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Get Real Connections On Linkedin And Create More! With Sara Khoudary

Episode Summary

Sara Khoudary gives us the no-nonsense guide to making connections on Linkedin and why it matters. Sara shines a light on Linkedin that completely changes the game.

Learn how to:
-be strategic about your connections and why it matters
-the success formula for messaging
-how to audit your Linkedin for serious results
-the biggest mistake you’re making right now!
-and the one thing you should never say on Linkedin

Sara Khoudary is known as The Entrepreneur’s Authority Builder™ positioning entrepreneurs to be seen and dominate their industry to be in the top 1%. With over 25 years in marketing, Sara is a highly sought after certified digital marketing professional, authority building mastermind, automation specialist, and trusted advisor as a certified Infusionsoft partner.

A master at orchestrating both traditional and digital marketing strategies, Sara has worked with clients around the world and specializes in developing entrepreneurs to reach their first six figures and has also created several millionaires with her process.

As the founder of Entrepreneurs of Success, Sara is on a mission to inspire, empower and advance Entrepreneurship. Sara is a professional speaker and has spoken on an international stage. She has also been seen in ABC/NBC/FOX/The CW.

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Sara Khoudary Podcast Interview

[00:20:33] Kris Ward: Hey everyone. This is when the hour when the day and I am your host, Chris ward. And today we have Sarah Cadery with us and she is, Oh, she is so many things. One of which is the entrepreneurs authority, builder, positioning entrepreneurs to be seen and dominate their industry and be in the top.

[00:20:52] 1%. That sounds like a good plan to me. She’s got a huge amount of experience in marketing and she’s highly skilled sought after as a digital marketer. She is the one you want to know. She’s the one you want to call your best business buddy. Now, today she’s going to talk to us. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited about LinkedIn and having a really high value network.

[00:21:14] So before I start to ramble on what we all doubt and complain about with LinkedIn, jump in, rescue me and tell us where are we going to. 

[00:21:23] Sara Khoudary: Oh, I’m super excited to be here for one. Chris, thank you so much. It’s such a pleasure. And you know, I’m excited to share with your audience how to utilize online in particular, of course, LinkedIn, because let me tell you, there are so many people doing it.

[00:21:42] And the wrong approach. And, you know, I always tell people, are you an optimist or a pessimist on how you work with people? So, but there’s. Yeah. And also those people that just come up. Out of nowhere and just get in your face when you’re like, I have no clue who you are and who do you think you are offering me something that doesn’t even align with who I am, right, 

[00:22:06] Kris Ward: right off the bat.

[00:22:07] We’ve got the whole, like I swear my audience is on LinkedIn, but I do definitely find LinkedIn harder to reach. People are not on it as often. We all curse Facebook, but yet, you know, everybody’s there, you know, hanging out sort of like in the parking lot at high school, they’re still there. So, but we all, I think for most of the people I’m dealing with wanting dig a little deeper in LinkedIn, and then you get in there and you’re right.

[00:22:29] You get gun shy because you go in and all of a sudden you make a few connections and they’re just blitzing you with craziness, right? Like, hi booboo, boom. Let’s get it. Which time is good for you? Here’s the link to my calendar. I’m like, Whoa, I don’t even know your first name yet. 

[00:22:42] Sara Khoudary: Right. 

[00:22:44] Kris Ward: I asked about that.

[00:22:45] How can we be seen? Yeah. And do it differently and make it meaningful and get resolved. 

[00:22:51] Sara Khoudary: Well, one of course it’s your approach. Okay. So they’re, they’re two different beasts, Facebook and LinkedIn are 

[00:22:57] Kris Ward: two different. 

[00:22:59] Sara Khoudary: Facebook’s more of that community building let’s, you know, let’s see. Uh, when we’re talking grow with authority, like let’s grow our authority by building a community and we all love on each other and we all sort of support each other, right?
It’s community building. It’s very community centric. And let me help you. Okay. LinkedIn is very much on the professional side, right? Facebook is the more numbers I have. The more popular I am. We’ll do that on LinkedIn, because all you’re doing is saturating your market. All you’re doing is saturating your network.

