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How To Work Your Instagram Like A Dummie! with Corey Walker

Episode Summary

Corey Walker is the co-author of Instagram For Dummies! She is one of the brilliant minds behind the hugely successful Dummies franchise! Corey’s here to teach us about Instagram!

-the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
-how to truly leverage your Instagram
-ninja tricks that will leverage your time
And so much more!

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Corey Walker Transcription

[00:01:00]Kris Ward: Well, what’s the weather outside?

[00:01:43] Hey, Google. What’s the weather? Currently in cardigan. It’s 15 degrees. Mostly today. It’ll be partly fine, but the forecast in higher 15 in the low six and tomorrow there’ll be thunderstorms.

[00:05:00] Okay.

[00:07:42] Hello? 

[00:07:43]Corey Walker: I started just grabbing water. 

[00:07:44]Kris Ward:  Oh, that’s fine. You’re early. It’s all good. I’m just puttering away. I’d watched the cat wander around.

[00:07:52]Corey Walker: Oh yeah. I should probably get rid of her because she will probably try and steal the show. Okay. Okay. Let me grab.

[00:09:00] Oh, I didn’t do that. Geez, Louise drama.

[00:09:47] Was

[00:09:50]Kris Ward:  okay. Let me see. Now I’m just talking to myself. So don’t mind. No.

[00:10:05]Corey Walker: Yeah. I’m not usually in this room. Does it look okay?

[00:10:08]Kris Ward: Yeah, don’t worry. You’ll be saying too, such wise things, they won’t be paying attention.

[00:11:40]Kris Ward:  Sorry. There was just, uh, cause you’re out of the loop. We did you differently. So they missed a step because I didn’t process. That’s all.

[00:11:52] But it prints a blank piece. Oh, here we go. Hold on.

[00:12:12] Okay. All right. Let’s rock and roll. First thing we’re going to do is take a picture of us. I mean, all kinds of, um,

[00:12:32] perfect. Okay.

[00:12:44] Yep.

[00:12:50] Okay. So it’s very conversational. So the goal is for us to have a conversation. Which was probably extremely redundant sentence, but this conversation will get better. Okay. I will often stop you because I want to unpack something brilliant you said. So I try when I can choose to not interrupt you, but listen, chances are slim.

[00:13:10] I try to put my finger up so you can see it slow down. Cause I want to ask you something you just said. Um, so that, and it will forever tell the story. I explained this to somebody the first time I put my finger up, she went, yes. Go ahead and speak. I’m like, okay, thanks. Um, okay. So as I said to you, my human entrepreneurs have been in business for about five years.

[00:13:31] Service-based um, just looking to get to the next win now to improve what their game is. All right. Um, explain to you what I do. So you have that. And it’s Carrie Walker, right? I can’t screw that up. 

[00:13:46]Corey Walker:Yeah, actually it’s Corey Corey. 

[00:13:49]Kris Ward: And of course I know it’s Corey. Thank you. I didn’t know it was Corey. Sorry, but I can, I can, I can, I don’t know where he got Carrie from.

[00:14:03] That’s true. That’s good. I think it was overconfident. I was like, oh, okay.

[00:14:38] Perfect.

[00:14:47] Okay, I’m good to go.

[00:15:08] Um, Instagram for business for dummies and Instagram for dummies. Okay. Okay. I’m just going to summarize that if that’s okay. Okay. We’re good to go.


[00:15:32]Kris Ward:  Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day. And I call myself the lucky host because we always have amazing guests. I know I say that every time, but listen, I work really hard at this and I have such a blast finding these amazing people. Today, we have Corey Walker in the house, and this is going to be awesome because.

[00:15:52] Corey is the owner of the marketing specialist, a digital marketing agency, but here’s the thing. She’s a coauthor of Instagram for business dummies, or if you’re just a regular dummy, she has Instagram for dummies. So welcome to the show. Corey. 

[00:16:11]Corey Walker: Thank you. Thanks for having me. 

[00:16:13]Kris Ward:  Oh, this is gonna be fun. Okay. So let me just dive right in and tell you I’m on Instagram, but it’s not my jam. And I mostly think like I’m there just enough to say on there, but mostly let’s be, let’s be real. I’m underutilizing it. I know. I don’t know what I don’t know. And I’ve never really. Throw my back into figuring it out.

