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How To Improve Business Temperature With Your Pitch! With Chala Dincoy

Episode Summary

Chala Dincoy gives us no-nonsense insight into marketing and what your pitch says about you! It’s a great conversation with lots of “aha” moments. You’ll get all sorts of great tips and ideas from how Chala markets herself!

-how to tell if your pitch is working?
-when niching down will save your business!
-what people can tell about you in 30 seconds!

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Master: Chala Dincoy_Transcript

Hey everyone, it’s Chris ward from win the hour, win the day, and today we have another amazing guest for you. Chala Dincoy is the CEO and the founder of repositioning expert. she is a marketing strategist who helps B to B service providers, reposition their marketing message to successfully sell to corporate clients.

[00:30:06] In her former life, challah was an award winning marketer at companies such as Pepsi, pizza hut, Frito-Lay Playtex. The list goes on. Now she’s a successful entrepreneur and the author of four books, including gentle marketing, a gentle way to attract loads of clients. And she’s been featured on major television networks such as ABC, NBC, CBC, or CBS.

[00:30:31] I’ll do all the BS and Fox as well as frequent speakers throughout the U S welcome to the show challah. We’re really excited to have you. 

[00:30:40] Chala Dincoy: [00:30:40] Thank you. That was 

[00:30:41] Kris Ward: [00:30:41] a mouthful. It was, and I didn’t do a very great job. I talked as if I had a mouth full. 

[00:30:49] Chala Dincoy: [00:30:49] Okay, 

[00:30:50] Kris Ward: [00:30:50] so let’s dive in and why d  on’t you, we’ve got a little bit of your background here, but why don’t you just tell us how you got to where you are?

[00:30:58] Because in when the hour, when the day, we want to hear how your winds got you here, we want to see behind the scenes of sort of pull back the curtain a little bit. Sure. I 

[00:31:06] Chala Dincoy: [00:31:06] was a corporate girl. Were you ever a corporate girl? 

[00:31:09] Kris Ward: [00:31:09] No, I really wasn’t. No, God, you’re so lucky. Well, 

[00:31:13] Chala Dincoy: [00:31:13] anyway, I mean, I worked the corporate game, uh, around 18 years.

[00:31:17] I worked for large corporations and I was always in marketing or sales. And then when I launched my business, I became a coach. Like 

[00:31:24] Kris Ward: [00:31:24] I went and certified as 

[00:31:25] Chala Dincoy: [00:31:25] a coach and then. I launched and guess what I starved, cause there was, there was about a million coaches and I thought, Oh, you know, I’m certified. Oh that’s a big deal.

[00:31:36] But no, I mean I did everything. I did Facebook advertising, I did networking, I did like trade shows, you name it. And I was still starving because there were just, it was just a glut in the market. And what I did to get to where I am today is like super niched. So I super neat in something called, 

[00:31:55] Kris Ward: [00:31:55] uh, elevator pitches.

[00:31:56] Chala Dincoy: [00:31:56] So I now 

[00:31:57] Kris Ward: [00:31:57] fix people’s elevator pitches 

[00:31:59] Chala Dincoy: [00:31:59] for living. And, um, where I was doing that was at in the U S they have these giant matchmaker, um, conferences with corporations. So little businesses like you and me. Go and look it up and 

[00:32:11] Kris Ward: [00:32:11] sit around a table and you have to like elevator pitch them today. Right? So then 

[00:32:15] Chala Dincoy: [00:32:15] you have to, you know, and I was sitting around at these tables and these poor women were just like killing themselves, trying to get the attention of the one buyer from Walmart or staples or wherever, and they end.

[00:32:28] Um, is there something you do. 

[00:32:30] Kris Ward: [00:32:30] Really well, like 

[00:32:32] Chala Dincoy: [00:32:32] skiing or, you know, like, I don’t know, probably, um, you know, ad messaging, copying something you do really well, and then you see 

[00:32:40] Kris Ward: [00:32:40] other people who are like butchering 

[00:32:43] Chala Dincoy: [00:32:43] it. 

[00:32:43] Kris Ward: [00:32:43] Like, how do you feel 

[00:32:45] Chala Dincoy: [00:32:45] like it was like. Chalk, you know, nails on a chalkboard. And so I ha, I just stepped up and I said, guys, I can 

[00:32:52] Kris Ward: [00:32:52] help you.

[00:32:53] Okay. 

