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How To Build Connections That Will Build Your Business! With Kristin Molenaar

Episode Summary

Kristin Molenaar gives us the goods. She tells us how we can create meaningful connections that will benefit our business for years to come.

-why your network is REALLY your net worth
-how to easily become of value and accelerate any relationship
-how to quickly build a lasting community (with minimal effort)

Kristin is an entrepreneur-enthusiast who lives by the mantra “work less + make more”. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch the vanity metrics for true connections. She’s the CEO of YesBoss, a digital agency that helps entrepreneurs book podcast features, so they can generate new leads in just one hour per week.

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Kristin Molenaar Podcast Transcription

[00:15:57] Kris Ward: Hey everyone. And welcome to win the hour. Win the day I am your host, Chris ward. And today we have Kristin Moolenaar and I am super excited. She’s entrepreneur enthusiastic lives by the mantra, work less, make more boy, you know, that rings my bell.

[00:16:23] I’m all about that. Right? We talked about that all the time here. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch the vanity metrics for true connections. She is the CEO of yes, boss, a debt digital agency that helps entrepreneurs book, podcast features so they can generate new leads in just one hour per week.

[00:16:39] Welcome to the show, Chris, Dan,

[00:16:41] Kristin Molenaar: thanks for having me, Chris. I’m excited to dive in

[00:16:43] Kris Ward: with you. Okay. So you know what? I have a podcast. I love having it. I have to say it brought me so many more things than I thought originally it would totally different than what I signed up for. And I, I don’t know how many podcasts I’ve been on now.

[00:16:59] Um, I would say maybe 200. We didn’t start keeping track till a while deep sort of a few months in, because I was so excited. The first one I got on, I thought that was it like, Oh, I got on one. Yay. And then I got on to, well, isn’t this fantastic. And so when we realized this was going to be consistent, then we started keeping track.

[00:17:16] So I would say easily in the last year I did 200 episodes and. And met some phenomenal people. So why don’t you dive in and tell our listeners, why should they be on a podcast? What’s the start there?

[00:17:31] Kristin Molenaar: Yeah, there’s one simple rule or one simple reason. I would say that people need to be on podcasts. And that is because you need to meet more people in places of influence to grow your business.

[00:17:41] So a lot of people think about being a podcast. Guest is either. PR which PR means, you know, get on a big show so that you have a big logo to put on your website so that you can increase, you know, how people see you, which yes, that is about being a podcast guest. Then there’s the other people that look at it as a marketing strategy.

[00:18:00] And the marketing strategy says, you know, get on the shows with the biggest audience so that you can, you know, attract large amounts of people. Yes. That also is a reason to be a podcast guest. However, I think when you look at being a podcast, guest is just one of those two things. You lose sight of the connection and the impactful connection that happens when you’re a podcast guest.

[00:18:22] So going into being a guest, it’s so important to want to connect with the host.

[00:18:29] Kris Ward: Yeah. And I want to jump in there because you know what. Uh, I, I really think of myself as a thoughtful kind human being. I am, I have noted in my family for giving really good gifts than, you know, scheming and stuff. So I’d like to think I’m a good person, but the shallow part of me for the longest time.

[00:18:47] I didn’t really truly understand the relationship part because I was just so busy and buried in the work that anything that, like, if you didn’t have a meeting with me to talk about something specific, that was just interruption interruption from work and doing podcasts. And now having my own show, I am shocked and horrified that there’s people over the years have told me that business is all about relationship.

[00:19:09] And I was like, yeah, yeah, it is. When w when I work with the client would have a good relationship. That’s what I understood it to be. Right. But having been on so many podcasts now, I think in the last year I’ve been on like 200. I didn’t even keep track at first. I was so excited when I got on one, I thought it was lucky.

[00:19:25] And then I got on too low. I got really lucky. So we weren’t even keeping track at up front. But what I would say is after I talked to somebody, especially on their podcast, or even when they’re aligned, it’s kind of like, we end the call and it’s like, you’ve been on five dates. Like it really expediated the relationship.

[00:19:41] And it really changes. Like I. Feel like, I don’t know how to explain it, but when I’ve been interviewed by somebody it’s a whole different dynamic, but when I see them on Facebook, I feel like we, I don’t know, spend a day together or something. It does truly change the relationship. Yeah.