[00:16:38] I find it a little bit more mysterious than the others. So you’re going to have all kinds of opportunities to wow me, because..

[00:16:46]Corey Walker: I like that. Yeah. 

[00:16:47]Kris Ward: I know. I’m not, I’m not the queen of Instagram. That is for sure. So why don’t you talk right from the get go? Why don’t you talk about the things that you see the most common missteps or miss practices that you, that us dummies need to know?

[00:17:01]Corey Walker: Okay. Well probably the biggest thing is just not being consistent. So like you said, you’re kind of barely there. So if you post and then post a month later, you know, you’re not going to get the bang for your buck of showing up consistently for your audience. So that’s probably the biggest thing. The other thing. 

[00:17:26]Kris Ward:  Now I’m there. I do. I just want to defend myself as we move forward. I do post consistently. Like we have, cause I’m all about that. Now, I, that does not disqualify all the people who are not posting consistently for sure. So what you’re saying is I just had to jump in and defend myself.

[00:17:42] We’re all about systems. So I have to say we have a system for that. So for most people consistency is a problem. Like anything, I guess you’re just, as my mother says, you’re not gonna, it’s not gonna work if you don’t do it. Right. Yeah.

[00:17:54]Corey Walker: Right, exactly. And I mean, I fall prey to this myself because I’m busy helping other businesses. And so my business tends to like fall to the side because I’m helping other people, but maybe that’s where I could probably get your help from. 

[00:18:10]Kris Ward:  You really could if we will talk. So, okay. So yeah, cause what you really want and what we’re all about is you really do want to have things that are. We call them ‘super toolkits’.

[00:18:19] So that, things that happen every single day, so that you can be in that creation mode, because I’m about the 60/40 rule, 40% admin, 60% creation mode. Most entrepreneurs are in the web of admin about 80% of the time. So then when you’ve got a new campaign or new project, you’re all these new things that you’re doing and you should enlighten the world about it on Instagram.

[00:18:40] You’re too busy doing the work for everybody else. So you do want to have those things in a way that they just sort of like a screen saver happening in the background. So once you have that in place, you know, we talked a little bit and you said one of the things is people not using the appropriate hashtags?

[00:18:57]Corey Walker: Yeah. Well, I mean, you can use up to 30, on a regular post. You can use 10 on stories. 

[00:19:05]Kris Ward:  Oh, I’m sorry, I interrupted you. I’m like, oh, I don’t think I say, I don’t know if I was using the one: stories at all. I was using keywords. Oh my gosh. I did my write up. Okay. Everybody, we’ll just have a, we’re all listed.

[00:19:21] Kris, have these awakenings, you know what I should. I think I knew that and I definitely was using keywords in my title. I definitely wrote a blurb, but I’m not so sure that I was using hashtags. I think I just, I don’t know. Okay. Sorry. Go ahead. That was my. 

[00:19:36]Corey Walker: Yeah and the thing with hashtags. So a lot of people will just maybe go for the big ones.

[00:19:43] Right. So they might, you know, like I use this example a lot. If you’re a realtor, he might just do like a hashtag realtor and, and those are going to get basically gobbled up in a second. And what I mean by that is. There are millions of people using that hashtag. So you might want to put it in there and it might go out into the hashtag hub for like a millisecond, but you’re also going to want to use some much more specific ones.

[00:20:10] So like, if you specialize around here, I’m in Northern California and a lot of people move here from the bay area. So, you might be like a bay area relocation or realtor. El Dorado Hills realtor, fulsome, realtor, Sacramento, putting in some of the locations with it and anything more specific and niche to kind of winnow it down.

[00:20:39] That’s going to help you. And another thing is to think about what your customers would be searching for. So if you are looking for a home, you know, in Sacramento and you might be entering in, you know, realtor, Sacramento, things like that. So if you get into the mind of who your customer is [00:21:00] and how they might search for you, use those hashtags.

[00:21:03]Kris Ward:  Okay. So then let me backup for a minute. Okay. I just started doing reels. So I should be doing hashtags in reels as well. Right. So I don’t know where my mind is. There must be an open window somewhere because I mean, I know about hashtags and we were using them on Instagram, religiously, but I just anyhow, whatever, we won’t listen to a half hour show, we’ll be trying to figure out where, how, where my mind was.