[00:32:54] Chala Dincoy: [00:32:54] For it started, and then they asked me to speak at every conference that every diversity conference, and then 

[00:33:01] Kris Ward: [00:33:01] I 

[00:33:01] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:01] launched my own podcast. It was just, it just became the super niche. So really that’s what I teach people is how to find their super 

[00:33:08] Kris Ward: [00:33:08] niche. Well that is, I mean, and I love the concept of your podcast.

[00:33:13] I’m, I’m jealous. It’s such a great idea. I don’t know why I’m jealous cause I couldn’t do it. So it’s okay. But you would tell them about what you do in your podcasts. I mean, it’s just the most amazing infomercial there ever was. Thank you. Yeah. 

[00:33:25] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:25] And you recognize that because you’re a marketer. And what I noticed when I was doing my, uh, work from the stage is it started from the stage.

[00:33:34] So we would have a Q and a. I would teach them how to do a 

[00:33:37] Kris Ward: [00:33:37] perfect elevator pitch, 

[00:33:39] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:39] and then I would give them the actual formula 

[00:33:41] Kris Ward: [00:33:41] for it. The template. 

[00:33:42] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:42] And then we would have a Q and a and people would 

[00:33:45] Kris Ward: [00:33:45] want me to fix it right there 

[00:33:47] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:47] and then, and that’s how it 

[00:33:48] Kris Ward: [00:33:48] started. Like, 

[00:33:49] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:49] um, you really have to have the experience and you have 

[00:33:52] Kris Ward: [00:33:52] to be on the ball.

[00:33:53] Like, 

[00:33:53] Chala Dincoy: [00:33:53] you know, you’re exhausted by the end and a thousand people watching you and so many different things happening at the same time, and you have to focus on what this one woman is saying, and then you have to fix it in the moment within 30 seconds. So that’s how the concept 

[00:34:10] Kris Ward: [00:34:10] started. But how about my, as my accountant says, garbage in, garbage out.

[00:34:15] Right? 

[00:34:17] Chala Dincoy: [00:34:17] So 

[00:34:17] Kris Ward: [00:34:17] what I mean is like, I could give myself as an example for a little bit here now with my, when the hour, when the day book and platform that we’re building out, it was originally done. Offline. And so even as a marketer, I, I had a false sense when I took it online and put the book, and now we’re, we’re building info-product of sort of like, let’s say there’s five points of entry with that client and the offline clients were coming in and 0.1 and now I realize my messaging had to be very different online.

[00:34:47] They might be coming in at 0.3 but even recently, especially with all the changes in the world, what I realized is a big part of what we do is we talk. To entrepreneurs about building a team, like until you have anyone you can lean on, you’re just self employed. It’s super expensive and it’s really hard.

[00:35:03] So this whole idea of outsourcing, it’s very affordable, very easy. It’s everything. But even I in, you know, through putting my message out and having my podcasts and you know, playing around with it, have really come to realize that, Oh, you know, I had a wider variety offline. So somebody who’s hiring, maybe they had one VA.

[00:35:25] And now they’re expanding their team. I was able to provide those services but online, I need to niche down. I need to be talking to that one person who is ready to hire their first person. Right. And I was missing the boat on that for awhile because I think the worst thing I had was experience. So the experience was making me ill, ill formed.

[00:35:46] So if I had showed up and I said, okay, here’s my pitch, but I’m kinda all over the place because. Cause I am. Then how do you fix that on stage when, you know what I’m saying? 

[00:35:57] Chala Dincoy: [00:35:57] But you absolutely, I mean, I can tell that you’re a marketer because you and you get it. So what you’re saying is if you don’t have the strategy figured out, you don’t have your communication strategy figured out of.

[00:36:10] Who is your exact target, 

[00:36:12] Chala Dincoy: [00:36:12] what problem you solve for them. They talk about it. If you don’t have that stuff figured out, then your elevator pitch is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s just a reflection of the hot mess that you haven’t figured out yet. 

[00:36:24] Kris Ward: [00:36:24] So what happens is 

[00:36:26] Chala Dincoy: [00:36:26] a lot, 

[00:36:27] Kris Ward: [00:36:27] most people figure out that 

[00:36:28] Chala Dincoy: [00:36:28] they’re a hot mess.

