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I make your business grow and easy to run.


You’ve Been In

Business For Years…

Still Stuck And Burned Out..


Let’s reclaim your time

in 3 steps, NOW!

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Know Your Entrepreneur Personality

Take the quiz to help us find out what’s driving your business and what’s not. The first step is knowing where to put your energy and focus.

Win The Day Win The Hour Icon 3 Steps

My Blueprint, Your Wins

Follow my roadmap to cut your workdays, dial down the stress and give you back your time. It will be your behind-the-scenes strategy for steady growth. 

Win The Day Win The Hour Icon 3 Steps

Maximize Your Minutes

Access my Super Tool Kits that other business owners wish they had. These are your shortcuts to doing more in less time without being glued to your desk all day.

Hi, Kris Ward Here!

I Help Entrepreneurs Stop Working So Hard!

I used to work crazy hours, thinking that was the key to success. Then life threw a curveball – my husband got sick. I had the step away.

But my business didn’t just survived, it grew.


I had a killer team and systems in place.

Now, I help entrepreneurs like you, reclaim 25 hours a week  within the first month.

Turning businesses and life around, fast.

  • Win The Hour Win The Day Blueprint To Success (Step 1) 33.33% 33.33%

Know Your Entrepreneur Personality

(and I’ll take it from there)…

When you know what you’re good at, you also know what you need help with.


The multitasking maestro who struggles to say no.


The go-to for fast results, but risks on getting burnout.


The distracted visionary with unfinished projects.


The meticulous achiever who risks missing opportunities.


The solo go-getter who puts business before self.

Featured Triumph 

The Formula You’ve Been Given is All Wrong!

Hear it from one of our clients. It’s not about clocking in endless hours and burning yourself out.

It’s about making those hours count.

Focus on what really moves the needle in your business.

When you work smarter, you’ll not only achieve more, you’ll also have time to enjoy the success you’ve earned.

That’s how you win the hour and win the day.

  • Win The Hour Win The Day Blueprint To Success (Step 2) 66.66% 66.66%

My Blueprint, Your Wins

I go beyond just providing a top-notch virtual assistant.

I’m about creating real solutions

for the challenges you’re facing every day.

What You’re Capable Of

Boost Creativity

Use that extra time to hatch amazing ideas and explore money-making opportunities.

Laser Focus

When you work on the big stuff, your quality goes up and so does your productivity. Simple as that.

Kick Out Burnout

Less admin junk means you dodge burnout. Because your business should be supporting you.

Grow Like a Pro

More time for creative stuff lets you learn new tricks. Your business grows, you grow..

Do Less, Win More

With our WIN Strategy, your task list gets a makeover. You’ll zero in on what matters and success will follow.

My Commitment To You

The Winner Circle Club

VIP access to top resources and tools that optimize your workflow. No fluff, just results.

Smooth VA Onboarding

Get your virtual assistant running fast and easy. Say hello to instant productivity.

Learning Center

Resources and smart systems and processes for a swifter business, all in one place.


Not your average freebies. These are big-value bonuses that push your business forward.

Expert Talks

Free podcasts and blogs loaded with insider knowledge. Tune in now, thank me later.

Skip everything you don’t enjoy in your business and get your ideas to execution.

Real Results From Real Winners

See What Business Owners Are Saying

Kris Ward Win The Hour Win The Day
  • Win The Hour Win The Day Blueprint To Success (Step 3) 100% 100%

 Maximize Your Minutes

Get your hands on our proven systems and processes.

My Super Tool Kits will turn your hours into minutes.

Here are the FREE BONUSES waiting for you.

The Engagement Stuffer

Super Tool Kit! ($297)

Be active on social media without the grind. Be 100% you, without doing the work!

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s a game-changer!

The Networking Magic

Super Tool Kit! ($497)

Stop losing track of important contacts! This tool kit keeps your network strong and growing.

No more missed opportunities!

The W.I.N Team

Super Tool Kit! ($799)

Your W.I.N Team starts here. I’ll find your 1st team member, vet them through our 12-step hiring formula, and you get the final say. We even handle the onboarding!

The Content Crusher

Super Tool Kit! ($297)

 Take one piece of writing and turn it into a whole month of content.

Easy steps your team can follow and execute.

The Testimonial Treasures

Super Tool Kit! ($497)

Never run out of testimonials again! Have them ready, right when you need them. This tool kit is your shortcut to endless social proof!