[00:23:31] If you’re inviting everybody and your whole goal is numbers. Okay. Find the people you want because part of the algorithms of LinkedIn is they’re watching to see if you’re hooking up. You get that. So if you’re sitting there say except Lincoln, suggest them accept, accept, accept, accept, ask, ask, ask, ask everybody.

[00:23:56] You don’t have a strategy. It’s just like throw cast in a net and hoping you catch someone. 

[00:24:02] Kris Ward: Okay now, hold on here. Because that, that just hit me. I always say in the show when things are really, I think the most profound advice is the most simple, and then you’re always looking at someone going, and that was really great.

[00:24:15] Are you really smart or I’m really dumb because I should, I have not caught on to that, so, okay. Let’s stop the truck here for a minute and back up. In business. I know, we know don’t throw a wide net over everybody. You can’t say that you serve all humans with hair or whatever. You just can’t do that. So we noted down now on Facebook.

[00:24:34] I am like that. If somebody connects with me, then I see all these things. Boom, boom. We have no connection. We’ve got nothing to talk about. I just unfriend them really quickly. Okay. We’re always cleaning out our Facebook there’s even apps to do that. So we’re always rotating the quality of that. Right.

[00:24:48] Right. Then on LinkedIn, you get confused because it is a professional site. And then sometimes for me, I shouldn’t speak to everyone. I get confused because it seems like there’s low engagement because you know what people maybe it’s feels like they go on less. It feels like they engage less. So then you start to lean into a numbers game.

[00:25:07] But what you’re saying is like everything in life, and we should know this by now, right? Funnel down, like clean out the crop and really work on a few vegetables versus trying to harvest a whole bunch of, you know, different things at one time. So that’s our first mistake. 

[00:25:21] Sara Khoudary: Yes. And let me tell you about was one of the biggest lessons I learned myself, um, all of a sudden I was like, why do I have this network of people?

[00:25:30] That one, for me, the people I want to engage in our strategic partners, individuals that I know would help support my business, but not just that most likely support my network because of what I do and who I am. And it’s made up of the core are people that ideally I’d like to serve or are doing what I’m doing in a manner of entrepreneurship, not necessarily.

[00:25:57] All digital marketers. So think of this, if you’re, if you’re a lawyer and all you’re ever connected with lawyers, right? There’s your network, right. And that’s, that’s how it is. So then when you’re also looking at LinkedIn and you’re saying, Hey, that’s a strategic partner of mine. They also serve the same market.

[00:26:16] We don’t fully overlap. I can support their people as much as they can support mine. That’s a whole other ball game. Okay. You’ll see. I’m knocking out people that are corporate because in all truth, right. Why I’m not in corporate America, 

[00:26:34] Kris Ward: so case I think I do that now, moving forward, I want accepted by look at them and I think, okay, you’re not a good fit for me.

[00:26:39] You’re an employee or you’re a corporate person. Great. But if you have a bigger list, so I guess just sort of, you know, go back as time permits here and there and clean it, like trim it down. Yeah. 

[00:26:50] Sara Khoudary: Just go in. I tell clients, you know what, just go in, look at your network, going to back end, go as far back as you can, because LinkedIn does give you your.

[00:26:59] These are the, this is your network and you can go way back toward the beginning and be like, you know what? That colleague from college 

[00:27:10] Kris Ward: even look at that I’ve never looked at that. So they show you how the, how long you’ve had that connection as they come in. Yeah, you 

[00:27:16] Sara Khoudary: can go through, you can keep going.

[00:27:18] And of course there’s other tools in there and there’s. There’s something called a social selling index. Look it up. Okay. What, what this is, this will help you really see in linked in how you’re performing LinkedIn. It looks at four core things. And one of those things is how much are you being strategic about the people you’re connecting?

[00:27:40] Right? So your score is going to be much lower if. Again, you’re saturated. Now you’re just are connected with everybody in their brother, but then LinkedIn will see, Oh my gosh, she or he is really working on making true quality, high value connections that their network is becoming more valuable. So then you are rewarded that your content is spread more out because kind of think of it for anybody that runs like Facebook ads, right.

[00:28:12] You build an audience and it takes time for Facebook to get that algorithm right. To say, I’m putting that ad in front of the right person. It’s, it’s pretty much the same thing. 

