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How To Get PR That Gets You Known And Paid! with Nancy Juetten

Episode Summary

Nancy Juetten shows entrepreneurs how to get attention and revenue through a variety of platforms. Whether you want to guest on a podcast, TV show or blog, Nancy’s ninja tips will make a huge difference for you.

-the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to get PR
-what you need to know before you ever pitch anything to anyone
-how to get people to reach out to you!

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                                                                 Nancy Juetten Podcast

[00:02:54]Nancy Juetten: Hi!

[00:02:56]Kris Ward: Hello, how are you? 

[00:02:54]Nancy Juetten: I can’t hear you.           

[00:03:06] I was listening to one of your podcasts.                            fs

[00:03:13] Can you hear me, Kris?

[00:03:15]Kris Ward:  I can hear you. 

[00:03:16]Nancy Juetten: Hi, how are you?

[00:03:17]Kris Ward: I’m well.

[00:03:19]Nancy Juetten: Good. I was listening to your LinkedIn interview, just to get myself warmed up. 

[00:03:25]Kris Ward:Oh, I actually always do that before I’m about to be on a show as well. It just gets you in the right energy of what kind of they are. Perfect. Okay. Let’s dive in and we’re going to have some housekeeping stuff to do and then we’re going to be awesome.

[00:03:38] Okay. Well, we’re going to get a selfie here.

[00:03:47] Perfect. Okay. Now I’m going to just get, so how are you on this fine day? 

[00:03:56]Nancy Juetten: I’m having a magnificent day. It is not raining in Bellingham. We are very happy about that. We get cold weather here and it’s chamber of commerce weather today. I’m very excited about that. 

[00:04:07]Kris Ward: Well, we always say where I am. You don’t have to shovel rain.

[00:04:11]Nancy Juetten: And where are you? I’m in Eastern Canada. Ah, yeah. And the lighting. Okay. I don’t know if this is a video thing too, or just audio.

[00:04:22]Kris Ward: Yes, it will be on video as well. Hold on. I’m just trying to see me and your VA. Okay, perfect. Let me do this. Just going to get things set up. Okay. I’m going to turn you up a little bit.

[00:04:43]Nancy Juetten: This, if any of the intros I provided to you work out to be bookings for you. Okay. Now I’m gonna, we’re gonna do that differently because now I’m like, I hate to say which ones were they, but we’re going to set them up so that I have a clear understanding of who’s assigning, who, and, which ones did you send me?

[00:05:03] I know one of them was the, no is David Newman. The other one was Steve Sims of Bluefishing, the art of making things happen. And I believe the other one may have been Meredith Liepelt. 

[00:05:15]Kris Ward: Oh, Meredith for sure. 

[00:05:23]Nancy Juetten: Steve wrote this amazing book. Bluefishing the art of making things happen. He’s known as the modern day wizard of Oz.

[00:05:27]Kris Ward:  Okay. Okay. So the three people I referred you to. Okay. One sec. Could I do today?

[00:05:39]Nancy Juetten: Oh, she’s on tomorrow. And Steve, what was Steve’s name? Steve Sims. S I M S

[00:05:51]Kris Ward: I have his wrong email. Hold on one second. Does that sound familiar?

Is David a new one? The one that said no, he was rejected by me.

[00:06:11]Nancy Juetten: Yes

[00:06:12]Kris Ward:  How, how well do you know him? Can I speak, frankly? Yeah. Just so you know. Okay. Like really frankly. 

[00:06:23]Nancy Juetten: Yes. And you have to complete permission and it won’t go anywhere. I promise I’m the vault. 

[00:06:33]Kris Ward:So he showed up, I don’t have a problem. I just don’t want to look like a bad person, but he somehow ended up in, he connected me wanting to be on my show, but six months ago, so he showed up and he’s got a number of books and that’s fine.

[00:06:40] So he showed up and then the books were all behind him. And that’s great. So I don’t know if it was a bad day for him or whatever, but he said to me, he asked me a question right out the gate. He said, Kris,  I felt he was throwing his weight around a little bit. He said, Kris, I don’t get your podcasts.

[00:06:56] I don’t understand the angle. Could you explain it to me? So I said, have you listened to the podcast? And he said, no. And I said, well, then that would be why you don’t get it. I don’t, because I don’t think my concept is that crazy. Right. So then he got, I feel a little aggressive. He said, well, how many downloads do you have?

[00:07:13] What kind of audience? And I said, that’s not an answer to the angle of the show that’s a new conversation. Like you’re trying to put me in my place. Right. So he said, well, you don’t want to tell me. And I said, yeah, I said, if you’re not getting the show and you didn’t do the homework, my job is not here.

[00:07:29] I’m just going to be honest with you. My job here is not to do your homework for you. And I said, now you’re interested in downloads. This probably isn’t a good fit for you. And that was the end of our conversation. So I don’t just go around rejecting people. He showed up and he’s telling me he doesn’t get the show, which would be fine if you listen to it. But if it’s really not. 

[00:07:48]Nancy Juetten: So since we’re being Frank, like I want to say something back cause this, this surprised me. I do like him. I think he’s a great guy. He’s been very kind and generous to me all. That’s really great. But when he can’t, I had a sidebar conversation one time and he said, oh, I never listened to the shows that I’m going to guest on.

[00:08:06] I mean, he’d said that I never listened to the shows that I’m going to guest on. And I think to myself, okay, then you shouldn’t be teaching people how to get booked on podcasts because that’s like the biggest, most important thing that you should do is to listen to the contrast. 