The Author Accelerator

Super Tool Kit! ($1299)

Write a book in a CRAZY short amount of time. It’s 100% easier and faster than you think! I promise! You’ll be saying “wow!”

The Message Hacker

Super Tool Kit! ($297)

Make strong social media connections in no time. Stand out and be remembered. All with simple copy-paste steps. No tech skills required!

The Media Magic

Super Tool Kit! ($799)

Learn the art of the pitch and get yourself heard. From guesting on hundreds of podcasts to hosting big names on your own. No fluff, just results!

The Podcast Powerhouse

Super Tool Kit! ($1999)

Start or scale your podcast without the admin headache. Trusted by podcast production companies and it worked for them. Let’s make it work for you too!

Are You Ready For Your Next Big Win?

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t let questions hold you back. Your questions will be answered at — personally by me.

What Services Do You Offer?
At Win the Hour, Win the Day, we’re all about helping entrepreneurs and business owners like you achieve your dreams! We offer personalized coaching, consulting, and training programs that are designed to help you maximize productivity and streamline operations.

We’ll work with you to build a team that’s perfect for your business, so you can stop worrying about the little things and start focusing on the big picture. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or just get things under control, we’re here to help.

What’s The Biggest Difference In Your Approach With Outsourcing Virtual Assistants?
The outsourcing services agencies operate under the old-school mentality where you need to manage your outsource virtual assistant. This takes time, effort, and costs you money.

Our process is totally different—and yields high results! Most clients tell us they get 25 hours back a week within the first month working with us—and it’s a much smaller investment than outsourcing services agencies… and your outsourcer is set up so they manage YOU.

Tell Me About The WIN Team Sessions

We have a learning center set up for you to educate, improve and add additional training to your outsourcing virtual assistant. The outsourcers love it!! We also meet with the WIN Team monthly in a group setting for additional live training.

What’s The Problem With Outsourcing Services / Agencies?
With outsourcing services you’ll get a highly trained virtual assistant outsourcing who is ready to jump into your projects. But here’s the thing: you won’t get the effects of outsourcing you want. Many of my clients have tried this route and been very disappointed with the high costs and low return on their investment. It’s no one’s fault, the problem is the setup.

Let me explain. Let’s say I found you a great chef. This chef is known for their fine cuisine and has won awards at prestigious culinary events all over the world.

Now let’s say that I send this amazing chef to your home but your kids only like chicken nuggets. The chef is set up to fail because there is nothing in place to support their talent.

The same thing goes with outsourcing services agencies: if you aren’t set up for them to succeed (with small business systems and processes that accelerate their success), it’s doomed from the start. The outsourcing services are short lived and you will find there is a high turnover rate. Whereas we have a 90% retention rate.

Why Are Outsourcing Services Agencies More Expensive?
Outsourcing services are expensive, and I’ll tell you why.

A lot of my clients tried outsourcing services agencies before working with us. They spent a lot of money! They were locked into contracts, and they found the whole process draining

Many outsourcing services agencies charge an hourly fee indefinitely. For example: Your outsource virtual assistant may earn $4/hour from the agency. Yet, the agency charges you $8. You may be tied to that commitment as long as you use that outsourcing virtual assistant.

Whereas we do not charge you a per hour fee. It’s simply one of the services we offer you in the Winner’s Circle.

Super Toolkits Are Different From Systems And Processes!
Systems and processes, sometimes known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), are usually not written by the end user, static in nature, and written to cover liability.

Super Toolkits are dynamic, fluid documents that allow you to constantly compress your work and your outsourcer(s)’s work so that you can be working on your next ambition instead of being trapped in an administrative web..

We follow the 60/40 WIN Formula. This is where you’re in execution mode 60% of the time and only in administrative work only 40% of the time. Most entrepreneurs spend all their time trapped in the administrative web trying to get to the “real” work. Remember: getting your ideas to execution is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

Do I Need Small Business Systems and Processes?
You started your small business because you wanted freedom, right? You likely wanted creative freedom and the ability to work on projects that were meaningful to you.

But did you know that many small business owners think that small business systems and processes will cage them in? That’s not the case, when you use effective systems and processes like our signature Super toolkits, you will be freed from the grind of always trying to keep up with your business.

You’ll be able to easily leverage yourself and your outsourcers time while you’re moving on to your next ambition.