Doing More With Less In Business This 2024 In 3 Steps

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Blog, Productivity

    How can I save time on daily tasks in my business?

    Implement systems and processes, optimize your calendar, and involve your virtual assistant with business goals to save time on daily tasks. That’s how you do it.

    It’s 2024, and we’ve got to make everything we have go further…

    Everyone’s talking about doing big things…

    but the trick is doing them without being overwhelmed…

    So, how do we pull this off?


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    ♬ Bad Habit – _.NOT._ME._#2

    First off, let’s agree that we all want to achieve great things…

    but in a way that doesn’t leave us or our resources drained.

    To make this real, I’ll share my 3 tips with you…

    that can make a huge difference:

    1. Create your systems and processes,
    2. Optimize how you use your calendar, and;
    3. Involve your virtual assistant in your business goals

    So, what’s this all about?

    It’s simple.

    We’re finding ways to do more with less –

    less stress, less mess, and more success.

    According to U.S. Chamber of Commerce (2023), over 50% of small business owners…

    report putting in more hours this year compared to last…

    all in the pursuit of doing more with less in business.

    It’s 2024, and it’s time to work smarter.

    Let’s dive into how these tips can make a huge difference…

    and start making big things happen…

    without pushing ourselves or our resources too far.

    1. Create Your Systems and Processes

    First off, your business needs a roadmap…

    and not the kind that leads you to getting lost.

    I’m talking about a system…

    a real-deal blueprint that helps every piece of your puzzle fit.

    It’s about spotting those repeated admin stuff…

    and the places where things slow down to a crawl…

    then streamlining them so everything runs like butter.

    What’s the goal of creating systems and processes?

    A business that runs smoothly while you focus on the big stuff.

    Think about cooking in a kitchen…

    If you don’t have recipes (systems) and know-how (processes)…

    you’ll end up with a mess, not a masterpiece.

    We want to set up a master chef’s kitchen for your business…

    Create Your Systems and Processes

    By crafting systems and processes…

    you’re laying down a recipe book for success.

    This whole idea is about really changing how you use your time.

    By making projects simpler and getting rid of the mess…

    you’re not just stopping time from being wasted;

    you’re actually making more time for yourself.

    Time that you can use to make your business better…

    come up with new ideas, and grow…

    or even just to relax and feel good about what you’ve done.

    So, setting up your systems and processes is like…

    laying down tracks for your business’s success train.

    Once the tracks are down:

    • your business can move along these tracks more smoothly
    • work better,
    • and keep going where you want it to go without all the stress of getting off track.

    Start putting together your systems and processes of doing things…

    that will help your business do really well.

    2. Optimize How You Use Your Calendar

    Now, onto the calendar – It might seem like just a bunch of boxes with dates…

    but trust me, your calendar should be the tool…

    that helps you turn your hours into something valuable.

    like making it your strategy center for tackling the day.

    Use time-blocking, which is like drawing up a game plan for your day.

    You’re not just organizing your day;

    you’re setting the stage for bigger wins.

    Successful entrepreneurs can tell a lot about a business… just by looking at someone's calendar

    Every bit of time you save from unnecessary stuff…

    is an opportunity to focus on what truly matters—

    • growing your business, and;
    • learning new ideas,

    In essence, optimizing your calendar…

    is about making every hour work for you, not against you and avoid the crazy burnout. 

    Let your calendar guide you through each day with purpose and intention…

    turning your time into your most valuable asset.

    3. Involve Your Virtual Assistant In Your Business Goals

    Here’s why bringing your Virtual Assistant (VA)…

    into your goal-setting circle is a top tip…

    for doing more with less in business:

    Your Virtual Assistant is your behind-the-scenes powerhouse.

    By sharing your goals with them…

    you’re empowering them to become key players…

    in your business’s success story.

    Tell them exactly what you’re shooting for—

    be it boosting your social media game…

    or brainstorming groundbreaking ideas (I use scrum with my team).

    Why does this matter?

    virtual assistants are behind-the-scenes powerhouse.

    When your virtual assistant knows the endgame…

    their work becomes more focused and impactful.

    This approach does two powerful things:

    • First, it elevates your VA’s role, they’re in the game with you, playing to win.
    • Second, it frees you to concentrate on big-picture growth.

    Involving your VA in your business goals…

    leverages their skills that multiply your business to achieve more with less.

    Your VA is a key strategy for scaling your business in 2024.

    Wrapping Up

    Doing more with less in business is all about:

    • being smart,
    • planning well,
    • and using what and who we have the best way we can.

    We need to set up systems that help us get stuff done faster…

    use our calendar to keep our days straight…

    and make sure our Virtual Assistant knows exactly what we’re aiming for.

    This is how we make things run smoothly.

    Think of it like having the coolest toolbox.

    With the right tools (our systems, calendar, and VA)…

    we’re ready to do anything that comes our way.

    So, here’s to 2024 being our year to shine by doing more with less in business!

    By the end, it’ll feel like we had everything we needed and more.

    Let’s jump in and make this year amazing…

    doing big things and having fun along the way.

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