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How To Open More Doors Using Videos! With Darin Dawson

Episode Summary

Darin Dawson is the co-founder and president of BombBomb. If you’re not familiar with BombBomb, it’s a dynamic, easy-to-use video platform with some fantastic game-changing features. 

-how videos can put your networking on steroids
-why a video created the right way is a game-changer
-how video can dramatically improve your client’s customer experience

Darin Dawson is the Co-Founder and President of BombBomb, a Human-Centered Communication Platform that enables users to use simple, personal video messages to leverage their best asset…themselves. Darin leads all sales, marketing, customer success, and product development at BombBomb, a fast-growing, Colorado-based software company. He’s on a mission to re-humanize the planet and he wants to start with your business communication. He believes that human beings have intrinsic value and that every person deserves to be seen, heard, and understood. That’s why he co-founded BombBomb.

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Darin Dawson Podcast Transcription

[00:10:27] Kris Ward: Hey everyone. Welcome. Did another episode of when the hour, when the day I am your lucky host today, Chris ward, because we have, Oh my heavens.

[00:10:35] We have a spectacular guest today. Darren Dawson is the co-founder and president of BombBomb. Now, if you don’t know what BombBomb is, I’m. I’m going to tell you, I have mixed feelings here because it is my secret weapon. It is my secret weapon. It’s got me endorsed. I should have never got in. And so I’m kinda mixed.

[00:10:54] Do I want the whole world to know about BombBomb because it really is serving me well. So Darren Dawson is a co-founder and president of BombBomb, a human centered communication platform. That’s so profound, much different than just video platform. People as a human centered communication platform that enables users to use simple, personal video messages to leverage their best asset themselves.

[00:11:17] Darren needs to all sales, marketing, customer service and product development at BombBomb, a fast growing Colorado based software company. He’s on a mission to rehumanize the planet, and he wants to start with your business communication. He believes that human beings have intrinsic value in that every person deserves to be seen and heard.

[00:11:36] Welcome to the show,

[00:11:38] Darin Dawson: Derek. Thanks for having me. It’s great. I love. Doing this it’s going to be

[00:11:43] fun. Well,

[00:11:44] Kris Ward: I’ll be honest, as I said, I was mixed. You know, my team said every Jyoti we get Darren and I was like, okay. You know, I, I, I didn’t think you’d answer our call because here’s the problem. My secret weapon is the BombBomb video and it’s not going to work on the BombBomb

[00:11:58] Darin Dawson: fountain.

[00:12:00] I think it actually, you might be surprised it will. I mean, if you’re going to send me a video, I’m going to watch it

[00:12:07] Kris Ward: for those of you. Well, you know what, maybe I shouldn’t. Explain you tell us what makes BombBomb is spectacular as it is.

[00:12:15] Darin Dawson: Well, if I’m going to answer that question truthfully, it’s, it’s, it’s the people.

[00:12:18] I mean, I do. I think that, that we’re a delivery platform for, for humans. Okay. And so everything you just talked about there, how, how do we help people be more human in their communication? I think that the problem that we face these days, I call it digital pollution. It’s like, Constant right now, after I get off of this call with you out and I’ll look and my email and you will too, maybe right.

[00:12:46] And in there I will have, you know, six unsolicited LinkedIn requests you know, a ton of stuff in there that I didn’t ask for. But I think that we’re just getting overwhelmed with now. It’s artificial intelligence and chat bots. Now it’s in my text on my phone. How do we just get back to doing more and more of what really humans are really good at doing?

[00:13:10] And that’s this face to face getting to know each other. I live in this little community and we have the train that rolls by once a month. That’s what, that was so little nuance to where I live. But you know, How do we get back to just, face-to-face hanging out, getting to know each other, building relationships, bringing value to people.

[00:13:30] That’s what human centered means. I think video is a great way. One of the ways you deliver that, right? But video can be abused. Video can be MIS misused. And so we try and do one of our core competencies of BombBomb is to be the guide. How can we guide people to success to just be more human. And one on our first core value is relationships. 

[00:13:51] So I want to know the people using BombBomb. I want to hear their story. I love doing stuff like this and getting to know him. It’s how we got here. And I believe it’s how we’ll get where we’re going. And it’s three humanize the planet. That’s my big goal, right?

[00:14:05] Kris Ward: Well, I think it really is. It was life changing for me.

