When Do You Hire Your First Outsourcer For Small Business?

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    Running a small business is like running sprint and a marathon at the same time.

    It’s demanding and definitely requires some help.

    The question is…when are you ready to hire your first outsourcer and start your team?

    The Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Business.

    As someone that helps entrepreneurs scale more and work less, I’m asked about outsourcing a lot.

    Many small business owners delay outsourcing thinking they need a certain level of success before they can outsource administrative tasks and get help with administrative duties.

    I know I did this for years.

    The reality is…you won’t get to that “level of success” without outsourcing your administrative work. You need to be doing the real work that brings in revenue. You’re running a business, and your job description is to keep the business moving forward with new ideas, and revenue generating activities.

    You didn’t start a business to perform administrative chores. That’s a job, and you left your job to start a small business.

    I typically advise small business owners to consider hiring their first outsourcer as soon as possible.

    It’s not about reaching a point where you’re consistently busy with work and are finding it difficult to keep up with your workload. No, you want to outsource admin work from the beginning. Otherwise your doing all the small business tasks and small business burnout follows quickly.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

    When Do You Hire Your First Outsourcer For Small Business?We all know that hiring a full-time employee can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants is a great solution for small businesses. It allows small businesses to bring on additional help without the added cost and commitment of a full-time employee.

    It also saves money in another way. When a small business owner finds themselves consistently spending time on tasks that they are not proficient in or that they don’t enjoy doing.

    For example, if a small business owner is spending a lot of time trying to keep up with all the demands of social media. You can outsource these tasks to a virtual assistant who specializes in social media. This will free up the small business owner’s time to focus on more important tasks, such as growing their business.

    How Cost -Effective Is Outsourcing For Small Business?

    Outsourced employees are typically paid on a project basis, or on an hourly or part-time basis. This is much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee. In addition their hourly rate is incredibly affordable. Another reason you can scale your business with outsourcing as you can afford the help you need.

    Working with a virtual teams means small business owners can tap into different markets. It’s extremely affordable to hire outsourcers for administrative jobs around the world. Administrative professionals from the Philippines allow small business owners cost effective options.

    Virtual assistant outsourcing can save money is by reducing the need for expensive equipment and technology. Assistants in the Philippines work remotely, which means that the small business doesn’t have to invest in additional equipment or technology for them to do their job. This can be a significant cost savings for small businesses, especially for those that have limited budgets.

    Reasons to Outsource to Philippines

    When Do You Hire Your First Outsourcer For Small Business?There is quite a long list of why small business owners want to outsource to the Philippines.

    It’s cost effective.

    Outsourcing jobs in the Philippines means small business owners can focus on things like expanding their business into new markets.

    Its also helpful when a small business owner wants to introduce new product or services but lack the some aspect skill needed for the project.

    Outsourcing can provide a small business with access to specialized skills and knowledge that they may not be able to find or afford in-house.

    Small businesses should consider hiring a virtual assistant when they are consistently ready to get their ideas to execution faster.

    Outsourcing Gives You A Competitive Advantage!

    When Do You Hire Your First Outsourcer For Small Business?Outsourcing can save small businesses money by reducing labor costs, reducing the need for expensive equipment and technology, allowing them to tap into specialized skills and expertise, and by reducing the need for office space, utilities and other overhead costs.

    By outsourcing certain tasks, small business owners can focus on their core competencies and grow their business, while keeping expenses in check. Hiring administrative assistants improves small business owners time management skills and communication skills because they are not running around hysterically reacting to their day.

    With some basic systems and processes in place for your outsourcer, you’re whole entrepreneur mindset will change. You will move quickly from the chaos to the calm.

    When Do You Hire Your First Outsourcer For Small Business?

    Before you run off check out virtual assistant companies, be mindful. Many of my clients found their add on fees quite expensive.

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