The Truth About How To Scale Your Small Business

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    1. Grow Your Business Fast!

    Yes, there is the occasional overnight success.

    But as the old adage goes most overnight successes take about 10 years.

    You definitely want to see progress in the first couple years but don’t be discourage if big profits are not rolling in right away.

    It’s easy to be mislead with hype on the internet, social media always making everything look bigger and better than it.

    You need to change your entrepreneur mindset and understand it’s the long game.

    A slow burn is your best bet and will bring you success!

    The secret is to be patient.

    No matter how small, you are simply looking for growth regardless of the size of your small business.


    2. Tools Leverage Your Time

    There are so many amazing tools and resources for the modern-day small business person.

    It’s very easy for this to be a distraction.

    Remember that tools are created to leverage what you’re doing but not likely to eliminate your work.

    The most successful people use the same free tools that small business owners have at their fingertips.

    You need to change your entrepreneurial mindset from thinking bigger tools would give you bigger impact.

    You want tools that are free or next to free, and very easy to learn.

    If it takes a big learning curve it’s not something that a very successful small-business owner would use


    3. Scale Your Business With Outsourcing

    Any small business owner gathering any traction is outsourcing.

    Outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants are a god send to the small business owner.

    Hire a virtual assistant is the most important thing you could do to grow your small business. This allows you to focus on the problem that you solve for your clients and bring in revenue.

    The demise of small business owner is when they get trapped in administrative busy work

    Your number one goal as an entrepreneur is to get your ideas to execution.

    This is easily done when you have outsourcers and systems and processes in play.

    Virtual staff allow you to provide better customer service, create business systems and pursue potential customers.

    Regardless of your industry outsourcing is your secret weapon.

    You could be anything from a real estate agent to a business coach and outsourcing will accelerate your success.
    The Truth About How To Scale Your Small Business

    4. Social Media Is Essential

    You simply cannot run a business these days without being heavily involved with social media.

    However, with virtual assistant services this is not the daunting task that most believed it to be.

    Successful small-business owners lean into social media instead of dreading it.

    They know this allows them to connect with their target audience.

    Social media replaces the incredibly expensive direct mail campaign used in earlier years.

    It levels the playing field so that all businesses new or small can get exposure.

    Successful small business owners know and appreciate this and utilize it to the best of their ability.

    Virtual assistant outsourcing give you the bandwidth to be serious with your social media.

    You can hire a part time graphic designer, web designer, get help with project management or someone to help optimize your email list.

    I have a client that specializes in search engines and and thought that was too specific for outsourcing.

    He was wrong.

    He has hired someone to do his prep and research for search engine optimization seo and it’s given him time to focus on income generating activities.

    Any team member you need is accessible and affordable.

    5. Systems and Processes are Everything to Online Business Success

    Successful small business owners do not run their business off a to-do list. They has systems and processes that allow them to execute their work effectively, continuously and with less and less effort.

    This is absolutely the biggest difference between someone struggling with their business and someone who has a successful.

    It is a systems and processes in play then allow the continued growth and traction in any small business.

    Successful small business owners appreciate the freedom that systems and processes give their business.

    Whereas struggling or new businesses believe that systems and processes are restrictive and will limit their creativity.

    One of the benefits of outsourcing virtual assistant is having to the time to build your systems and processes.

    There are companies in the Philippines that are created solely to work with small business owners around the world. Initially it was for basic tasks like data entry, content marketing, finding keyword research tools, blog posts etc. In recent years it has grown into so much more.

    Getting a good assistant in the Philippines is something than can really accelerate your small business.

    Do you know if your business is running as efficiently as it could be?

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