[00:08:22]Kris Ward:  And how long does it take or if you think I don’t have time for that, then fake it and show up.

[00:08:29] But don’t tell me that, like my podcast isn’t, you know, like, it seems like you’re all over the place. I don’t get it. Well, what’s there not to get, like, to be honest, he just read the bio. He could have faked it to a certain part. I don’t ask people anymore. If they listen to the show.

[00:08:44]Nancy Juetten: It sounds like she was having a bad day.

[00:08:46] And he was, he was turning the screws in an inappropriate manner and I didn’t hold it. You know, everybody has those days, so let’s just bless and release. 

[00:08:57]Kris Ward: Yeah, I know. And it was fine. I just wanted you to know when I tried it. And I was really when I responded. Cause I wanted you to know if you’re referring people to me, that, you know, there’s a certain quality of character that I am consistent with.

[00:09:07] So I was trying to refer to it when I responded back really nicely. He said, no, I don’t have an issue. You weren’t rejected. You know, so I was just trying to let you know, like I don’t,  even though you hadn’t referred him back then, that’s not how I engage with people. If they’re not a good fit, I do it, release it with love.

[00:09:23] And I say, listen, I even have, in my response, I write it out. The industry standard is if you, if I apply to be in a podcast and they, I don’t hear back from them, I’m not in the show. There’s no response, but we respond and we say, Thank you so much for your interest in my podcast. I really appreciate it.

[00:09:39] Unfortunately, with our current lineup, your topic is not a good fit at this time with our experience, we’ve had to learn, trying to make something fit, just doesn’t work. We see it in our data and consumption rate. I’ve had to learn that just because I personally enjoy the topic or the person doesn’t mean it will work, but I will keep you on file and let you know of any future possibilities.

[00:09:58] So I even try to be like people. So I was just like, no, I didn’t wasn’t that’s not the person I was so anyhow. Okay. So let’s just like, let’s fine. Never have to discuss it ever again. No, Meredith is absolutely awesome. And yeah. And that’s for sure. So we’ll do that and, okay, so let’s go here. Let me get my thing.

[00:10:27] Okay. We did this selfie. I hit ‘record’. Okay. Use ‘timer’.

[00:10:36] Okay.

[00:10:45] Okay.

[00:10:49] Gallery room gallery. There we go. Full screen chip and Mic. Okay. So my human they’ve been in business about five years. Service-based entrepreneurs. They’re always looking for something. They listen to the show and get a solid takeaway. Right. Okay. Perfect. And we’re good. Okay. Now, Nancy, how do I pronounce your last name?

[00:11:11] It rhymes with Dutton. Okay. Okay. Got it. Okay. Okay.

[00:11:29] All right. Is it okay if I skim over your bio? Sure. Are you okay with that? 

[00:11:36]Nancy Juetten:What does that mean? Like, do you want to read it or do you want to just skip it over? Or what do you want to know? 

[00:11:41]Kris Ward: I’m just going to summarize it. Like not read it. Yeah. Whatever you feel is best. Okay. Cause we like to dive right in, dive right in.

[00:11:49] Okay. All right. Here we go. And


[00:11:57]Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day, and I am your lucky host. I always feel lucky. The people I believe we bring to you are amazing, and today is no exception. So today we have Nancy Juetten  in the house and Nancy is going to talk to us about really getting ourselves out there.

[00:12:16] Really, you know, Nancy works to transform speakers, experts, and authors into sought after podcast guests who speak their way to six figures and beyond. So Nancy is all about PR and you know, and I’m trying to remember the whole word. I hear you say it somewhere beautifully. Nancy chimed right in, there was something where you say. Your authority is getting known. 

[00:12:38]Nancy Juetten: I’m ‘the get known to get paid expert’. And it’s my..

[00:12:40]Kris Ward: There we go. Okay. I was supposed to ramble off. It’s just start over Nancy, get known, get paid. That’s it. That’s what I was looking for. I remember that really resonated with me. I just thought it was so powerful and to the point.

[00:12:50] Okay, Nancy, here’s the deal. Before we start the show. I’m going to give you some praise because it’s simple stuff, but I know this is right up your alley of what you do, you know, get known and get paid. So if you want to be a guest on somebody’s show or you want publicity, whatever it is, you know, you want to show up prepared.

[00:13:09] So I have to say, we have this process that people have to go through to be on this show and fill in a certain amount of things, give us some information and you have everything done, every single thing. And everybody else, we always have to say, okay, did you get this one little thing? Did you give this one little thing?

[00:13:25] And you know, now I see too, like it takes, if everyone just forgets one little thing, it really eats up the time. And that’s the thing, like when I’m sending an article to, you know, help a reporter out or something, a blog, then I realized when they say don’t send the link, cause they don’t want to have to that one extra step slows everybody down.

[00:13:44] So it really does make a difference when you make it easy for the person that you want to spotlight you.

[00:13:53]Nancy Juetten:] Amen. I think we should all aim to be the hosts’ favorite. We should be corn guests where they show up and they go, oh my God, every box is checked there. Isn’t a thing I have to tend to. And I am going to get ready for a great show.

[00:14:07] And if everyone followed this example, you’d be on a whole lot more shows. And then the hosts who hang out with other hosts, they ended up talking about the 15 guests. I had this one stand out as the one who totally rocked it. In which case, what do you know? I got invited to be on 15 more shows. Because I was that guest. I want everyone who’s listening today to be that guest.

[00:14:28]Kris Ward: Yeah. And that’s exactly it. I mean, before you even get out of the gate, if you just show up prepared in my heavens, I didn’t understand this because I do this. I always did my homework to a fault. When I first started going on other shows, podcasts.

