Why Do VA Agencies Fail Entrepreneurs? 5 Untold Truths Revealed

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Blog, Scaling Your Business, Team Work, Virtual Assistant

    Why do VA agencies increasingly fail entrepreneurs?

    VA agencies fail entrepreneurs by simply assigning task-oriented VAs rather than team-integrated assistants.

    This common approach is like having a skilled player in the wrong sport.

    The VA might excel in their jobs…

    but if they’re not aligned with your business’s unique goals…

    their potential remains untapped.

    In a more effective model, a VA isn’t just a remote worker ticking off tasks.

    They become an integral part of your team.

    Imagine asking for a pepperoni pizza and getting a veggie one instead.

    That’s what happens to some businesses:

    they get a VA who doesn’t really understand what they need…
    or the VA just does small jobs and doesn’t really become part of the team.

    How most VA agencies for small business owners often don’t match…

    the right VA with your business.

    So, if you’ve been thinking about outsourcing…

    or if you want to make it work better for your business, stick around.

    We’re going to explore why the usual way of hiring VAs

    can be better as you think.


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    1. Failing to Align VAs with Business Goals

    Most don’t take the time to find out…

    what kind of help your business really needs.

    So, you end up with someone who’s great at their job…

    but just not the right fit for your work.

    That’s like having a great soccer player…

    when you actually needed a basketball player.

    Now, let’s look at another way of doing things.

    Someone takes the time to really learn about your business:

    • what you do…
    • what you need…
    • and what you’re hoping to achieve.

    Then, they find a VA who’s just right for that.

    With this approach, the VA you get is not just any helper.

    It’s the perfect match for you.

    It’s like having a chef who not only cooks your favorite food…

    but also adds something extra special to it.

    Next, we’ll talk about how this isn’t just about picking the right VA.

    2. Ignoring VA’s Potential in Team Dynamics

    Think of it like having someone to help with everyday chores.

    They’re really good at handling things like organizing files.

    But often, they don’t get to work on the big picture stuff…

    like creating new ideas or planning big projects.

    It’s not that they can’t do it;

    it’s just not what they’re usually asked to do.

    They don’t understand what being part of the team is..

    Now, imagine a different way of working with VAs.

    In this approach, VAs get to be a part of everything that’s going on.

    It’s like having a team member who not only helps with daily stuff, but also:

    • joins in on brainstorming sessions
    • and contributes to important decisions.

    They’re not just there to do the small jobs;

    they’re a key part of the team.

    This way, VAs get the chance to learn new things…

    and take on bigger challenges.

    They’re not just stuck with the routine;

    they’re growing and becoming more skilled.

    This is great for the VAs because they get more interesting work…

    and it’s great for the business because it gets more out of your VAs.

    VAs are encouraged to use their creativity and problem-solving skills.

    They become essential members of the business…

    bringing their own unique ideas and perspectives.

    Now, we’ll look into why it’s crucial to set up VAs properly…

    so they can really shine in these roles.

    3. Insufficient Training for VA Onboarding

    Some VA agencies for small business owners do not provide enough training.

    This can be overwhelming like sending someone to play a game…

    without teaching them the what are first things first.

    Without proper training, VAs make mistakes because…

    they don’t fully understand what they need to do.

    Each business is unique:

    • with its own way of doing things
    • its own customers
    • and its own goals.

    If a VA just gets work thrown at them…

    without understanding what makes this business special…

    it’s tough for them to do their best work.

    They don’t know what’s really important for your specific business…

    and what sets it apart from others.

    But there’s a better way to do this.

    Imagine a VA gets a full guide on what the business is all about.

    They learn not just how to do their projects…

    but also what the business stands for…

    who the customers are…

    and what makes this business different and special.

    This part of onboarding is huge!

    It helps the VA understand their role in the big picture…

    and how they can help the business succeed.

    It’s like if you’re teaching someone to upload videos to YouTube…

    you don’t just show them which buttons to press.

    You also explain why these videos are important…

    what kind of people will watch them…

    and what the business wants to achieve with them.

    This way, the VA doesn’t just do stuff;

    they become a real part of the team…

    with a deep understanding of the business.

    Next, we’ll look at whether contracts can make a big difference…

    in how well VAs can work with a business.

    4. Strict VA Contracts Over Teamwork

    When you work with a VA from a VA agency…

    you often have to sign a bunch of strict contracts.

    It’s like being told you can only play a game one way…

    with no chance to change the rules if they don’t fit.