[00:36:29] Even. Very successful. Like I just did one, she, she’s a chiropractic doctor who owns a medical center wellness center cause she’s a alternative medicine doctor in San Diego and she is like wildly successful. Right. And when I asked her the questions around, okay. Tell me one specific group that you can help that gathered self gathers either by industry or interest group and you know, just think of one.

[00:36:59] And she said, okay, it managers are really, really stressed and it’s killing them. That stresses in terms of wellness. And I said, okay, great. Can you talk about what is the most expensive problem or what is the most painful problem for them? And she said, well, 

[00:37:14] Kris Ward: [00:37:14] uh, 

[00:37:14] Chala Dincoy: [00:37:14] they can’t because they’re burnt out. They can’t meet their productivity deadlines or their projects, but sailing, they’re, they’re not.

[00:37:20] They’re done. So 

[00:37:21] Kris Ward: [00:37:21] I said, what would it be like if we were to Polish your pitch to say that 

[00:37:25] Chala Dincoy: [00:37:25] I help it managers meet their deadlines 

[00:37:29] Kris Ward: [00:37:29] faster 

[00:37:30] Chala Dincoy: [00:37:30] because of the coaching and lifestyle changes that we do through our wellness center. 

[00:37:36] Kris Ward: [00:37:36] Okay. 

[00:37:37] Chala Dincoy: [00:37:37] Do you see how, so I, and I cautioned her, I said, uh, you know, dr Mandy, if you don’t know 

[00:37:43] Kris Ward: [00:37:43] really 

[00:37:44] Chala Dincoy: [00:37:44] what we have to do, you know, if we were working together, we would figure this out strategically.

[00:37:48] And the way to do that is through research. Right? And so I’ve taken, I’ve done, if you know anything about marketing, it starts with 

[00:37:56] Kris Ward: [00:37:56] research, 

[00:37:57] Chala Dincoy: [00:37:57] but. You know, small companies like ours don’t have the thousands of dollars. I used a millions. I used to spend a Pepsi on research, right? So what I’ve done is I’ve created this product 

[00:38:08] Kris Ward: [00:38:08] and we jumped in.

[00:38:09] We also know Pepsi got it wrong time. Well, Coke bought a wrong time or two, right? 

[00:38:14] Chala Dincoy: [00:38:14] Many, many. 

[00:38:15] Kris Ward: [00:38:15] Yeah, 

[00:38:16] Chala Dincoy: [00:38:16] but the market never lies. That’s what I say. For you to be guessing at your own strategy is wrong for who you should target what pain point is the most salient that they’re going to pay fo,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      r. These are all, so that’s what comes out really out of the, the Polish your pitch.

[00:38:32] And then, you know, they either go on to become a client and they want the help, or they at least have the awareness that there’s something they don’t know that they need to look into, whether how they’re going to do it. I have no idea, but I created this. You know, free way of finding that information out from the market.

[00:38:51] For us. And that’s the tool. 

[00:38:54] Kris Ward: [00:38:54] So what you’re doing really is cause I feel it’s very exhausting. Like you’d be like a circus act and like a seal trying to balance a ball on your nose and juggled same time. So I was really worried about you thinking like, look, it took me five minutes to explain to you where I was at and we’d be on stage.

[00:39:09] You don’t have time for people’s life story. So what you really do is just clear up the clutter enough so that they know. Oh, this needs more work. And really it’s not about the pitch, it’s about the gateway now. So really you’re here as a pitch person, but we shouldn’t be talking to you, talking about you as excellent marketer.

[00:39:29] So really it’s a gateway for you. It’s a strategy. 

[00:39:32] Chala Dincoy: [00:39:32] Yeah. Have you ever had your house rebuilt or. Built from scratch, like in Toronto, like it’s everywhere and you need a blueprint from an architect before the 

[00:39:43] Kris Ward: [00:39:43] city will even let you start, right? 

[00:39:45] Chala Dincoy: [00:39:45] They won’t give you a permit. So it’s the same as a business.

[00:39:49] But what what businesses do is they don’t have an architectural drawing, which is there. 

[00:39:54] Kris Ward: [00:39:54] Yeah. Which is like who they’re going to 

[00:39:56] Chala Dincoy: [00:39:56] target, what they’re going to say, but what they do is they take it to either ad agencies or SEO experts or they take it to their sales team and they say, okay, I don’t know the blueprint, but could you just draw one for us what it is?

