Can Outsourcing Really Help Your Business?

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    The absolute best thing you can do for your business is to Outsource. You can’t scale your business with outsourcing. Outsourcing allows you to get to the real work.

    Remember: it’s the reason you started the business and the work you love to do!

    It’s also the work that brings in the revenue!

    Any small business owner will tell you that is incredibly easy to get trapped in the web of admin chores. Despite your best efforts your admin work expands until it has a choke hold on you and the business.

    It’s important to understand that admin work surrounding “the real’ work are costly distractions.

    Virtual Assistant outsourcing frees you so that you can totally focus on your creative and revenue generating projects.

    Top 5 Reasons You Want To Utilize Outsourcing In Your Small Business

    It accelerates all projects

    It boosts productivity

    Saves from costly overhead

    Allows you to easily, and quickly bring in affordable experts

    It’s incredibly cost efficient and affordable.

    They can help you with systems and processes.

    What Are The Negative Effects Of Outsourcing

    Can Outsourcing Really Help Your Business?We all know that nothing is perfect.

    However, I have not found anything to be problematic about outsourcing Filipino virtual assistant since I started 12 years ago.

    I have heard complaints where outsourcers left without notice. They ended email contact and there was no further communication. This can be very frustrating and many feel they would have more control if the person was local.

    However, if someone doesn’t show up for work…have you ever went to their home and asked why?

    Not showing up for work is not specific to outsourcing, it is reflective of a bigger problem though. For myself and my clients in the Winner’s Circle we’ve never experienced this issue because of our effective hiring process and the systems we have in play to ensure longevity.

    When I started outsourcing…

    I made so many mistakes

    • didn’t have a hiring process
    • didn’t have an onboarding plan
    • didn’t know how to communicate clearly
    • or manage the workflow
    • supervise the team
    • or to stop myself from being the choking point

    Remember your time is limited, and you’re the visionary. It’s costly for you to be dealing with small business tasks.

    What Can I Outsource

    Can Outsourcing Really Help Your Business?Every business has pre and post production work. What happens is you confuse that has being part of the work that you have to do. It’s not! Your job is to deal with money generating activities.

    Getting your ideas to execution is what separates you from competitors.

    Without outsourcers, you are limited in every way. You can’t scale your business, or grow your income. The only thing that increase is the hours you work.

    The moment you stop pushing that rock up hill, your business stops.

    When you hire a virtual assistant it allows you to execute at a higher level.

    You get more work done!

    And it takes less time.

    It also means that you avoid delays with new projects.

    You truly eliminate a significant amount of any learning curve by outsourcing. You just hire someone that knows how to manage that piece of the puzzle and off you go. It’s one of the benefits of outsourcing for small business.

    You won’t miss out on interesting projects because you don’t have experience.

    One of the best part of outsourcing is the extensive pool of talent

    Think about it like this…

    If you were building a soccer team would you want a team made from your local community?

    Or would you like to build a team from the best around the world?

    That’s one of the many benefits to outsourcing.

    Outsourcing Is REALLY Affordable

    One of the biggest strengths in outsourcing is it’s affordability.

    It’s affordable on a number of levels.

    You no longer have to hire someone part-time that you only need a few hours a week.

    Can Outsourcing Really Help Your Business?Before outsourcing if you needed someone to edit your social media videos, you may only need them 3 hours a week. However it’s likely you would have to provide them with a minimum of 10 hours to make it worth their while.

    With outsourcing you can hire someone for an hour a week, if needed. Let’s say you hire an outsourcer to help you with some social media graphics. You only need them for a small amount of time. They’ll likely have 10 other clients like you.

    Since you can tap into different economic regions of the world, it makes it really affordable for the small business owner. It’s really the benefit of outsourcing virtual assistant that business owners talk about the most.

    Outsourcing Allows You To Scale

    A common mistake among small business owners is confusing growing your business with scaling.

    When you’re business is growing, you’re trying to keep up with it.

    It’s stressful and a constant race of “trying in to keep up.”

    Whereas, scaling means you’re doing more work in less time.

    It’s important to understand the difference and change your entrepreneur mindset.

    You can’t scale unless you have support like outsourcers admin work helping you with business processes.

    Hiring a VA means you can effectively and consistently move your small business forward.

    Outsourcing improves the creativity process.

    Outsourcing gives you an opportunity to practice the old adage “two brains” are better than one.



    Can Outsourcing Really Help Your Business?

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