[00:14:07] And I think the two biggest assets, I think that for me really, it’s a separator from anybody that would be a video competitor, which I think you’re right. It’s, it’s so much more than video and one is. That if you people haven’t seen it yet, reach out to me, I’ll send you one. I really will. What happens is in the email, you’ve got this gift, so there’s this motion of me.

[00:14:31] And, and I’ve learned so many tricks for your team. Every time I have a customer service question, which the customer service support is awesome. They will respond to me and I will learn something new. So I also use the big app where I then key in people’s names, and then I flashed that back and forth. So they see their name in a gift.

[00:14:48] And now they have to open it. Right. And it’s right there. It’s not a link that takes them somewhere else. And I’ve had more people on my show here, or I’ve got an other shows that they said, Chris, like, you know, it was your video now. Now of course, when they open it, I have to have an effective pitch. So they said, it’s my pitch.

[00:15:07] But the reality is it wouldn’t have seen my pitch, heard my pitch or had anything to do with me. If I didn’t have something that left out

[00:15:13] Darin Dawson: off the page. I got that, that think about that tactic real quick. So we’re talking about as a tactic that we teach, it’s a, it’s one of our things about how we guide you, right.

[00:15:23] That the reason that works is because we get so, so you’re talking about you sending an email to someone, to either get people to be on your podcast or to be on that, or for whatever reason, the reason those things. Why do those get ignored? Now why is because we’re so inundated with this stuff, right? And so what’s working for you is when they see that they open it, they see you and they see their name and human beings.

[00:15:50] We communicate more non-verbally than we do than we do just with written language. Right. And you think about written language it’s only a bit around for, I don’t know, has it been thousand years to, I don’t know the number, but not as long as just communicating this way has right. And so that’s the difference when they, when they see your face, your brain goes, another human being is talking to me and I see my name.

[00:16:14] This is for me, this is not just a blast that’s made to feel like it’s specifically for me, it’s actually for me, which then leads to an open and a play, which then leads to a reciprocation of communication, right? Like we call that we spend a lot of time at BombBomb. I’m thinking about. The recipient experience.

[00:16:34] What does the recipient feel when they receive this message and how do we get an engagement, a reaction? Cause that’s what you want. You want a reply, you want something right? And so we work a lot. That’s our win. That’s our moment of value for you as our customer, but the really the moment occurs in the recipient.

[00:16:55] Right? And so we work a lot on that.

[00:16:57] Kris Ward: Yeah. And the gateway, I mean, there’s other videos. You can shoot a video, but they have to click the link and then, you know, you’re opening a door. So this is this beautiful gateway that lures them in. They just can’t help it. And then when you open up, then, you know, you really get to express who you are and I constantly get replies.

[00:17:15] This is the best video ever. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Because then I’m being my true self and I’ve done my homework. I’ve done with giving them some compliments, but again, that’s all well and good, but they didn’t open the video, which is the secret weapon. They didn’t open it. They wouldn’t get any of that. Cause you can say all those nice things in email and it just does not translate, but there are videos out there by getting the beauty that spectacular is a BombBomb is it’s going to be okay.

[00:17:42] Darin Dawson: Well,

[00:17:42] thanks. Yeah, we work hard at that.

[00:17:45] Kris Ward: And it’s interesting to me too, is. I’ll tell you from a recipient perspective. I mean, I, I’ve never gotten a bomb on video again, it’s my secret weapon. So when I’ve had issues with TAC or, and they’ve been very small, like I’ve been with the company for a while, so, you know, you’ve made some revisions and stuff.

[00:18:04] So whenever I would have a question, can I do this? Can I do that? What, there, there was one time where you guys are going through a transition, you’re trying to prove something. So there was some hiccups in Baba. And what I found as a consumer is. When you’re dealing with customs, sport and support, and they’re sending you a video back, I’m a good human being.

[00:18:23] I treat everyone kindness. I’m not here to be little and be cranky at anyone. It’s not my goal, but you can get frustrated, especially when you become so dependent on Bubba BombBomb. Like you really do. Cause it’s, it’s your, everything. You can’t be cranky at somebody when they’re sending you a nice video.

[00:18:38] It doesn’t matter how many tech issues

[00:18:39] Darin Dawson: you’re having. I know it’s I think that’s another problem that we’re trying to face. Right? And that’s why. We talked so much about rehumanizing the planet. And so I think what you’re talking about there, it’s called empathy. So it’s super easy to not have empathy when it’s just black text on a white screen, or maybe we’re on social media or maybe we’re texting.

