Streamlined VA Hiring Process: My 12-Step Hiring Formula (Part 1)

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    My Streamlined VA Hiring Process For A 90% Retention Rate

    Hiring virtual assistants can be a drain on your time, energy, and resources. I’m told this is my superpower… but I believe it’s my system. So let me break down how I streamlined my hiring process for you.

    I’ve got a 12-step hiring formula with a 90% retention rate.

    Developed from my 12 years of experience, this is your roadmap to hiring an amazing team.

    Follow this guide, and not only will you find amazing talent,

    but you’ll also be able to keep them.

    So, get ready to see a streamlined hiring process from a whole new angle.

    Step #1: Crafting a Concise Job Post

    You think detailing every tiny requirement will help, but what happens?

    Crickets, no interest.

    That’s right, your job post is actually scaring away good VA applicants.

    The job market is evolving, and so should your job posts.

    According to a recent article on LinkedIn: 

    A well-written job description not only attracts the right candidates but also sets clear expectations.

    Here’s my very first job post as an example:

    Sample Old Job Post on Upwork

    Hiring Tip: Keep It Simple, Silly

    Forget about putting every single detail into your job post. 

    Instead, focus on the key skills and attitudes you truly need. 

    You’ll find that more VA applicants are interested.

    See my example below; it’s a proven formula for attracting quality VAs.

    Here’s how I do my job post now:

    Streamlined Virtual Assistant Hiring Process Concise Job Post Sample

    Sample Job Post:

    “We are a growing company looking for a General VA!

    • We are looking for someone to help with a variety of admin tasks to start working with us!
    • MUST have experience working with small business owners!!
    • Must also have a professional setup
    • And must also have strong communication skills.
    • We are looking for someone who is able to support our existing systems and processes and is familiar with frequently used platforms
    • This is a part-time job that can grow into a full-time position.

    Please add the word “sunshine” to your subject line.”

    Step #2: A ‘Code Word’ Trick for Easy Sorting

    Recall how your long job post got no interest?

    But, you simplified it with Step #1,

    and now you’re swamped with applicants.

    Great problem to have, but still a problem.

    Hiring Tip: If ‘sunshine’ isn’t in the title, I don’t even open it.

    Ask VA applicants to include this specific or any random code word in the email subject line.

    This shows you who thoroughly read it.


    It’s a quick but effective test to see who’s actually paying attention.

    You want someone with an eye for detail,

    not someone who skims and misses important info.

    This simple hack saves you time and serves as a mini-test for applicants.

    Streamlined Hiring Process Concise Job Post Sample

    This trick is a time-saver.

    Helping us focus only on those who really pay attention.

    It’s a timesaver that reveals who’s fully engaged.

    Get ready, because the next step solves this new ‘good’ problem even more.

    Step #3: The Cover Letter is Your Secret Weapon

    According to Eye-Tracking Study:

    “Hiring managers look at resumes for an average of 7.4 seconds.”

    Well, guess what?

    Those resumes don’t even get 7 seconds from me.

    That’s right, I don’t bother with them at all!

    All the information you need is in the cover letter.

    It gives you input, clarity and it’s where the conversation is.

    Cover letters are overlooked but this is the secret sauce to getting your VA.

    Hiring Tip: Cover Letters Only, No Resumes

    I zero in on the cover letter.

    That’s my fast track to spotting a solid match.

    Resumes don’t get my attention at all.

    Here’s what to look for:
    • clear communication and;
    • the skills that matter.

    If they can’t be clear in a cover letter, they’re not your person.

    Simple as that.

    Here is an example of a cover letter that’s too generic:

    Streamlined Hiring Process Cover Letter Sample #1

    Take a look at this one – it’s a novel, not a cover letter.

    Streamlined Hiring Process Cover Letter Sample #2

    Here’s why it doesn’t work:
    • Too Broad: It talks about a lot of things but doesn’t tell me exactly what he can do.
    • Time-Consuming: As an entrepreneur, I need quick, actionable insights.

    I need to get to the point fast so I can move on to the next steps.

    If it takes too much time to break down,

    or you need to sort the information, I skipped this VA applicant.

    Remember, you want a cover letter that’s easy to scan and quick to inform.

    Here’s a good, solid example:

    Streamlined Hiring Process Cover Letter Sample #4

    This one divides the information clearly with bullet points.

    It has keywords specific to the industry.

    And it’s broken into categories.

    These are the details that matter when it comes to streamlining your hiring process.

    Here’s another one that would catch my eye:

    Streamlined Hiring Process Cover Letter Sample #3

    This one demonstrates effective and concise communication.

    She’s highlighting specific skills instead of just mentioning general personality traits.

    So, what’s the next step?

    Keep reading, because we’re just getting to the good stuff.

    Trust me, you don’t want to miss what’s coming up next.

    Step #4: The Response Test

    After cutting down the cover letters,

    It’s time for the Response Test.

    Send an email to the shortlisted VA applicants,

    inviting them for the next stage, which is an interview.