[00:14:44] If they wrote a book, I read the whole book. It was like, I was just, I was sending me pictures of your kids. I did homework to an extreme. And so people really appreciated that in me, but I didn’t quite get it. And now that I’m on the receiving end of this, I think, oh my gosh, do you want to be on my show? And it’s the most basic thing that you see.

[00:15:02] Like, I have to ask you the day before the show for your headshot, like, come on. You know what I mean? So, yeah. Okay. Let’s just dive in Nancy. Tell us, Hey, how do we get known? How do we get paid? What are the biggest mistakes people make when they’re trying to get themselves out there? Well, one of the biggest mistakes people make is being so self-centered that they forget that the person that they’re trying to influence holds the key to tens of thousands of potential folks who could benefit.

[00:15:31] So think first about what the media needs to tell a great story. Think about what the host is interested in. That would be a conversation he, or she would want to have and think about being complete in your presentation so that people get value right away, because nobody says, I want to give you a place on my podcast so you can Shrek my book.

[00:15:54] They want you to be on the podcast so that you can talk about the value packed within the book and why the book would be a natural outgrowth of why ever you’re there to be there in the first place, deliver value, make it timely, newsworthy, interesting, worth talking about right now and have a way of talking about it so that it’s fun to listen to you or watch you or see you in action, because that’s what makes people engage in whatever media it is that they’re participating in.

[00:16:23]Kris Ward:  Yeah. And that sounds sometimes that can be overwhelming to someone saying, oh my gosh, maybe I’m not engaging or funny or all these things, but it reminds me many years ago, I was, I was sitting at this business event and the person to my left, she had been one of the producers on the Oprah show. And this is way back in the beginning of my business.

[00:16:41] And so I had done a little bit of local TV and stuff, but nothing, you know, nothing of significance and podcasts weren’t even around then. And one of her tips and I was like, oh, she was like, you know, you have to show personality. They want to know that you’re good on camera. Well, up until that point.

[00:16:57] I was like, oh, I should sound very professional and very polished. So the person that, you know, beat me being me was never what I was going to deliver because I wanted them to think, oh, she’s all grown up and she’s professional. And, it was really quite dry. So I didn’t understand that. Oh wow. You just show up and, any good TV, any good podcasts, anything that’s good is conversational and dynamic.

[00:17:20] So what I want you guys to understand, it’s not about, oh, no, I’m not good at presenting myself or I’m not good on video, or I have to sound a certain way. If you could just be you and be interested in what you’re talking about. That’s a game changer. 

[00:17:34]Nancy Juetten: Oh, it’s so it’s. So I got to tell you, after all these many years in corporate life, you know, I spent many years in corporate life, corporate life will wash the personality out of every ounce of your being, if you’ve ever played that game.

[00:17:47] And one of the things that was so interesting to me to learn how to do as an entrepreneur is to be myself, be myself. Be a human being first. And that doesn’t mean you have to be beautiful or thin or young or any of these things, or, you know, you just have to be yourself and to bring on the value. And if someone uses the word fancy schmancy and it feels unique and genuine to them, then use those words, fancy schmancy, even though you’ve never heard those words in a corporate setting, be yourself because you know what, the conversation you’re having is gonna

[00:18:21] serve and delight the people who were paying attention. And if the people who are listening or watching are engaged by or entertained by or informed by, or served by whatever was said, if there is a call to action  to take, they will be running and not walking to take it. But if you’re always sitting there holding your book and saying, you got to buy my book and you can get, it’s like, no.

[00:18:48]Kris Ward:  Yeah, yeah. And another thing too. And I remember this week when I wrote my book and then when the first shows I was trying to get on and I had like a PR coach at the time. And when she explained to me, which was wise words, she said, you know, Being in business is not enough to get you on, like you, you have to have something to offer and then, oh, I’m so ashamed to tell you this, but I didn’t know any better.

[00:19:10] I was trying, people had told me the book was really good. It was conversational, like really solid takeaways, easy to read. So I’m like, yeah, the book really is good. People are saying things like, okay, first of all, hello, two thumbs up. Every movie is two thumbs up back in the day when there were rentals. So I didn’t know how to say it, but I know everyone says this, but my book is really good.

[00:19:27] Right. Who cares? So the biggest tip I ever got was, you know, when I’m pitching somebody to be whatever, a guest blog or a guest on their podcast or anything is that explaining them, listen. I have done my homework on your platform, and this is what my takeaways were. And because of that, I think you and I could ever really have a meaty conversation about X, Y, Z.

[00:19:52] And then I tell them how I think this would be of great value to your audience. And I think given what you normally do, that we could really have fun doing this. 

[00:20:02]Nancy Juetten: That’s so brilliant. I love it. And the thing that I love the most about it is it’s front and center. You’re demonstrating that you saw, heard and appreciated what this influencer does.

[00:20:14] If you pay enough attention to the host or the influencer to know well enough, what they’re up to to demonstrate that in a specific, terrific way, you will have their attention because these people are putting their time, their effort, their money to put forth a broadcast, a news program, a magazine, whatever it is, give them.

[00:20:34] Give some, some attention. Yeah. Give them attention that opens the door for you to earn attention. Tell them I have watched your show or watched your broadcast, but you should write or talk about me. The door is slammed before you even get a chance to put your first toe in. 

[00:20:50]Kris Ward: Yeah. Like you haven’t listened to my show, but you want to be on my show and I’ll talk other people into listening to it and you won’t even listen to it to be on it.