    And about keeping things secret…

    like with NDAs – sure, sometimes it’s important…

    but not always the main thing.

    Signing a big contract isn’t the main focus.

    It’s more like just a piece of paper to make things official.

    What’s really important is talking and figuring out what your business needs.

    It’s like when you join a sports team – it’s not just about the rules…

    but about how everyone can work best together.

    When we add a new VA to the team…

    we don’t make a big deal about contracts.

    Our main goal is to really get what the business is about…

    and get the VA ready to be a big help.

    It’s like putting together a puzzle…

    making sure all the pieces fit just right…

    not just sticking to a set of instructions.

    5. Overlooking VAs as Team Players

    Let’s talk more about what often happens…

    when a business hires a VA from a VA agencies for small business owners.

    It’s like if you hire someone to mow your lawn.

    They come, they mow, and they leave.

    Sure, the grass is shorter…

    but they don’t really care about how the garden looks as a whole…

    or what kind of flowers you’re trying to grow.

    According to Forbes, over 8 out of 10 small businesses have no employees.

    This is a big problem entrepreneurs talk about when they look for VA help online.

    They say things like,

    “My VA just does assignments but doesn’t get my business,”

    or “I need more than just someone checking things off a list.”

    They do what’s asked…

    but they don’t feel part of the big dream or goal of the business.

    This can be frustrating for business owners.

    They want someone who doesn’t just do jobs…

    but really understands and cares about the business.

    They want a VA who feels like they’re a real part of the team…

    someone who knows why the business is special and wants to help it succeed.

    There’s a huge talk in the business world…

    about how fair things are when you hire a VA through a VA agencies for small business owners.

    For instance, I heard from one VA…

    that while the VA agencies was charging the business $10 per hour for her work…

    she was only getting paid $2 per hour.

    Another thing business owners talk about…

    is how VAs from agencies have strict working hours.

    They can only help for a set number of hours…

    and if they need more time to finish something important, they can’t.

    It’s like being in a race but told you must stop running after 10 minutes…

    even if you haven’t reached the finish line.

    This can make it tough for VAs to do their best work and for businesses to get all the help they need.

    That’s why some businesses are looking for a different way to work with VAs…

    Think about a different way.

    Imagine VAs who don’t just do jobs…

    but are really part of your team.

    VAs get to know the business well…

    and they feel more connected to the work they do.

    Sharing the goals and excitement.

    It makes a big difference because when everyone feels part of the team…

    they work better and are happier.

    Bonus: Lack of Clear VA Systems and Processes

    When you have a VA working for you…

    It’s important to have good systems and processes.

    This is like having a map and rules for a game;

    it helps everyone know what to do and how to do it best.

    But, what happens when these things aren’t in place?

    Well, it can lead to a lot of mix-ups and confusion.

    VAs won’t know the best way to do their jobs,

    and that can make things harder for everyone.

    Entrepreneurs looking for VA help often search for things like,

    “How to make my VA more useful,”

    or “Why isn’t my VA doing better?”

    A lot of these problems come from not having clear systems…

    or good ways of working together.

    It’s like trying to build a Lego set without the instructions.

    You have all these pieces,

    but you’re not sure how they fit together.

    • VAs feel lost and unsure about their projects.
    • Business owners end up spending extra time guiding VAs on every little thing.
    • Important work can get delayed or done wrong because VAs don’t have clear instructions.
    • VAs can’t grow or learn new skills because they’re stuck doing things the same old way.

    Listen, there’s a better way to do this.

    Imagine if your VA had a clear plan to follow…

    and knew exactly how to work with your team.

    That’s what good systems and processes are all about.

    They help VAs understand their jobs.

    And leadership?

    That’s about guiding your VAs…

    not just telling them what to do.

    It’s like being a coach instead of just a boss.

    With this method, VAs get to be a real part of the business.

    They know:

    • what they’re doing
    • why they’re doing it
    • and how it helps the business.

    It’s way more than just doing work;

    it’s about being part of a team that’s working towards something amazing.

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    Final Thoughts

    To wrap it up, when entrepreneurs use VA agencies…

    they often don’t get the right help…

    because the VA doesn’t really fit with what the business needs.

    It’s important to remember that a virtual assistant…

    can do a lot more than just small admin tasks.

    They can help your business grow a lot…

    if they understand and work well with your goals.

    When picking a VA, make sure they’re not just someone who does jobs for you…

    but someone who can be a big part of your team.

    Keep these ideas in mind, and you can make your VA a super helpful part of your business!



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