[00:28:22] Kris Ward: Oh my gosh. That makes such sense too. And you know, we did that with Facebook and even Facebook still is more forgiving because you can be connected.

[00:28:30] A lot of my clients would be like, okay, yeah. Some people are more sensitive than, than I am. So what will happen is you’ve got a few family friends if you this, and then, but it’s predominantly. And you know what? I really cause my team of it. So half my relatives have been on friended and not because they don’t care about them, but just because they don’t, they think they will and be connected with me, but it’s all business on Facebook.

[00:28:52] Am I, I have nothing to do with it. My team just. Looks at the engagement, takes them out. Having said that I’ve got a few very adorable ants and it’d be like, Oh my God, thank you. But do not put it off. 

[00:29:00] Sara Khoudary: I mean, of course, 

[00:29:02] Kris Ward: but they’ll put up on a video that how pretty I am. I’m like, Oh, thank you. Thank you so much with that.

[00:29:08] I know to you, I look like a child because you’re so much older than me, but this is not helpful. I’m trying to pretend to be a grown up here. So you need to be unfriended because your affection, this is not where it goes. Right. Smart. And he looked so pretty, really growing up. Okay, thank you. So they’re gone and I will do that after hours.

[00:29:26] Thank you so much, auntie. Okay. So, so even though you still get more leeway on Facebook, but you’re right. You really don’t because of, you know, looking at ads, but we are more forgiving on there because we’ve got different groups that we can be connecting with at different times. 

[00:29:40] Sara Khoudary: They both definitely serve a purpose.

[00:29:42] Right, 

[00:29:43] Kris Ward: right. But LinkedIn clean it up because. Again, why would I go to a speaking gig? If my whole thing is about creating your wind team, why would I wouldn’t go to a speaking gig or half of them are new moms and the other half are retiring. I’d be like, no, that’s not, this is not a good plan for Chris.

[00:30:00] Right? Okay. So that brilliance take us to the next thing that we had no idea we were doing wrong 

[00:30:07] Sara Khoudary: communication. Okay. Communication and transparency. Okay. Now I’m not saying thank you. If you were to network locally, how would you walk in the door? And most people have heard this. You’re not going to walk in the door and say, Hey, buy my stuff.

[00:30:21] Here’s my car. Right? So that approach isn’t, I will tell you the beautiful thing that LinkedIn has done. I don’t know, for those of you that have been in LinkedIn at this point, they now have a sense. Spam button. 

[00:30:33] Kris Ward: Ah, yeah. 

[00:30:35] Sara Khoudary: Yay. They’re home. They’re starting to get hone in on those individuals that are using the platform completely wrong.

[00:30:43] The whole purpose is relationship building. Right, right. Coming back to being human, how would you visit with somebody over a cup of coffee? How would you visit with somebody at a networking event that is their approach come forward, truly yourself. And here’s the thing. Find out what people need or want go in the conversations of saying, what is it you’re looking for?

[00:31:09] Where are you at right now? And how can I help support your network when you start in approaching people in that manner? They’re so different every day on with people I meet from LinkedIn, say, Mike, necessarily, your approach is so refreshing. So different because one, my invitation is again being very, very strategic on who I’m allowing in to my network.

[00:31:35] Kris Ward: Okay, 

[00:31:35] Sara Khoudary: let me say this. I’m allowing in, right? I’m in control of invitations. I’m in control of accepting. I choose everything. And you can use some automation tools to this to a point 

[00:31:47] Kris Ward: we don’t. We don’t. 

[00:31:48] Sara Khoudary: Yeah, no, I will tell you though how I will tell you a little bit of a tiny piece of why I would use it.

[00:31:54] Okay. Never make it your core. Okay. So invitation is transparent. How are you? Okay. So I have one, I say, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am strategic. I am. And I do use the word many times strategically, or I am actively building a network entrepreneurs supporting what, you know, uh, I’ll say something to that.

[00:32:23] I see you’re an entrepreneur and I’d love to invite you to be part of my network. It’s an event. Taishan not this generic crap of, Hey, we share contacts. 