[00:19:05] Right. Like I didn’t see the other person. So I I’m I’m, you know, I’m putting my anger maybe towards them. Empathy is lacking. We need more of it. And so that’s, again, we focus on these things. The video is a means to the end of how do we be more empathetic? How do we help people like see the other side of the coin like that?

[00:19:29] That’s so I love that story, but when I hear moreover is empathy that you have for my support folks who, yeah, they’re real people, just like you working. Do you want me to stop that? We’ve probably created for them because we decided to change something or, you know, whatever it sounds like that was the case there, but yeah, when you see the other person you’re like, Oh, this is a person.

[00:19:50] Not just, you know, I hate, you know, my least favorite thing is, I don’t know if you have this it’s next door. It’s great. It’s, it’s a social media platform for neighborhoods. Right. It’s great. But a lot of times we’ll just get so nasty on social media cause they can’t see people. So next door, more video, please.

[00:20:08] Yeah.

[00:20:08] Kris Ward: Yeah. That makes sense. Well you, so tell us a little bit about your journey. I read your great book. Rehumanizing your business? I’ve been a fan for awhile. Boy, like I said, I just like to me, as I said, when I’m dealing with customer service, I would tell you out of like a thousand days, if that’s the, I was using BombBomb, I’ve had like two hiccups.

[00:20:29] Right. And it was again, they were making proven, so no issue there, but those two days you reach for it. It’s like not having a pen. I’m like,

[00:20:39] Darin Dawson: I’m glad you feel

[00:20:40] about to make a

[00:20:40] Kris Ward: BombBomb video. Some glitch, like people, we like this is a nine 11 emergency. Right? Cause it just, I use it all day for everything and it just.

[00:20:49] It, it just makes everything more fantastic and easy for me. So where did this start for you? Cause it is a software thing, you know our listeners are all in their journey of entrepreneurship. How did they get here? Like how did you, how did this beauty be

[00:21:05] Darin Dawson: born? I think, I think all entrepreneurs are begin in the same way and it’s, you know, entrepreneurs see problems and they try and solve them.

[00:21:14] Right? Like that’s the, that’s the core Genesis of entrepreneur is one of the things that you. Or you see a problem in the market or in the world, do you want to try and solve it? So for us, that’s what it was. It was really Connor and I he’s my co-founder and we were in sales and marketing and we were early on like really into email marketing and technology and stuff, but.

[00:21:34] You know, I was running a team for us, a television company, actually, it was I was the director of online and we’re doing digital sales and stuff, but, you know, the problem was how could I be in front of more people more often, but I knew if I was face to face with them, that would be better. But time then allow me to do that because I can only meet with so many people in a day.

[00:21:54] So how could I. Really accelerate that. And we thought, well, man, if you can send video email, I can say, Hey, how’s it. How’s it going, Chris? Nice to meet you. My name’s Darren, I’ve worked at the TV station. This is what we’re talking. You know, you can build a relationship and start to communicate differently that way, but there was nothing like that out there.

[00:22:13] So this was in 2006, by the way. So there was no. A video camera in this phone that we all depend on so much. There was no YouTube was privately held. It was it, you know, Google was new. Yahoo was the number one search engine at the time. It just, it was a different time. And so we set out to figure it out and you know, we built the, we put a server in a closet and we started hosting videos on it.

[00:22:40] We sent our first one and We figured it out, but it was really just a hosted video. And everybody was like, how did you do that? We want that for our business. We thought, well, man, we should do this. Right. We should build this business. And that was in 2006. So I just, I didn’t quit my day job until 2011.

[00:22:57] So I just got my 10th year, this month at BombBomb. So it’s been a long time. Right. And I think for us early on, it was figuring out what, what market are we going to try and go after? Because. This really fit. A lot of people are like, Oh, you could use in this business and this business and this bus. And I think when you’re starting out, it’s like, yeah, but what problem do we really solve for the biggest market we can address right now?

[00:23:23] And focus there? I think a lot of our entrepreneurs get in trouble when you try, you have limited resources and again, your focus is too wide. So, you know, I’m a big Peter Drucker fan famous business writer, and he would say, you know, the more, more limited your focus. Or the more limited your resources, the more limited your focus should be.

[00:23:42] And so we focused on real estate. It found us realtors really we saw the big problem for them, you know, as far as they, they all have personal relationships with people that they’d worked with in the past or people in the future that they’re trying to work with. So we focus on real estate as a, as a category and we created a beachhead there.