[00:20:57] How are we going to leverage that? I had a recent pitch. Somebody sent me a video and they were saying, look, this year, I really want to work on business. And I’d like to be on 300 podcasts. I’m sending this out to podcasters. Well, good luck with that, my friend.

[00:21:13]Nancy Juetten: That is what we call going to the church of pray and spray.

[00:21:18] Hoping to be saved. Don’t let spray and pray. Be your motive operation. It will never serve you spray and pray. Never works. It never did. It never will. A custom personal approach. It’s always the best approach and you know, something else, there are 300 podcasts. Good for her, happy for her, hope you have hit your goal that has absolutely nothing to do with the mission you’re on and the flag you’re waving.

[00:21:45] And is it any wonder that this arbiter of our index finger is the biggest decision-maker of all, delete, delete?

[00:21:53]Kris Ward:  Yeah. Right. So these are things that I’ve experienced, but this is your expertise. So I’m sure you can give us even more. What’s the basics that people are dropping the ball on, or that we just don’t know what we don’t know.

[00:22:09]Nancy Juetten: Well, should we direct this about podcasts or should we direct this to? 

[00:22:14]Kris Ward:Anything? I like the umbrella of PR, because it doesn’t mean that everybody wants to be on a podcast or whatever, but maybe these are very specific conversations with what applies to being on local TV or a blog is different than a podcast.

[00:22:27] But in general, when you’re looking for PR what’s some things that we should be mindful of?

[00:22:32]Nancy Juetten: Well, there’s five things you want to think about: Is what you have to talk about timely? Is it newsworthy? Is it interesting? Is it trend worthy? Is it local or national or global in scope? I realized that’s a lot. It’s like we’re going to bake chocolate chip cookies and we need new timely newsworthy, relevant, interesting local, national, global.

[00:23:06] If you’ve just written a book, I’ll just tell a story from my own background. In 2009, I wrote a book called the “Bye-bye boring Bio Workbook”. And I thought I would like everyone in my own backyard to know that I wrote this book because it was right at the beginning of the great recession. And the whole world was being shown the door from their corporate lives.

[00:23:26] And they were having to hang out their shingle to find a way to get clients quickly. And so I thought if I could just get known in my own backyard as the author of this book, I think that could put me on a rocket ship to a whole lot more. I noticed in the local Bellevue reporter that there was a reporter that did a story about a local author who had written a book about real estate in the recession.

[00:23:48] So I reached out to this real estate reporter. And I said, I noticed you did a review about Bob’s book, about making the most of real estate in a recession. Love this part about it in particular. Would it also interest you to know that I am a local author who has written a book that also solves a problem that’s relevant to what’s going on in the marketplace today?

[00:24:10] And would you like to have a chat about the impact I hope to make with people who are suffering from today’s dire circumstances? What I did there is I demonstrated that I read his work. I position myself as someone who might have a follow-up story that would make me relevant. I let him know that the problem I was solving wasn’t that I wanted to sell more books, but that I wanted to help a whole lot of other people who were displaced by economic circumstances.

[00:24:38] No, by the way, I happen to live in Bellevue and you’re called the Bellevue reporter. And why don’t we have a chat in my backyard and we can talk about it. Well, the next day, the gal, the guy called me back and he said, let’s have an interview in your backyard. They did this whole front page story about me.

[00:24:53] And then about a week later, I’m at the swim club watching my son swim to the finish line. And all the people are holding their Bellevue reporter and they’re pointing and say, Hey, that’s the lady on the cover of the Bellevue reporter. And so all of a sudden I was a star in my own backyard. And that started to put me on this upward trajectory to be known as this person.

[00:25:13] So I always say to folks. If you’re just starting out or it’s a brand new thing, start in your own backyard, get some really good press locally because if your big hairy, audacious dream is to go all the way to Oprah, it’s very rare that you’re going to get to Oprah without having earned your stripes, moving up the food chain from the local to the national, to the global, et cetera, and you know, something else.

[00:25:39] If you are new at delivering your message on camera. You don’t want to go to Oprah and that’s it. 

[00:25:46]Kris Ward: No, no, you don’t. Because the little bit I’ve had, like say local TV, they might give you 15 minutes. If you got the dream, whatever on the today show or something, they’re going to give you four minutes.

[00:25:58] So this is practice for me, not just to climb the ladder. I need that practice of, okay, here we are go. Right. I think it’s really interesting what you said too. You know, I pride myself on doing my homework and putting myself out there in the right way. But even your language is a little bit softer.

[00:26:15]  What would it interest you to know that that’s so much, you know, Hey, I’m inviting you into this conversation instead of, you know, my enthusiasm might get the better me and say, oh, you know what I’m doing is, but would it interest you to know is much more inviting, a little bit less in your face. So some, even some subtleties in your language there, I think is really profound.

[00:26:37]Nancy Juetten: Well, thank you. You know, something you said at the start of the show was that’s something I want to build on for this part of the segment, which is, you said you were so ready to go. You wanted to meet me because gosh, if there was one of me at every corner, you’d never have to, your podcasts would be so much easier.

[00:26:52] Well, when I was doing PR in this Puget sound region of Seattle, there’s a very popular well-read influential publication called the Puget sound business journal. And if you were, if your business was seen, heard, or celebrated in an editorial manner in this business periodical, it was almost like this badge of credibility that everybody wanted.

[00:27:13] So what I learned how to do was pay attention to the reporters who covered specific industries. And at that time I had a lot of food clients like France chocolates and Seattle chocolate company, and O’Boyle Berto sausage company. They were like, Power brands and this comfort and foods, comfort and joy space.

