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Tik Tok Is A Game Changer For Your Content! with Helen Polise



Episode Summary

Helen Polise has exploded on Tik Tok! And she has some amazing insights as to why Tik Tok will help your business!!

-her secret sauce and how you can do it too – today!
-why this platform is more forgiving than any other!
-how this will change how you see all your social media!



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Helen Polise Podcast Transcription

START[00:12:11]Kris Ward: Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of when the hour and the day podcast. And I am your lucky host, Kris Ward. And today we have a super special guest in the house. Oh my heavens, Helen Polise is the bomb. And you know what? If you’re not on Tik Tok, you probably don’t know her yet, but you got to go over there.

[00:12:29] Because I’m going to welcome her to the show in a minute, but hold on, stick with me. I know, I thought TikTok  was all about dancing and whatnot. It’s not like that anymore. It really has changed the game and it really has changed how I see all the other platforms and how I create messaging. And a big part of that is when I tripped across this spectacular content creator, Helen. Helen, welcome to the show.

[00:12:52]Helen Polise: Hi, I feel welcome. Thank you for having me.

[00:12:55]Kris Ward: Helen, I want to dive right in. I want to say you have a spectacular gift at explaining things to people and really what I felt like as if I walked into a room and you were just there waiting for me and I’m walking by like, Hey, we’re waiting for you. Come on over here and get some stuff to show you.

[00:13:11] Right. And I felt instantly, like I knew you and you made learning fun, especially when that can be really, I don’t know, labor intensive when you’re on a new platform. Right. But you do something. Yeah. And your ‘how tos’ are so dynamic and interesting and effective. You’re a spectacular teacher, but you really have made me see making all content totally different now.

[00:13:37] Like now how I see any content that I produce on any platform I see differently from what I’ve learned from you in such a short period of time. So let me stop talking and you’re going to talk to us about, you know, at the end of the show, she’s really doing some spectacular stuff. You guys want to cash in on this opportunity and get to know her, but let’s start with TikTok.

All right. Why should I be on TikTok? What are some mistakes people are making? What do they not know? All that kind of stuff. 

[00:14:01]Helen Polise: Okay. So first off I started on TikTok during the pandemic because my background is in production. I direct TV commercials. I produce, I’ve been producing for my whole career and I just had no work.

[00:14:11] So I said, oh, how am I going to be creative during this hiatus? So I started, I flipped the camera on myself and I started filming content and I just fell in love with it. I fell in love with the whole idea of being able to be creative every single day. And I learned the app I taught myself, everybody says, who taught you? I taught myself, I poked, I poked.

[00:14:29] I figured it out. How do I do it? And I made it happen. And then once I was able to make content, because I know the skills of editing from my career, I had to translate that into the app. And then I started to go viral. Got an audience. They were asking me, how did I do my TikToks? Like, you’re so good at this and quote, you’re older. How did you figure this out? So…

[00:14:47]Kris Ward: Okay. Hold on. Dramatic pause. I have to give a dramatic pause. First of all, I know you said that I don’t. Okay. I did not know it was that recently, so that’s a shocking to me because you have exploded. So you did it in that short of time is crazy. And I also, I think it’s fantastic that you talk about your production background, but really.

[00:15:06] Tik TOK is so user-friendly like, you’re not, and the work you do is not crazy, crazy edits. So you, so I want to say that you really brought the game up without making it complicated. Like when you say that you make it sound like, oh, these are highly produced videos. They’re not, they’re very simple job, keeping it simple and yeah, a hundred percent.

[00:15:29] She breaks it down. It’s really simple. So even though she’s got this production background, their videos don’t look like that. Like, I don’t mean that, I mean, as a compliment. 

[00:15:36]Helen Polise: No. And I appreciate that because they should not look produced. It’s completely different. I don’t have a camera man and an editor like I do when I do write commercials, I just have the knowledge of how to put something together in my head.

[00:15:47] But I had to figure out how to do it with an app. So I say, okay, I’m going to tell the story of me walking to a restaurant like I did last night. So I’m gonna shoot some shots of me walking. I’m gonna shoot point of view shots. I’m going to shoot shots of myself. I’m going to shoot some things that I see along the way.

[00:15:59] And then I have to figure out how to string it together in this app called TikTok so that…

[00:16:03]Kris Ward: Okay. Oh, hold on, hold on. Sorry. Okay. Sorry. There’s so many good points here already. She hasn’t even, I haven’t let her finish one sentence yet. Okay. Back up for a second too, because I feel the need to address this.

[00:16:13] When you keep saying you’re older, you guys can check this video out on YouTube. What she means is she’s not 12. There are 12 year olds on TikTok. She has a driver’s license and a mortgage, but that she’s not older. So she keeps going around telling people she’s older. I guess it’s all perspective, but she’s not older.

[00:16:30] So I feel the need to defend you there. And I never thought of just taking shots when I would be thinking, okay, I have to walk and talk. So you’re just taking visual shots that you could use later. I never thought of that, oh my gosh, what a takeaway.

[00:16:45Helen Polise: Two things. Oh, there’s some interesting graffiti. Oh my goodness.

Look, somebody wrote on the sidewalk, I shoot my feet walking and then I revealed that the love birds on the sidewalk, whatever it is that I see, I just kind of record and then occasionally flip the camera so that you know, it’s me and I’ll shoot myself walking and waving or quick shot of me looking at the camera.