[00:40:09] And then we’ll do it. Like if a building were built that way, if your house was built that way, like sink. And nobody in business thinks anything of it. But if you were to do that in construction, people would 

[00:40:20] Kris Ward: [00:40:20] think you’re crazy. They would 

[00:40:21] Chala Dincoy: [00:40:21] refuse to do it. If you said to your painter, can you do a blueprint of my house?

[00:40:26] You know, like point yet. So that’s the example that I give. And um, 

[00:40:30] Kris Ward: [00:40:30] to your credit, you, you got that 

[00:40:32] Chala Dincoy: [00:40:32] right away. Now there’s a lot of guests who don’t get it at all. There’s 

[00:40:35] Kris Ward: [00:40:35] a lot 

[00:40:37] Chala Dincoy: [00:40:37] in, in the audience. And you know, I tell them, we don’t know. You have to go find out what they’d like. 

[00:40:42] Kris Ward: [00:40:42] Yeah. It goes with that, like you’re supposed to be this magical person with the hat on.

——————-cut part————————-

So then tell us here, let’s talk about marketing for a little bit or the pitch, whatever you want to dive into, because you’re a genius in both. Tell me, what is the stuff that you see out there all the time, the most common mistakes that you think are really just hurting people the most.

[00:41:28] Chala Dincoy: [00:41:28] Well as being a generalist. And in fact, I just finished a huge webinar that I just did a training just now, and I’ll tell you about the examples. Uh, being a generalist, I had a client who, he was 61 years old. I had met him through another client’s event, and I thought he was trying to poach her clients.

[00:41:48] So I thought he was like a bit of a, a creep. And I was really scared of him. But it turned out he was like the nicest guy, and he rescued Jack Russells and stuff and would drive to the border. And he was like this big heart of got and what he, he hired me and his business was. Something called yard marketing strategist.

[00:42:06] He was like, you and me. He was a marketing strategist and yeah, it was just his name, his initials, and it was very generic. He said, we do every kind of marketing for every industry. And then when we did the research, we, we super niched him into helping small food manufacturers like cookies and cakes and sauces to get listed into whole foods and Loblaws and like, yeah.

[00:42:30] Places that sell food. And, um, that’s, that’s the number one problem of that industry. They cannot get listed. And once they pay listing fees and they get listed on the shelves, while if 

[00:42:41] Kris Ward: [00:42:41] you don’t buy it. 

[00:42:43] Chala Dincoy: [00:42:43] Guess what? They get 

[00:42:43] Kris Ward: [00:42:43] delisted. So they, they’re out 

[00:42:45] Chala Dincoy: [00:42:45] of pocket. So that’s what his URL became, the food distribution and he went from zero to 60 new clients, five figure clients in the next year.

[00:42:56] And at the age of 61 asked his girlfriend to marry him and that success, and I always take credit and he won’t give me the credit, but he invited me to his wedding. He put me in his wedding speech. It was lovely. So that’s the difference. That’s what that’s the problem is most people are just trying to be everything to everyone.

[00:43:15] And I really, truly believe in this super niching. I’ve created a 

[00:43:19] Kris Ward: [00:43:19] whole program 

[00:43:20] Chala Dincoy: [00:43:20] that’s online, that’s available for, you know, like only 500 bucks. And it’s, um, really, it’s, it’s called the, the, um, nail your niche program. 

[00:43:30] Kris Ward: [00:43:30] Yeah. Okay. 

[00:43:31] Chala Dincoy: [00:43:31] I mean, without a Nisha, nothing. 

[00:43:33] Kris Ward: [00:43:33] No. And you know what? And sadly too, I would tell people all the time that you, maybe you think you niche down, right?

[00:43:40] Like I would say, and again, the saddest thing I had was experienced. So even as a marketer, like you’re always beat yourself up as a marketer, but you can only see out, you can’t see it. Right. So I would say, you know, okay, I knew that when I was working with people with, when the are, when the day and in that productivity capacity.

[00:43:57] About building your team? I tend to deal with service based businesses. They were usually in business three to five years. They were usually in their forties and fifties semi tech, not big tech like they would know about funnels and stuff. Right? So I had this whole avatar built out beautifully. And then.

[00:44:14] You know, it was pointed out to me recently, well, Chris, that first person you hire is very different than that third PR. Like they are worlds apart. That first person versus that third person you hire. And I’m like, Oh my gosh. I wasn’t being clear on that. It was in my head, but I had all this experience offline and I was just.

