How Can Outsourcing Help Your Small Business?

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    The average entrepreneur is a busy person juggling multiple responsibilities.

    It’s easy to get worn out trying to do everything yourself.

    However, by outsourcing and hiring a virtual assistant, you can save time and money while achieving your specific goals.

    More and more small businesses plan to use virtual assistant outsourcing this year in order to grow their company.

    Let’s look at how outsourcing benefits the average small business owner.

    Benefits of Outsourcing For Small Business

    How Can Outsourcing Help Your Small Business?

    SAVING TIME: Outsourcing is a huge time saver. It allows you to be working on higher level work while you outsource lower level responsibilities that support your bigger projects. In fact, 27% of small businesses state that saving time as one of their biggest benefits of outsourcing.

    GROWING YOUR BUSINESS: Scaling your business in any way, requires you to remove yourself as the choking point. Studies show that 19% of small businesses will outsource so they can scale their business.

    ENJOYING FLEXIBLE RESOURCES: 33% of small businesses outsource in order to access flexible resources. This means you can hire someone for a new project or specific task without holding any project up.

    Why should small businesses outsource? The benefits of outsourcing include:

    Outsourcing To Create Systems And Processes

    Every small business owner knows the frustration of trying to get to the “real work.” That work you do before the work you need to do. The problem you solve for your clients is what brings in the real money. It’s also why you started your business.

    Yet, you get caught up in all the pre and post work. And you do that long enough and you think it’s actually work YOU need to do. But you don’t!

    “I didn’t realize how lost I was in my own work flow. There was so much I could actually hand off to someone else. I wish I had known that years ago.” Kim Speed

    What so many small business owners are realizing is that outsourcing allows them to lean into the part of their business that they love. Your outsource can help you create basis systems and process that will free you from repetitive time consuming tasks.

    So many small business owners think systems and process restrict you but it’s the opposite! It’s quite freeing! It’s an amazing tool that allows you to scale your small business. Change your entrepreneur mindset when it comes to systems and process and you’ll yield big results!

    Outsourcing Is The Key To Scaling Your Business

    How Can Outsourcing Help Your Small Business?I speak to entrepreneurs every day that say they want to have a bigger impact in their niche. Without putting in even more hours (as they are already banking too many). What they’re really asking is “how to scale your business.” It’s not about creating more products or services to sell, it’s all about team members and your business process.

    Well, outsourcing is step one to scaling your business. This removes you as the choking point. It also allows you to operate as a business instead of a self employed sufferpreneur. This gives you time to focus, provide better customer services, and improve your business model.

    When everything goes through you, it’s very limiting and frankly you’ve bought yourself an expensive job. Even unloading some basic administrative tasks to a virtual assistant can provide you with an unbelievable amount of relief so you can avoid the symptoms of burnout!

    This means every time you take a day off… everything stops. This also means you can never have a sick day or have any of life’s interruptions that pop into all our lives without consequences to your business.

    Outsourcing Gives You A Variety Of Resources

    The modern day business owners are constantly playing catch up with social media, new tech resources among other things. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you are truly being paid for by your clients and outsource the rest.  Outsourcing is so much more than graphic design, data entry and project management!

    Outsourcing also allows you to take on new assignments in your niche that may require an extra skill. Where as in the past, you would have a painful learning curve or a financial hit due to your learning curve, now you can outsource within 24 hours.

    Something as simple as needing your social media videos edited could eat up your time. It’s easy to get distracted, and start trying to learn something new before you even get to the real work, these days. Frankly, outsourcing really helps you avoid burnout.

    12 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource

    When you’re running on all cylinders racing the clock, you starting looking for time management or productivity solutions. But, don’t you think that just sounds like hacks to make you rush even more!

    To go at an even faster rate!!!

    How about something that finally going to help you get stuff done!!

    The question is….

    How do you crawl out of the chaos and into a really relaxing world of efficiency.

    Where do you start?

    Well you do what every single successful business owner has done throughout history.

    You build a team!



    You don’t have the time to train a team?

    You can’t afford to hire anyone?


    Before you stress about that…

    a team can be one outsourcer.

    It’s the strategy not the number of outsourcers you have that make a team.


    Well, let me tell you this. If you can’t afford to hire someone…

    then that means you definitely need to hire someone.

    And outsourcing is definitely the way to go!

    It’s a magical time to be in business. Outsourcing has made building a team easy or unbelievably affordable. In fact, outsourcing will save you money!

    How Can Outsourcing Help Your Small Business?Even starting with a virtual assistant will make an impact on your bottom line. But bigger than that is how much time you waste trying to learn something yourself. Now, you won’t be buried in the web of administrative tasks when you should be increasing your revenue with income generating activities.

    If you need something outside your skill set done, you can literally hire someone for to work for less than a fancy coffee at Starbucks. They can work three hours this week with no commitment to any future projects. It is shockingly easy to outsource and scale your business.

    And it really levels the playing field between you and bigger companies. In the past, small companies were really at a disadvantage. In the past opportunities would be out of your reach because you didn’t’ have the staff or departments needed to acquire such business. Now, small companies can really get stuff done!

    You really only need an idea and a desire. Often people think they need a real structured training process in place before they can hire their first outsourcer. But nothing could be further from the truth.


    Let’s look at the cost of delaying.

    Without your outsourcing team…

    1. Your new revenue generating projects take longer to get to the marketplace.

    2. You miss opportunities and that can be costly, because of the lifetime value of your clients.

    3. Missed opportunities leads to other missed opportunities and negatively impacts scaling your business.

    4. If you have any personal distractions or life happens in any way, your work flow slows way down or stops.

    (I known a business that crashed because someone slipped on ice and broke their arm)

    5. Your work hours continue to grow as you get new clients, making you increasingly less effective

    6. You tend to multi task to keep up which decreases your productivity by 40%. (This is where the symptoms of burnout start to kick in.)

    7. You’re not successfully scaling your business. Nor are you getting as much experience as your counterparts with outsourcing teams, so you can’t justify raising your rates.

    8. All your ambitions have a learning curve, which costs your business time and money.

    9. You have no outsourcers to brainstorm with about scaling your business.

    (They are amazing at brining improving your business with their experience.)

    10. You don’t have a team that you can lean on for expertise.

    (Imagine a contractor that couldn’t’ talk to any of the trades but tried to learn them all himself)

    11. You have no one to check or proof basic work.

    12. You bottleneck your own projects.

    (Imagine a chef, that had to seat people, take their orders and cook).

    Think about where you are in your business. Without a outsourcing and building your team, you will likely be in the exact same spot next year (if you’re lucky) but way more tired.

    Chances are though, you’ll be further behind. Want to build a business, then you need to build a team! Change your entrepreneurial mindset about outsourcing and you’ll be amazing at the results!



    How Can Outsourcing Help Your Small Business


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