[00:24:02] Created a, a lot of following there. A lot of customers there all over the world, that was one thing that’s interesting about real estate is they, they have customers and other professions. And so a lot of people found us because realtors were sending videos, right. So that was a big deal for us. So helped us spread the word about what we were doing and gain and gain momentum.

[00:24:23] But that beach had, we just really marketed there. We built relationships there. And we built that to be a really strong, strong community for us, that branch down into mortgage and title and financial services automotive now, and now we’re doing, you know, a lot more B to B. So we work with large, large businesses and and small, and so anywhere from people with 3000 users to yourself, which are using a single BombBomb account.

[00:24:50] Right. So, and everything in between.

[00:24:53] Kris Ward: So that whole, you know, like everything, that’s it overnight success took 10, 15 years. So of course I thought, Oh, you know, okay. We, I haven’t video on my phone. It’s a big deal. But then I thought this was a new application. So I’m like, why would I need this? I got the video on my phone.

[00:25:07] They can follow the link. I load it on YouTube. Right? Hello, not only, also, it’s still easy to use. And then you shoot a video and then the, the sweet sauce is then you can just send it into messaging, LinkedIn and Facebook. I mean, that interface there is spectacular. That’s another asset and it’s so much more efficient, nevermind that you present better and you get their attention.

[00:25:28] It’s more time efficient. So I had somebody that new clients starting with us last week and she then said to somebody else, you’ve got to meet Chris. So I was like, Oh, it was anything to be introduction. I was actually offered the day and I shot a video of my car and said, Hey, like, if you’re interested, this is great.

[00:25:45] We’ll get you on the calendar right away. Well, they acted like I made some sort of production, like, Oh my gosh, we can’t believe he sent us a video. And I’m like, listen, it was much more quicker for me to be writing something out. Like, but they really looked at it. Like I drove her over to their house, knocked on the door and reading them.

[00:26:03] Darin Dawson: Well, that’s what it feels like when another human being sends you a personal message. I think it’s interesting. You bring up time. Time is the problem, and it is the problem with creating a video on your phone and. Hosting it on YouTube and then linking that in a message. You just don’t ever do it because it actually takes more time than you think it does.

[00:26:22] So that’s the other thing is, is speed the videos, and they’re a core competency of ours. We try and focus on how do we make sure you can execute that video very, very quickly. You know, Chris, you have, you want to do this fast. You don’t want this to take longer. If it takes longer, you just won’t do it. But then there’s this idea that video.

[00:26:38] Is hard. Right? And so when people receive it, they think you did this big production and that you took time and time is our most valuable resources, your main time. Right? So they feel like you took time and you did it just didn’t take as long as they think it did. And so that value exchange right of time, that’s a big deal to people.

[00:26:59] They’re like, Oh my gosh, he did this. And took time. The most valuable human resources gave it to me. Wow. And that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to create that. Wow. On the other side, right.

[00:27:10] Kris Ward: Yeah, it really is spectacular. And I’ll give you guys some hacks as well. When I’m, let’s say I’m sure I did this with you as well, but if anybody I’m pitching and I’ve got like my videos, you, my BombBomb, then I will stand with my computer screen behind me and make sure their images are up on there as well.

[00:27:27] So while I’m saying, wanting to be on your podcast, I make sure the podcast is on both screens. I’m staying there and shooting the BombBomb video. Your name is in. In the little app that big, I was introduced free app introduced by you guys. And so now they see their face and their name, they have to open it.

[00:27:43] Right. And then it also looks like I’ve done a lot of research. I’m paying attention to them. I’m following them because they see all their images in their work, in the back.

[00:27:50] Darin Dawson: Wow. And you have, though you have done all that work. You’re just actually. Receiving the reward for doing the work. Did they know that you did it?

[00:27:58] Yeah.

[00:27:58] Kris Ward: Right. I did do it. That is true. Of course I did that, but now they’re becoming really quickly aware of that,

[00:28:05] Darin Dawson: that I’m not sure.

[00:28:06] Oh, they might believe you did it. I think a lot of people do a 32nd glance and then call me and claim to know my business. Right. Like. I think that the proof of that is a big deal and you’re able to show proof that it’s good.

[00:28:18] Kris Ward: Yeah. No, it’s spectacular. So what, what have, what have been the big changes for you? I mean, you hear these BombBomb stories all day long and I could send you guys one every week about, Oh my gosh, this just happened to me. Cause I used my mom on video. Like, so what what’s there must be a lot of reward to what you do.