[00:17:02] It’s very easy to create content if you think of it as part of your day, and you set up before that, you learned this from me already, that you just document things in your life and you will be able to put them together as content. Once you put music on things, everything, the world is a music video. Your life is a music vieo. You’re boring life is a music video, no joke. 

[00:17:21]Kris Ward: Well, I think what that was powerful for me, I finally got into my head that it’s not about producing content. It’s about documenting what I already do. And so I had given you a quick example where I walked across the street to my neighbors and I given them dessert.

[00:17:34] And I was talking about relationships and how I had really let that go for so many years in the business, in my business, because I would be too busy, grinding it out. And I was rotating relationships instead of maintaining them. So I did a video walking across the street. Okay. This all sounds like danger, but I live in the country for fine.

[00:17:50] There was no cars, but anyhow, so I did the video and I thought, look at me, I’m all that in a bag of chips, because I’m now starting to look at everything as an opportunity. But I thought when you’re shooting all these videos, that would be me saying, okay, I’m now going to talk during a video, but you’re just collecting stuff constantly worry about doing that later. 

[00:18:07]Helen Polise: Yes, you don’t have to talk at all because literally think about TikTok, a music app. It started out as it was named Musically before TikTok. So you can actually just, especially, I tell people who don’t want to be on camera even. You can shoot point of view things and create a music video out of something.

[00:18:22] Your flat, your garden, you’re growing things in your garden. You shoot shots of things you’re planting, and you can make a whole, like here’s how to build a garden video without ever being in it. So anything can be content if you have a passion for whatever it is that you’re doing. And that’s what I love about

[00:18:37] how I ended up here as the teacher, because I was making videos. And then I suddenly found myself at parties or parties, virtual parties at that point talking about… I got there or people are asking me, how did I make those videos? And I’m like, I just, I don’t know. I just like put them together with the music and then I would get so excited to explain to them how to do it.

[00:18:53] And I realized, this is what I need to do. I need to teach people how to do this because I have this knowledge that I collected during this period of time learning TikTok, and I wanted to share it and I love it. And I think this is a very good point to note. There’s a lot of people who know what to do on TikTok already.

[00:19:10] And people come into my comments and they say, I know how to do every single thing, but I watch your videos all the way through, because I love how you explain it. They already know how to do the things that I’m explaining yet. They’re watching my videos all the way through. I get these comments all the time.

[00:19:23] Why are they watching my videos? And they’ll say, you’re engaging. It’s the way you explained it. I feel like it’s a warm hug. I feel like I just,  I just got explained something to, and a lot of them say by my mom and I don’t mind. This is a teenage app and there’s 20 year olds on the app and my children are in their twenties.

[00:19:37] So, I faced, I know I’m saying older, but I mean, I’m older than a teenager. I’m not senior, but because of that, I think I stood out to many people. I was relatable. Somebody came on the app, Jenny Hutt had me on her show and she said, oh my God, I saw you. And I thought she’s like me and she knows how to do this.

[00:19:56] This is so awesome. So that’s the part of it. I think that I love the most is that I’m empowering people who might think it’s too late to do this, or I’m too old to do this, or I can’t be on camera because of the sudden the other thing about me. So…

[00:20:08]Kris Ward: You do make it very freeing because, and I think what you’re doing is explaining is like back to your other point, there’s so many points here is that when I could be taking a picture of, let’s say I’m walking on the trail and I could use that video where I could, then it’s not even about just the music video, but I could put text on top of that saying, because one of the things we do is when you work with us, My clients, I’ll say they get 25 hours back a week within the first month of working with us.

[00:20:32] So where do you spend your 25 hours could be in the text and the overlay while you’re just walking on the trail? You’re right. So I think, it is very freeing and the way that you show us to do a lot of content. But also your ability to teach. So help me, God, when I’m telling you a week of watching your videos, that I had this false sense of like, she’s my friend, she knows me now.

[00:20:55] We had not had any conversation then, but I was expecting when I reached out for you to be on the podcast. And you know, the funny thing is she’s so good at following up when you make comments was like, yeah, Kris and I’m like, see, she does know me. She, cause I think when I’m watching you, you’re watching me because you do this great job.

[00:21:11] But I think to your bigger point is. And this is something we all need to hear as small business owners, entrepreneurs, you didn’t reinvent the wheel, but you, I heard an example one time where they talked about why open another pizza joint because you know what? You have special sauce. So your special sauce.

[00:21:32]Helen Polise: Yeah. So my special sauce is my way of teaching and my stylists, you know, nobody does this style it, but I do re I realize that now, because this is a really funny thing, and this is going to be very relevant to your audience I think. About a week ago, I started posting tutorials on Facebook reels. Not TikTok tutorials.

[00:21:48] I posted Instagram because Instagram and Facebook are kind of hand in hand. And I know a lot of people went from Facebook to Instagram and they were like, I don’t know what to do with Instagram. So I said, you know what, I’m going to start posting some Instagram reels tutorials, which I was doing already.

[00:22:00] And I’ll put them on Facebook. And in one week I have 5,000 followers on Facebook on that Facebook page in one week. I’m not kidding. Like 40 followers on his Facebook page because it was like my place where I was going to teach on Facebook. And now I have 5,000 in one week because I posted tutorials and there’s tons of people doing tutorials.