[00:27:32] So I got to know the reporter who wrote about food and there was this window where one week he did a feature story, cover story about O’Boyle Berto. The next week he did one on a talking rain beverage company. The next week he did one on France, France chocolates. And then the next one he did, I can’t remember them one, but by the fourth pitch, this reporter reached out to me and said, I’ve been a reporter for 25 years and never in my career

[00:28:00] have I taken a pitch from the same publicist and ran with all three of her stories one week, right after the other, will you please have lunch with me? And oh, by the way, it’s Dutch treat. 

[00:28:15]Kris Ward: Okay. So, what they were saying is you were doing so good at presenting it, that they were eating it all up and they don’t normally do that.

[00:28:22]Nancy Juetten: He’d never. Okay. Did you get corn all my life? And so, and reporters are incredibly ethical, so you don’t want to buy them lunch and take them to fancy places and pick up the tab because that is an undue influence that they would never bide by and in COVID time, we’re not going to lunch with anybody anyway, but it was such an honor to be invited, to sit at the same table with this very experienced award-winning journalist.

[00:28:45] And he wanted to know, how did you learn how to do this? Why don’t you teach the world to do what you’re doing? It would make reporter’s jobs so much easier. We’d have better information, we’d have better access. Our interview subjects would be better prepared, and that would mean for better truth to come out as we report on what matters to the people in our community.

[00:29:07] And I consider that a very high compliment. But my point is that we all want to be on Lester Holt at six 30. We want to be on the today show. We want to be on these important platforms. That means you gotta watch them. You got to find out how to make an approach. You have to make a winning approach and you have to showcase what you have to bring in service to that media outlet in such a way that they say this is easy, yes.

Can I tell you one other story? 

[00:29:40]Kris Ward: Oh, of course. Yes. We love that, circle around children, story time. 

[00:29:44]Nancy Juetten: This one was like the most meaningful story I’d ever had anything to do with. And it had absolutely nothing to do with me doing business as ‘the get known to get paid mentor’, which is why I think it’s really great to share.

[00:29:55] You can take one look at me and know that I’ve been on the planet for a good long time. And if you have ever been on the planet for a good long time, and you’re anticipating your 20 or 30 or your 40 year high school reunion, you might have these moments of wonder, like, how would I hold up after all these years?

[00:30:11] Am I thin enough to show up and show off? When will I get there? Like I had all these worries, but I saw a post from one of my classmates who said, It’s my dying wish to see the Disneyland lights at holiday time. One more time before breast cancer is going to steal my last breath. And I just happened to see this.

[00:30:32] And she and I worked on the journalism staff at the high school newspaper. And I reached out to her and said, would you mind if I reached out and saw about making this dream come true for you? And she was so happy to hear from me. Well, I thought to myself, how can I pull this off? And so I reached out to the graduates of my high school.

[00:30:52] We were getting ready for the reunion and  I did a little press release if you will, to my own client, my own friends from many years ago and said, won’t you please come forward and help one of our own. She won’t be able to join us for the reunion, but this is a gift we can make possible for her. Well, then in a matter of days, it was like a George Bailey moment and it’s a wonderful life and thousands and thousands of dollars came in and she was able to go with her daughter and her fiance to see the holiday lights at Disneyland just before cancer took her life.

[00:31:23] Well, here was where the publicity gal in me got excited because I just happened to know what to do. And I mean, this is, there’s learning here. I thought I grew up in Granada Hills, California. And I wonder if there’s a reporter at the ABC television station who would be interested in the story. So I thought, okay, I found her.

[00:31:47] And I went to Twitter. And I, and I found her and then I found her direct address and I wrote her like the shortest pitch on earth. Would it surprise you to know that the classmates of the class of 1979 have joined together to make a dying classmate’s wish come true and she’s going to be in D she, all she wants to do is go to Disneyland to see the holiday lights.

[00:32:13] Well, what do you know, ABC and Disneyland are linked. They are owned by the same company, five seconds later. She said, I want that story. So not only did she go to Disneyland with my friend and her daughter, but they Chronicle the whole experience and they put it on a site called local-ish and that beautiful

[00:32:30] heart rendering story has been viewed by over 135,000 people. And it became a legacy gift too, for the daughter to keep forever. And that’s the power of publicity. It was a street, there was no money to be made. There was no book to be sold, but it was a beautiful story of human kindness and friendship that aired at the perfect time to give everybody something to hope for.

[00:32:54] And of all the publicity things I’ve been involved with in my entire life. Nothing trumps that one.

[00:33:00]Kris Ward:  I think about the lesson, you know, obviously there’s a lot of emotion in that story, but I think for us too, the deeper lesson for me is we always think, you know, my story’s not interesting. Then you see something on the news and it can be so simple, but it’s so inspiring.

[00:33:16] And so I guess, I don’t know, you just think somebody happens to fall upon that story, but you’re right. If you are able to articulate the story and reach out to someone. They can’t crawl under every blade of grass and find you, so you have to be able to reach out to them. And I know people keep telling me that it’s just a matter of with all the resources we have now of just looking up who’s the reporter on this thing, or, you know, it’s listed everywhere.

[00:33:42] It’s really just with a little bit of effort and you can find these things so you really can make it happen. If you have a plan or a strategy in any way.

[00:33:53]Nancy Juetten: You absolutely can. And I guess the bigger question is how much do you want it? Because you can have hope marketing, hope publicity, or you can actually say.

[00:34:04] You know, I’m a newer business. I’ve got a really powerful story. I want to be seen, heard, and celebrated so that I can ultimately be compensated. And the credibility halo that is around my brand, when I’m seeing her to celebrate it in these credible media outlets is something so valuable. I can’t possibly buy it, but I know that I want it.