[00:32:35] Kris Ward: Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:32:37] Sara Khoudary: We’re in the same industry. No heartfelt. This is it. I 

[00:32:42] Kris Ward: think yours really has a lot of impact. Here’s what I was doing. Cause it was working on Facebook and I don’t think it was necessarily like fit for LinkedIn, but it was better than what everybody else is doing.

[00:32:54] Right. What I would do is I would go in, if I saw something I would reach out, I would take a look at their profile, like and interact on their page. Yeah. Then I would send a connection with a personalized message, sometimes a short video just saying, Hey, I’m really glad I tripped across your profile. I noticed these things like, Oh, I really liked when you said this or that quote, or I saw this thing I’m actually going to borrow from that.

[00:33:17] Like, I would give them a compliment if some point. And I just say, I really wanted this connection to be meaningful. And here you go. So that was a little more casual than I wanted, but it was the social part that I was borrowing from LinkedIn, from Facebook, which I was having success on, but I like tweaking it with yours being more purposeful and more strategical 

[00:33:38] Sara Khoudary: to the point.

[00:33:39] Um, yeah, some people I find at the beginning stages, the video invasive and many won’t read it or listen to it. Right. It won’t listen to it cause they’re right away thinking it’s a solicitation because you have not created. You have not created a relationship next. So right. Part of what I, what I personally teach, you know, I have a fabulous gentlemen who is one of the top advisors with LinkedIn as well, who teaches a similar strategy.

[00:34:05] Like you’re saying you don’t go out, find something to compliment, engage ahead of time. I’m a person that’s like, I want to see for, I do a, it’s kind of a two way of I’m putting it out there because I want, I want to see what kind of person you are and if you’re going to slam me with marketing. 

[00:34:23] Kris Ward: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:34:24] And then I just don’t do the connection. So I do that. Yeah. You 

[00:34:27] Sara Khoudary: go by in my network, 

[00:34:28] Kris Ward: friendship is over. It was short. 

[00:34:30] Sara Khoudary: Yeah. Nice. Knowing you then the second piece after that, when they come in, I am 100% transparent to say it’s a pleasure that you’re part of my network. Um, I look forward to bringing value to you.

[00:34:48] This is how I use the platform. Oh, I share content and invitations. I post I tell them absolutely what I don’t have patience for in a kind way, honest way. Okay. Okay. 

[00:35:05] Kris Ward: And you know what, that’s spectacular because I have to say we went back and forth within the video because the video in some areas serves me.

[00:35:11] Amazing. Serves me phenomenal when I’m doing pitches to get on podcasts with Facebook, I was doing audio. I didn’t find that as well received on LinkedIn. So I thought, Oh, I’ll just do a short video. It’s very time consuming because it is personalized. And I do feel like, yeah, people are hesitant to click.

[00:35:26] It’s like, Oh, how long is this going to be? Or she going to try to sell me something or whatever. So I was going back and forth because I just couldn’t find it. I would thought it was getting a little bit closer, but I wasn’t, I wasn’t representing myself. It wasn’t a good fit for me. I wasn’t loving it yet.

[00:35:40] So I can’t imagine they were, so I really love, Oh my gosh, the simplicity and 

[00:35:46] Sara Khoudary: saying, would you like a 15 minutes, a day, 15 minutes a day, maybe 10 minutes every other day. Like it’s the clarity 

[00:35:53] Kris Ward: of the message. 

[00:35:55] Sara Khoudary: Huh? Yeah. 

[00:35:56] Kris Ward: It’s the clarity of the message that you’re giving and it’s tweaked to LinkedIn and it’s so simple and so clear and so honest, like, yeah, that’s what we’re on LinkedIn for no surprise.

[00:36:05] But then what happens is some of us, you so far the other way, cause you don’t want to be that person that you say hello to, and then they give you this big four-page spam thing of three and the next. They it’s like, why didn’t hear back from you? What time do you want to pick? So then you become the other person it’s like, Oh, I just want to say hi and not bother you.

[00:36:22] And now I’m all submissive and meek and mild, right? Yeah. 

[00:36:25] Sara Khoudary: Emoji thumbs up in the world on word or three word. No responses. Okay. So those people, I honestly write and say, Hey, thanks for the thumbs up. I hope you having 

[00:36:36] Kris Ward: a great, yeah. 

