Top 3 Small Business Trends for 2024: Future Proof Your Business

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    Future-Proof Your Business in 2024

    Ready to make your best year yet with the latest small business trends for 2024 by optimizing your systems and processes?

    You’re in the perfect spot!

    Forbes says 90% of small businesses think they’ll still be around next year.

    But come on, you’re not here to just ‘be around,’ right?

    You’re here to soar, to grow, and to leave your competition wondering what hit ’em!

    That’s why I’ve dug deep to bring you the must-know small business trends for 2024.

    Stick with me, and by the end of this read,

    you’ll have the playbook to make 2024 your year of epic wins

    #1: Social Media: A Small Business Trend You Can’t Ignore in 2024

    Social media isn’t your grandma’s photo album;

    it’s your new revenue stream.

    If you’re not boosting your social media presence, you’re basically burning money.

    Listen, we’re talking about a global audience of nearly 5 billion people  who are not just scrolling but engaging.

    So, why should you care?

    Because this is where your audience lives, breathes, and spends their time.

    And if you’re not there with them, you’re basically tossing money out the window.

    Here’s the real talk:

    Keeping up with social media trends, algorithms, and all that jazz isn’t your day job.

    You’re an entrepreneur, not a full-time social media manager.

    Can you keep up with social media when you're an entrepreneur by using systems and processes?

    So how do you keep on top of it all?

    Systems and processes, my friend.

    Set up a social media calendar, plan your posts, and track those metrics.

    Make one little nugget of a great post and turn it into a full meal with a series of follow-ups or spin-offs.

    Tip: Use a Virtual Assistant to Supercharge Your Social Media Game.

    A VA isn’t just for emails and admin stuff.

    They can schedule your posts, engage with your audience,

    and even help you analyze the results.

    It’s like having a social media manager without the full-time commitment.

    And hey, if you’re not sure what tasks to offload, I’ve got a killer entrepreneurial quiz that’ll show you the way.

    So, if you’ve been on the fence about diving deeper into social media,

    consider this your wake-up call.

    Your future self will be sending you thank-you notes.

    #2: Virtual Assistants: Your Time-Saving Titans for 2024

    Entrepreneurs, let’s cut the fluff.

    You’re swamped.

    Virtual assistants are your lifeline.

    Freeing you up to focus on what really moves the needle.

    Entrepreneurs across the board are leaning on VAs for everything, not just admin tasks.

    It’s a shift in how businesses operate, and it’s here to stay.

    So, how do you get in on this?

    Here are some tips:

    Tip 1: Know what you need.

    Don’t just hire to hire.

    Know what tasks are eating your time and outsource them!

    Make a list of repetitive tasks that don’t require your expertise and let your virtual assistants do it for you.

    Take my entrepreneurial quiz to find out exactly what tasks you should be outsourcing.

    Tip 2: Choose wisely.

    Not all VAs are created equal.

    Look for ones that are not just skilled but also fit your vibes and business needs.

    That’s where my 12-step hiring formula comes in handy.

    12 Step Hiring Formula

    Tip 3: Keep ’em sharp.

    Once you’ve got a great VA, keep them that way.

    I offer a learning center packed with resources to keep your VA at the top of their game.

    Time to stop sweating the small stuff and start focusing on what you do best.

    VAs are not just a trend; they’re your ticket to a more efficient, more profitable 2024.

    #3: The Automation Paradox: A Small Business Trend for 2024 That Needs a Human Touch

    Listen up, folks.

    If you’re still doing everything manually, you’re stuck in the past.

    But here’s the kicker: if you’re automating everything and leaving it unchecked,

    you’re setting yourself up for a mess.

    Automation is a tool, not a replacement for strategic thinking and oversight.

    Sure, efficiency and profitability are best buds.

    The more you automate, the more time you free up.

    Over 80% of business leaders are ramping up automation.

    Yet, how many are actually keeping an eye on these systems?

    Tech issues are part of the process, and one small update can throw everything off balance.

