Burnout Cycle: 5 Ways To Break Free in 2024

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    Break Free from the Burnout Cycle in 2024

    What really sparks this burnout fire? Is it just long hours and endless to-dos, or is there more beneath it?

    You see, understanding burnout isn’t just about spotting it;

    it’s about knowing what feeds it.

    Think of it as a garden.

    Sure, you can spot the weeds..

    but knowing what causes them to grow in the first place –

    that’s the key to a healthy, thriving garden.

    And in our case, a healthy, thriving business life.

    A Harvard Business Review survey found that 59.6% of entrepreneurs..

    mostly from small businesses, reported experiencing burnout.

    So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to the root of entrepreneurial burnout cycle.

    What Are The Main Causes of The Burnout Cycle


    1. Too Much Work + Too Little Time = Burnout

    Imagine you’re juggling a dozen balls and trying not to drop any.

    That’s what it’s like when work piles up.

    You’re rushing around, trying to do it all..

    You are rushing causing the burnout cycle

    and before you know it, it’s another late night again!

    It’s the classic too-much-to-do and too-little-time trap.

    You’re playing that constant game of trying to catch-up!

    Before you realize it, you’re worn out and struggling with a business owner burnout cycle.

    2. Passion Leads To Depletion!

    You’re super excited about your new project, new client or newest course.

    There is alway something new when you have your own business.

    Your passion to dive in -gets the best of you.

    A few late nights turn into a month of late nights rather quickly.

    And you’re back on the burnout over and over again.

    3. Going Solo Without Support

    Think of something as simple as moving to a new home.

    Do you want to do that by yourself?

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together to overcome the burnout cycle

    No, you want help.

    You realize extra time isn’t what you need.

    You need help.

    Yet, in our business, we wear ourselves…

    You’re quickly trying to do it all!

    4. Feeling Like You’re Not in Charge

    It’s like you’re in a car that you can’t steer.

    Sounds scary, right?

    That’s what it feels like when reacting to all your client’s needs…

    and your never ending to-do list!

    You feel like a passenger instead of the driver.

    In an effort to gain control you put in more and more time.

    Voila! Burnout!

    5. Trying To Save Money

    You’re doing it all by yourself in efforts to save money.

    The reality is you’re the most damaging overhead your business has!

    When you mess around in administration chores…

    you’re not bringing in new business.

    If you think you can’t afford to hire a VA, that means..

    you really need a VA!!

    You can't overcome the burnout cycle by trying to save money

    This is the cause of entrepreneur burnout cycle, and why your business is struggling.

    Now, let’s dive into how you can catch these signs early and keep your entrepreneurial spirit thriving.

    How Can You Recognize The Signs Of Burnout Cycle Early?


    1. Running on Empty

    You know those days when your get-up-and-go just got up and left?

    It’s like your internal battery is always on low..

    no matter how much coffee you chug.

    That’s not just regular tiredness; it’s a neon sign flashing,

    “Hey, you might be heading for burnout.”

    Are you running empty again?

    2. Short Fuse Alert

    You’re snapping over the littlest things.

    Maybe a client’s small request feels like a huge demand..

    or your computer being slow makes you want to throw it out the window.

    This isn’t just a bad day;

    it’s like your patience is a stretched rubber band, ready to snap.

    That’s burnout cycle creeping in.

    3. The Slump in Getting Things Done

    Remember how you used to power through tasks like a superhero?

    But now, that same to-do list looks more like a mountain you just can’t climb.

    It’s not laziness;

    it’s like your productivity engine is stalling.

    When your usual work pace starts to slow to a crawl,

    it’s time to wave the red flag.

    5 Ways to Break Free from the Burnout Cycle


    Burnout doesn’t have to be your business partner.

    Here are five smart strategies to recover from the burnout cycle:

    1. More Time Isn’t The Answer.

    Being busy isn’t always the same as being productive.

    You get the false sense that you’re moving mountains as you run around.

    When in fact you’re circling the mountain and not getting any altitude.

    Forget the game of catch-up.

    You’re never going to be caught up..

    because being in business means constantly launching new ideas and products.

    Changing your mindset will change your results.

    2. There is Always A New Thing!

    There will always be another new thing.

    With the race of AI, you could spend all day and night just trying to keep up with that!

    There is Always A New Thing!

    That’s before you even take a look at your own work!

    Systems and processes allow you to save time.

    Eliminate mistakes and build on your strengths.

    You can recover from the burnout cycle while scaling your business.

    3. Anything Done Great, Isn’t Done Alone!

    Anyone who has achieved any success in anything, have built a team!

    It’s that simple!

    From captains of industry to olympic athletes, they all have a team.

    Today, there are extremely affordable resources that allow you amazing team of VA’s for $5 an hour.

    You need to build a team!

    This frees you up to get to the real work.

    It’s a game changer!

    4. Your Burnout Budget!

    Every entrepreneur has said “I’ll do it myself to save money.”

    A few admin chores here, some late nights there…

    burnout comes back with a vengeance! Costing you big!

    and burnout comes back with a vengeance! Costing you big!

    If you had a VA with a clear work plan in place..

    you could recover from the repeated cycles of entrepreneurial stress learning to burnout.

    This lets you dive into your wish list of projects,

    instead of always pushing them to the back burner.

    5. Why Calendars Fail Entrepreneurs

    Listen, 95% of business folks don’t use their calendars properly..

    It’s not a dumping ground for tasks; it’s your command center.

    Direct your day, don’t just fill it.

    The most successful entrepreneurs say you can tell a lot about a company..

    just by looking at their calendar!

    What does yours say about you?


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