Daily Productivity Tips For Your Small Business!

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    Did you know that: 96% percent of people check their mobile phone within one hour of waking up in the morning (and a whopping 61% take a peek within the first five minutes).

    Some call that a “fun fact” but I think there is nothing fun about it!!

    This isn’t’ just a bad habit.

    It sets you up to have a very “reactive” and out of control day!

    Think about it!

    If the first thing you do is…. “react” to emails — outside forces are dictating how you navigate your day!

    I’ve spent the last 10 years working with entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can get more done, with less energy.

    Notice, I said “less energy” as it’s not about time management.

    It’s really about energy management.

    Here’s the thing… throwing more time at any problem is not seldom the answer.

    Change Your Entrepreneurial Mindset: Start Work Refreshed And Leave Fresh

    Starting the day refreshed seems like a totally crazy concept for most small businesses owners. Yet, it’s very doable.  It’s how you’re going to get more done in a day.

    Living on a few hours of sleep, isn’t working for you? You’ve probably know that by now!

    And before you think this sounds like a “woo woo” pipe dream, it’s not.

    It’s what the most successful people in the world do.

    And why, you ask?

    Well, it’s not just about a better quality of life…although- why not!

    (Isn’t’ that one of the perks to having your own business?)

    Highly successful people start their day refreshed so they can get important tasks done!

    So they can stay focused on their bigger ambitions in their business!

    When you’re constantly exhausted, it’s like you work part time.

    You will get MUCH better results, when you’re not exhausted with a “tired” hangover!

    You are working against yourself because the brain isn’t creative when it’s running from task to task.

    You don’t bring your best game when you are rushing through a busy day playing “what’s next?”

    The biggest inventions in history came from times of rest and play -even Newton’s apple!

    Daily Productivity Tips For Your Small Business

    Rely on System and Processes

    Systems and processes get you out of reaction mode and into traction mode!!

    You can hire a virtual assistant outsourcing to help with this task.

    Perhaps you have been hesitant…

    you started your small business so you would have creative freedom and not be boxed in with restrictions?

    That is one of the biggest misconceptions out there!!

    Systems and processes will FREE you!

    Systems and processes save you brain power on mundane, repetitive tasks.

    This leaves you rested for creative work!


    You’ve tried them and it didn’t work?

    Well, I would bet you created Standard Operating Procedures based on the archaic model.

    Where they’re not written by the end user, are static in nature and created for liability purposes.

    This is a whole different thing and it’s a game changer~

    Systems and process show you how to produce results effectively and efficiently.

    With systems and processes you..

    1. learn the best ways of doing things and avoid painful pitfalls.
    2. Avoid human error
    3. Don’t need to relearn things
    4. Can transfer responsibilities
    5. Produce consistent results
    6. Easily build on your strengths.

    One of the many benefits of outsourcing virtual assistants is they can easily help you set up your small business systems and processes.

    Start With The Most Important Work

    Again, you need to change your entrepreneur mindset.

    It’s not about hitting the ground running first thing in the morning diving into emails.

    We now understand how counterproductive it is to start in reactionary mode!

    Let’s take this up a notch!

    How about we start off with the most traction we can get!

    Here’s a simple PRO Tip you can use today!

    Start your day with the work that requires the most attention or focus first thing in morning.

    The task that requires you to be more in the zone.

    That’s how I got my Win The Hour Win The Day book done.

    It was because I wrote 5 pages every morning first thing.

    I didn’t give myself the luxury of welcoming interruptions so I could avoid it;)

    On top of that …

    I gave my book my best resources first thing every morning, my fresh brain power!

    It’s one of the few things that my virtual staff couldn’t do for me.

    (Although there are a lot of ways they sped up the book process – reach out to me if you want to learn more).

    We make about 35,000 decision in a day.

    And that starts the moment we open our emails.

    We are depleting our battery and brain power first thing!

    Within 30 minutes, most of us have starting making dozens of decisions just by opening our emails!

    Don’t Grow Your Small Business Scale It!

    Most entrepreneurs confuse growing their business with scaling it.

    When you’re growing your business, you are trying to keep up!

    When your scaling it you are putting strategies in place like creating team members so you can spend more time getting your bigger ideas to execution.

    Scale your business with outsourcing is the fastest and most economical way to creating the business and lifestyle you want. Outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants are the back bone to every modern day success story. It’s not something you do to dump data entry, social media or customer support. Assistants in the Philippines are the secret weapon to every modern day entrepreneur.

    But brining on help only works if you are set up right.

    Adding more people to chaos never works. Start today with the basics we’ve given you here today!


    Need time to get to the “real” work

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    And get customized results – immediately! 


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    Are You Ready For Your Next Big Win?

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