[00:19:56] Kristin Molenaar: It’s like somebody just re reviewed your whole entire website, literally wet.

[00:20:00] Read every single word on your website, gone through a sales call with you and gone through coaching calls with you. Because when you show up appropriately as a podcast guest, you’re literally putting everything out on the table. You’re talking about your wins, your failures. You’re talking about your case studies.

[00:20:14] You’re talking about how you serve your clients and your methodology, you know, I always say to people like don’t leave cliffhangers, put everything on the table, talk about all the things you do. If you can talk somebody into knowing how to do for you, your own job, then you’ve done your job. Right. Um, so that I think is why that relationship is expedited because I found the same exact thing

[00:20:36] Kris Ward: to be true.

[00:20:37] Kristin Molenaar: You know, a lot of people go out and they’re looking for joint venture partners, or they’re wanting to become a guest. Speaker invited as a guest expert in all these other arenas. And those are things that happen in addition to generating clients. And I think that those things are what happened when you are focused on establishing relationships with people.

[00:20:54] That’s how you get invited deeper into somebody else’s business. And I think those deeper levels are actually where the real impact happens. You know, I could. Talk to you, Chris, and you could send one person to me that wants to be a client. That’s great. But if we could have some kind of collaboration where we’re mutually beneficial to one another and we show up in each other’s, um, communities, and then that ripples out and creates multitudes of clients and multitudes of impact for both of us, those things happen because there’s relationship at the, at the center of it, not just because one episode was aired for, you know, 10,000 downloads.

[00:21:30] Kris Ward: Yeah. And so what I really found is the relationship was shockingly very impactful. And I also found for me being on other shows, is it really fine tune my messaging? Like you could see what people would ask me, like, Oh, that’s a really great point. Or, or they’d say, wow, I never thought of it that way. And you’re like, Oh, this is okay, great Mark that down.

[00:21:50] Right. So really helped me craft my message. And it just, the human part of the interview. Yield results that I had no idea it would. So what do you think? Okay, so people are looking at it as PR or marketing. Okay. That’s that’s mistake number one. So give us some other, you know, missteps with podcasts, even it’s when it’s trying to get on a podcast, what do you think people could be doing better entrepreneurs?

[00:22:18] Kristin Molenaar: Well, I think we could talk about the pitch. And I know that you’ve been told that you write a really great pitch. I think that that might be a good conversation to have, because I talk to podcast hosts all the time that say that they get pitched and they think it’s really awful. Well, you and I can be a Testament that apparently I wrote a good enough pitch to be on this show.

[00:22:34] You’ve written a good enough pitch to be on the shows that you’ve been on. And so I want to talk about that because I think that that’s so important. That’s your first impression one. I think that you’ve got to lead with service. For the other person, how are you going to show up in a way that’s going to deliver an episode that’s impactful for the podcast host, you know, I see too many people writing pitches that are all about themselves.

[00:22:57] And what I have to say about that is, yes, you need to talk about some of your things, but do your accolades drive home a point that you want to make that is going to drive value. If you’re talking about a thing. And it doesn’t hammer home an action step, then I would say that it probably doesn’t belong in your pitch.

[00:23:16] Kris Ward: Well, if I can be, give a humble brag for a minute, because I will tell you what I do and here’s the thing. And I have yet to see anybody do this for me, um, is what I do. First of all, this sounds like shockingly simple. And I am surprised that I have to say this out loud, but I cannot believe how many people don’t do this is I do my homework.

[00:23:37] So step number one, I listened to the episode, right? And then I send a video and I explained to them what I liked about their episode, what I thought. And you know why I think them, as you know, I say to them, you and I can ever really meet any conversation. And here’s what I’m about. And I talk about that at the end, but there’s so many.

[00:23:55] Oh my gosh, I got one just last week. This is hilarious. So you get all these people from some of these assistant virtual assistants and all this stuff, which I’m all about having an assistant in a team, but you can’t just like, it’s like a resume letter. You can’t just say back in the day. Oh, I saw your job posting.

[00:24:11] I think I’m really good fit. Like there’s, it’s so generic, right? So I get these generics. We’ve all we really love what you’re doing with your show. They don’t even list my show, whatever. Now, last week I got an email where at the top you can see that the filler didn’t fill in my name properly. So it had, Oh boy.