[00:21:26] Okay. So then obviously that’s a good point. So don’t be throwing up, oh, entrepreneur hashtag entrepreneur. Cause that’s like hashtag earth, like hashtag. 

[00:21:34]Corey Walker:Like I tell people to do, if they’re going to use all 30, quite a few of those big ones in, and, and then do a lot of the smaller ones as well, because it will go out there.

[00:21:48] And you know, there could be several people that see it right away, but again, if you’re a realtor, you know, it doesn’t really help you for somebody in France. I know that you’re a realtor here. 

[00:22:00]Kris Ward:  Right, right. Okay. Okay. So that makes sense. So I get it. So when we’re on, you know, my business is online.

[00:22:07] I deal with people from England, Australia, whatever. So I’m not going to get geographical, but when you talk about, you could use a bigger one, which would be entrepreneurs. What does that mean? Bigger, small, medium. Where, what are we talking about here?

[00:22:20]Corey Walker: Okay. So when I say big hashtags, so yeah, like an entrepreneur would be big, which means that say, you know, 5 million people might be using that hashtag.

And the reason that matters is because if someone uses ‘entrepreneur’ to search for ‘entrepreneurs say’, or want to know more about entrepreneurs, they’re going to go to what they call hashtag cups. So anybody that puts ‘entrepreneur’ in their post is going to go into this hashtag hub. The thing is if 5 million people are using it, it’s going to be.

[00:22:57] Go like that. It’s just going to be a blip and gone. And people that have more traction on their page are going to stay up there longer. When you do some of the more niche ones, you know, you’re not going to have as many people seeing it at one time, but you’re going to get those targeted people. And it’s probably going to stay in that hashtag hub for, you know, it could stay there for a month if it’s something that’s under utilized. So it’s, you know, say 10,000 people use it. It might stay in that hashtag hub a lot longer because it’s not getting replaced.

[00:23:32]Kris Ward:  Right. That makes sense. How do we find the magical land of hashtags? Like, so, what do I mean, it all makes sense when you say, okay. Realtor San Diego y’all yeah, everything sounds wise when somebody tells you what they’ve done and succeeded, but when you go, all right.

[00:23:48] Like sometimes it’s like, I don’t know, is it for me? Is it getting stuff done? Is it like, I dunno, like where can we sort of do some mining to figure out what that looks like for us? 

[00:24:00]Corey Walker: Yeah. So if you know, if you have just a few ideas in the beginning, you can actually go to ‘the search’. So go to the explore page with the little magnifying glass, go to search and then go to tags.

[00:24:14] And enter in your hashtag, and then it’s going to tell you how many people are using that hashtag. So if you want to kind of make a list and say, okay, I’m trying to get, you know, 10 in the million and up, I’m trying to get another 20 and or another 10. And you know, a hundred thousand and up, and then another 10, 50,000 and below.

[00:24:39] So you can look at those numbers. It’s also going to show you, it’s going to suggest other hashtags to you that are, you know, that are using that hashtag, similar ones that come up. Okay. Another thing you can do is look at some of your competitors and just see what hashtags they’re using and kind of check those out and see, you know, what the numbers are behind those.

[00:25:05]Kris Ward: I think Instagram for a while. Listen. I don’t know if it’s just me. I’m always looking for an excuse to disqualify another social media platform, then I can say, oh, well, that’s not for me. Right, please. Like, here’s my excuse. Right. So I think for a while I knew Instagram had that pushback where everybody’s life was absolutely wonderful on Instagram.

[00:25:27] It was so, you know, it was all about the pretty, nothing really useful or real, unless you were like a designer or a flower. Or, you know, a florist or something like that. So we’ve put, we pushed back on that a little bit. Now you’re getting real stuff in the feed instead of everything, having to be patterns and rainbows and colors.

[00:25:42] Right. So that was part of my excuse of all right. I’m you know, this isn’t where my audience is, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. Like my grandmother says the internet is not going away. So it doesn’t have to mean going away. So I think. You know, I guess what I’m trying to figure out is how a little bit of a youthful or glossy feel to it or yoga. If you’ve got a yoga business, how do we really find out if our people are there? 

