How To Build A Successful Team That Manages You!

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    How Do You Build A Team

    A business needs a team. Without a team you are simply self-employed. Most would argue that you’ve bought yourself an expensive job. I get it… when you first get started, it’s tempting to try do as much as you can on your own.

    The premise is that you’re saving money.

    Let’s immediately squash that myth.

    You’re not! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It costs you a great deal of money.

    So where do we start?

    If you’re looking for that magical person that will make such a difference in your business…here’s what you need to know.

    It’s not the person.

    It’s your hiring and onboarding process and the infrastructure you’ve set up in your business. That may seem like a lot of things you don’t have time to put yet…

    but it’s very easy to get started and scale your business with outsourcing.

    Set up a successful team not a classroom

    Many small-business owners fall the outdated practice of the corporate world.

    The setup is very parentified. It’s similar to a parent monitoring a child or a teacher monitoring a student.

    Small business owners want to build a successful team instead of a hierarchy.

    There is very affordable talent available with virtual assistant outsourcing.

    It’s very easy to hire a virtual assistant that can help you get your systems and processes in play.

    Don’t try to get everything ready and then bring on virtual staff. This brings on unnecessary delays.

    You also don’t want to quickly hire a virtual assistant and throw repetitive administrative tasks at them. This whole thing doesn’t have to be complicated. You just want to be strategic about it.

    Here’s the thing…

    When you’re set up effectively you can take a fiFlipino Virtual Assistant and turn them into a project manager in no time.

    It’s really just changing your entrepreneur mindset!

    What you’ll notice is when you have a team everyone feels inspired to contribute.

    It’s not permission-based and the energy is totally different.

    This is one of the biggest difference my clients notice when we help them build their W.I.N team their (what is next team) so they can get to what is next. Most small business owners are still relying on the outdated approach where they are the bottleneck.

    What you really want is a team that manages you and said you managing them.

    It’s a great benefit of outsourcing virtual assistants.

    "Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." – Patrick Lencioni

    You Can Scale Your Business With Outsourcing

    Not too long ago when you needed to hire someone you had to suffer until you had enough work to create a position.

    Or you would hire someone for a few hours a week but you would have to pad their position with extra tasks in order to give them enough hours. This usually diluted their efficiency and job satisfaction. It was also unnecessary expenses for your small business.

    With virtual assistance companies now you’re able to have a variety of people doing different jobs without it adding extra financial demands on your small business.

    You can have someone working on social media, or customer service. You can get a lot done with a very lean team using virtual assistance services.

    This is very helpful for the small business owner. It also really adds to job satisfaction and scaling your small business. You could be working with a team member who’s exceptional at certain tasks but perhaps maybe struggles with the back end of social media. in that case you can bring on another outsourcer to focus on social media.

    This really allows you to lean into your team strength and get the highest production value out of their zone of genius versus having them working on tasks that they don’t enjoy or not highly skilled at..

    This also means that their productivity is exceptionally high because they are always focussed on the areas that they do best.

    So I encourage all my clients to really lean in and maximize the skills of their team.

    Changing the entrepreneurial mindset from employees to an effective team of virtual assistant outsourcers makes a huge difference.

    Lead by Example

    There is that old adage of parenting where the quote goes, “do as I say and not as I do.”

    A lot of small business owners operate on that level as well.

    They tried to set up systems and structures for their team but yet they are constantly running around reacting.

    As a small business owner, you don’t want to be a friendly Interruption to your own team.

    Many small business owners are hesitant to start building a team because they feel it would be more work. They don’t want to have to manage and micromanage a team when there’s so much work already on their plate.

    I understand that fear but again it’s very outdated. What happens more often is the small business owner becomes a nuisance to a team that would be effective otherwise.

    There are companies in the Philippines that can tell you all the horrors and stress of working with a small business owner. It doesn’t need to be this way. It creates stress, turn over and costs you money. In every situation when your hiring a va you want to be looking at them as a team leader!

    In this case, your outsourcers are not in a position how you’re bringing the team down. You want to be set up so that everyone can work independently and at the highest level of productivity. the best way to implement this is to lead by example.

    Do you know if your business is running as efficiently as it could be?

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