[00:44:33] I just, I just missed the boat on that detail. So sometimes you think your niche and because you can’t operate on yourself, you’re right. I wasn’t super niche. I wasn’t clear, clear, clear. I was just talking about building a team. And so that’s the sad part is, is there a way. For people to really sort of take the temperature on when you think your niche.

[00:44:54] But now you’re like your niche, but you need to be niche 2.0 

[00:44:59] Chala Dincoy: [00:44:59] a hundred percent well, first of all, your results will tell you, right. It won’t be growing as fast as you want. But the other way is a part of the nail. Your niche program is we do that. Um, we go out and we talk to people. So it’s the insight. So we call it the research, and you put the niche that you think you have.

[00:45:17] Then you put two other niches that actually emerged as part of another process. That’s okay. Uh, is like a brainstorming process with a scoring. So numbers don’t lie. Black and white. 

[00:45:28] Kris Ward: [00:45:28] Yeah. 

[00:45:28] Chala Dincoy: [00:45:28] Three top niches and pain points pop out from that exercise. And then in the second part of the training, 

[00:45:35] Kris Ward: [00:45:35] you actually 

[00:45:36] Chala Dincoy: [00:45:36] get to put those into a research and go out and ask people, would you pay me this much to solve that problem for you if it 

[00:45:42] Kris Ward: [00:45:42] was worded this way?

[00:45:43] Right. 

[00:45:43] Chala Dincoy: [00:45:43] So then you see between a, B, and C. The three different research cells, which one has the most potential? And unless you ask the market, I don’t care how smart you are, I don’t care how many years of marketing experience you have. 

[00:45:59] Kris Ward: [00:45:59] I 

[00:45:59] Chala Dincoy: [00:45:59] had to do that. 

[00:46:00] Kris Ward: [00:46:00] And I had 

[00:46:01] Chala Dincoy: [00:46:01] hired a very expensive coach, Chris, 

[00:46:04] Kris Ward: [00:46:04] and she 

[00:46:05] Chala Dincoy: [00:46:05] screwed me, right?

[00:46:08] Like what she did is she sat behind her computer and she did this whole analysis about how there was a huge. Burgeoning, um, food market in Toronto, like food manufacturers. And you said it was going to double in size in the next 10 years and the government was investing in it. And she told me I had to pursue the people in that industry who were consultants.

[00:46:29] Well, there were no consultants in that industry. They were all US-based consultants that had offices in Canada. She didn’t know the market. She didn’t know anything. She charged me an arm and a leg in it. Not that I’m against pain, because that’s how much I charged. 

[00:46:43] Kris Ward: [00:46:43] You know what I paid her right. 

[00:46:46] Chala Dincoy: [00:46:46] Not based in the market.

[00:46:48] She heard methodology was about, she would tell you she’s the guru, 

[00:46:52] Kris Ward: [00:46:52] right? She did the best of your computer, 

[00:46:54] Chala Dincoy: [00:46:54] and I’m done with that. Like I did my own research with my own methodology to figure this 

[00:46:59] Kris Ward: [00:46:59] out, 

[00:47:00] Chala Dincoy: [00:47:00] and I saw the pain around me and I did the research and I looked at three different niches I could see.

[00:47:06] Super nauseous, I could pursue an, everybody said this one. 

[00:47:11] Kris Ward: [00:47:11] Yeah, and that’s a good point. I mean, if you’re not going as fast as you want, what, for whatever reason, and that’s a really, I want to unpack that for a minute because it’s so super easy. I mean, I know as a marketer, I know as a marketer, not to say something like, Oh, they don’t get it.

[00:47:25] Right? You were like, okay, clearly my message is not right. So because when you’re not in the marketing arena, you tend to think, Oh, they just don’t get it, or they don’t need it. Whatever. Blame, blame the audience. That’s not how it is. 

[00:47:36] Chala Dincoy: [00:47:36] But 

[00:47:37] Kris Ward: [00:47:37] I hear that sometimes. But what happens is you’re right, if you’re not going as fast or far as you like, it’s your message.

[00:47:44] And, and also another thing I’ll hear sometimes, and we can all get. Seduced into believing this is, Oh, it’s the platform, or Facebook changed the algorithms, or there’s so many things that are kind of, you can blame on the white noise of you getting your message out, but at the end of the day, we have all seen really successful people that were very, very raw in their messaging online, and they just soared because they, they niche down.