[00:26:14]Corey Walker: Well, I mean, I would say just engage with other accounts that are like yours, see where their audiences are, and it’s really, it really is changing. Like you said. I mean, there’s a lot more

[00:26:30] real out there. And I think there was so much of that perfect, pretty that people kind of got sick of it. Like I can’t, I can’t keep up with this. Like, no, my life is not this, it’s not perfect. And so there’s been this. You know, I mean, there’s been a whole movement around that in general, just, you know, more body positivity, more, there’s a lot more moms on there that come in with their messy buns and, and people are really like saying, okay, these are my people.

[00:26:58] This is what is really happening in most homes. So I think that. There’s people out there, there’s people out there on Instagram for pretty much anything that you could possibly be doing. And one way to find those people would be to look at some of the hashtags. So if you have some, you know, niche hashtags, you could find other people that way.

[00:27:30]Kris Ward:  Okay. That makes sense. So I think what happens is. We’re, you know, we’re all busy and you guys, I don’t know if you’re like me and then you rush in and say, okay, I’m going to do this because they say I should do it and I don’t want to not be doing it. Right. And,  so then that’s fine. We’ll go in, we put something up and you start with that, but really, I think we’re starting backwards.

[00:27:50] So he’s like, here’s my post. Here’s going to talk about here’s my, do I have a picture? That’s always something I could do. I have something I can throw up. Like throwing up literally. Right. Is there something I can put up there and now, especially my team and they’re so smart, right? They are so smart.

[00:28:07] So they’re especially always telling me you need to be a little bit more personable and I’m like, I don’t really do anything very exciting. I’m not one of these people here. I am scuba diving or I’m starting to present people with farms. Oh my God, I had a baby. Okay. I don’t have those people. This is me in front of the computer.

[00:28:20] Another day. I love what I do. But it’s not very visually exciting. All right. And so I think, oh, is there something I can talk about with here’s my image and then I build it out, but really, as I talked to you, I often say to people, oh, I forgot. I knew that. We are starting upside down and backwards if we’re not doing the research first and taking a look at the hashtags, like who the hell cares, what my picture is, if nobody’s going to see it or my writeup.

I should be putting if there’s, you know, 80% of it, I guess I should be focusing more on the hashtags and building from there, like I do with the keywords everywhere else.

[00:28:56]Corey Walker: Yeah. Definitely, hashtags can be so informative. And I mean, I’m always a believer and looking at what some of the other people are doing in your industry. And kind of looking at what’s working for them. One thing I know that always seems to work for people is they like to see people’s faces.

[00:29:20] They like to see videos of the actual person. So as much as I do not like videos of myself, you know, that’s something that I know I need to work on and do, you know, more selfies and things like that, which. You know, my 17 year old daughter would say, oh, that’s so cringy, but that is what actually, sorry, that resonates with people. Word of the month.

[00:29:49]Kris Ward:  I know I have a niece that says that, oh, that’s cringy. I’m like, okay, we’re just making up words now. Okay. Yes, you should be on video for sure. Absolutely. Because you’ve got the personality and the dynamics for that. So you just need to retain it in place. So I think so. Okay. So we’re going to do the posts and then reels are now a big thing.

[00:30:06] So, what do you, what’s your form, not your phone. What do you suggest as far as reels versus IGTV versus the newsfeed? Where do we make our priorities? 

[00:30:17]Corey Walker: Yeah, well, you know, I just did a reel yesterday and it’s so dumb. It’s just my, it’s my cat. So I have two cats and, anytime my husband opens a tuna can, like, she could be anywhere in the house and she’ll come running.

[00:30:37] So it’s just this stupid reel of him, like opening the tuna can. And she came running. So I don’t, I don’t suggest that for your business necessarily, that was more me just playing around. But my point was that I put that out there. This was yesterday afternoon and I got a bunch of likes from people that I don’t know.

[00:31:02] I’ve never seen them before, it got right away, like 1800 views. And it was just the silliest thing. That I put up there. So my point is that reels in the algorithm are getting a lot of airplay and a lot of people are viewing them. So well, I don’t necessarily suggest videos of your cat running to tuna.

