5 Calendar Tips In 2024 To Beat Burnout

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Productivity, Scaling Your Business

    Why Your Calendar is Like Your Best Friend

    I built this 5 calendar tips in 2024 so you don’t have to.

    Let me share a story about something we all use but often overlook – our calendars.

    You know, for the longest time, I thought my calendar was just for keeping track of meetings..

    or reminding me about my dentist’s appointment.

    But, oh, I was wrong!

    One day, I was feeling totally swamped.

    You know that feeling when there’s so much to do, and you just don’t know where to start?

    That’s when it hit me…
    my calendar is a weapon against entrepreneurial burnout.

    My calendar wasn’t just a bunch of dates and reminders;

    it was the key to sorting out my crazy days and kicking burnout to the curb.

    Many people don’t realize how much calendars help save our time. 

    So, here’s the deal:

    In this blog, I’ll walk you through 5 smart calendar tips in 2024 for small business owners.

    How a simple tool like your calendar..

    can be your best pal in staying on top of things without feeling overwhelmed.

    Everything becomes clearer and easier.

    So, grab a cup of coffee..

    2024 calendar methods for small business spill the tea

    and let’s talk about turning your calendar from a list of dates..

    into your business time wizard. Here are the 5 calendar tips in 2024.

    Calendar Tip #1: Prioritize Important Projects

    Start Your Day With Focus And Attention Stuff First!

    Your calendar is like your GPS for energy.

    Put anything that requires the most attention or focus first thing in the morning.

    You can deal with emails etc later, when your brain power depletes.

    You can bang through them easily, even if you’re tired.

    This way, you give the important work your best!

    You don’t leave it for later in the day when you have time….

    which often keeps getting pushed off.

    We’ve all been there!

    But when I began doing the big stuff in the morning, everything changed.

    Those big projects…

    they got done quicker than I thought.

    It’s like being the captain of your day, right from the start.

    2024 calendar methods for small business be the captain of your day

    Avoiding the risk of entrepreneurial burnout.

    The rest of the small assignments? You can outsource a virtual assistant!

    This is a calendar tip in 2024 that is practical, yet, straightforward.

    Morning is Magic Time

    Those first hours after you wake up are powerful.

    Your brain’s all charged up and ready to go.

    That’s the best time to get into your toughest projects

    I learned this after a lot of trial and error.

    Before, I’d leave important stuff for later in the day and then find myself too tired to do it.

    Those projects just kept getting pushed to the next day.

    Now, I do the important work first thing in the morning.

    Believe me, it turns mountains into little hills.

    It’s all about matching your important work with your best energy.

    Calendar Tip #2: Your Calendar Bank Account

    Time Blocking Over To-Do Lists

    Imagine your calendar as a bank account, but for time.

    Just like you budget your money, you should budget your hours.

    Instead of a long to-do list that just grows and grows, try this:

    block out time on your calendar for each project piece

    2024 calendar methods for small business time blocking

    It’s like making appointments with your business.

    This way, every hour has a job..

    and you’re not just hoping to squeeze everything in.

    Instead of a list that made me feel overwhelmed, I had a clear plan for my day.

    It’s like putting your assignments on a schedule…

    so you know exactly when you’re doing what.

    No more guessing or wishing there were more hours in the day.

    This approach to time management helps:

    • ensure that every hour of your day is spent productively.
    • aligning perfectly with the calendar tips in 2024 for small business owners.

    Calendar Tip #3: Realistic Timing

    We’ve all been there..

    Thinking something will take an hour, and it ends up taking three.

    That happens to the best of us!

    So I understand when you think going faster is the only way out.

    By now, you must realize that only adds to the problem.

    Here’s a tip:

    When something does take extra time…

    Look at your calendar and see what to adjust.

    This allows you to clearly make changes based on priorities

    You’re not running around reacting, and juggling.

    You’re making a strategic decision.

    This will also educate you moving forward

    For example:

    If you think a video will take an hour..

    And you learn it takes an hour and a half.

    You can see what you need to move that day to get it done.

    And you’ll know moving forward that it takes longer

    It’s like adjusting your checking account based on some surprise expenses.

    Doing this calendar tip has saved me from so many headaches.

    It’s about being realistic, not optimistic, with your time.

    This calendar tip in 2024 is based on how you measure your time and allocate it.

    Calendar Tip #4: Syncing Projects with Your Energy

    Energy, Not Just Hours

    Have you ever noticed that some parts of your day..

    you feel like a superhero, and other times, not so much?

    That’s your natural energy flow at work.

