Small Business Owners, Do You Need Systems & Processes?

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    Systems and processes are essential to your small businesses success.

    Imagine if you were building a home. The foundation to your home is what you build the entire house upon. Would you build a home without a foundation?

    Small Business Owners, Do You Need Systems & Processes?


    Well, it’s the same for your business.

    That’s why businesses without systems and processes struggle every day to hold their ground and stay alive.

    Systems and processes are the foundational building blocks to your success.

    Systems and Processes And Burnout!

    If you’re like most business owners, you think your small business is different.

    You may think you know your business and don’t need to rely on systems and processes.

    Let me explain it another way.

    On average you make about 35,000 decisions every day. Each one of those decisions zap a little bit more of your brain power. Decision fatigue is a very real thing and leads to a bad business process.

    Did you know that restaurants that have fewer items on their menu have higher per table sales. Yes, the less decisions the consumer has to make, the better! Can we all agree that dining out is less demanding running a business?

    Without systems and processes, you waste a lot of time and energy .

    With all the extra energy you burn remembering things and fixing errors, you could be using that energy to bring in more revenue.

    Do you find that you’re constantly trying to keep on top of it all?

    And then you fall in the constant cycle of burnout and your business fails.

    I don’t want to see your small business fail.

    Success is quite easy with the right business systems.

    Why Your Business Needs Systems & Processes Today

    The human brain is meant for creating ideas not for storing them. It’s actually very taxing on the brain to be remembering tasks. If the average person has as a task with 7 steps, even if it’s something they do often, most of the time they will remember only four of those steps. And the four steps they remember will constantly rotate.

    Now, add that to the 35,000 decisions we make on a daily basis. Tell me, do you think it’s a great business strategy to leave your business to the very vulnerable human mind?

    Sail Away With Systems And Process

    Imagine you won a two week all inclusive vacation paid resort on a tropical island. You are excited beyond belief and don’t think twice about going! You are all in!

    The only issue is that your business has to survive without you for two weeks. I mean really survive without you because there’s no internet on this remote island. So this can’t be one of these vacations where you tell people you’re on holidays but answer emails, sitting at your laptop for a few hours every morning.

    When you get back… how will your business be holding up?

    System And A Process Give You Powerful Information

    Remember, you started your business to solve a problem. You need to solve those problems consistently every time. Your customer service is much easier when you are able to consistently deliver your services.

    A processes could include how to book a sales call with a potential client? Then you decide whether you send an email first, with a calendar link so they can book a time with you.

    Do you follow up with an email confirmation, and a reminder on the day of the meeting? What do you need to have at your fingertips for that meeting? What are the series of steps you take to prepare?

    Think about it, if you are responding to every prospect consistently then you can measure you sales based on your presentation, prequalifying etc. Otherwise, there are two many variables. Did we give prospect A more upfront information, or not follow up on prospect B?

    As you’re working on your processes management, this allows you to improve all aspect of your business effectiveness. Think about it, every day you build on yesterday’s success. If a process is clunky or has a misstep you tighten it up. You eliminate making the same mistakes twice.

    How To Implement Systems And Processes In Your Business

    It’s easier to implement systems and processes in your business than you think.

    There are so many conveniences now to help you with quickly get this done.

    You could use a free screen capture platform like Loom. You simply click the record button while you work. Record everything on your screen, explain what you’re doing as you do it, and get it transcribed. This could be then sent to someone on your team that can itemize and create the systems and process.

    It’s as simple as the show-and-tell that you learned in kindergarten.

    Systems and processes are the quickest way to get the desired results you want for the freedom you desire in your business and your life.

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