[00:48:08] Right? 

[00:48:09] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:09] Yeah. And I’ll give you another, like what you said, just reminded me, I spoke to another business yesterday. She’s an accent reduction coach. 

[00:48:17] Kris Ward: [00:48:17] Oh, well 

[00:48:18] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:18] from India. 

[00:48:18] Kris Ward: [00:48:18] Right. Okay. First of all, 

[00:48:20] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:20] and um, so what she’s. 

[00:48:24] Kris Ward: [00:48:24] I said, how’s 

[00:48:24] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:24] it going with that niche? You know, cause it’s niched. Like that’s niche. I’m happy about the fact that it’s niche 

[00:48:29] Kris Ward: [00:48:29] or was she didn’t do, Chris 

[00:48:31] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:31] is, she never vetted the market for hits.

[00:48:33] So she’s been doing it for decades and it’s gone nowhere. So I said, you know, that’s what I’m worried about for you. I said, there could be a thousand different niches in communication that you could help. And that that have more, cause she started to complain about, bosses don’t want to talk about 

[00:48:51] Kris Ward: [00:48:51] it cause it’s rude.

[00:48:53] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:53] People don’t want to admit to it cause they’re not either aware 

[00:48:56] Kris Ward: [00:48:56] or they’re too embarrassed. 

[00:48:57] Chala Dincoy: [00:48:57] And employers, there’s, you know, laws against discrimination that someone who has, so she’s gone nowhere with 

[00:49:04] Kris Ward: [00:49:04] it 

[00:49:05] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:05] and it’s all because she had an accent and she thought there was a need. So. Most of the businesses that I see are trying to 

[00:49:14] Kris Ward: [00:49:14] heal a wound 

[00:49:15] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:15] they personally have.

[00:49:17] Kris Ward: [00:49:17] Right. Like they had to go through it 

[00:49:19] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:19] and then, you know, um, 

[00:49:20] Kris Ward: [00:49:20] like the grief coach, 

[00:49:22] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:22] uh, that I met, she was starving and bartering for years because her mother died and she thought, Oh my God, there was nobody around me. I need a grief coach. Well, when she went out into the market. Every hospice, every hospital, every church 

[00:49:36] Kris Ward: [00:49:36] gave 

[00:49:36] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:36] grief counseling for 

[00:49:37] Kris Ward: [00:49:37] free, 

[00:49:38] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:38] and she was competing with them and nobody could understand why they need to pay her 400 bucks.

[00:49:42] Well, 

[00:49:43] Kris Ward: [00:49:43] yeah, 

[00:49:43] Chala Dincoy: [00:49:43] she was starving for two years because she, she decided on her niche based on her personal pain. Makes 

[00:49:51] Kris Ward: [00:49:51] sense. Yeah. And the accent reduction coset the coaches clearly a mouthful to say, cause I can’t even get enough. So I think you need a certain, you need a certain level of, you know, academia just to get that out.

[00:50:02] So now if English is not your first language and it is mine, it’s a mouthful. But I think too, I know, I see that a lot. And that’s a whole another thing in business, a whole another discussion. But people that have had experience like, okay, I was 400 pounds and I lost 300 so now I’m going to be this business person.

[00:50:23] And they, that story can be part of a really effective strategy, but it can’t be the only thing you sell. And so that’s a good example of their hobby. Their pain, their past isn’t, it does not make it a business, right? 

[00:50:36] Chala Dincoy: [00:50:36] Yeah. There has to be a viable. You know, market for it that are willing to pay you what you want. Because lots of times we find out people are only willing to pay $50 but not 500. 

[00:50:49] Kris Ward: [00:50:49] Yeah. 

[00:50:49] And 

[00:50:50] Chala Dincoy: [00:50:50] then we leave that niche. We go onto the next one. We find a niche. We go until we find one. 

[00:50:55] Kris Ward: [00:50:55] Right? So, okay, so that’s a little different than when we started. What I want to, what’s really amazing too, is what you’re saying is you help people figure out their elevator pitch that’s your intro to them. But. It’s not all about that elevator pitch. What you’re saying is that is a reflection on how clear you are on your marketing niche. And so that when you look at them, that is sort of like them taking the pulse of where they are in that journey. And if they continue working with you, then they can niche down and be much more clear in the, in moving forward.

