How To Work Only 20 Hours A Week In Your Small Business

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    As small business owners, we are often overworked and stressed out. There is always this urgency to get more done. For most small business owners that means working later and later hours. But there is another way!

    Here are some mistakes that are holding you back from working 20 hours a week. The good news is that you can fix them and start getting more done in less time!

    Thinking That You Need A Big Team

    How To Work Only 20 Hours A Week In Your Small BusinessYes, you need a team to scale your business. Otherwise you will always be struggling to keep up with the growth of your business which is completely different than scaling your business.

    However, having a team is a philosophy it’s not about a number. You can have an amazing team of two people.

    With the right set up one to two people can give you traction in your business that you never dreamed possible.

    Hiring a virtual assistant and outsourcing admin work can be a complete game changer for you.

    Getting rid of administrative tasks can really cut down on your hours. That’s what make BPO companies so popular. You don’t even need to hire full time. It’s one of the many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

    Your Filipino virtual assistant can work part time on your social media, administrative work, the list goes on.

    Scaling your business with outsourcing means you can easily hit six figures with only one team member. I know, I’ve done it myself and helped many of my clients do it too.

    Thinking Systems and Processes Will Restrict You

    Most people when they hear about systems and processes, tense up and feel like a restriction is about to be placed upon them. When in fact it’s the exact opposite. It actually frees you up in a powerful way.

    How To Work Only 20 Hours A Week In Your Small Business

    Free’s Up Time

    Systems and processes allow you to build on your success. This means consistency of service, eliminating mistakes, and expediting your work.

    Reduce Effort And Cost

    Using systems and processes allows you to reduce effort and cost. The most common mistake entrepreneurs make is assuming that their time is free.

    Transferring Work

    Having systems and processes that are effective allow you to transfer your work to your team. It also allows your team to become more efficient at what they do. This is essential for any company to grow and scale.

    Saves You MONEY!

    Systems and processes save you a lot of money.

    You save money by

    -avoiding mistakes

    -increasing your output

    -reducing your efforts

    -expediting all work

    -working on income generating projects

    Confusing Growing Your Business With Scaling Your Business

    How To Work Only 20 Hours A Week In Your Small BusinessWhen you grow your business you are constantly playing a game of catch-up. It’s time consuming, exhausting and counterproductive.

    In order to work less hours you need to change your entrepreneur mindset. Small business owners need to focus on scaling their business.

    The benefits of outsourcing for small business is it lets you constantly scale your business. This means doing more work in less time, making more money and moving on to the next thing…so you can get even more work done in less time and make even more money.

    Outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants have allowed small business owners to scale in a way they never could previously. A small business owner could have years of experience but not be able to keep up with someone who had more resources than them. Assistants in the Philippines are extremely affordable. It’s one of the benefits of outsourcing virtual assistants.

    It’s easy to get bogged down in the web of administrative chores. This is how small business owners end up working so many hours. Now outsourced administrative chores can be decreased and eliminated. It’s a whole new day in process management and scaling your business.

    Your Calendar Is Your Time Bank Account

    How To Work Only 20 Hours A Week In Your Small Business

    Most small business owners use their calendar to keep track of outside appointments. When they’ve scheduled time with a prospect or anyone aside there business it’s on the calendar. Yet they fail repeatedly to put their own work on their own calendar.

    In fact, many small-business owners will say that I do that everyday so I don’t need to remember it. What this means is your heading into your day thinking you may have 8 hours but you only have six because you’re not counting your daily chores. Email takes up time and very few people scheduled that on their calendar.

    So think about it like this if you had a car payment that came out every month.

    You would never say well I don’t count it because it comes out every month and the same thing goes for your calendar. The money is gone, you must count it. It’s the same with your calendar. The time is gone.

    Thinking Tech will save you.

    We live in a fantastic time when it comes to technology. Yet, this can also cripple us in many ways.

    I’ve seen too many people (myself included) buy some software…

    thinking once I learn how to use it (which will take months) that..

    my big investment will pay off.

    Only to see it was another expensive detour.


    How To Work Only 20 Hours A Week In Your Small Business

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