[00:24:25] Yeah. So it had this square and where my knee was supposed to go. And I’m like, okay, good luck with that. Right. So I also think too is my, one of my PR coaches back in the day, Ray, in the beginning, she said being in business is not enough. Right. Like when I wrote my first book, everyone told me that it was really good.

[00:24:43] I got like, this is different. It’s refreshing. It really changed how I saw business. So I might pitch, it was like, well, people tell me it’s a really good book. And she’s like, yeah, who cares? There’s a whole bunch of good movies, good books, like who cares? Right. So I had to learn how to change that. So you really do, first of all, this sounds fundamentally, I don’t know if people are even listening anymore because this sounds like such a stupid thing to have to tell somebody, but you have to do your homework.

[00:25:07] You can’t just reach out to a bunch of people and say, here’s why I’m excellent. I was on all these things. I did all these amazing things and I feel like saying wonderful, have a good life. I’m so happy. You’re doing amazing. It has nothing to do with me or my show.

[00:25:21] Kristin Molenaar: Can I offer another suggestion about how to do homework and how to sh like sure, cut doing the homework.

[00:25:27] So when you talk about, um, listening to episodes and creating video messages, I know that that’s hugely impactful, but in my mind, I go, Oh, that’s a lot of work. If I’m just being honest, I’m like, yay. That’s a lot. So we have discovered a shortcut that really helps us figure out that we have found a podcast host that’s in alignment with the message that we have to offer, and that is following an influencer path.

[00:25:51] So the way that I do it is I find someone else who has a message that’s either complimentary or aligns with my message in some way. So, you know, at the foundation, my business is talking to entrepreneurs, we’re done for you service. And I know that that a lot of people listening offer, you know, their product.

[00:26:09] Product offerings. So I’m a done for you service. So I want to follow find people who are talking about delegation. They’re talking about working less, making more, they’re wanting to talk about processes, maybe even passive income, all the things that attract people that want to offload work from their plate, right.

[00:26:26] Because that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m bringing in. So I find people that have already hit the, you know, uh, podcast circuit. Like, for example, for me, James Schramko is a really big podcaster. His message is work less, make more. If that’s like my mantra, I love that thing. So what I do is I find where are all the places that James Schramko has been featured?

[00:26:47] Kris Ward: Okay. Obviously

[00:26:48] Kristin Molenaar: people that have had James Schramko on his podcast, they like the message and they have an audience that likes the message work less, make more. So then that narrows my pool of people, to the people that have already featured somebody with a complimentary message. And then we have a smaller pool to start vetting from.

[00:27:05] Kris Ward: Okay. I’m going to tell you the truth because that’s the only way I know what it does as you’re talking. I was thinking. I was done. Like, I was like, okay, I’m going to listen to your story and we’re going to share a different perspective, but I didn’t expect to buy in. I was like, that’s a nice story. Let’s see where it goes.

[00:27:21] Oh, okay. So I think you’re taking a step back for, for what I would say is what you know, it’s still though, when you find that list of people, it shows he’s been on you. I would assume though, you’ve listened to the show before you are on it or approach

[00:27:35] Kristin Molenaar: them. Well, I’ll be honest. We don’t. Nope. Nope. I know you’re going to hate me.

[00:27:41] And I hate when I have to say this. When, when podcast hosts tell me explicitly, however, I will qualify this and say, before I ever do an interview with somebody, yes, I have listened. I don’t want to show up and be like, Oh Chris. Yeah, I’m amazing. I’ll never listen to your podcast. That would be

[00:27:56] Kris Ward: awful.

[00:27:58] Kristin Molenaar: But before I send a pitch, no, because my assistant.

[00:28:01] Since they’re doing all my pitching for me, they’re looking at the topics and they’re looking at who you’ve previously featured to see if there’s alignment there and I send over. I, yeah, we can unpack that more because I feel like.

[00:28:15] Kris Ward: But I think what happens is, okay, so I’m a little bit more, and I’m going to, I was going to say this sentence.

[00:28:19] This is not going to sound nice, but I’m a little bit more committed to that than you are. So one is though, I will tell you in, I think though, what you’re saying is you do the homework, you just do it at different points in the funnel. Okay. Because I’m all about a team, a hundred percent. I just think that my personality, when you want me to be on a podcast, I do a video because that’s, it, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.