[00:34:25] And you’d be amazed. I’ll tell you another cute story. I love this one. You know, you think to yourself who reads the Bellevue reporter or the Santa Barbara Gazette or these little neighborhood papers, you’re probably reading them very quickly before you hit the round file while you’re drinking your coffee and sifting through your junk veil.

[00:34:45] Right? Well, there’s this lady in Santa Barbara who makes really creamy, delicious, yummy creams, potions, and lotions that are organic and fabulous. And you just love them. Right? Well, it turned out that the president of the United States of America at the time was in Santa Barbara, enjoying

[00:35:05] the bounty of Santa Barbara and just happened to get his hands on this kind of creamy potions and lotions. He liked them so much that he asked a secret service person to reach. I guess they’d been written up in the paper. You know, the Santa Barbara Gazette, you know, was written out. So she saw the thing, it was in the hotel room.

[00:35:23] It used to like it. So the secret service was called to reach out to this lady in Santa Barbara. And she says, this is the secret service, I’m calling to speak to the purveyor of the soap company. And the person thinks it’s a prank call, like three more times the secret service calls. And she says, this has got to be a joke.

[00:35:42] And the fourth time she listened and the person on the other end of the phone said, We saw the article in the Santa Barbara that we’re staying in a hotel where this particular product is being made available in the shower. The president of the United States loves it and wants it available at the store on Pennsylvania avenue, can we have a conversation?

[00:36:04] And they had a conversation that Santa Barbara Gazette story took this soap maker stuff all the way to the gift shop at the white house. You just never know. 

[00:36:15]Kris Ward: Yeah. That’s a really good point. Cause you tend to think, I know I’m in a very rural area, small town. So you think, oh, you know, need a cow, might read it.

[00:36:23] And so you’re like, okay, so we won’t do that, but you’re right. One looks like one thing begets the next, right? Absolutely. Oh my gosh. Boy, time flies with you, Nancy. Unbelievable. We could, we could do, like, we could do this on Fridays, “PR Fridays with Nancy”. All right, Nancy, where can people find more of your brilliance?

[00:36:46]Nancy Juetten: I lead the raise your voice, make your impact Facebook group. And I’d love for you to join me with about 1900 aspiring experts, authors, and speakers who want to raise their voice and make their impact and learn from me every week and every day. And you can simply go to “” and join me.

[00:37:06] And you will slough. You’ll love it. You’ll have the connections, the clients, the collaborations, the cash, all the wonderful outcomes that you desire. I will teach you how to welcome all of those. As you get known and get paid and wave the flag for what you’re here to do.

[00:37:19]Kris Ward:  Well, that sounds like, I mean, it sounds like an offer cannot be beat, so we will make sure to put that in the show notes, you have been just a treat Nancy and, yeah.

[00:37:28] How lucky we were to have an opportunity to connect with you. So I thank you very much, so much, and everyone else, we will see you in the next episode. END[00:37:39]…

Awesome. My friend. I don’t need to tell you how talented you are. That was spectacular. Oh, thank you so much.

[00:37:50] Yeah, I don’t need to tell you, oh my heavens. And you do all this with one VA. Do you find that you still like do still have, or your dreams here and stuff over here that you’re not getting to, or your VA is taking care of it all? Well, since you’re all about quicker, faster results now, um, my flagship program is my broadcast, your brilliance bootcamp, and what I do in the broadcast, your brilliance bootcamp is teach people how to be the unicorn guests.

[00:38:20] That top influencers can’t wait to book, whatever the medium. And I do focus quite a bit on podcast guesting. Cause that’s what. That’s what I like the best. Okay. I have this flagship program, so I have a VA. And then I just hired a, I guess you would call her a VA slash social seller. And my VA social seller is connecting with helping me to connect personally with people in my Facebook group so that they feel seen, heard, helped and engaged so that when I do my live conversion events in my Facebook group, I can enroll the right number of people into my program and have myself, um, a steady stream.

[00:39:01] Happy successful clients. So I’ve really nailed it. And I don’t do done for you publicity anymore. I’m not a done for you publicist. I don’t do that anymore, but I, I have so much experience about how to do it, that I can teach people how, and I promise that when they’re done with my course, they’re going to have four to 12 speaking gigs that they got on a do it yourself basis without hiring an expensive agency.

[00:39:24] So my next conversion event is Monday. And so, um, my, my page for that, by the way, just went live. If you want to put it in the show notes, it should known get forward slash BYB. And what I’m so excited about is, I don’t know, maybe you’ve had this experience, but I find it speakers. Hold on.

[00:39:45] Switching speakers. My thing just died after six hours. Okay. There we go. Sorry. My ear buds just died. So what you’re so excited about is I’m sure I’m going to ask you a question. Have you ever created a beta course and slept together a page and um, just got it done. In perfect timing to do your call. Like you’ve done that right.

[00:40:10] Well, I’ve done this course a number of times, and I hired a professional designer to elevate my page too. So the look of the page is a match for the value and the results and the experience I provide. So when you visit the, get known, get forward slash BYB page, hopefully you’ll be impressed, but it’s just been a journey for me to like invest in the things that are going to matter so that when people have that first experience with me, they have a wow reaction and feel very confident saying yes.

[00:40:38] And so it’s been a long, long journey of this whole online marketing thing, but yeah, it’s just me and a VA and a social seller, that’s it. And I went there. You have so much, like there’s so much you could be doing. So what I would say to you is if you’re ever interested, reach out, let me know, because I would give you a free strategy call because I just know from what I do, kind of like what you say, all the things we’re missing PR opportunities, the big thing that we.