[00:36:38] Sara Khoudary: Like I’m like, okay, that’s somebody that doesn’t want to engage with me.

[00:36:41] And I weigh whether or not they stay in. 

[00:36:44] Kris Ward: Okay. Here’s the deal. 

[00:36:46] Sara Khoudary: Okay. Communicate authentically as yourself. Get to know them first, the biggest thing, get them off the platform. You make the connection off platform you don’t sell on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not a selling platform. It is let’s come off. Now. You can offer possibilities of opportunities.

[00:37:07] They let you do the events, you know, there’s other ways and approaches to that, but establish a relationship. I honestly, and don’t just shove your calendar. Somebody either. 

[00:37:18] Kris Ward: Oh no, 

[00:37:19] Sara Khoudary: no. There’s a way to do it. Okay. One is. You know, start a conversation with them. See if they engage. If there’s somebody that engages many times, I get compliments nonstop of my transparency and people will say, this is so refreshing.

[00:37:35] Um, to know that there’s somebody out there, I believe in the same thing, but I also write in there, I believe lead in building a high value network of connection. Okay. Then from there, I’ll say. If you’re open to having a quick chat because I value your time and 100% value people’s time. Honor your word.

[00:37:58] Say, I would love to coordinate a time for us to have a chat over zoom. Okay. 90% of people say absolutely. And here is my calendar to assist with ordinating a time that works for both of us. If they then come back with, well, here’s mine. Guess what I book on? I book on theirs. Okay. Because that’s telling me it’s somebody who’s a little hesitant.

[00:38:26] And I am absolutely going to honor them in my own integrity to say I’m serious. Yeah, absolutely. I’ll I’ll I’ll sketch it. 

[00:38:33] Kris Ward: It was choice. I, Oh my gosh, this is exciting to me because I can’t even think straight because it’s. It’s just so, ah, there’s just so many things. He was like, you’re close, you’re close to the dial.

[00:38:47] Maybe like numbers on a locker where you’re trying to do it. And you’re like, I got to have the numbers, but I didn’t get the third one. And I just knew like I, in, in the scheme of the scheme of LinkedIn, I’m doing pretty good compare, but I wasn’t doing as well as I liked. And my, my. My profile page. It’s pretty well built out and it’s not a resume.

[00:39:04] There’s a whole bunch of things we do really well. But I think these little things you’re talking about really are quite refreshing and they really are very powerful because I think language has power for sure, because what hits my hot button? Oh my gosh. This is what brings me down to everyone thinks I’m very positive and I really am.

[00:39:20] I think there’s always a reason to be happy. However, I hear dogs preaching in my head. When I get people that say, Oh, I want to collaborate with you. Can we hop on a call, blah, blah, blah, can we meet tomorrow? And all of a sudden they just go it’s because we think like I’ve got stuff to do. I’d rather work out, go for a bike ride, visit my mother, do anything.

[00:39:37] I met you 30 seconds ago, and now you want to collaborate for what? Let’s have a refrigerator, 

[00:39:43] Sara Khoudary: not a good fit. We don’t know. 

[00:39:46] Kris Ward: Well, what’s a virtual coffee. What are we going to discuss? You know what I mean? What’s the outcome, right. So, okay. So this has got clarity. It’s got precision and also in the language you’re giving them, you’re going to see the language you get back.

[00:39:56] So this eliminates people out of off that list. You’re 

[00:39:59] Sara Khoudary: going to get the people remember at the beginning, I said, are you a pessimist? How you’re coming at them? I can receive that. Just say, thank you, the thumbs up or not interested. I’m like, well, you have not read what I just sent. And that’s okay. That’s okay.

[00:40:15] Because I get what’s going on on the planet, 

[00:40:16] Kris Ward: which is great. Cause then they self select. Perfect. 

[00:40:19] Sara Khoudary: Yes, that’s what I want. Because remember we’re refining to a really high value, high value network of strategic partners and individuals that represent our, our future client base or how we can serve. 

[00:40:35] Kris Ward: And then do you on link them, mr.

[00:40:36] Thumbs up God. 