[00:22:18] Why are they following me? So I do have a special sauce and I have to embrace that about myself. Like I it’s almost like, no, I don’t. I’m fine. There’s plenty of people that can explain it. Not really. 

[00:22:30]Kris Ward: Yeah. And then, but you, the other thing, this is really just a show. We’ll talk about how wonderful you are.

We’ll get into the content in the next show. But the other thing too, though, is you do keep reminding us, like, don’t quit. Like, yeah, we’re not going to get those numbers in a week. That is your special sauce. So you keep reminding us like, build on the platform and, and that’s something for me in the past where I always just sort of, I call myself a recovering Russia holick, like I rushed in and go, okay.

[00:22:53] Yeah, this doesn’t work. Let’s move on to the next thing. I don’t like it. But it is building a community. It does take some time. And you’re very encouraging about that as well. 

[00:23:01]Helen Polise: And I will say that it’s important to all your listeners is reverse engagement. This isn’t a one-way street. Like I don’t think, oh, everybody’s following me.

[00:23:08] I’m not going to follow anybody back. No, I follow people back that I’m interested in, whose content I’m interested. I’m I want to curate my own content. So it’s things I want to see. And also, and I can’t follow 500,000 people back, obviously, you know, I that’d be ridiculous, but at the same time, engaging with people.

[00:23:24] I do pay attention to the comments. I spend a lot of time answering comments. I try, but people that always come back and leave me comments, I make sure to get to them first because they’re so kind to always leave me comments. And I think that is such a very underrated thing that people don’t talk about.

[00:23:40] And a lot of big creators just are like, I’m all that I don’t want to be that. I want to be like I am your friend, and I want to make sure that I’m giving back as much as I can. I can’t give back to every single comAnd I think engagement with your audience, no matter what you’re doing, make your audience feel special.ment. It’s not possible physically, but I do really try my best. 

[00:24:00]Kris Ward: Well, you definitely do that. Okay. So let me get out of your way. Tell us why we should be there and what are the biggest mistakes or the biggest things that we could do that really up our game. 

[00:24:09]Helen Polise: Okay. So specifically why to be on TikTok or social media in general? because I think you want to find…

[00:24:12]Kris Ward: Well, I guess let’s go with TikTok.

[00:24:14][00:24:00]Kris Ward: Okay. So this is why I love TikTok most of all, because my thing is, if I’m doing one thing, if I had to pick one thing, I would just do TikTok. If I really had to, it was push came to shove because endlessly creative, endless learning like this whole, I just did a… I just wrote a blog piece, six reasons

[00:24:32] I love TikTok and just the daily inspiration from other people the idea that you can blow up from nothing to something overnight, and it can happen to anyone. And it’s just as magical, to me it’s like a magical. And I think that if you’re in a business, it’s going to be a struggle now because everybody’s waking up to realize it and everybody’s coming in saturating a platform.

[00:24:53] So it’s harder to be seen. And it’s harder to get that growth. You have to think a little bit more, you have to be a little more unique and you’ve got to try to find your own special sauce and figure out how to communicate it because most people can not be themselves on camera or they can’t, they think that they have to copy someone else and they’re going to be successful.

[00:25:11] And what happens is you get so caught up and you get, and you start to overanalyze like, oh, I’ll do it like her, and then I’ll be successful. No, no, no, no, you have to do it like you for debt. You have to almost put blinders on and start doing it. Just start doing something. And your thing will find you.

[00:25:28] At Jenny huts, a great example. I don’t know if you know her. She interviews celebrities here in New York City. So she started on the platform, she’s verified, so she’s a celebrity personality, but she had a small following. And so she started following me and she said, I don’t know, why am I so lost on this platform?

[00:25:44] And she had me on her show and asked me this question. And I said, you just need to post every day something different until something will feel right. It’ll feel like that shoe fits. And then that’s the day that you’ll wake up. I posted for a year baking videos, dancing videos, making sure how to put a duvet cover on in my bedroom, how to clean my refrigerator.

I had fun. I had some viral videos, but I didn’t for a year know that I was supposed to be the TikTok teacher.

[00:26:10]Kris Ward: Oh, that’s good. That’s good for us to know.

[00:26:12]Helen Polise: That’s good for a long time. Yeah. Think about that. I mean, I had a following of 30,000 and then it went up to 70 000. But I was not the TikTok teacher and I didn’t have this niche at all.

[00:26:22] So you can find your way and then in a year. So don’t think about what’s my niche going to be today, or what’s my vibe going to be today? Just start doing something. And once you start doing one thing and then you’ll see, and you’ll get inspired by the next thing. And then you try something else. And then one day you’ll say, oh, this really fits. This really feels right to me. And then you’ll find your place. It’s really…

[00:26:43]Kris Ward: I think TikTok. Oh, sorry. My apologies. 

[00:26:45]Helen Polise: No, it happened to Jenny because she did that. She started doing things and her passion is about that she kept her weight off. She lost 70 pounds over a 10 years ago and she’s managed to keep her weight off.

[00:26:55] She wasn’t one of those yo-yo diet or so she just one day did, here’s what I eat in a day. And she just filmed herself eating, every bite of every meal and that’s what she does now as her that’s her niche content. So that’s what she does, but she didn’t know that was going to be it. She talks about her family.