[00:28:40] You cannot light a wet match. Right. So I see that. And that’s why I now do intro meetings before somebody comes on the show is because they may be really smart. And then they’re just telling a story too long or not very dynamic or whatever. Right. They’re like Bueller, Bueller, like they’re just really boring.

[00:28:55] Kristin Molenaar: Right?

[00:28:56] Kris Ward: So, but, and in my forum, you’ll notice I asked what show you listen to, blah, blah, blah. So when you got to that stage, then you did the homework and you’re like, okay, I’m getting down the funnel. Now I better do my homework now. So I, I do extra homework than you do, but you do show up with homework ready and done.

[00:29:10] And when the time comes to play, cause I’ve had show people, show up for the intro meeting, right? And then they’re, they have no clue. Like they have no clue who I am or what the show is about. And I just saved them. Like, I’m not here. Then start asking me questions. I’m like, I’m not here to do your homework for you.

[00:29:25] Like don’t, there’s other people that want to be on my show. We have a waiting list and you want me to, cause you got these numbers, these vanity metrics. Do you want me to just let you on? Okay. But

[00:29:34] Kristin Molenaar: it’s down to relationship Chris. Like, I want you to know that I genuinely do care about you and I care about the message that you have to share.

[00:29:42] And I knew before coming on this show that we had so much alignment. It was like, I knew that he would like the work less, make more. I know who you talk. Octavio. And so, yes, I think that, that at the root of what we’re talking about here is people just looking at vanity metrics and not looking at having that true connection with people, because you don’t want to set yourself up to come in and say, no, I don’t know who you are.

[00:30:03] No, I’ve loved, never listened to one of your episodes. Great way to meet a new friend. Yes,

[00:30:08] Kris Ward: yes, yes. Okay. Okay. So not that bad of a human being, where I get spoiled annoyed that, and he was all like, Well, then he got kind of defensive because he was asking me quite frankly, silly questions. And then he’s like, well, what are your, what are your numbers?

[00:30:22] Like, what are your downloads? I’m like, no, no, no, no.

[00:30:24] Kristin Molenaar: Don’t chat. It really makes me irritated.

[00:30:27] Kris Ward: Yeah. Like, no, no, no, no. That doesn’t have anything like you, you want to be on my show. I’m not auditioning for you. Okay. All right. So what you’re you are saying is you have a different process, but in the foundation of that process, you do homework a little later than I do.

[00:30:40] But in the foundation of that process, you were saying don’t buy into the vanity metrics and be very purposeful and mindful about the relationship you’re trying to build. So show up being respectful yeah. And educated.

[00:30:52] Kristin Molenaar: Yup.

[00:30:52] Kris Ward: Exactly. Okay. Thanks. Okay. All right. So, and then what next, so you do the show, where do you take us from there?

[00:30:59] Kristin Molenaar: So are you talking about post show? Where’s this relationship

[00:31:02] Kris Ward: go? Well, you just tell us, because I disagreed with several things you said, so you tell me where you want, where you want to go next.

[00:31:10] Kristin Molenaar: Oh gosh. Well, there’s a few things, you know, we have clients that come on board and they hire us and they say like, you know, obviously you’re going to get me booked on podcasts and you talk about this being a relationship.

[00:31:18] Well, what the heck does. You know, what is a relationship? How do you build a relationship? And I think it really happens when the recording stops, but before you’ve hung up the phone and the very first thing that I tell clients to do and that I always do. And I always laugh because as soon as we hit stop recording, I’m going to ask you this question, Chris, I’ll just tell you now I say, how can I be a valuable connection for you?

[00:31:40] Kris Ward: Okay,

[00:31:41] Kristin Molenaar: this is a way to just start a conversation about things that are going on in your business. If you’ve really connected with the person, there may be opportunities that are present right now. You never know what’s going to happen. I think this also sets the intention for a relationship because look.

[00:31:57] As a guest, I feel like I’m getting tremendous value by sitting here and being interviewed your, pulling out everything. That’s genius about me to talk about in an episode, like you’re really giving to me right now, and it is not lost on me that this is an honor and a privilege. If  should be invited into somebody else’s space, the very first thing you need to do is ask how can I be a value to you?

[00:32:20] And some ways that you can be valuable to somebody, you know, I’ve, I’ve had podcasts say, you know, I don’t really know some ways that you can be a value is looking for ways to be a connector. You know, if it’s a newer podcast hosts, Do you know, somebody that would be a really great person for them to interview.