    It’s not just about the hours you have; it’s about how you feel during those hours.

    Here’s a tip:

    align your projects with your energy highs and lows.

    For instance, if you’re not a morning person..

    Maybe you don’t schedule meetings with your clients before your coffee!

    You can meet with them later in the day, when your charm starts to kick in!

    This way you’re doing the right things at the right times…

    riding the wave of my energy instead of fighting against it.

    And preventing entrepreneurial burnout.

    It’s like putting on your favorite upbeat music when you need to get a big job done – it just flows better.

    The Magic of Batch Working

    Now, let’s talk about batch working – it’s like meal prepping, but for your work.

    Group similar assignments together and tackle them in one go.

    For example, if you have videos to shoot..

    do them all in at one time instead of spreading them across the week.

    This calendar tip is a lifesaver.

    It cuts down on the time you spend switching gears between different kinds of projects..

    which can really drain your energy.

    Plus, it helps you get into a groove, where you’re more productive and less stressed.

    Imagine you’re baking cookies.

    You wouldn’t bake one cookie at a time, right?

    You’d make a whole batch.

    Same principle here.

    Batch work your stuff and watch how much more you get done, with less energy spent.

    Calendar Tip #5: Working Backwards from Deadlines

    Have you ever felt the panic of a looming deadline?

    It’s like watching a train coming at you and you’re tied to the tracks.

    But there’s a way to untie those knots:

    working backward from deadlines.

    This calendar tip is a game-changer, trust me.

    Let me tell you when I wrote my book.

    The deadline? Fast approaching.

    Instead of freaking out, I flipped my calendar and worked backward.

    I knew I had to get the book to my editor by June.

    So, what did I do? I broke down the process.

    How many pages did I need to write each day to meet that deadline comfortably?

    This method was like a guiding light through the fog of overwhelm.

    By working backward, I made sure every step was covered.

    It wasn’t about cramming in a bunch of work at the last minute.

    It was about steady progress.

    Each day, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and by when.

    No surprises, no stress.

    Think of it like planning a trip.

    You know your departure time, so you figure out:

    • when to leave home
    • when to pack your bags
    • and when to set the alarm.

    This same logic applies to any project or deadline.

    It turns the scary, looming deadline into a series of manageable steps.

    Why Calendars Fail Entrepreneurs: Taking Command of Your Day

    Did you know that most entrepreneurs aren’t really getting the best out of their calendars?

    That’s right – about 95% of business folks are missing out.

    2024 calendar methods for small business percentage

    They’re using their calendars all wrong, and here’s why:

    Think about your calendar not just as a place to drop your appointments, but as your command center.

    It’s where you take control of your day, not just fill it up with things to do.

    Here’s the deal:

    a lot of us treat our calendars like a junk drawer:

    • we throw everything in there and then can’t find what we need when we need it.
    • we stuff our days with back-to-back assignments, meetings, and reminders.

    But at the end of the day, we feel like we’ve been running in circles, not really getting anywhere.

    Your calendar should be more like a well-organized toolbox.

    Every tool has its place, and every project has its time.

    It’s not about how much you can cram into your day;

    it’s about making sure each hour is used effectively.

    So, remember, your calendar is your business manager.

    It’s where you plan your day, your week, and even your month, with purpose and strategy.

    When you start directing your day instead of just filling it…

    that’s when you start seeing real progress in your business…

    and a decrease your hours in that feeling of being constantly overwhelmed.

    Turn Your Calendar into Your Power Tool – Starting Now!

    So, we’ve journeyed through transforming your calendar…

    from just a list of dates to your own business time wizard.

    From tackling the big stuff first thing in the morning…

    to master the art of working backwards from deadlines.

    We’ve covered a lot.

    But here’s the real kicker:

    none of this matters unless you put it into action. Right now. Today.

    Your calendar is more than just pages or an app;

    it’s a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed.

    It’s time to take everything we’ve discussed and make it a living, breathing part of your day.

    Start tomorrow morning.

    Block out that first hour for something big, something that matters.

    Then, watch as those once overwhelming projects become victories before lunchtime.


    Direct your day, don’t just fill it.

    And as you move forward, keep tweaking, keep adjusting.

    Find your rhythm.

    Make your calendar a reflection of your energy, not just your obligations.

    Imagine, in a few weeks, looking back and wondering how you ever managed without this.

    That’s the power of using your calendar right.

    It’s not just about managing time; it’s about managing your business and your life.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Grab your calendar, and let’s turn those plans into reality.

    Your journey to a more productive, less stressed life starts now.

    Go make it happen!

    What Others Are Saying

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