    So, how do you strike that perfect balance? Here’s the lowdown:

    Tip 1: Automation Isn’t “Set It and Forget It”

    Don’t just automate and walk away.

    Regularly review your automated systems to ensure they’re doing what they’re supposed to.

    A little oversight goes a long way.

    Tip 2: Pair Automation with Human Insight

    This is where a top-tier VA comes into play.

    They can manage, fine-tune, and even improve your automated systems.

    It’s not just about automating; it’s about automating wisely.

    A VA can be your eyes and ears, making sure everything runs smoothly.

    Tip 3: Expect and Plan for Tech Issues

    Tech issues aren’t a matter of if but when.

    Have a plan in place for when things go sideways.

    Who’s going to jump in and fix it?

    If you’ve got a VA overseeing your systems and processes, you’re already a step ahead.

    So, if you’re all about automation, that’s cool.

    But remember, it’s not a hands-off operation.

    Keep a close eye, or better yet, have someone whose job it is to do just that.

    One of my clients put it best:

    “You gave so much of my time back.”

    That’s the power of smart automation, folks.

    It’s the future of efficient systems and processes, but only if managed correctly.

    #4: Generative AI: The Future-Proofing Tool You Need in 2024

    Generative AI isn’t just a shiny new toy;

    it’s a game-changer when paired with the right systems and processes.

    This is another one of those small business trends for 2024 you’ll want to keep an eye on.

    Sure, 70% of Gen Z are already using AI, and they trust it to make informed decisions.

    I had a great podcast session with Cory Warfield where we dove deeper of how to maximize your business using ChatGPT, and it was a eye-opener!

    But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about the AI;

    it’s about how you use it.

    One of my awesome VAs used ChatGPT to help us make great content.

    She didn’t just turn it on and walk away;

    She made sure it worked well with our brand and what we want to say.

    That’s how you make a tool into a team buddy.

    Here’s how you can get the most from AI:

    Tip 1: Pair AI with Your Virtual Assistant

    AI is strong, but it needs a guide.

    Have a VA or someone on your team check and tweak what the AI makes.

    This makes sure you’re making stuff people really want.

    Tip 2: Build Systems Around Your AI

    Don’t just use AI now and then.

    Make it a regular part of your work by making a plan that uses AI tools.

    This makes sure you keep getting good stuff.

    Tip 3: Always Check and Tweak

    AI is smart, but it can make mistakes.

    Always look over the work and use what you learn to make things even better.

    So, if your team is not using AI yet, now’s the time to start.

    It’s not just the future; it’s happening now, and it’s making things way better.

    #5 Navigating Burnout: Your Blueprint for Sustainable Success in 2024

    We’re talking drained energy, zero motivation.

    A foggy brain that’s making even simple tasks feel like climbing Everest.

    Burnout is a real issue and it’s one of the small business trends for 2024.

    If you’re burnt out, you’re not just tired;

    you’re risking your business and your well-being.

    It’s like trying to drive a car with no gas; you’re not going anywhere fast.

    And let’s be real, you can’t serve your clients or grow your business if you’re running on empty.

    You’re not the only one.

    A study from Ramsey Solutions says 56% of small-business owners feel like they’re on a deserted island when it comes to solving problems and making decisions.

    Here’s how you stay energized:

    Take a Step Back

    Sometimes, you need to pause and assess. What’s draining you?

    Identify it, and let’s find a way to fix it.

    Lean on Systems

    Systems and processes aren’t just for your business operations; they’re for you too.

    Use time management tools to ensure you’re balancing work and life effectively.

    Get the Right Help

    You don’t have to do it alone.

    A virtual assistant can take off some of that heavy load, and guess what?

    They’re not just any VA; they’re trained and nurtured to fit right into your workflow.

    And if you’re not sure what you need, hey, there’s a quiz for that.

    It’s a simple way to pinpoint exactly what’s missing in your business life.

    2024 is ripe with opportunities, but only if you seize them.

    Ready to level up?


    Be our next success story and find out

    how you can make 2024 your best year yet.


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