[00:40:38] Sara Khoudary: No, I do. I do give them a chance because a lot of, Hey, I mentioned there’s a little bit of use of automation. People are testing doing that, but a lot of times just doing that will turn off. So other people’s automation. I let them know there’s a human on the end. I right away come in. Now, the only time I ever use automation myself is I use the sales navigator platform to collect my people.

[00:41:06] I’ll hear me in this. I am selecting them, but I might dedicate a day of doing it for an hour and half. Then I have like, You know, so many invitations to go out. I don’t want to slam 500 people with 500 invitations. I use automation to slowly take who I am selected and that’s the key. I preselected them.

[00:41:30] Kris Ward: Okay. So I have sales navigators, so you can go in and pre-select them 

[00:41:34] Sara Khoudary: as select search. Okay. Okay. You can go in there and you can say. I say, I want entrepreneurs. I want entrepreneurs that have been in business anywhere from one to 10 years or have this size business I’m looking to connect. Cause I have several, several things cause I run a mentor, entrepreneur mentor form too.

[00:41:54] So I have a mix right of the people I serve and the people I want to be part of my community. 

[00:42:01] Kris Ward: And when you narrow that list down, then you go in individually and send those emails? 

[00:42:06] Sara Khoudary: No, no. Then my automation piece does come in. 

[00:42:09] Kris Ward: Okay. And is that the sales navigator? 

[00:42:11] Sara Khoudary: Pardon 

[00:42:12] Kris Ward: is that through sales navigator?

[00:42:13] Is that through something else? 

[00:42:15] Sara Khoudary: It looks at sales navigator. 

[00:42:16] Kris Ward: Okay, perfect. And if you’re not using sales navigator, which is fine. Pardon me? 

[00:42:21] Sara Khoudary: I do not run my whole system automatic, but it just helps me for efficiency to get it out. Right. Cause none of us have an hour or two hours a day to work in a 

[00:42:31] Kris Ward: platform.

[00:42:32] Right. And if you’re listening to this and you don’t have sales navigator, because it is a bit of investment, you can do all this. It just it’s manual. It takes a little bit longer. Okay. 

[00:42:39] Sara Khoudary: Yeah. So no processor searching that to manually. 

[00:42:43] Kris Ward: Perfect. Okay. Why is one continue? 

[00:42:45] Sara Khoudary: Yeah. My automation only sends the initial invitation.

[00:42:48] Remember I’ve already preselected these people. So my message already connects with the type of people I’m meeting up with. Okay. Then it comes out with, this is what you can expect from me, but then it stops. 

[00:43:02] Kris Ward: Right. 

[00:43:02] Sara Khoudary: Okay. It’s me. It’s me on the other side. So there’s lots of people that will do the thumbs up.

[00:43:07] The thanks, but no thanks. Cause they’re testing. Then I will respond to them to let them know it’s me like say, Hey, thanks for the thumbs up. I hope you’re having a pain. It’s a pleasure to be connected. Okay, now that welcome message. I have different approach. I don’t throw that collaborate. Well, I do a little bit a different messaging for the collaboration piece.

[00:43:31] Okay. Because for me. I’m looking for certain people to be strategic partners. I’m looking for people to come into my community as mentors to serve those that we’re raising up in entrepreneurship that are new in their business. I’m looking for entrepreneurs. So I always say in there, I would love to visit for a chat to see whether or not any one of my offerings is something you may be a fit for.

[00:44:01] I’m not saying buy my stuff. I’m saying maybe you will be interviewed as a podcast guest of mine. You would be able to serve as an instructor and a mentor. Maybe you have something of value. I would love to introduce you. To my network. So it’s honest. 

[00:44:22] Kris Ward: Thank you to keep interrupting you. Hold on. Okay. First of all, I didn’t know you didn’t, sir, 

[00:44:26] Sara Khoudary: because to them maybe in service to them to raise them up in their business, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to do business together, but let’s explore it.

[00:44:35] Kris Ward: Okay. So first of all, I didn’t know you had a podcast. Do you have a podcast? 

[00:44:39] Sara Khoudary: Yes, I have, well, I have two, I have three, but they’re private. So one serves my community. Okay. It’s called entrepreneurs of success where we’re raising entrepreneurs and have a mentoring community to that. Okay. We’re buying digital marketing where we talked about digital assets and all the technologies out there that.