[00:32:36] Do you know somebody that they could network with? Like how can you just make networking connections? That’s an easy way. If there’s no, like explicit, Hey, come into my coaching group and be a guest expert or be a joint venture partner, you know, connection and. Cause that’s what it’s all about, right?

[00:32:53] Kris Ward: Like, can I do struggle with that?

[00:32:55] I answer when people ask me now, how can we be of service to you? I think, well, you know what I’m doing pretty good and I’m really happy. And I’m one of these people that just, I have more ideas than I can implement, but I’m always taking action on the ones I am. And like I’m doing, I’m very consistent with my results.

[00:33:10] So I’m not sitting there scared and stammering. And so I always think it’s really a polite it’s to me when somebody says that to me, it’s often just like, Hey, how are you? And then you say fine. Like, I, I kind of don’t give back as much as I should. Yeah.

[00:33:24] Kristin Molenaar: That’s, that’s the case where I think that as the podcast guest, you’ve just got to be creative and you have to be committed to staying on that person’s radar as well.

[00:33:32] You know, there’s some other things here, like, how do you. Stay on the radar of somebody that’s just interviewed one. You got to promote the episode. And every podcast, podcaster listening is going to be nodding their head. I tell our clients this, like you have just been given an opportunity to show up one.

[00:33:49] This is a way to show the podcast host. Hey, I’m putting myself. Out there and promoting and being part of this marketing for you, because I know that traffic means something to you, but also on the other end of it, do you know what that does to elevate the way that the people that are following you? See you.

[00:34:06] When you’re showing them all the places you’re showing up as a guest, it also is great for your audience. So it really truly is a win-win. Yeah. Um, but you want to continue to ship show up on the radar of that podcast, host, you know, getting on their email list and actually replying to some email blasts that come out, you know, tagging them on social media or.

[00:34:24] Commenting on some of their stuff on social media. If there are connections later along the line that come up and you feel like they should meet somebody that you know, or whatever, making those introductions and to. I feel like sometimes when I say this, it makes relationship feel a little bit stiff, but I put everybody in a spreadsheet so that nobody gets lost.

[00:34:45] Kris Ward: You know, I was just thinking, hold on, I’m talking as you talk and let me, I’m supposed to not be interrupting you. Hold on. I just wrote that down. I’m like, Oh my God, you know what happens? It’s all about me people. It’s my show. So, you know, you know what happens is, Oh my gosh, I’m sometimes over limited by structure, but on the other hand, You’ve been on somebody’s show.

[00:35:04] And I was just thinking of a few people. Like I was on their show. Six months ago, we laugh. We had a great time. They sent me a thank you gift. I promoted the heck out of them. And it was all hot and heavy for like six weeks. And then of course I did a bunch of their shows and I did the same thing for them and they fell off the grid and now I’m thinking, Oh my gosh, they should be on my.

[00:35:20] You know, I have different lists. What I call my business buddy lists or whatever, where like, I want to make sure we stay in touch. So yeah, it’s no, it’s, it’s an inventory of success, really. So if you had a spreadsheet, then they’re always going to be top of mind and you could be chiming in. So that’s what I just did.

[00:35:36] I was like, Oh no, I need a spreadsheet. I didn’t think of that. I knew to do everything you’re saying, but then it’s like an assembly line. The next person who places the last person when you’re doing 200

[00:35:46] Kristin Molenaar: episodes, right. First out.

[00:35:48] Kris Ward: Yes. Okay.

[00:35:50] Kristin Molenaar: Yeah. So I actually have like some notes, some questions that I ask myself after I’ve talked to somebody that I answer and how can this person serve me?

[00:36:00] How can I serve that person? And, you know, sometimes Chris, like, I it’s like watching where you were featured and then coming back and being like, Oh, Hey Chris, how did you get on James stream? CO’s show. You never know if you had a good connection with somebody, what doors that they’re going to open up down the line that maybe you could go through as well.

[00:36:19] So there’s always looking for like leveraging opportunities. Yeah. But again, like this has to be rooted in relationship building and I can’t come back to you in a year and be like, Hey Chris, how did you show up on a James Schramko’s show? Can you open that door for me? You’d be like, Kristen, I haven’t heard from you in a year.

[00:36:34] No way you can ask me for a favor right now.