[00:27:11] She posted things about all this other stuff, but she found her way because she posted one video and she realized this is what I’m passionate about. And that’s what she wants to talk about on her page. So everybody can find a place. You just don’t know. You don’t know day one. What it’s gonna be. 

[00:27:27]Kris Ward: Okay. So let me jump in here. Because a couple of, I have conflicting thoughts. One is I do think that TikTok rewards the real, like what I call the real and the raw and the first few videos I did. I showed up frankly, like a fool, shoulders back doing a YouTube presentation. Hey, on this, like, you know, like whatever. And I was like, oh, but TikTok tells you not to don’t even delete them.

[00:27:48] Leave them there. That’s fine. But I was coming from a talking at you, a presenting thing. Like you invited me on your stage and I’m on YouTube, so that did not work. But so I do find that you can mess around and they’re very forgiving there cause they want to see the real stuff. But with Jenny, if her niche is talking about keeping the weight off, but that’s not her job. So that’s a big disconnect for me. 

[00:28:12]Helen Polise: She uses her platform. She’s using our TikTok platform to create her own audience. That has nothing because as her, as a personality, she has a show where she interviews celebrities. That’s her . She really doesn’t need to now find a business on.

[00:28:29] She’s not looking to do that. So for her, it was like experimental for a business. Let’s say. I’m gonna pickup a business, let’s say real estate for the heart, for the heck of it. 

[00:28:38]Kris Ward: But that is leaning into her business because really she is a personality, so that’s okay. So I get it now. That makes sense to me. So it’s not a disconnect. All right. I got it.

[00:28:47]Helen Polise: But somebody else with a business, what you want to do is let’s say you say, all right, I know I’m a real estate agent and I know something specific. So maybe your audience knows what they want to do on TikTok. They just don’t know how to go about it. So my recommendation, for example, would be.

[00:28:59] Think about what you feel most comfortable doing as one type of content where you’re featuring yourself. So maybe it’s, you’re doing a house tour and you’re showing bits of yourself doing a house tour. Okay. Then the next day you’re showing you’re doing like a real estate tip. Whatever that tip is, do you have like tips?

[00:29:19] So you have a showing, you have tips and then maybe you have a trend, but you do that because you got to capitalize on those trends. You have to sprinkle them in. They shouldn’t be your only content, but I would use them to get in front of more people because TikTok is pushing out those trends. So you’ll find your more of your audience if you do a trend, but you spend it about real estate.

[00:29:41] So if it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend trend going on where it’s like, oh, she feels dissed by her boyfriend or whatever the heck. So you feel dissed by the house because it’s not really a right fit for you, or you say what you love about your boyfriend, you is what you love about your house or what you love about your real estate job.

[00:29:57] So you put it into. I always spend the things into like why I love being a TikTok teacher. So it always turns around to why I love showing people how to TikTok. And every time I see a trend, I think how can I work this trend in my lane. 

[00:30:10]Kris Ward: Okay. So I was ignoring the trends at first. So, cause I thought, well, I’m not here to play, but there was one trend where it was like, I don’t know, two seconds of you.

[00:30:20] And then you dance to the song. And it turns into this blurry color thing, like a clown almost. And I said, you know, something like, that’s what it feels like when your team manages you and you’ve got freedom. I worded it better. That is perfect. Okay. But I followed that. So we should be leaning into the trends.

[00:30:37]Helen Polise: I would say make twenty-five percent of your content trends. I mean, you could say 35, 30%, but I’m once in a while, look at the trends and say, oh, that would, this one worked for me. And some of them won’t work and you won’t figure, you won’t figure out how to use it. I was laughing cause it was that one butterfly in the sky.

[00:30:51] It was  planets. It was going around for a while. It was planets floating. And I was like, oh my gosh, what am I going to use this trend for? It was supposed to be something that stumps you, you know, I can’t be like the TikTok teacher thinking about how to, well, thinking about how to do the tutorial.

[00:31:04] Maybe that could have been it, but I suddenly realize I’m the mothership and I’m in space. So I don’t even need to have like, so I did that thing and I was like, thinking about this trend and realizing I’m the mothership. I don’t need to make a plan because I’m flying out with the planets, you know, you do it, whatever you just want to do it so that it, it speaks to you.

[00:31:23] It speaks to your audience so that you might find another real estate agent might find it funny, or somebody buying a house might find that relatable and funny, and then they’ll check out your page and then they may follow you. So you, you use the trends to get in front of new people and you use them in a, such a way that they understand what your page is about so then they might come over and see.

[00:31:44]Kris Ward: Okay, so you’re allowed to get messy here. It’s more forgiving platform I find, and you’re allowed to get messy. Now, can I go back for a minute and just ask you, I don’t know if this is too complicated of a question, but when you record all that footage of walking or doing this and that, do you have a way of my brain goes to organizing that? Or do you just use it? You know, I’m overthinking it, just use it sooner than later. 

[00:32:05]Helen Polise: I put it in folders on my phone. So if I do one day and I know I’m not going to edit it right away. I’m doing a series right now on doors of New York city. And so every day when I’m out, I take a video of these like doors that I find, cause there’s so many cool doors.

