Win The Hour Win The Day: Chapter One of My Book

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    I always loved a good preview.

    There are so many shows that I wouldn’t have enjoyed had I not seen the preview.

    So I thought I would do the same for you.

    I’ve never done this before so this is a real experiment.

    Win The Hour Win The Day: Chapter One of My BookI’m throwing the first chapter of my book out here so you can all have a preview

    I get a lot of compliments about how easy my book is to read. And how quickly you can implement the ideas. I’m all about no fluff big results.

    So when some one says it’s an easy read and they can easily implement the ideas…

    that’s the two biggest compliments I could get as an author.

    Here’s the thing: There is this common practice in the business community that a book is really like an expensive business card. Just having a book makes you an authority. And so there are some that don’t put as much work into their book because it’s really about having the cover to hold up in the actual book.

    That was not the case with me I poured everything into this book. I want to create a movement where your business supports your life instead of consuming it. I wanted this book to reach people that didn’t have time, we’re working too hard and didn’t know what to do next.

    A little backstory

    I started out over 12 ago as a marketing strategist. The first two years I was in business, I worked insane hours.

    It was 16 hour days, most of the time and it was just nuts.

    And two years. I had people gently tell me that I was starting to lose some of my charm;)

    Two years without sleep, you get a bit edgy.


    So I realized, well, that’s not working. And I couldn’t sustain it. The people that were cheering me on supporting me the most, I was starting to become, you know, rather impatient with them.

    So moving the story along, I really went from 16 hours a day down to six.

    Now that didn’t happen overnight.

    That’s a whole story in itself, but bear with me as we move forward.

    Luckily, I had made this changes because a couple years later my husband had been diagnosed with colon cancer. And I had been pulled away from the business for about two years. When I returned, after his passing, my existing clients had no idea of my absence.

    It wasn’t how we navigated his journey. We were very positive in nature. It was just something that I didn’t talk about. So the local business community, nobody knew.

    My clients started to approach me under the fragility of life. And they started to say like, “if you were away and we had no idea, maybe you could help me get to my kid’s soccer games”

    Scale Your Business With Outsourcing

    Win The Hour Win The Day: Chapter One of My BookWhen I was struggling through the first years of my business, I assumed that once you reach a certain level only then could you afford to have help. The reality is you won’t get to that level without hiring a virtual assistant.

    The biggest shock to me the benefits of outsourcing for your small business.

    I had no idea how affordable it was and how much freedom it would give me to scale my business.

    I also always thought that I was saving money by doing things myself. I did not understand that I was the most damaging overhead to my business. I was the one choking my progress. I was the bottleneck.

    The magic is that virtual assistant outsourcing gets rid of all your small business tasks. It’s a complete game changer when you outsource admin work.

    There are so many benefits to outsourcing virtual assistants. I guarantee you I would not have the business I have today without them. I also wouldn’t be talking to you about my book either!

    If you want to create a real business and not an expensive hobby, you need to start using outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants.

    Systems and Process

    Win The Hour Win The Day: Chapter One of My BookI was in business a long time before I understood the difference between growing your business and scaling your business. No one talks to small business owners about this distinction.

    Growing your business is when you’re looking to bring in more revenue. This is of course important but it also means your constant pain game of catch up.

    Scaling your business is when you continue to bring in more revenue but your output of activity decreases. So what does this mean? It means you work less hours and make more money in less time.

    One of the benefits of outsourcing assistants is you can create systems and processes. Outsourcing administrative works frees you up to get to the real work.

    You don’t need to hire someone full time, you can get a part time outsourcer it’s one of the benefits of hiring a virtual outsourcer.

    There are outsourcing companies that can provide you assistants in the Philippines when hiring a VA. Many of my clients, found our program yielded better results. What outsourcing firms don’t tell you is….if you are not set up properly the best companies in the Philippines won’t be able to give you the return on your investment that you’re looking for with outsourcing.

    With the right set up you truly build an amazing team. You can have outsourcers that work effectively, independently and frankly that manage you. They become so much more than just a virtual assistant. You could have a project manager, customer service rep or a social media expert.



    Win The Hour Win The Day: Chapter One Of My Book


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