How To Use Outsourcing Admin Work To Scale Your Small Business

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    There’s a lot of talk about the economy, a potential recession and all this after coming off the heels of a world lockdown. It’s no wonder this has left some small business owners distressed and wondering what to do next?

    Here are the best tips to protect, grow and scale your business.

    Start Outsourcing Your Admin Work!

    The harsh reality is many people think they have a business but in fact they’re simply self employed. In order to be running a business you do need some form of help. You need to outsource admin work.

    The benefits of outsourcing for your small business is it let’s you focus on the revenue generating activities. This also let’s you spend more time being the visionary. Coming up with ideas that give you a bigger presences in your industry. Which brings in more revenue!

    Why is Outsourcing Admin Work the Best Option?

    How to Use Outsourcing to Grow Your BusinessOne the great things about outsourcing admin work is the speedy hiring process.

    You can have an idea and have someone working on it unbelievably quick. With some basic systems and processes you can get amazing traction on new projects immediately!

    It’s easy to find amazing new talent (when you have an effective hiring strategy).

    Hiring and training strategies are easier to develop than most business owners understand. It’s worth your time to develop systems and processes for hiring as it yields you extremely big results.

    The best part is, you’ll never be sitting in a meeting again, hesitant about taking on a new project because you’re not sure how to fulfill the request.

    It’s a game changer when you know you can outsource admin work with powerful and affordable resources at your fingertips.

    There are many benefits to outsourcing for your small business

    When you outsource admin work you don’t need to:

    – learn everything yourself.

    – spend hours online looking for that next course you need to learn the newest thing

    – pay for expensive training

    – pull yourself away from your work to learn something else

    – neglect your clients because the newest project has a learning curve.

    – buy new software needed for this special project

    – delay because of a tedious hiring process

    – miss deadlines because you misunderstood the demands of the job

    – operate at a loss because the set up cost was more than priced

    – pay expensive employee benefits

    -build out systems and processes yourself

    – pay for additional overhead like computers or desk.

    When you outsource admin work you can:

    -immediately hire someone for a new role or talent.

    -post a job, and easily hire someone within 24 hours.

    -continue your regular workflow without any interruption

    -broaden the services you offer without any issue

    -learn from your talented outsourcer.

    -create systems and processes easily and build on your strengths

    -increase your rates now that you have systems and processes that improve services

    For any business, the speed of implementation is the fastest way to the cash!

    The benefits of outsourcing for small business your ability to execute your ideas. We all know there is no shortage of ideas. It’s getting them to the marketplace that is the problem.

    Systems and Processes Are Vital To Your Small Business

    How to Use Outsourcing to Grow Your BusinessThe biggest misunderstanding is that systems and processes will restrict you. I get it! Systems and processes don’t sound sexy however they allow you easily outsource your admin work. Outsourcing your admin work will FREE you beyond your imagination!

    If you’re like me, you’ve been buried under systems and processes as an employee. They seemed useless, time consuming and restricted your productivity.

    Don’t let that discourage you.

    Those systems and processes were not written by the end user, they were static in nature, and mostly written to cover liability.

    Writing systems and processes for your business is a completely different!

    Without systems and process, you’re trying to run a business on memory. No successful business is run on memory.

    In fact, without systems and processes your wearing yourself down with decision fatigue and it’s subject to human error. It also puts a lot of pressure on your outsourcing admin workers as they run after you while you play catch up.

    Systems and process you all the freedom in the world cause you won’t be using your brain power recycling ideas because your brain is meant to create ideas.

    Don’t think once you get “caught up” you’ll create all these systems. Waiting until you get caught up won’t work either because systems don’t work when you just sit there on a Sunday, banging them out. When you go to use them, you’ll see all the steps you missed

    The best plan is to build them out as you go.

    How To Start Making Systems And Processes?

    How to Use Outsourcing to Grow Your BusinessTo start making processes. It doesn’t have to be this big, heavy labor, intensive thing. Let’s say you’re writing out a document as you’re doing it, use a free video screen capture like Loom. Then all you do is you start the recording and do the work that you’re doing anyhow, and just talk out loud as you do it.

    Start off with basic systems and processes and then C.U.E. it.

    That is Create, Use an Edit them.

    This will move you forward other than so much farther than trying to come in on a Sunday and get these big processes done.

    Work On Your Business Instead of In It

    The small business owner traditionally gets buried under administrative tasks. One of the many benefits of outsourcing virtual assistants is you can easily escape this bumpy road. Outsourcing administrative tasks allows you to build out business process that save money and time.

    Outsourcing solutions can truly solve almost anything in the business world. Virtual assistance services are so accessible and part of the modern landscape, it’s foolish to ignore it.



    How to Use Outsourcing to Grow Your Business

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