How To Improve Team Work With Your Virtual Outsourcers

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As the world has changed dramatically in the last few years, the definition of teams has also changed. There is a new focus on the virtual team and how to keep people connected in the workplace.

How To Improve Team Work With Your Virtual OutsourcersOutsourcing virtual assistants is now becoming a mainstay option, yet it’s still new to many small business owners. There are many benefits to outsourcing for small businesses. Starting your own team is a huge asset to any small business.

Do teams really matter?

If I were in a row boat, I’d rather have another rower with me than be rowing along by myself. I would use less energy and get to my destination faster.

And this is no different in the workplace, especially in the small business community. Outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants is giving small business owners resources they’ve never had before and leveling the playing field between small and big businesses.

Change Your Entrepreneur Mindset About Teams

As someone who works with small business owners, I’m always having to explain that a team is not about a number. A team is a philosophy. You can have a team of two people with yourself and your assistant.

Think about it like this:

If you were on a cruise ship with 400 people and a crisis ensued, you would hope some of the people would be helpful.

If you were in a row boat with two other people and a problem arose, you definitely want to make sure that you have some resourceful people in your boat.

The smaller the team, the more important your team’s philosophy is for your small business. Also, as the team grows, it will only strengthen. This is how you scale your business with outsourcing.

Create Leadership When Hiring A Virtual Assistant

I think the most important thing you can do for any team is provide great leadership. Every single person in the team should be cultivating their leadership qualities. This allows the team to grow, diversify, and switch responsibilities.

How To Improve Team Work With Your Virtual OutsourcersLeadership takes all forms. It can also appear in the smallest actions. Even something simple like how a question is asked

You want everyone on your team to be confident, self-assured, and able to make decisions. One of the benefits of outsourcing virtual assistants is that their role can grow into a variety of responsibilities! Hiring a VA is no longer about administrative tasks. It’s helpful in all aspects of the business process.

How is this done? And where do we start?

You start by including leadership as the backbone of all our activities. Too often, businesses are set up in a very hierarchical model. where you hire someone and then supervise them like they are a child or a student, always micromanaging and checking on their work.

This does not create leadership skills, but more importantly, it creates a whole new job for yourself.

Systems and Process

Systems and processes allow you to scale your business effectively. Too many small business owners confuse growing their business with scaling their business. It’s important to change your entrepreneurial mindset if you want to earn more and work less.

Growing your business means you’re trying to keep up with the demands of your work and your clients. Scaling your business means you’re able to do more work in less time and move on to your next ambition.

Systems and processes also create an amazing amount of independence for your team. It allows your team to make decisions and complete work independently.

Systems and processes often sound restrictive, but it’s actually the opposite. Systems and processes free you and allow you to bring in much more revenue while your team works independently.

Systems and processes also allow you to transfer work among your team members, easily bring on new team members, or cover in their absence.

How To Improve Team Work With Your Virtual OutsourcersIt allows your team to feel safe and encourages risk-taking.

Because the systems and processes are guidelines for the work. So if there’s any issue or mistake, the systems and processes are simply improved without any finger-pointing or blaming of individuals. No one is on the defensive; everyone is looking at the systems and processes.

The systems and processes are proven methods for doing things effectively in your business. They eliminate human error, build on your strength, and allow you to do more work in less time.

How to Manage a Team

When you have effective systems and processes in place, you’ll find that there’s less managing than you ever expected. I and all my clients conduct mini scrums every day. A scrum is based on the book Scrum by Jeff Sutherland, and these are 15-minute meetings to highlight new projects or ambitions.

These are not meetings to micromanage or check on people’s work.

It’s a place where we come together virtually as a collective brainstorm and get excited about where we’re going next.

This is great for morale as well as yielding large results when it comes to ideas or brainstorming.

It’s activities like this that make it very easy to be part of the team and diminish any aspects of actually managing it.



How To Improve Team Work With Your Virtual Outsourcers

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