[00:32:17] And so now I just put them all in the doors folder. So the day that I have enough door content, when I go to edit, I can just go into the folder on my phone, where all those doors videos of all the New York city doors are stored and I can make a video out of it. And I will use an editing app to do it. Or I’ll use Instagram reels because that has a much more easy to work with editing interface.

[00:32:38] The TikTok  one is the most difficult to edit in because it doesn’t allow, you allow you to edit to the music. It just, you can just throw him in and sometimes it does it automatically for you. It’s not the best editing interface.

[00:32:50]Kris Ward: So along those lines, I could do something like you tick. This is a bad example, but similar where covers of books and it could do a reel of, these are the books I read for business this month. Right. Where you’re doing doors. Okay. Oh my gosh. Your brainchild. Okay.  Think I did.

[00:33:05]Helen Polise: I’m like a walking, like container of ideas, which gets a little, it’s probably late at night and I’m like, oh, I have another idea, but I write it down right now. But one thing I did want to circle back, cause you, you were talking about this before, when you were, you were presenting in your TikToks.

[00:33:18] So I do recommend if you are going to speak on your TikToks and you want to be talking that you think of it as one person, I think that, I think that’s mainly why I’ve had such warmth back on my TikToks, because I literally look at my phone as if it’s like my imaginary friend. And I’m like, come here, let me show you here.

[00:33:36] Here’s how you do it. I’m not like, here is how we do the TikTok, but now I’m like, ‘Let me tell you this one’s a little challenging, but we’re going to try to pay it. I’m going to do it with you right now. And I’m going to be not so perfect doing it.’ And I kind of just show my, you know, sometimes I’m like, oh, let’s put my hair up for this one.

And then I looked at him like, oh my God, what a bad angle. But I do it. I shoot it anyway, because this is it.

[00:33:59]Kris Ward: No, that’s a really good point. And I think I have brought one price down my presenting considerable, but I think a considerable amount, but I do think the camera’s on and I’m still have a stronger voice than I probably would if I was just talking to you and you’re sitting beside me.

[00:34:13] Right. So I do. So I think that’s a really good point because that is part of your inviting nature. It’s not even one person, but one person. I don’t know that you’re not trying to convince them something.

[00:34:23]Helen Polise: No, no, I’m not. I’m just like, you know what? This is crazy. I’m giving this some thought now, should I do it this way?

[00:34:27] Like literally sometimes when I do the, I’d put my outtakes out there sometimes. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any of those, but I’ll do one string of content and I’ll say, okay, this is the bloopers. Cause I want to show people how challenging it is to shoot tutorials. It’s not as seamless. You know when I edit it, but sometimes I’m like, oh my God, how many times do I have to press this?

[00:34:45] And it won’t press because I’m doing it in reverse because I’m holding the phone this way and I’m trying to hate, you know, so it’s funny. I’m like click the check, click the check mark, click the check, click the check mark. Oh my gosh. So I have a good time doing it. And I laugh at myself when I make the mistakes.

[00:35:00] And I just feel like that’s part of, if you let yourself make mistakes, that’s when you’ll be able to let your guard down.And you don’t have to, you can always know you can edit out the mistakes, but it’s just about, if you let yourself make the mistakes, then you’ll become a real person to yourself when you’re recording.

[00:35:17]Kris Ward: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Tell us more my wise friend.

[00:35:22]Helen Polise: It’s a lot easier. It’s like I’m recording something and I’m saying, here’s how I do the thing. And then I go, isn’t really how I do it. Wait, let me think. Did I do that right? And I just kind of talk to myself because then I start to become myself and I’m like, oh wait, no, I have a better way.

[00:35:34] I can explain that. You know what we’re going to do instead, I’m going to show you how to dah, dah, dah, like, and then it’s as if I talk to myself, then I’m actually more natural. So you can think about it as one person. You can think about it like you’re talking to yourself, maybe it’s just like, yeah.

[00:35:49]Kris Ward: I think that talking to yourself thing is really helpful because you do, I think, I mean, I’ve gotten much, much more liberal, like the other day.

[00:35:56] Cause I have a cold and I did one laying down on the couch saying, you know what? This is something that I had to really learn in my business is. No matter how sick I was, I would show up because I was building a business and, you know, I had this grinded out mentality. So I did one of the couch saying, you know what, for me to take my foot off the gas was something, it took me like 10 years to learn that I was just skimming over stuff, not getting real depth into anything I was doing when I was just rushing and grinding it out at the time.

[00:36:21] However, I would’ve never, ever done that video before laying on a couch with a cold ever not in a million years. But I still think, then I start to explain the beginning, middle of like, why is it’s really important to have systems and processes in your business when I should have just made it a shorter, like, I don’t then need to explain the value in it. Like I still think there’s a presentation mode in there somewhere.

[00:36:47]Helen Polise: Yeah. Yeah. I think there’s an interesting thing that you said earlier that relates here. I think we all love storytelling or we all love to know stories or hear stories. So whether you tell stories through video, through music and visuals, through texts, like a story to someone becomes more engaging because I have had a video of way off my way out of my lane, because I usually do as you know, tutorials, I get a lot of views, my family stuff, this and that, whatever I do that for my own self and for fun, I do my daily.