[00:28:37] What’s some of the fun stuff you hear.

[00:28:39] Darin Dawson: I mean, they’re really, really encapsulating. It is this human connection, right? Like this, the idea that we’re allowing this human connection, we’ve seen all kinds of fun stuff, but some of the most can we do get them. I think the ones that stick out or when people use this tool really platform to raise money for someone who is struggling with cancer or was going through a hard time.

[00:29:04] They did it for somebody else. Non-profits using it to raise more money for, you know, these things. That’s why we think like, These are the people that are rehumanizing the planet, right? Like that is what we’re talking about when you’re taking your time again, the most, you know, most valuable commodity we own and giving it to the benefit of someone else.

[00:29:24] And we enable that in some way is amazing. So we’ve, we’ve seen countless stories about that, of how people have used it to you know, raise money and help other people help communities in Africa and help, help homelessness, help. Homeless moms and families in their cars and how they believe that the video and using the BombBomb platform helped them do that better than sending, you know, just a marketing email that might’ve had the same message, but didn’t have the story.

[00:29:53] And so when they’re telling the stories of the people in Nepal and they’re building these bikes for them, so we did a lot of great nonprofits stories, I think is what comes to mind for us. And when we talk about that internally, that’s how we’re Rihanna. Rehumanizing the planet. We believe that. What that means is, is we’re helping marginalized people.

[00:30:13] If you’re rehumanizing humans, it’s because you’re being marginalized. So, you know, we’re sitting on the, the, the hardest time of ever in sex trafficking in, in human trafficking. Those things are real in our world and we want to make an impact there. And so we give our product away to those people. We try.

[00:30:31] And if you’re a nonprofit out there, that’s trying to get that done and we’d give you a BombBomb account free. You know, we, we want that to be a part of our story locally. We support non-profits who do that here. One of them’s amazing. They, they work only with homeless families that are on the street and they get them into a community into a home.

[00:30:51] And they give them life skills and they get them back on their feet. So, and then we have a women’s clinic gives free health care to women. You know, those are the people we want to partner with. So that’s what we mean by rehumanizing the planet, your business. Can benefit too. But at the end of the day, that’s why we started BombBomb try and make a difference in our world really, truly.

[00:31:11] And so we’re working on that every day and I think that’s why people work at Baba. They, they love that and they, they love taking care of Christmas. She calls because ultimately they’re a part of this bigger story. And I think, you know, if your entrepreneurs are listening to this, that is key. Like having a, a Y.

[00:31:30] The quote, Simon saying that’s bigger than making money and bigger than yourself. That’s what drives me. Like money should be a by-product of your, why not a reason. It shouldn’t be the why it should be a by-product of your why. Does that make sense? 

[00:31:43] Kris Ward: A hundred percent. I’m all about what we call creating your wind team runs next team.

[00:31:47] So you can get to what is next? What is next? And yeah. And I’m all about, you know, leaning into, I think your business should support your life and not consume it. And so that’s my big, why there’s too many people just working too hard and they don’t need to be. And I think you’re right, that is so profound to me and profound and also effective marketing.

[00:32:06] I have to give you credit for that where it’s, rehumanizing, rehumanizing so much more than a video and it is kind of ridiculous because you’re right. When I sent it. It’s something to you guys. I’m trying to get you on the show, which I had your customer service. So I really didn’t think you’d see it. And then when you replied to me and video, I, I said to Ave was the one that made me do, it’s like, Oh my God, I got a video from him.

[00:32:29] I was so excited. And he said, well, what else was he going to do now? And your video, but I think you’re right. What happens is, first of all, you do think, Oh, they stopped to talk to me. And then also there is this, I call it like, you’re on a third date. Like I’ve already met. You you’ve talked to me, you reached out.

[00:32:49] So when you show up today, it’s like, Oh, I already know you we’ve talked. Right. So it really does have, it just has so many ripple effects of really moving things forward in a really positive way.

[00:33:03] Darin Dawson: Thank you. I’m so happy that you find it that way.

[00:33:06] Kris Ward: I should be like, you know what they did right now. They’re everywhere you turn.

[00:33:09] There’s those new commercials. I

[00:33:10] Darin Dawson: should be on like the BombBomb.