[00:41:04] Talk about is most entrepreneurs are in the web of admin about 80% of the time. And we believe you should be 60, 40 rule, 60% creation, 40% admin bone, because you should always move moving on to that next thing. And most of my clients, not to your caliber, cause you you’re the master of this, but most of them are like you that they, they they’re good in front of a video.

[00:41:25] They’re, they’re good at, um, being on podcasts H but they should be out there more and more and more. And let’s say they’re out. 40% of the time they should be out there 80% of the time, but they’re still caught up in all the admin stuff. And so often, so many of them, they have like you a VA, which we often say, that’s not a depending how it’s set up.

[00:41:45] It’s not a, what we call a wind team. What is next team? It’s more like work is handed to that person. It’s a little bit of a lateral move. And often what they have been paying 25, 30, 50 bucks an hour. And then when we set it up with what we call our super toolkits and the way that we have things set up and we also help hire train and onboard for you is what they say is Chris.

[00:42:05] I would have, I was paying 40 bucks an hour. I would have paid 15. To get the results I’m getting from you. But in fact, it’s a lot less, so they’re usually overpaying. So often they’re losing money, they’re overpaying, and then the systems are not in play to get a big enough return on their investment. So you probably have very big ambitions.

[00:42:24] And if for any reason you feel, uh, uh, you know, a little bit of it, you’re not, here’s where you want to be. And here’s where you are on this. A little bit of frustration in between there in any capacity. Let me know, because that’s someone like you should just. It’s it’s just should be like Superman flying, right?

[00:42:43] It should be no, you should not be coming down to rest for anything. It should just be constantly like, cause frankly, to be honest, people need you more than you need them, but your potential for your expertise. And then we’ve had other PR we’ve had other people that were PR experts on the show and they didn’t do as well as you.

[00:43:00] And I feel like, oh my gosh. Right. But, so that makes me happy. Yeah. And so you really do have something special. So what I would say to you is what I would want for you is I would want it on steroids. I would want my, what is next team to be like, rocking it like on steroids and a rising tide lifts, all ships.

[00:43:20] So I would want them managing you and them lifting you up the way it is, you know, for other people we work with. So if ever, so what do I do if I want to pursue that, uh, have his strategy. Yeah. Um, we can book one and feed. That sounds interesting. I I’ll tell you what I would like to book one. And I would like to book one that happens after June 1st, starting on Monday, I’m doing my whole big thing, you know, and I just, you know how that goes?

[00:43:49] Oh yeah, for sure. Do you have just a couple weeks away? So that’s fine. That’s no problem. Let’s take a look at the whole systems thing. I’m just being very transparent with you. I feel like I’ve been in business since 2001, but I feel like this last year has been so. Um, pivotal in terms of me owning my message, owning my expertise, showing up, delivering the value.

[00:44:13] I just feel like it took that long to finally be where it is. I feel like I am ready to totally kick ass, but the whole systems thing, like I’ve got, I just, just finally hired a VA to help me with the social stuff. I’ve had the same VA for a really long time, but I hired a Facebook guy to help me in my Facebook ads are really working now, but it was like, why did I wait so long?

[00:44:36] Maybe I just wasn’t ready. Maybe I just don’t leave. Maybe I didn’t example. Well, there’s two parts to this. Let me just clarify. So there’s two parts. One is you finding your messaging is one thing, right? And then the other thing I would tell you is where people get confused. It’s like, think of this plant and say, you go, oh my gosh, this house plan.

[00:44:54] I’m so excited. I kept it alive. This is fantastic. And then you go, you know what, I’m going to get another one. Now I’ve got two houseplants. And we think this is I’m rocking this. Maybe, maybe I’ll start a farm. Now, the only difference between this house plant and the farm is output, and what happens is people get confused when they get one client or two client or three.

[00:45:15] And then they think somehow in the middle here, all the things are going to fall into play like the hiring training, onboarding, and the systems that will allow you to yield that output. But it doesn’t fall in naturally that’s, that’s a whole separate business and a business that most people struggle with.

[00:45:30] It I’m told all the time that very few people like I’m told all the time that people don’t, there’s nobody out there doing it the way we do it. Right. And that our clients get 25 hours back a week. The first month they work with us. And that conservatively we’ve saved them about 50,000 a year. And I’ll explain how that happens when we meet.

[00:45:49] But what happens is part of it is even if you say Chris, I’ve got these two VA that I love and adore and whatever, they’re making 25, 30 bucks an hour or whatever. Then the net, you still probably definitely need more help. But what would happen is you would take the stuff that the VA’s doing and make sure that what they’re doing, if they’re making 25 bucks an hour is the premium stuff that only they should be doing.

[00:46:10] And even if you compress their time and take step on them and have supports in play that are more affordable, but also more efficient than it really amplifies the work they’re doing. But also still, I would argue even with whatever, you’re paying them, that they don’t have infrastructure in play to compress their work every week so that they can be in creation mode more and more and more.

[00:46:33] Oh, that makes sense. So I don’t even ask them to create, I actually create an, I mean, if they, if, I mean, But the creation could be anything. So for example, we were all excited with our podcasts where like, oh my gosh, we’re at almost 205 star reviews on iTunes. And we’re like, this is fantastic. Right? And then my podcast manager shows up for our weekly stats meeting and she’s like, ah, I have found this website and it’s new.