[00:37:18] And at one day I went to it was another time I went to go into a restaurant and I was like, I’m going to surprise my follower. They follow me. They always comment on my videos. I’m going to go visit this restaurant in the New York city. And I talked to the camera on the way, which I always do. I’m like, we’re going to go visit John’s 12th street because they always comment on my videos and I’m walking and that video exploded and it was literally.

[00:37:38] Just a story of how I went there and it was closed. And I was like, oh my God, it’s closed. I can’t believe it. I just recorded the whole thing as like never knew it was going to be a TikTok at the time. I just thought I’m just going to document this because let’s see what happens when I go and visit a follower.

[00:37:51] So I’m like, oh my God, I can’t believe it’s closed. And then I’m like, wait, I think there’s somebody in there. And I’m talking to myself and I’m with the camera. And I’m like, I think there’s somebody in there. Oh, there is somebody in there. Oh, he’s coming out. And he comes out and then he goes, majora, no, come in.

[00:38:02] And he invites me in. And so I get this behind the scenes tour of the restaurant. Anyway, it did go viral. But my point of this is. If you are just documenting a story of some kind, whether that’s through your words, whether that’s like I did last night just going to a restaurant, it was like music and imagery.

[00:38:19] And it was just, some people could tell I was going somewhere and I told the story with pictures. So story telling is a big plus on a platform like TikTok because people love, they love juicy stories. They love drama and all of that. So think about if that’s what people are gravitating to. If you can manage to tell a story you’re going to have an edge.

[00:38:38]Kris Ward: Yeah, but, you know, what I would have done is then I would have probably cut out the part where like, oh, no, it didn’t open any of these open. So I took that part out, you know, I would want to be cleaner, tighter, like, I would’ve processed it, like thinking that it had to be cleaner and tighter, like always on the business scope.

[00:38:55] So you’re just like, listen, you’re talking to your friend, let’s have a real conversation and not edit it and get your, is my mother calls us. She says, sometimes she’ll call me during the day or something has to be something quick. And she she’ll say later, At this age, in my life, I blame her. She has the same tone, but she’ll say I have my work tone like that.

I was efficient with her. So you’re, you know, so really just be dropped all your guards and just talk to yourself and have the camera rolling. 

[00:39:23]Helen Polise: Yes. And have fun. And it’s just not having people don’t you love to be around people who are fun. Don’t you love to be around people who like love life. So if you think about that you’re going to let yourself be who you really are and people are gonna like to be around you.

I mean, the real you is better than this fake view that you’re going to put up on the screen.

[00:39:45]Kris Ward: Yeah, but see the, where I always struggle when people would say be authentic, I thought, well, who’s going to be inauthentic. Right. And people do think I’m fun or funny, but then you think that’s not the place for this here.

[00:39:59] You know what I mean? So there, I would have got confused to thinking, oh, I’m trying, you know, I’m this, I’m trying to get a message out or I’m trying to be professional here. So I would have taken the outtakes out or, or not laughed at myself on camera. So I think these, these are really powerful things that once again, you’re changing the scope of how we see this, because I mean, even if you think of something silly, like watching a celebrity or something on a talk show, the ones that are flawed or funny or tell the behind the scenes or their kid does something, got mess all over them.

Those are interesting, not the ones that have really good research, you know, recited answers about the movie. Right. 

[00:40:35]Helen Polise:We all want to eat. We all like enjoy real, real people better than we enjoy. You know, the facade. It’s just so much, it’s just so much…

[00:40:42]Kris Ward: To be kind to those of you that are doing what I’m doing.

I wouldn’t even call it a facade. It’s almost like I made myself been near like, okay, put my shoulders back. I went to college, I went to university. I’m trying to look like a grownup professional here people, pay attention. Instead of being the flawed, like…

[00:41:02]Helen Polise: You could do that on LinkedIn, Kris. You can be polished and there’s a place for all of it. It’s just that TikTok isn’t. That’s not what TikTok likes. That’s not where you need to be on TikTok. On TikTok, you just need to be your raw self. When I… sometimes I do these tutorials and then mostly followers that follow me for teachings are seeing those on the, for you page.

[00:41:21] They don’t see me. And then occasionally they’ll see me. They’ll pop up with my family, doing something where I’m trying to, I’m pushing all the kids, doing the Chicky Chicky dance, and I’m trying to get them all to do it right. I mean, it’s kind of hilarious and they’re like, oh my God, you’re such a real person.

[00:41:32] And it’s funny because I think don’t they see that in the rest of my feed, but I realized they’re not really seeing all of my videos. They’re only seeing the ones that are getting pushed out to them. So that’s the other thing you got to realize that TikTok is not linear and people are not seeing things in order.

[00:41:47] Like you, people, they have a viral video yesterday. They come back. Oh, everybody, thank you for the dah, dah, dah. I’m like, no, one’s seeing that, that it’s not connected exactly. The algorithm doesn’t push it out in that order. So only your most potentially your most loyal followers are coming every day and looking in order.

[00:42:03]Kris Ward: Yes, potentially. You say TikTok is different, but I really think that your messaging and the insightful comments you’re making here is, is really powerful on all platforms in all aspect of business. So I think that TikTok is a little bit more forgiving is a great place to start, but I think you and TikTok have made me change how I see everything now.

Like how I write my copy, how I put anything out. So I think your messaging does transfer to all the other platforms, even LinkedIn. 

