The Top 3 Reasons For Outsourcing In The Philippines

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    Starting a small business has many obstacles. The biggest one is when to hire.

    More importantly when can you afford to hire. In the past, hiring was really just for a larger companies.

    This left a small business owners constantly grinding it until they were fatigued.

    But it’s a new day.

    There are now resources that are unbelievably accessible to the small business owner.

    This one aspect has levelled the playing field between small medium and even large businesses.

    What is it you ask?

    It’s outsourcing in the Philippines.

    If you’re not familiar with this resource. It may seem like a complicated process that seems out of your reach.

    It may seem foreign in nature to everything that you’ve ever known.

    It’s actually quite accessible and easy.

    Let’s discuss some of the perceived obstacles, myths of hiring in the Philippines and benefits of outsourcing virtual assistant

    How To Deal With Time Zone Differences?

    Filipino employees are quite willing to work shift work. They will work holidays or whatever needs to be done to accommodate your time zone. They are very experienced in virtual assistant outsourcing and working with other countries so they easily accommodate to your schedule.

    However, I’ve found it beneficial for your small business to have them work slightly different hours than you.

    For example. myself and all my clients have our outsourcers working our mornings.

    That’s late evenings for them.

    Our outsource BPO will meet with us or do administrative tasks that require our input during my office hours.

    When your Filipino virtual assistants are set up correctly with systems and processes…

    you don’t need your virtual staff working the exact same hours as you.

    You and them will have independent work that is not dependent on each other.

    My outsourcing Filipino virtual assistant is around for any scheduled meetings in the mornings. And then they complete their other responsibilities in my off hours. It works out even better because work is complete when I return in the morning.

    When you hire a virtual assistant and utilize Philippine global outsourcing it’s like having elves working on your business overnight.

    Of course, they love that you don’t expect them to work the overnight shift.

    This adds to job satisfaction and loyalty.Reasons For Outsourcing In The Philippines

    How To Deal With English And Communication Skills With Your Outsourcer.

    There’s often a misconception that English is going to be a barrier.

    Many times I’ve heard small business owner say…

    “but I deal with high-end clients I can’t have someone struggling with communication.”

    These outsourcing destinations around the world know that communication is especially important.

    In fact, many of them specialize in customer service. For most small business owners you looking to get affordable help with tasks like data entry, administrative tasks, graphic design, or content writing. The communications skills are not an issue at all.

    When you get your assistant in the Philippine you are dealing with English proficiency.

    In fact, the Philippine’s English competency is ranked 18th out of 122 countries

    I have been dealing with Philippine outsourcers for over 10 years and I’ve never found this to be a problem.

    In our Winners Circle we hire training on board for all our clients and they’ve been exceptionally pleased with communication skills of all the outsourcers.

    Scale Your Business With Outsourcing

    Hiring in the Philippines is incredibly cost-effective. Salary levels are roughly 30% of what they are in North America. This means it is completely affordable for the small business owner.

    The small business owner can finally build a team so they can execute their bigger ideas!

    It really allows you to change your whole entrepreneur mindset of what is possible for your small business.

    The benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines is unbelievable gift to small business community.

    Previously, small business owners were always left behind by bigger companies that could have four more resources and labor. The game has changed.

    Small business owners can now compete on this level very successfully.

    You can easily scale your business with outsourcing in a way you could never scale your business before now!

    Don’t wait start using outsource services

    Outsourcing jobs in the Philippines is a game changer for small business owners. It allows you to implement business systems that require a team.

    No longer will you be grinding it out late at night all by yourself.

    With some business process outsourcing strategies implemented you can achieve more than you expected in less time!

    Change your entrepreneurial mindset and start dreaming bigger because it’s all very doable!

    Outsourcing is not about compromising in with your small business.

    We understand how exceptionally important your businesses is and how hard it is to build it.

    So working with Filipina outsourcers is not a compromise but something that in fact will accelerate your business to new levels.

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