[00:45:02] Part of an international group. I do it for it. And then I interview entrepreneur. 

[00:45:07] Kris Ward: Okay. All right. So here’s the thing again, I was having success on Facebook, which I don’t even love. I’d rather be on LinkedIn, sorry, Facebook. Cause you know, I think we’re all bugged at this point. Um, and one on Facebook sometimes I would say to people when I’m scrolling through the feed, you know what we’ve just connected.

[00:45:23] Um, actually, when I was looking at your stuff, I, it made me think you might actually like my podcast, people tell me all the time, it’s engaging conversations, a lot of takeaways. So if you’re a podcast junkie like me, I’ll give you the link. If not, I’m really looking forward to cheering you on. So I felt like I was giving them something and I didn’t feel I had something to give them LinkedIn.

[00:45:42] And so what I really love there is saying, because the moment you say, Hey, Because I do know. And I don’t say this arrogantly. I do know I change lives. I’m not kidding you people, their hours cut back. They start having real vacations, a real weekends. And like I, before and after pictures and I work with clients, it’s like a mugshot cause they show up and they’re exhausted and they’re over spending and they don’t profits.

[00:46:04] And then three months later they look rested and their hair’s done better. And all this stuff. So I really do want to create a movement because I do believe your business should support your life and not consume it. But guess what? It’s like two thumbs up in a movie. Everybody says what they’re doing is different life-changing who cares?

[00:46:19] So then for me to say, you know, blah, blah, blah, give you let’s connect, or maybe I can give you some tips that I really am happy to give. You have eight meetings with eight people and give tips and they come back two years later and need me, or spread the word because I really do think we shouldn’t be grinding, grinding it out, however that still screams sales.

[00:46:37] Right. But if you say now, if I say, look, uh, using your phrase apology saying, you know, you could be like, cause I am always looking for guests for the show, you know? And I, and it’s a wonderful, full way. I meet the best people. It’s not even do it. I think I’m putting out a quality show. People tell me that all the time, but yeah.

[00:46:53] Once we, you and I have this conversation, we’re at a new level of connection. So I meet the most fascinating people doing this. So now I have the option of saying here’s some things I could offer you. I am always looking for guests for my show. Boom, boom, boom. Are I have this? I have that. So now I’m I am offering, which is what I want to do, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it before, without smelling of pushing myself down that sales road 

[00:47:17] Sara Khoudary: form of asking permission.

[00:47:19] Yeah, you’re not. So you’re not giving them the link yet. Right. You’re not giving them the link to your calendar, giving them the link to your podcast. You’re not shoving anything down them. You’re asking permission. And is this of interest to you? So let me know, and I’ll send you my calendar link. Let me to help coordinate big, big verbiage there to help or assist in coordinating with your time, your schedule, right podcasts.

[00:47:51] I have this podcast and I would, I think, however you want to say it, these, I would say these are the types of people I’m looking for. If that resonates with you, let me know, and I’ll send you a link and you can see if it’s a fit for you. And then we can schedule a time to talk. So it’s, it’s opening up the opportunity and asking for permission.

[00:48:16] Right. Right. So, I mean, there’s times I get feeds of people just sending me every event. They’re doing every, 

[00:48:22] Kris Ward: everything. Oh, yay. And you know what, I’m 

[00:48:25] Sara Khoudary: not even their ideal client. 

[00:48:27] Kris Ward: And I just met you two minutes ago, but apparently I have nothing, but time I will be dropping what I’m doing to attending your event tonight from four to 6:00 PM.

[00:48:35] Sure. No problem. 

[00:48:37] Sara Khoudary: Well, my article, I think might be of great benefit to you and it’s like about financial. Planning or it’s like some other world, but that I’m like, you know what? I didn’t realize I was looking for that right now. But thank you. 

[00:48:50] Kris Ward: I know. And then sometimes with me, I get these very detailed things about productivity and stuff.

[00:48:54] I’m like, I literally wrote a book on 

[00:48:56] Sara Khoudary: that. Literally, if you’re not looking at you, you 

[00:49:00] Kris Ward: don’t have to go far to know that about me. I’m holding it and pictures. You might want to take a look. Okay. Absolutely can help us. We are running out of time. We’ve got a couple of minutes left. What, what do you, we, we definitely Mark the calendars.

