’s eager to share how he did it!

And the best part is…. you can do it too! Jamie shares how you can strategically produce content, creating a mass movement and revenue! Join us as Jamie drops value bombs that will inspire you to take action today!

-how your mess is your message
-flawed experiences create revenue
-how your content can make you money today.

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