[00:36:37] Kris Ward: Okay. I have to tell this story will whisper because in cases, persons listening to it, I had somebody last week and she just met me and she wants me to be on her show. So she reached out and like, okay, fine. So we have a little meeting cause she wants to be done to be on our show.

[00:36:54] We’re not talking five minutes. And I’m whispering everywhere. We’re not talking five minutes. I don’t know her. I don’t even know her last name yet. She reads out to me and she’s like, Oh, I was wondering if you could give me an introduction to Kevin Harrington from the one of the original sharks on shark tank, because he was on my show.

[00:37:10] And I said, Oh my gosh, I am not in a position to ask Kevin from

[00:37:14] Kristin Molenaar: favors.

[00:37:15] Kris Ward: Like, are you CR I don’t even know you. Nevermind. If I did like you, are you, are you on drugs? Like, even if I could ask Kevin for a favor, I wouldn’t be like random person. I just

[00:37:24] Kristin Molenaar: met, like,

[00:37:25] Kris Ward: I don’t even know your last name. So yes. But again, I don’t feel sometimes that I feel like I’m don’t know if we’re wasting the listener’s time, because I feel like saying, do you need to tell somebody that, like, is that just not something that you should know donuts

[00:37:40] Kristin Molenaar: for that?

[00:37:41] Yeah, it has to be rooted in. In connection, because that’s when you can ask for those favors, I mean, think about your true business bestie or somebody that you really have given value to when they open a new door, they’re more than happy to say like, Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this thing. I just did.

[00:37:58] I want to, I want you to come through that door with me, but that only happens if you are genuine and. You know, the reason that I came across this is because when I started podcasting, it wasn’t about generating leads. It was actually about just talking to entrepreneurs about how entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so hard.

[00:38:15] So I stumbled upon this because in my heart was this like philanthropic reason. I wanted to be a podcast guest, but what’s really been highlighted for me is when people don’t come in with the intent to serve everything falls apart.

[00:38:29] Kris Ward: Right. Okay. So you had on your little list, cause now we’re all focused on that you said, serve me, serve them.

[00:38:35] And was there any other questions on that? Cause they wildly interrupted you?

[00:38:39] Kristin Molenaar: Yes. Okay. How can I serve them? How can they serve me? Um, who are any people in my network that I could connect them with? Who are any people in their network that I would be like. That I would like to be connected with now. Can I unpack that a little bit?

[00:38:51] If there’s somebody, you know, like the person that asked you to introduce them to Kevin, you got to really think about how to tee up these conversations. Because, you know, in my mind I’m thinking like, man, that person had balls. Like I kind of a little bit am like good for you, but also like, can you temporary yourself a bit here?

[00:39:09] So you have to figure out or assess like how big of an influencer am I asking them to give me the key to. And how much of a relationship do I have established with this person? Because there is a snowball effect that happens with being a podcast guest. You know, if you want to be, we’re going to throw James Schramko out there again, if you want to be on James Schramko’s podcasts, how can you start meeting people that know James Schramko and like.

[00:39:35] Positioning yourself to get that door.

[00:39:37] Kris Ward: He’s not sponsoring this show just by the way.

[00:39:42] Kristin Molenaar: Say it so much, right.

[00:39:46] Kris Ward: I’m also listening. They’re over at his show. Now,

[00:39:49] Kristin Molenaar: Joe, here, I’m going to say Joe Schmoe, you can like. Put that over.

[00:39:56] Kris Ward: We’ll do some fancy editing. Okay. So again though, this is where I think I’m a bad human being.

[00:40:01] Cause I feel like saying, you know what? You shouldn’t have to teach people that you really just shouldn’t. You shouldn’t have to know not to ask them, you know, but I’ve been accused, accused. Oh, sorry. We’ve got the same speech pattern. Every time we both go to speak, we talk over each other. Oh my God.

[00:40:17] That’s my big thing I’m working on. I’ve done it 12 times. Okay. I. Now, I don’t even know what I was going to say. Nevermind. Continue.

[00:40:26] Kristin Molenaar: Okay. And the last thing is to write down personal details, sometimes personal details come out, you know, I’ve talked to people and we talk about, you know, Oh my three-year-old you did this thing.

[00:40:36] Or, you know, Oh, something else happened and I’ll give you an example. I actually did an interview on my son’s third birthday. I did it while he was taking a nap. When I scheduled it, I didn’t realize what I was doing. So I ended up scheduling an interview and I mentioned it to the guy that was interviewing me.