[00:51:30] Chala Dincoy: [00:51:30] Yeah. And as soon as somebody introduces themselves to me, I can tell. 

[00:51:35] Kris Ward: [00:51:35] Yeah. You can tell 

[00:51:36] Chala Dincoy: [00:51:36] if they have a strategy or not. 

[00:51:37] Kris Ward: [00:51:37] I know too, because even like I feel bad cause we’ve all been there as new people is new in business and like you’ll sit beside someone or something and you’re at a business thing and you say, Hey, how are you?

[00:51:46] And then great. And then they, they, you don’t even get to ask them about their business. And then they turn and all of a sudden you realize they’re vomiting all over you about their journey. And they’re like, Oh, and 

[00:51:57] Chala Dincoy: [00:51:57] then I do this 

[00:51:57] Kris Ward: [00:51:57] and I do that because people need this. And I did that for five years. And all of a sudden you realize, Oh my gosh, sweetheart, you or 

[00:52:03] Chala Dincoy: [00:52:03] sir, you’ve been in business six 

[00:52:04] Kris Ward: [00:52:04] months, haven’t you?

[00:52:05] Right. And. You know, they don’t have that one sentence like what we do is get you quicker, faster results. No fluff. Like, Oh, okay, that’s cool. And how do you do that? It’s none of that. It’s all like, and then my father and then I, you know, in the car accident and you’re like, okay, I’m wondering if I can find somewhere else to sit.

[00:52:24] So you see that in. Dare. I say a rookie entrepreneur, but I think what happens is as they come along and they have a few more years experience, they’re not doing that anymore, but they’re still spinning their wheels and not penetrating the marketplace. 

[00:52:39] Chala Dincoy: [00:52:39] Yeah. I mean, I’ve been fortunate that, uh, like the conferences that I go to in the U S they’re minimum thousand dollars to get in.

[00:52:46] So, you know, those startups you’re talking about, they’re not yet. 

[00:52:50] Kris Ward: [00:52:50] But yet, what, who is there? And 

[00:52:53] Chala Dincoy: [00:52:53] lucky for me, uh, unlucky for me cause they’re canceled. 

[00:52:57] Kris Ward: [00:52:57] In the coven, but they’re 

[00:52:59] Chala Dincoy: [00:52:59] there enough of a size to 

[00:53:00] Kris Ward: [00:53:00] realize that they 

[00:53:02] Chala Dincoy: [00:53:02] don’t know what they don’t know and they’re, and some of them are enough sophisticated enough to know that it takes a strategist 

[00:53:10] Kris Ward: [00:53:10] to figure that out.

[00:53:11] Chala Dincoy: [00:53:11] It doesn’t take everyone who says they do marketing. It doesn’t take, you know, an SEO person on the web. It doesn’t take. Yeah, the changing the color of your website will not solve this. I mean, I call that the lipstick on the pig. Like, yeah. There’s no strategy in, you put lipstick on the pig. It’s still a pig. 

[00:53:31] Kris Ward: [00:53:31] Yeah, absolutely. Well, this has been insightful and it’s a great reminder because I think, you know, so many people, my audience, I take great pride in them because they’re entrepreneurs and they’re usually right. Some level of market savvy. But this is a really great reminder because we can all niche down super niche, as you say, and just be more and more aware of how we can be bigger, better, faster, stronger in less time.

[00:53:53] So, you know, sometimes the most simple and most powerful messages, we need to be reminded because they’re like so simple, or as I often say, is like, Oh, I knew that. But I forgot. I knew that, like, you 

[00:54:05] Chala Dincoy: [00:54:05] know, so, 

[00:54:07] Kris Ward: [00:54:07] yeah, I appreciate that. Okay, so why don’t you tell people where they can find you? 

[00:54:11] Chala Dincoy: [00:54:11] Well, I mean, if any of this resounded for anyone and they have any interest in working together, um, my team and I have put together a link that you can visit and it is my website reposition ward.

[00:54:26] Okay. I hope they know how to sell that. Hey, are. 

[00:54:31] Kris Ward: [00:54:31] K a R, 

[00:54:34] Chala Dincoy: [00:54:34] D 

[00:54:35] Kris Ward: [00:54:35] and we will be certain to put that into the show notes. So challah. Thank you again. It was a really meaty conversation. I could have you back like, you know, monthly for sure. So I really enjoyed myself. Thank you so much. Thank you.