[00:46:58] And did you know that there’s reviews on Stitcher and here and there? And we’re like, what? No. And we looked and we had over 900 five-star reviews and we were excited, but 200, but the way her work week is set up is there’s always creation mode. There’s not like keep up to the paperwork. It’s not like admin.

[00:47:13] Now this wasn’t just us. Cause I brought this to the podcast community in several groups and I was the hero, but my team always has the ability to create and spend more time in creation than admin. And when they do that, it always lifts us up. So it’s not about keeping up to the work. It’s about changing the infrastructure so that you can get like all, you know, when you climb one mountain, all you do is see the other mountain you want, oh, I got a better view at the mountain.

[00:47:37] I want now. Right? So I would say with your abilities and PR and all that stuff, there could be a lot of things that are done as far as prep work goes to allow you to have a bigger and bigger spotlight. I am so interested. So send me a link. So a call, and then I have one other thought, which is I have a show it’s called the learn more, earn more show.

[00:48:01] And it’s, I do it in my Facebook group. And I also posted to YouTube. And it is not as big as your show, but I do have 1,940 members who are probably needing to win the day. And if you were in front of them, they just might become clients for you. Well, I love, I’m so passionate about what I do because so many of my people, what happens is they struggle in silence and your business should support your life instead of consume it.

[00:48:26] And so it’s really creating a mood so much shame around how much of the stuff that we’re doing, but like, have you, I’m sure you’ve done other shows about, um, Where you were the guest, right. Um, if you have a chance, could you find one that you were really excited about? So I could watch it before I have you on my show for sure.

[00:48:47] Is that just the kind of a host where like, I want to, like, I did this with David Newman and I know we had like a moment there, but I really wanted to be on his show. And so, you know how you were saying how, like you prepared, like I prepared so diligently to have him on my show that he said that my interview with him was the best he’d ever done ever.

[00:49:06] Oh, fabulous. And so that’s why I want to hear sure. Podcasts you’ve done where you’ve talked about your genius, because that will inform how I can. Have you on my show and have it be a win for everybody and, um, a hundred percent. So I’ve, don’t worry. I’ve been on lots of shows. I’ll do that. Let me see this.

[00:49:25] Instead of sending you a link, what I want to do is fit you into my calendar manually because we’ll be more options there. Instead of the link, the links are really restrictive. So what time zone are you in? I’m in the Pacific time zone. Okay, great. After the first we’re going to, I think if we look after, cause we’re my son, that’s just a little personal thing.

[00:49:45] My son is 24 years old. He’s getting a PhD in chemistry. Wow. Um, we’re going to see him to get him moved into his new condo. So if we could look at the week of June 14th, ideal for me, because then I’ll have done my launch. I’ve done my trip to Austin and I can come back to earth. Perfect. Okay. Um, mastermind calls, 30 minutes, 30 minutes mastermind or PM.

[00:50:12] Okay. How about um, Do you want to listen to that one second, dear Lord. Okay. How about Monday the 14th? 1, 2, 3, 4. It’s is it 1 46? They’re now 12 46 46. I have a, my life show is at one o’clock on Mondays, so okay. That timeout. Okay. So two, uh, so about 11. What time is your live show? One? O’clock 1, 2, 3. How about 11:00 AM on the 14th?

[00:50:58] Okay. Okay. Hold on to this strategy call. Okay. And then I have another question for you. Sure. When do you think our wonderful conversation will be alive so I can make sure to share it out as I have promised that I would. Yes, yes. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t know because I do, I put what I do is what I have a little bit of control.

[00:51:22] I would probably say in the next six to 10 weeks, but I move it. I look at where you are in amongst other topics that are similar and I move it around a little bit. Um, but my team mostly takes care of that. But what we do is they send you a thing on Tuesday and they give you all the links and everything you need.

[00:51:40] And then they remind you again on the Thursday. Oh, that’s really good. Because when I want to just pay a compliment, I was so impressed with how systematic it was. Your whole process is like, did you do this? Did you do that? Did you like, it must have taken some time to set that up, but now that it’s set up, like it’s set up, well, everything we do for you and our clients and all of us, if everything is like that, once you set it up, You know, we’re doubling our show in the fall.

[00:52:08] We’re going to do two shows a week, but our admin work is increasing. So our outputs doubling our admin work is increasing by 12% because then I have to write my second book. Let’s just always the next thing. So the systems, that’s what we do. We teach all our clients to compress the admin work. So you can be in creation mode and get to the next thing I need that.

[00:52:28] Yeah, I know. I need that. And I’m, so I’m really glad that we’re going to meet and I want to thank you for asking for me to do that. And I want to thank you for hosting me on your show. And I think it was a fun conversation and I’m very validated that you enjoyed it also. Oh, was spectacular. So I will send you a calendar link now in an email with the zoom there, and then you go off and have fun with your product and all the new stuff that’s happening.

[00:52:51] This is what I would tell you over the next few weeks, all the hubbub you got going on, do you have an iPhone or Android? IPhone. Okay. So in the iPhone, there is that little section called notes. And what I would say to you is just in the notes, all these ideas that used to have where you think, oh, I want to do that, but I don’t have time for that now.

[00:53:09] Oh, I’ve always wanted to do this. You, you don’t realize it, but you have a habit of compressing your dreams because you’re like, I can’t focus on that right now. I gotta focus on this. And what I would say to you is just start as they coming to your brain, giving them some freedom and room to breathe and start adding to that list of things that you’d like to be doing for you, for your clients, for your business, everything, and come to the meeting with that.

[00:53:32] Okay. Sound good? Yes. Ma’am all right. Have an awesome next few weeks, Nancy, we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

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