[00:40:49] And when he followed up with me a month later, um, to. Like give me the episode recording. He said something about taking time out of my day on my son’s third birthday. And what it said to me was like, Oh my gosh, she was listening to me. It wasn’t all about business. It was also about just getting to know me as a human and, and, and humanizing the connection that we had by bringing up my three-year-old.

[00:41:12] And that detail actually was like,

[00:41:15] Kris Ward: Wow.

[00:41:15] Kristin Molenaar: It really stood out to me. And so this guy’s name, like this guy, he just stands out in my mind because of that thing. So I write down a few personal notes so that I can, you know, later on bring up a con a fluid conversation.

[00:41:30] Kris Ward: That’s a really good point. Little thing that I do is I take a screen capture of them.

[00:41:34] Just, it doesn’t even have to be pretty big because you remember faces, right? Yes. And I did this one. This is show you, even though I’m pretty organized and I have a spectacular memory, but people are annoyed with my memory. I did have these two women speak on similar topics and they resembled each other.

[00:41:49] They actually both had funky hair and whatever. And one in passing conversation was telling me about these weighted blankets. And cause you know, I’m high energy, but that also means you have trouble sleeping. Anyhow, it was life-changing Oh my gosh. If you ever weighted blankets, I get nothing back on this, but check it out.

[00:42:05] And she gave me a particular brand name. So, you know, I was like, I got it. I didn’t believe her. I’m like, okay, let’s try this. So then a month later I sent an email like, Oh my gosh, you are so right. This is life changing. I can’t believe this. Blah, blah, blah. Got away to blanket. And the person who replied it was not the person who said that to me.

[00:42:22] And she said, that’s wonderful. I’m so happy. You’re sleeping. Thanks for sharing this with me. And then I realized, Oh, how wonderful if you to care

[00:42:31] Kristin Molenaar: about my sleep,

[00:42:32] Kris Ward: this has nothing to do with anything that you and I talked about. Right. So luckily she thought it was funny. I mean, it wasn’t a big deal. It was just like, okay, so you’re right.

[00:42:40] These notes do matter because I was all. Wanting to thank that person for giving me a tip. And I dove, as I often do, mid-conversation into an email, like best of friends and she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Right. Yeah. So, okay. These are really good points. Oh my gosh. Our time was so super quickly.

[00:42:56] All right. Give us a final thought of what we should know because man, we’ve got lots of good stuff here.

[00:43:02] Kristin Molenaar: Oh gosh. I feel like I’m just going to repeat what I have been repeating and that is when you want to be a guest on somebody’s podcast. Think about it in terms of verbal relationship with the host, how can you show up in a way that you’re going to make the host life easier?

[00:43:17] So, you know, delivering an episode, that’s going to be impactful to their audience. How can you show them that you genuinely care about what they’re doing and then how can you, you know, make sure that you. Maintain this relationship moving forward and highlight for that person, even beyond the recording, how this is about more than just getting exposure to their audience.

[00:43:39] So be Sure in service to the other person, that’s at the foundation of building an impactful, and I would say profitable relationship with somebody.

[00:43:48] Kris Ward: Wise words of one of my new best business buddies, friends, Kristin Moolenaar, as we wrap up the show and I’m using my new radio voice, it’s been spectacular.

[00:43:59] Those are really good points. And I end the best show is for me. And the ones that people liked the most are when I’m learning, especially when I’m in resist, not resistant, learn learning. Let me rephrase that. Cause I’m never, ever resistant to learning. But especially when I’m like, no, I’m pretty sure this is the, this is the way we’re going to go.

[00:44:14] And they’re like, Oh, okay. You got me at the end there. Okay, Kristen, you are spectacular. Where can people reach you?

[00:44:21] Kristin Molenaar: So you can check our website? Yes. Boss we offer done for you services there. And then the only place I hang out is LinkedIn. Every other social platform drives me crazy, unfortunately.

[00:44:32] Kris Ward: Okay. Check her out on LinkedIn. Tell her you heard us. I heard her on this show. Please send, uh, until the next episode, Kristen. Thank you very much for your time. We so appreciate you.

[00:44:42] Kristin Molenaar: Thank you, Chris. It was such a pleasure.