[00:42:34]Helen Polise: Okay. Well, I’m happy to hear that because what I’m doing was, you know, I’ll talk about socialized in a second, but know, as you know, I’m, I’m putting together a platform it’s businesses socialized, and it’s really, it’s being built to empower people with all

[00:42:50] skill levels, whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced, cause there’s always something you could learn. Even if you’re an expert, you might not know about how to do a really high-end new trend that’s happening because that was out of your skillset. An expert might have a million followers, but never did a transition.

[00:43:04] And I have plenty of people that come to me. Or like asking me questions. I’m thinking you have a million followers. Why are you asking me a question? I know. Cause they don’t know they got a million followers from doing something else on their page. So it’s like, they look like an expert, but they don’t know everything.

[00:43:18] So it’s really fun. But the idea of socializes to empower people. Be able to create content and also find a community of other people who are learning. So you feel like you’re not the only one people in my comments are wonderful. They help each other. When I go on TikTok lives, they’re helping each other.

[00:43:32] When I can’t answer all the questions in the chat. And I think this whole idea of we’re all in this together, we’re all learning. Everybody can help each other. We can all be successful. It doesn’t have to be me versus you. It can be us together. I look at even the other people, teaching tutorials, they have other styles that are good for other people. I’m not. So, yeah, we can all find a place.

[00:43:54]Kris Ward: Let me jump in here though. And I don’t think you’re putting a big enough spotlight on this socialize is a new platform and it’s a big deal and you’re going to be on the news even tonight for it. So it’s not like I want to be super clear. This isn’t like a Facebook group or something.

[00:44:06] This is a whole new bag of chips. And you’re leading this as the founder and the pioneer. And this is all because of your excellence in what you’ve done in such a short period of time. So this is a really big deal and opportunity to get in on the ground floor with Helen and socialize. So that’s S O C I A L I ZedE.

[00:44:25]Helen Polise: Exactly. Hello, socialized. is the, is the URL. Oh yeah. So I’m building what I’ve got going on. There is a series of tutorials as you know, in my style and I’m pulling it all together in one place so that people will be able to find my Instagram tutorials are  on the hellosocialized Instagram.

[00:44:44] My Facebook tutorials are on the hellosocialized Facebook page. And now I’m going to bring all the other content into the hello platform. And the idea is going to be that they live together in a space so that everybody can connect. There’s a forum, a community forum. People can come in and ask questions.

I’ll be checking the forum every day and answering questions. So it’s kind of like a home base for learning of all them. 

[00:45:08]Kris Ward: Yeah. And I have to interject your tutorials that I think we need to come up with a softer word because they’re not like the other ones you see online.

[00:45:18] Like you literally could be driving car and pull over the side of the curb and you could show us in two sets. Like they’re really short, really effective, clear, and really inspiring. You’re like, oh, I can, well, yeah, I can do that. All right, let me go try that. So it’s really, it’s a fantastic resource.

[00:45:36]Helen Polise: It’s just great because I love the idea of encouraging a larger amount of people because everybody’s trying to do it. And they’re all asking me. I get so many asks for, do you do private lessons? It’s not, you know, with 580,000 followers now I can’t do private lessons. I also still, you know, direct commercials for, for living.

[00:45:53] So I can’t really do it. So I’m trying to figure out how to reach more people and be able to share the things that I know that I know are easy to learn and they can make use, and everybody can be successful at it. And some people might just want to share with friends and family, some people might want to share because you know, maybe there’s a grandpa who really knows how to fix every gadget.

[00:46:12] And maybe he wants to make a channel where he does. Maybe he makes a TikTok or an Instagram where he’s sharing his expertise, but he doesn’t know where to start. So it’s the idea to empower all skill levels, all ages. This is not only for young people. This is not only for old, old people. This is for everybody.

[00:46:28] And I just, you know, it happens to be me. We’ll call it the mothership teaching you, you know, but it’s like a place where everybody’s welcome and everything is just positive and we’re lifting each other up. That’s I think what’s important.

[00:46:40]Kris Ward: Okay. You are so awesome. We should definitely have you back. What is one of the gifts on our parting words? What’s one last thing that we should really know about before we unfortunately wrap up.

[00:46:52]Helen Polise: All right. So we’ve talked about trying to rotate your content. I think it’s important to do that. It’s important to remember not to not to think I’m in this lane. I have to do this every day, and this is what my followers are counting on.

[00:47:02] Remember that you can be a real person, you can step out, do something that makes you feel lke you’re in, you’re in your lane. Cause I do my tutorials. That’s my lane. You’re going to do what’s your lane. And then you’re, you’re always going to want to have your little, your left and right lanes so that you can have a little fun sprinkled thing.

[00:47:19] So it’s not completely on this straight one path. Okay, well, allow your audience in to the real you. This platform wants that. TikTok  wants that. TikTok wants you to be who you are. I was going to say this earlier, and I didn’t because I haven’t had it open my phone. Cause I want to show you, but when you’re recording in your phone, Don’t don’t look at yourself in the camera.

[00:47:41] Look up here. That’s really important because I’m doing it rocks. Now I’m looking down at you, but you’re really good already because you’re looking into the lens and I’ve tried to do that. You’re so good. But when you’re doing a TikTok, it is so important because there’s celebrities that love to look at themselves on their TikToks.

