Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners!

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    Most entrepreneurs start working against their productivity from the moment they get up.

    How can things go bad so quickly?

    It’s how you manage or don’t manage your brain power.

    You only have so much brain power for the day. When you open your phone first thing in the morning, it sends you on a wild goose chase mentally and energetically.

    It also sets you up for have a very “reactive” and out of control day!

    Think about it!

    If the first thing you do is…. “react” to emails — outside forces are dictating how you navigate your day!

    I’ve spent the last 10 years examining how to get more done in less time using less energy.

    How To Do More Work In Less Time In Your Business.

    You need to be purposeful of how you spend your brain power. You can only get so many miles out of a tank of gas, and you can only get so much out of your brain.

    Here’s the thing: the brain isn’t creative when it’s running from task to task.

    Rushing through a busy day playing “what’s next?,” exhausts you mentally.

    Ever wonder why your so exhausted by mid afternoon?

    Your brain is done!

    Did you know that the biggest inventions in history came from times of rest and play! Starting right from Newton’s apple! These inventions didn’t happen as someone sprinted through the day trying to be productive.

    You’re number one goal in your business is to preserve your brain power so you can work less, and get more done!

    How To Work Less Today In Your Business!

    The most important thing you can do for your business is set yourself up with simple, effective system and processes. This is your secret weapon to saving your brain power. This will allow you to start work fresh and leave refreshed.

    Time management will take care of itself if you use systems and process.

    Systems and processes get you out of reaction and into traction mode!!  This means you achieve your goals, save time and decrease your working hours. It’s very easy to fill time with busy work but remember being busy and being productive are two different things.

    Systems and process also allow you to build on your strengths, eliminate mistakes and allow you to transfer work to outsourcers.

    Business owners often think systems and process will restrict you however check with any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you otherwise. Systems and processes lets you stay focused on the important tasks, and the revenue generating activities. It’s the most effective way to do more work in less time.

    How To Easily Save Time Creating Effective Systems And Processes.

    If you’ve struggled making systems and process, you probably created them on the archaic model. Those dry policies and procedures you experienced as an employee- is all that you know. There is another easier way. Your systems and processes should show you how to do more work in less time not put you to sleep!

    I promise you it’s a game changer!!

    Start today by recording your screen when you are working.

    You can use a free screen saving tool like Loom. Hit record, start working. Talk out loud as you work. Then give it to your outsourcer or virtual assistant and have them write out the steps.

    This will achieve your goals of saving time and be step one to working less.

    With systems and processes you work less because you …

    1. Learn the most efficient way of doing things and avoid painful pitfalls.
    2. Eliminate human error
    3. Never need to relearn things
    4. Can transfer responsibilities
    5. Can guarantee consistency in your work.
    6.  Produce improved results
    7. Easily build on your strengths.

    Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs That No One Talks About.

    As we talked about earlier, starting your day diving into your phone and attacking emails burns up your decision fatigue.

    What you want to do is start with the most important work first.

    Here’s a simple PRO Tip you can use today to work less.

    Start your day with the work that requires the most attention or focus first thing in morning.

    That’s how I got my Win The Hour Win The Day book done.

    I committed to writing 5 pages before I did anything else.

    I didn’t give myself the luxury of welcoming interruptions so I could avoid it;)

    On top of that …

    I gave my book my best resources first thing!

    We make about 35,000 decision in a day.

    And that starts the moment we open our emails in bed.

    As we deplete our brain power it makes us less equipment to manage creative thought!

    Start with the important work first, use system and processes. You’ll be amazed about the amount of time you save. You will also be surprised how the quality of your work increases. Your important task easily get done and you will definitely work less!

    Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners!

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