[00:49:13] We’re just going to have to fill some gaps in here and eventually have you back just stuff 

[00:49:17] Sara Khoudary: it with other people. 

[00:49:18] Kris Ward: Okay. So what, give us some stuff to get us through the day and the last final things that we should know. 

[00:49:25] Sara Khoudary: Okay. So here’s the thing when we’re talking LinkedIn. Okay. Take a quick, look at your profile.

[00:49:30] Okay. Okay. These are just some quick tips. What’s your headline? It should be saying how you started or others. Yeah. Okay. Many of you have already heard that. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the summary section out you, but it’s more of. Not about you, it’s geared of how you serve what problems you’re doing, taking advantage of, not taking advantage of, but what problems you’re solving and what kind of people you like to connect with.

[00:50:02] Like as many obstacles, as clarity as possible to how you have, um, you are as an organization, you are as a person you are at, you know, should we meet and discuss, have a conversation. Um, then you want to ensure get some video testimonials if you don’t those video testimonials. And then there’s basically five conversations that constantly happen as you’re establishing a relationship on LinkedIn short and simple invitation, authentic to who you are and what you’re trying to build in your network.

[00:50:43] Radiating high value. Okay. Gotcha. And strategy. Next is you want to be transparent on your welcome message, how you use the platform and give them an opportunity to open the door of possibilities of connecting, ask permission so that they can respond and be human about your connection. Even people are writing you back right back.

[00:51:07] Let them know what you on the other side, right. Don’t break how’s your day. 

[00:51:11] Kris Ward: Oh my gosh. 

[00:51:13] Sara Khoudary: Like 

[00:51:14] Kris Ward: what are you doing? How’s your weekend? Who are you like? It’s fine. Oh. Cause you know what? I’m a horrible human being. I keep telling people that, cause I don’t even like that from when you’re getting your hair haircut.

[00:51:25] Oh, how’s your, what are you doing this weekend? You know what? I’m not 19. It’s not a matter of what party am I going to? And you’re trying to figure it out. You’re going to miss out at a party. Like I’m not a big fan of filler conversation. Like when you’re in the elevator, how’s your day. Great. Thank you.

[00:51:38] We’re being polite. Right. But don’t interrupt. And I look, and I got messages. It could be from significant connections on LinkedIn and you’re saying, how was your day? It’s fine. And be 

[00:51:49] Sara Khoudary: okay for some people to say, Hey, it’s great. I value your time. Have a fabulous day. I look forward. Or, and I always say, I, I, um, I respect our connection and I leave it at that, like, be okay, like we’re done, you know, and, and the big thing, get them off the platform because really it’s that it’s that week to 10 days of building a relationship.

[00:52:14] And for me, it’s like maybe two or three days before we are scheduled on the books and we meet 99% of everybody meets with me, do short value people time say, Hey, we’re going to meet for 15 minutes. And you get to say and learn the skill set of how do you end a conversation? That’s not going anywhere.

[00:52:35] Yeah. How do you differentiate if this is a valuable connection to maintain and whether or not to make an offer of an opportunity for future collaboration? Or future service or whatever. It’s just basically a sales cycle. You’re working with human connection. 

[00:52:52] Kris Ward: Awesome. I am so glad we connected. All right.

[00:52:55] How do people connect with you clearly? I guess they could reach out to you on LinkedIn. We can start there, right? So 

[00:53:02] Sara Khoudary: yeah, on LinkedIn and it’s Sarah S a R a last name Cadery but that’s K H O U D. As in David, a R Y. Okay. And then just, you know, when you’re there, say, Hey, I heard you on the podcast. This was fabulous with Chris and I just, your message resonated with me.

[00:53:22] Let’s talk, I’ll know who you are. And also just find me a Sarah 

[00:53:28] Kris Ward: Fabulous. Sarah Cadery. Thank you so much. I’m so glad we had you here. This was awesome. And it renewed my affection for LinkedIn, which was wavering. So thank you so much, right guys, until the next episode. Thanks again for tuning in Kris Ward, Win the Hour Win the Day.