3 Key Time Management Tips for Business Owners!

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    How to Crush Your Demanding Schedule And Grow Your Profits?

    In a podcast episode with Connie Whitman…

    I dove into effective strategies…

    to crush your demanding schedule…

    and grow your profits.

    Running a business feels like…

    you’re trying to catch a bunch of balls thrown at you…

    all at once.

    It’s tough. I’ve been there.


    I thought I was working crazy hours for my small business. But, why did I start a small business? It wasn’t to ignore my health, family and destroy my lifestyle! #WorkLifeBalance #SmallBizJourney #entrepreneurmindset

    ♬ original sound – Kris Ward! Win Time Back! – Kris Ward! Win Time Back!

    And I found a way not just to catch them…

    but to throw them back and score some goals.

    This is all about turning the crazy busy…

    into a day to make more money.

    Let me answer your questions…

    and show you how to take that wild schedule of yours….

    and make it work for you, not against you.

    Let’s jump into making your day-to-day less…

    about just getting through it…

    and more about growing your profits.

    Ready? Let’s do this!

    How to manage a hectic schedule and increase profits?

    Here’s my take:

    it’s all about getting some help.

    Why You Need a Team (Yes, Even a Small One!)

    Think of your business like a big league game.

    You’re the star player, sure…

    but even the best athletes can’t win…

    without a solid team helping them up.

    In business…

    Bringing on a Virtual Assistant (VA).

    Virtual assistants are the unseen heroes in our small business team for time management

    This move is like passing the ball…

    so you can make the winning shot.

    With a virtual assistant…

    you get to focus on the plays that score big –

    the ones that drive your profits up.

    Here’s How You Do It:

    1. Sort Your Projects

    Take a good look at your daily grind.

    What tasks are eating up your time…

    but not really pushing your business forward?

    Those are your prime candidates for hiring a virtual assistant.

    2. Start Small

    You don’t need to go all out right away.

    Hire a VA for just a few hours each week.

    Think of it as dipping your toes in the water.

    You’ll soon see how freeing up…

    even a little bit of your time…

    can make a huge difference.

    3. Move Forward

    With your virtual assistant taking care of the admin tasks…

    you’ve got more room to breathe and move forward.

    Use that extra time to zero in on the stuff that really matters –

    the strategies and projects that will grow your business…

    and bump up your profits.

    It’s pretty straightforward:

    • get a virtual assistant,
    • assign the small stuff,
    • and keep your eyes on the prize.

    Time management with a virtual assistant will let you achieve more, faster and smarter.

    What are the best tools for improving time management and boosting business profits?

    So, you’ve got your team started…

    even if it’s just you and your virtual assistant for now.

    What’s next?

    It’s time to gear up with the right tools…

    to take your time management..

    and profits from good to great.

    Crafting Your Systems and Processes

    I call my systems and processes super toolkits (STK).

    And, I’m all about that super toolkit.

    It’s like your business’s utility belt…

    packed with everything you need to save the day.

    The trick is knowing what tools to fill it with.

    Here’s where to start:

    Scrum Meetings

    Think of these as your strategic huddles.

    Daily or weekly, get your team together…

    (yes, even if it’s a virtual meet-up with your virtual assistant)

    to lay out the game plan.

    • What’s on the agenda?
    • What’s priority?

    This keeps everyone aligned and focused.

    Here’s a few second clip of one of my scrums with my virtual assistants:

    Project Management Tools

    These are your playbooks.

    Tools like Basecamp, Notion, or whatever floats your boat…

    help keep tabs on your projects…

    making sure everything’s running smooth.

    Review and CUE (Create, Use and Edit):

    The best part about your systems and processes?

    It’s never set in stone.

    Create Use Edit

    As your business grows and changes…

    so should your tools.

    Found a new strategy that cuts through projects…

    like a hot knife through butter? Add it in!

    Something not working anymore? Toss it.

    Keep your systems and processes…

    as dynamic as your business.

    You’re not just doing time management better;

    you’re setting the stage for profit growth.

    It’s about making sure you and your team…

    are always on the ball, ready to jump on opportunities…

    the moment they arise.

    Can optimizing my daily schedule impact my profit?

    Spoiler alert: It totally can.

    Let’s break it down.

    Why Every Minute Counts

    It’s all about choosing what you do wisely:

    Short Meetings Are Best (Scrum)

    As mentioned earlier, scrums are the best…

    for strategic huddles.

    Long meetings can be a drag.

    If it can be discussed in a short loom video, make it one.

    This way, you have more time for work…

    that puts money in your pocket.

    Do Important Work When You’re at Your Best

    Some work makes you money directly.

    Do that work when you feel most awake and with energy…

    Focus your prime hours on those profit-pushing activities.

    Everything else can wait or be handed off.

    Dodge the Dreaded Three D’s:

    When your schedule’s a mess…

    it’s easy to fall into the trap of:

    • damaged overhead (spending too much time on low-return tasks),
    • delayed income (putting off the big money-makers), and
    • diminished opportunities (missing out because you’re too tangled in the minor details).

    Do not fall into the trap of 3 D’s!

    Keep your daily plan clean and focused…

    to dodge these pitfalls.

    Wrapping It Up

    We’ve taken a stroll through making your schedule a:

    • lean,
    • mean,
    • profit-boosting machine.

    It’s clear that smart time management…

    isn’t just a nice-to-have;

    it’s your secret sauce to earning more.

    Start with just one virtual assistant…

    create your systems and processes…

    and use project management tools to support you.

    It’s like planting a seed.

    You water it and soon…

    you’ve got a blooming garden of productivity.

    This team, no matter how small at the beginning…

    is your first step towards…

    breaking free from the day-to-day grind…

    and focusing on big-picture strategies…

    that moves you forward.

    Keep an open mind.

    Today, scrum meetings are your golden ticket…

    Stay curious and be ready to adapt.

    It’s this mindset that keeps you ahead of the curve…

    and your business grow.

    Real Stories, Real Success

    Don’t just take my word for it.

    Click play to hear directly from those who’ve conquered their entrepreneurial challenges using my proven strategies.

    Their stories are not just inspiring but also a testament to what you can achieve.

    Ready to start yours?

    All the Stuff You’re Wondering About Entrepreneurial Challenges, Answered!

    What's the quickest way to solve work-life balance issues?

    The quickest way is to create a W.I.N team.

    It’s your team of virtual assistants that help you focus on what truly matters.

    This way, you can reclaim your personal time without sacrificing your business growth.

    How do I stop feeling overwhelmed all the time?

    Take my entrepreneur personality quiz.

    It helps you identify your entrepreneurial traits and how to better manage your time.

    You’ll get personalized tips to stop feeling overwhelmed.

    I'm struggling to find the right virtual assistant for my business. What should I do?

    I have a 12-step hiring formula with a 95% retention rate.

    It’s a game-changer for finding the right virtual assistant.

    If you want to know more, book a call with me to talk about hiring a virtual assistant.

    What are the latest trends in solving entrepreneurial challenges?

    The latest trends focus on smart systems and processes.

    My systems and processes that I call Super Tool Kits are a prime example of this.

    Helping you streamline your business operations.

    Ready to level up?


    Be our next success story and find out

    how you can make 2024 your best year yet.


    Are You Ready For Your Next Big Win?

    Know your entrepreneur personality and I’ll take it from there!

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