How Scrum Works In A Small Business?

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    Why Scrum Is Important?

    Things change at lightning speed.

    What rocked yesterday might flop today.

    That’s why scrum works…

    as my framework for team huddles.


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    It keeps me and my team…

    in sync with the ever-spinning world—

    be it tech shifts or in what people want. 

    According to Michael Sanders of DoneDone, scrum methodology works like…

    you chop the giant tasks into bite-sized pieces.

    Think Lego magic.

    Instead of a castle-building marathon…

    we lay one brick at a time.

    Need a tweak? No sweat. 

    We just shuffle the bricks around.

    For us small business warriors…

    scrum works like our compass.

    It spotlights the hits and misses.

    It keeps our strategies flexible.

    Scrum is a no-brainer for small businesses.

    It’s straightforward, logical, and just…fits.

    It gears us up to bring our A-game…

    no matter how much the game changes.

    Pumped to see scrum in action?

    Let’s roll up our sleeves…

    and walk through making scrum your small business’s…

    secret to getting more done. 

    Onward to the action plan!

    Understanding Scrum’s Core Values

    At the heart of Scrum are 5 key values: 

    1. Commitment
    2. Focus
    3. Openness
    4. Respect, and 
    5. Courage. 

    5 Scrum Core Values

    They’re the engine that drives…

    how you work together as a team…

    Especially if you have a virtual assistant.

    They help you build a team where…

    • everyone can count on each other
    • stay on target
    • share ideas openly, 
    • respect each other well, 
    • and brave the tough moments. 

    This is super important for small businesses that want to grow and move quickly.

    With these core values fueling our drive…

    let’s jump into the FAST track for implementing scrum in your small business…

    gearing up for some serious productivity boosts!

    A FAST Guide to Implementing Scrum


    Always know what you’re working towards…

    Keep your eyes on the prize…

    whether it’s kicking off something new…

    or making what you have even better…

    through communication.

    Talk, talk, talk. 

    Make sure everyone knows what’s going on now…

    and what the plan is for the future.


    Be ready to go with all the info, links…

    and stuff you need right at your fingertips. 

    This way, you can jump into action… 

    without waiting around…

    and make changes fast when you need to.


    Remember, success comes from giving things a shot. 

    Not everything will work out perfectly…

    but every attempt is a chance to learn and get better. 

    The key is to keep trying and adjusting.

    Success is in: 

    • the stretch
    • the reach, 
    • the relentless pursuit.


    Get things done quickly…

    and don’t waste moments on stuff that doesn’t matter. 

    The goal is to do great work in less time…

    so you can do more of what matters.

    By keeping these values and steps in mind…

    you can make Scrum work wonders for your small business. 

    It’s all about: 

    • moving fast 
    • staying connected, 
    • and being ready to switch things up when you need to. 

    More bang for your buck…

    more quality in less time…

    that’s the mantra.

    Scrums are the FAST way to grow your business

    With the FAST guide setting your pace…

    let’s shift gears to explore how LEADERSHIP…

    supercharges these scrum values…

    turning teamwork into dream work.

    The Impact of Leadership on Scrum Values

    When it comes to scrum…

    having strong leaders in the mix really matters…

    especially for the value of Openness. 

    Leaders help set the stage for everyone to: 

    • speak up, 
    • share their thoughts, 
    • and throw out ideas or worries. 

    Without this kind of leadership…

    you or your virtual assistant might hold back…

    keeping quiet about what you think or feel. 

    This can slow things down…

    because scrum works best when everyone’s on the same page…

    working together as one big team.

    Good leaders encourage everyone to be open. 

    They create a space where it’s okay to talk about anything – 

    whether it’s a super cool idea, a little concern…

    or even a big problem. 

    Leadership keeps the team strong…

    and helps everyone solve issues together, fast. 

    Leaders keep the team strong

    It’s like when you’re playing a team sport; 

    if everyone feels free to say, “Hey, let’s try this move,” 

    or “I think I spotted a problem,” 

    the team can work out the best play together.

    Leadership doesn’t just tell people what to do.

    It’s about making sure everyone feels heard and valued. 

    That way, the team can use the scrum values…

    to do great work, solve problems…

    and keep getting better at what they do.

    Scrum – Your Small Business Superpower

    Putting scrum into play in your small business… 

    is like hitting the refresh button. 

    It’s all about getting better all the time…

    working as one tight team…

    and doing things smarter, not harder. 

    With my FAST guide as your playbook…

    and scrum’s big five values as your north star…

    you’re all set to tackle…

    whatever the business world throws your way. 

    Move fast, but steady with scrum

    You’ll be moving fast, but steady…

    ready to make quick moves with total confidence.

    Kick off your Scrum journey today…

    and see how it changes the game for your team. 

    It’s not just about getting work done; 

    it’s about getting it done…

    in a way that makes everyone feel pumped…

    about what you’re achieving together. 

    For small businesses…

    this is the key to unlocking a whole new level of awesome.

    And hey, the learning doesn’t stop here. 

    There are heaps of resources out there…

    to help you keep growing with scrum. 

    Keep building your scrum mastery. 

    What Others Are Saying

    Nothing speaks more about the effectiveness of scrums than the success stories of our clients.

    Here is one of the testimonials from satisfied business owners:


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