[00:33:14] I don’t know if we’ll start doing TV ads, but yeah,

[00:33:17] no, they’d be

[00:33:17] Kris Ward: video online, but of course, and I, again, I just thought that, you know, the world’s going to know this, but it really is. It really is a fantastic tool. So can’t say that enough. So we’ve just got a few minutes left.

[00:33:31] We don’t want to take up too much of your time. You know, again, you’ve just got so many wisdom so many I’ve gotten so many Hawes over the years from using your product and stuff. So what’s your last plea of people you got to get out of your own way and start using video. Like there’s just no other better tools.

[00:33:52] Darin Dawson: Yeah. I think it’s more over that if you believe, like I do. That a better customer experience is in person. And you should think about it. That’s that’s, you know, I get people’s fear of video and it comes back to the idea that they think that it needs to be produced. I really think now the pandemic has helped this a bit.

[00:34:16] People desire, transparency, and they desire authenticity, and they desire a relationship with people we’ve been separated by this virus in a way that’s cruel. And so, and if you believe that people are better face to face and that, that relationships that’s ultimately where you start to build relationships and.

[00:34:39] You know, I think about it in terms of the lifetime value of the people that you work with. What’s the lifetime value of a relationship. And if you quantify that in your business, then it’s comes down to, you need to be building more relationships, building a network to get referrals. To, to get customers, whatever that might be, if you agree that that’s better than a person, then I would just say, consider it, consider using video in that way.

[00:35:04] You know, if you want to use BombBomb, I’d love to have you as a customer, but I think that’s the problem we need to get back to more. Face-to-face caring about people having empathy for one another, building those relationships. It’s not about spanning a bunch of people and hoping that, you know, 5% of them open it.

[00:35:20] And so somewhere I get one note, it’s a longer game than that. There’s no quick way to success. You’re right. It looks like we’re just on fire, but yeah, it’s been, you know, 15 years of working on this. Right. So th and I would just give that advice too. Like, it’s not overnight, those are lies, right? Like none of these companies just happen that way.

[00:35:43] And maybe they did that doesn’t mean it’s, it’s just, it’s, it makes it look cheap and easy and it’s never cheap and it’s never easy. So the entrepreneur entrepreneurs that are listening, don’t quit. Keep moving forward, figure out a way to, to get the next thing going. Right. Like we did it, we keep doing it.

[00:36:03] We’re still doing it. And that’s the best advice I can give is don’t quit. I think people quit too early. They, they don’t they’re, they’re closer than I think, you know, Sure.

[00:36:12] Kris Ward: Yeah, I spectacular it. And I guess the final thought for us, I know when you talked about they should be produced, I know is shooting a video for someone that I was trying to make a connection with and halfway through the video and these videos, people I’m talking like they’re one to two minutes, like this is not a big deal.

[00:36:26] And halfway through the video, I had made some comment and I kind of started to argue with myself and I said it in the video. You know, a saner person would start this video over, but I’m sending it to you. Anyhow, here you go. Well, she thought that was sloppy or any funny, like she just called me back right away.

[00:36:40] She said, you know what? You are my people we’ve got to need that.

[00:36:44] Darin Dawson: You are my people. Everybody is like that though. Right? Like everybody’s worried about this shyness or like, but authenticity wins. Like, I’m going to say 99% of the time, we don’t want this fake. Front, right? You want the real deal? You want the real McCoy.

[00:37:05] These are sayings that have been around for hundreds of years, for a reason it’s just a human nature. Right. And I think a lot of what you see today is this posturing and it’s fake. I think people know that I know Canadians know that, right? Like we can not do that to Canadian. They will call you out instantly.

[00:37:24] So, you know, just be, be real. I just think if you can be authentic and real build relationships, You can create a great business for yourself. And in serving people be a value and abundance will follow. That’s a, you know, be a value and abundance file, figure out ways to be of value to the people you’re serving and think about it as you’re serving your customers, it changes your business philosophy and it makes you a better person and it helps you. And I just think it creates more success in that way. 

[00:37:50] Kris Ward: Well, Darren Dawson, you made my day. You definitely made my business. It’s spectacular. Can’t thank you enough for that. And everyone out there, you got to check it out if you’re not sure. Hey, reach out to me. I’ll send you a, I will personally send you a BombBomb video.

[00:38:04] It is just a wonderful tool to make an instant and meaningful and meaningful connection. So until the next note, guys,

[00:38:11] Darin Dawson: we’ll see you then.

[00:38:12] Thanks.