[00:47:57] They just are looking down and that’s their style. Okay. There’s people that are successful doing it. Okay. But if you’re a business owner and you’re trying to connect with your audience. You need to engage with them. You don’t need to engage down here. There is a big difference in what you’re going to, how you’re going to make them feel.

[00:48:15]Kris Ward: Well, it really does make eye contact. Like, and it’s hard for like me. I’m looking into a camera hole, not looking at you. I can see you in my peripheral view, but when you watch this on YouTube or when you’re looking at me, it looks like I’m looking right into your eyes and that does have a powerful movement on the other side.

So see, I thought if I kept her long enough, she’d be able to see I did something, right. I take off and doing it right right now. Yeah. 

[00:48:39]Helen Polise: No. And that is so important because you just want, you want people to feel that you’re with them. And that’s the beauty of, you know, where one-on-one, you’re alone in your house with this phone.

[00:48:49] You’re not in an audience. You’re not sitting in the theater, listening to the person on TikTok, you’re in your home. So the person doesn’t need to shout at you. They’re not presenting to you, they’re talking to you and that’s just powerful that you actually have the ability to talk to millions of people all over the world. It’s incredible. 

[00:49:09]Kris Ward: Yeah. Okay. And this is our last house I do notice on your videos, which is really good point. Is that like, my style is I’ll do the editing and cap cut with the language. So it’s a little bit more dynamic on there, but you don’t even do that. You just do the caption across the bottom, that’s it?

[00:49:25]Helen Polise: Yep. I just keep it, keep it straight up clean. And there’s a few reasons I do that because I don’t want to spend a lot of time going to different apps to caption things and then bringing them back. So I just use, I have the TikTok caption option. Do you have that option on the side?

[00:49:38]Kris Ward: My team does the editing for me, so they just, they do it. They do it that way.

[00:49:42]Helen Polise: Okay. Well, the, the, the good thing about using the features in the app is that the app recognizes that the algorithm recognizes it. So all those words are then being put into an algorithm. So it’s like, oh, word, Instagram, beginner tutorial. So anything that I’m saying now is recorgnized. And that’s why people, I’m going to just say the cheat code is if people don’t want something to be recognized by the algorithm, they will title it outside the app and then bring it in because then it’s not.

[00:50:11] But when you type those captions in,  if I type a caption at the top that says mirror, mirror drop tutorial. When I did that mirror drop thing where I fell through the floor or motion warp tutorial, that the algorithm knows that that’s what I’m showing. And so therefore, if people are searching for that, if they’re going to send it to them.

[00:50:29]Kris Ward: Okay, so hold on. So if I do something like we didn’t cap cut, although cap cut isn’t a TikTok tool, but if we do. Does that count?

[00:50:39]Helen Polise: If you title it and cap cut. No, it’s okay. It’s not wrong to do. I’m just saying…

[00:50:43]Kris Ward: But what you’re saying is if I just use a basic transcriptions across the bottom of it, then the audio isn’t being picked up in the algorithm for the keywords keyword search.

So all those words, it’s like not having your videos transcribed in YouTube. So if I’m talking, I’ve got nice visual effects. That’s great. It’s interesting. But I’m missing out on just keywords going across the bottom.

[00:51:03]Helen Polise: Yeah. Potentially, it’s a give and a take though. Something’s going to hit based on content, not based on that, that just helps you a little, that might be gives you a little bit of help too, for the algorithm to know where to send you.

[00:51:15] Cause  it’s recognizing the words. That’s why, that’s how people get shut down. If they’re content they’re using the wrong words. That’s why you’ll notice people in their captions will always mistype the word. S E G G. They won’t type the word sex. Right. I dunno if I noticed that they would type it STGs when you see those misspellings it’s because they’re trying to trick the algorithm into not knowing that that’s they said that word.

[00:51:38]Kris Ward: Gotcha. Okay. You have been such a treat. I got a much more. Okay. It’s… man and me getting this world. It’s like this whole it’s like lifting a rock and you see this full enterprise of an ant colony underneath it. It is fantastic. You have been a spectacular treat. Okay. Everyone check. So we’ve told them about socialized, but where can people find more of your brilliance?

[00:52:00]Helen Polise: Great. So is the spot for finding new things, sign up, getting you’re going to get all the information as you need it once it’s posted. I also have a beginner TikTok class. So if this is your first foray into TikTok, I have in the link in my profile, which is @themothershipwithyou, you’ll probably include that in here somewhere.

[00:52:20] So at the mothership, when you click there and you go to my links, you’ll see a class, you’ll see an email list. The class is $15. It teaches you how to set up your profile. What’s the for you page, how to add text, how to make a video, how to use things in your phone to make a video or how to shoot a video? I do the basics because when I started, I was shuffling through and trying to figure it out.

[00:52:42] And I thought, no, I have to solve this for some, for other people. So it’s a really nice beginner way to learn what TikTok is about. And then you can capitalize on it from there by watching the tutorial playlist, because then I have all the more advanced stuff there. So those are my two spots. Okay.

[00:52:57]Kris Ward: Fabulous everyone else. What a treat. Thank you so much, Helen. And everyone else. We’ll see you in the next episode. 

[00:53:02] I love it. Thank you for having me. END[00:53:04]