How to Grow Your Small Business in 2023!


The average entrepreneur is run off their feet day and night!

You run around trying to do it all!

Your passionate about growing your business! There is always the promise of once you get past this “next thing” things will be different.

Even if your business is growing at a healthy rate, you need to be able to scale your business. Otherwise as your business grows so do the hours you work. Growing your business and scaling your business are two different things. To scale your business you need business processes.

To Scale Your Business You Need Systems And Processes.

SAVING TIME: Systems and processes are a huge time saver. You have a clear blue print and you move swiftly through your work. Think about it like this… would you rather take a road trip following your cars navigational system or trying to remembering the directions? The navigational system eliminates human error, and you can keep at a constant predictable speed throughout the whole trip.

SCALING YOUR BUSINESS: Scaling your business in any way, requires you to remove yourself as the choking point. In order to do this you need to have systems and processes. Studies show that 19% of small businesses will outsource so they can scale their business. You can’t outsource if all aspects of your business is run off your memory and a to-do list.

GROW YOUR SMALL BUSINESS: To grow and scale your small businesses you need to be able to execute your ideas quickly. There is always that “next thing.” The secret is how consistent are you with executing your ideas.

You Need To Outsource To Leverage Systems And Processes

1. Outsourcing Is The Fastest Growing Small Business Tactic

Every small business owners knows agony of constantly trying to get to the “real work.” It feels like your drowning in a never ending list of administrative chores.

Many of my clients in the Winner’s Circle often share that they didn’t realize how lost they were in admin part of the business. They’re shocked to learn how much they can actually hand off to someone else.

With some basic systems and processes in place your outsourcer can give you back an amazing amount of time.

2. Systems and Processes Get Your Business To The Next Level.

You have business ideas, products and services that you want to get to the market place but there is always so much to do!

Step one is eliminating any repetitive tasks, time wasters and mistakes that eat up time. When you have systems and processes all these things become apparent and easily corrected.

You have a clear blueprint for your work.

It’s clear, concise and easily improved.

12 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource

Running around like your hair is on fire gets old quick!

Outsourcing is a way for you to run the business instead of the business running you!

Remember: you didn’t start a business to run a business!

You wanted more!

The question is….where do you start?

You build a team!



You don’t have time to manage outsourcers?

You can’t afford to hire anyone?

Let’s look at the cost of delaying.


Without your outsourcing team…

1 Your projects that bring in new revenue take longer to get to the marketplace.

2. You’ll never know how much those missed opportunities cost you. (Think about it, the life time value of one client is quite expensive).

3. Missed opportunities has a negative impact on growing and scaling your business.

4. Life has interruptions, if you miss work for any reason, it’s costly!

(I know an entrepreneur that lost his business because he slipped on ice and broke his arm).

5. Every time you get a new client, your work hours grow.

6. You multi task as a coping mechanism which decreases your productivity by 40%. (This is where the symptoms of burnout start to kick in.)

7. You’re not getting as much experience as your competitors who outsource, so you can’t justify raising your rates.

8. All your ambitions are dependent on your learning curve. This costs your business time and money.

9. You have no outsourcers to brainstorm with or to bounce ideas around.

(They are amazing at brining improving your business with their experience.)

10. You are limited to only your expertise.

(Ie imagine a contractor that couldn’t’ talk to any of the trades but tried to learn them all himself)

11. You have no one proof basic work or look at anything with fresh eyes.

12. You bottleneck all your work. This is the business model for self employed not for having a real business

(Imagine a chef, that had to seat people, take their orders and cook).

Think about where you are in your business. Without a outsourcing, and process management you will likely be in the exact same spot next year (if you’re lucky) but way more tired. Chances are though, you’ll be further behind. Want to build a business, then you need to build a team!

How to Grow Your Small Business in 2023!

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