The Top 3 Small Business Tasks That Owners Should Outsource

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    Every small business owner can benefit from outsourcing and hiring a VA since your can let them do a small business tasks. Can we all agree…there is just not enough hours in the day when you are growing a business. That’s why every small business owners wants increased productivity.

    Let’s look at three ways that virtual assistant outsourcing can help you scale your business quicker, easier, and more effectively!

    When you have your own small business, it’s easy to confuse growing your business with scaling your business. Growing means you trying to keep up with the work.

    Scaling means you’re doing more work in less time and making more money. We need to change the entrepreneurial mindset and understand the importance in scaling your business.

    Here are 3 guide questions to help you decide what tasks to outsource:

    1. Is it repetitive work (we live in a world of copy and paste)
    2. Is it pre or post work for the services you provide?
    3. Would it save you time if someone else could do it?

    The Top 3 Tasks Small Business Owners Should Outsource

    Here Are 3 Business Tasks That Are Best To Hire A Virtual Assistant

    Administrative Tasks

    The world is now a magical place when it comes to outsourcing and team building. With technology you can have a zoom meeting with someone from anywhere in the world quite easily.

    There are no interferences when you are working virtually. This allows you to pull from talent around the globe. It also allows you to tap into different economic regions which benefits a small business owner financially.

    Administrative work is really what chokes a small business. It doesn’t take long when you start your business before you get caught up in the web of administrative chores. But that’s not where you make your money.

    You want to be purposeful with your time and focus on the money generating activities. It’s incredibly easy to create templates, systems, and admin work that can be repeated by a outsourcing Filipino virtual assistant.

    When I’m working with my clients in the Winner’s Circle, they all say they get 25 hours a week back within the first month of working with us. it’s really not difficult to do this when you’re set up correctly. It’s simple to offload administrative chores with right team member and business process.

    Social Media

    A small business owners were all feeding the beast of social media. It seems never-ending. And every time you think you get a handle on it up pops another platform that requires more attention.

    Yes, you do need to connect with other like-minded businesses however you can decrease this work if your strategic with your outsourcer.

    Again, there’s a lot of repetitive and prep work through social media that can be duplicated with the right outsourcer.

    This allows you to free up your time and network while you’re working on money generating activities. It also allows you to create social proof and get yourself out there more consistently.

    This is all easily done with simple series of steps. You can even get help with your content writing. My outsourcer set up to write this blog… so it took me half the time than someone else writing the same blog.


    Research sounds boring and it often is a daunting chore.

    You may think your small business doesn’t require a lot of research.

    But there are always new things to learn in this modern day of being a small business owner. Understanding the ever-changing needs of social media.

    Or even checking in on your own marketplace and what your competitors are offering? These types of administrative chores take up a lot of time and really you can get lost going down the rabbit hole.

    It’s wonderful to have a virtual assistant in the Philippines do research and then present you with your best options. This saves you time, keeps you well informed and always up to date on current activities

    There are so many benefits of hiring virtual. It’s no longer about data entry, and call centers.

    One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing virtual assistant is that they can help you create systems and processes. The entrepreneur mindset is often limited by thinking… that it’s okay to have everything in your head. But no successful business is run on memory.

    Understanding this is a game changer and will allow you to scale your business with outsourcing.


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