    Their response isn’t just a simple reply;

    it’s a preview of how they’ll perform when they’re part of your team.

    If they’re quick and accurate, chances are,

    they’ll be efficient team members too.

    This step will reveal a lot about the applicant’s interest.

    and ability to follow instructions.

    Saving you time in the long run.

    As the saying goes,

    “Actions speak louder than words.”

    Virtual Assistant Follow-Up Email

    Step #5: The Zoom Interview Link

    Time is of the essence.

    You want a process that’s smooth for everyone.

    A clear Zoom link and instructions remove the guesswork.

    Hiring Tip: The Zoom Invite Process

    Here’s how it works:

    • send a virtual interview invite for a set date.
    • ask them to confirm by replying to your email.
    • on the interview day, they log onto the Zoom link and wait for their turn.
    • You let them in when it’s time.

    Streamlined Hiring Process Interview

    What if someone can’t find the Zoom link?

    It’s in the email, plain and simple. If they miss that, it’s a sign. Next!

    Do they need to prepare anything for the Zoom call?

    Nope. Just be ready to talk and show up on time. Simple as that.

    What if they’re late to the Zoom call?

    Being late to a job interview? Not a great start. Move on to the next one.

    Step #6: Batchwork Interview: 20 VA applicants in 20 Minutes

    Why spend an hour on a single interview,

    when you can meet 20 people in 20 minutes?

    You’ve already read their cover letters and know their skills.

    Now, you’re looking for how they’d fit into your team.

    Saves everyone time.

    Trust me, no one else is doing interviews this way.

    The batchwork interview process

    Hiring Tip: The WIN Method for Interviews

    The Hacks That Make It Work:
    1. Streamlined Questions: Have 1 or 2 pointed questions that get to the heart of what you need to know.
    2. Quick Decisions: If they make a good impression, make a note then and there.
    3. Be Direct: Let them know or ask what you need. No time for small talk.

    You’ll know if they’re a fit within the first few seconds.

    The goal is simple: Find out quickly who’s the right VA applicant to choose.

    Then move on to the next steps.

    Wrapping Up Part 1 of Our 12-Step Hiring Formula

    That’s it for part one.

    You’re now halfway to mastering your streamlined hiring process!

    The next article will cover the remaining steps to perfect your technique.

    So, don’t miss it.

    Use what you’ve learned to tweak your hiring methods.

    Each small change brings you closer to your ideal team. 

    See you in the next post!

    What Others Are Saying

    Nothing speaks more about the effectiveness of our 12-step hiring formula than the success stories of our clients.

    Here is one of the testimonials from satisfied business owners:


    All the Stuff You’re Wondering About the Streamlined Hiring Process, Answered!

    Why should I trust your 12-step hiring formula?

    Look, this isn’t just a random list. 

    I’ve poured 12 years of outsourcing experience into this formula, 

    and it’s given me a 90% retention rate. 

    If you’re tired of the hiring hustle, this is your roadmap to a committed team.

    How much time will this 12-step process actually save me?

    Time is money, right? 

    This formula is designed to cut through the noise and get you quality candidates, fast. 

    No more sifting through hundreds of irrelevant resumes. 

    You could cut your hiring time in half, easily.

    What if I don't have experience in hiring?

    No worries! The steps are laid out in plain English. 

    From crafting a killer job post to nailing the interview, each step is a mini-lesson in hiring. 

    You’ll become a pro in no time.

    If you want to know more, book a call with me to talk about hiring a virtual assistant.

    How do I know applicants are actually qualified and not just good at following steps?

    Great question! 

    The steps are designed to weed out those who can’t follow instructions. 

    But the real gems are found in the cover letter and interview stages. 

    You’ll get a sense of their skills, experience, and whether they vibe with your business.

    Can I skip some steps if I'm in a rush to hire?

    You could, but why risk it? 

    Each step serves a purpose in filtering out candidates who aren’t a good fit. 

    If you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to make a costly hiring mistake.

    If you want me to do it for you, you can let me know by signing up on my website or by clicking here.

    What if I have a small business and can't afford mistakes in hiring?

    Then this formula is your new best friend. 

    It’s designed to be foolproof. 

    Follow it, and you’re not just hiring fast—you’re hiring smart.

    How does this formula adapt to changes in the job market?

    The core principles of this formula are evergreen

    Whether it’s 2023 or 2033, effective communication, attention to detail, and a streamlined process will always be in demand in the hiring world.

    How can I measure the success of using this 12-step formula?

    Keep an eye on your retention rates and the time it takes to hire. 

    If you’re spending less time on the hiring process and keeping team members longer, you’re on the right track.

    What if I still end up with a bad hire?

    Look, no system is 100% foolproof.

    But following this formula will drastically reduce your odds of a bad hire. 

    And if it happens? 

    You’ll be better prepared to spot the red flags next time.

    Ready to level up?


    Be our next success story and find out

    how you can make 2024 your best year yet.


    Are You Ready For Your Next Big Win?

    Know your entrepreneur personality and I’ll take it from there!

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