[00:31:29]Kris Ward:  I don’t know the cat market. I’m telling you, I’m not a cat lover, but I’m away from getting one because they seem to be dominating YouTube and every other platform. So, I don’t know, you may be onto something. I guess what we have to keep doing is changing my mindset. So I know I’m getting to the point now.

[00:31:46] Like, so it was Friday night. I was at my neighbor’s house. I’ve recently moved into this area and they, where I am, it’s lobster season. So they invited me over for these big lobster dinners, huge lobster and all I’m thinking about when they put it on the table. Oh my gosh. If I can take a picture and this is something I can get me through the weekend, because my team’s always, you have to be more personable, put something out.

[00:32:04] I’m like, okay. I can look like I did something here. Right? Yeah. And now I think, oh, I could have done that in a real, I could have like zoomed in and out here. I am having lobster feasts. And even though it’s not about business at the same time, we know people want to know, like, and trust you. And they also don’t want to hear me blasting all the time where I think what.

[00:32:24] You know, what I can do for your business is so important. You know, even though I do think it changes lives, they just, that’s not what you need to be doing all the time. So that just also changed my mindset too, is the reels. Aren’t just about the 62nd pitch. It’s back to just sharing. 

[00:32:42]Corey Walker: Yeah. And I have always tended towards before reels was available a lot of times I would save my newsfeed for my business stuff and cause my account really, I mean, it’s, my account is Corsi Walker, but it’s not really, like, I don’t treat it really like a personal account. It’s more, it’s a business account, but I would share things on stories that were more personal. Okay. Because just knowing that they go away. 

[00:33:15]Kris Ward:  You hashtag them differently? Like how do you hashtag them? So you’ve seen, yeah. 

[00:33:18]Corey Walker: Yeah. I mean, if it was just something personal, I might do a couple of hashtags, but I’m not going to do business type hashtags and things like that. Okay.

[00:33:30]Kris Ward: So like the cat. Did you bother hashtagging the cat? 

[00:33:35]Corey Walker:  I did a couple, I did a few hashtags, like, cause she’s a Tor B, which is like a Tabby slash tortoiseshell cat. Okay. So that’s like a weird niche thing. So I just did that. And a couple like cats on Instagram, but it was more like my experiment.

[00:33:55] Yeah. Okay. Okay. But yeah, I’m doing something more personal and doesn’t necessarily apply to my business. I’m not going to put a bunch of, you know, like direct marketing and things like that on there. Cause I just think it’s weird. 

[00:34:11]Kris Ward: So you’re not going to tie it in like, you know,  when the cat comes running to the tuna or whatever, they can’t open her, have your clients come running to your business? Just like I could have done that. But..

[00:34:18]Corey Walker: I guess I could’ve done that. I really had my marketing hat on, but it was Sunday right afternoon and..

[00:34:29]Kris Ward:  Well, I don’t think that always works. It’s like when you have the old jock from like the, I dunno, the eighties playing now he’s on TV going. Yeah. All the shots I miss. You don’t want to miss this shot.

[00:34:38] Right?  Yeah. Okay. All right. So we don’t know. We don’t know. And clearly, I was missing the boat on some, I mean, this is why I love this podcast. Sometimes we just all get so busy into the next thing or doing this and do it and you get stuck in a rut or a routine and all of a sudden you realize, oh yeah, Like, the bulk of what I should be doing should be focusing on the hashtag.

[00:35:02] Everything else comes after that, like it’s upside down or backwards. Okay. So tell us some other things that you think people really miss the mark on, just fundamentals that we’re neglecting.

[00:35:12]Corey Walker: You know, IGTV really hasn’t gotten the love it deserves. You know, IGTV was born out of a need for Instagram to have ‘kind of a YouTube’.

[00:35:28] Like offering,what I like to do on IGTV since you can only have, you know, like a one minute video in your feed, if I have a longer video, I do this, I have a medical group and sometimes they’ll interview doctors on certain subject matter and things like that. And you just really can’t do it in one minute.

[00:35:53] So I’ll have them do a video and say it’s five minutes, we’ll post it on IGTV. And then IGTV allows you to have a one minute little preview on your newsfeed. So I’ll post it to that. So people get a flavor for it, and then they decide, you know, if they want to click over to TV to watch the whole thing.

[00:36:14] Now what you can also do though, is share that video to your stories as well. So you get like three bangs for your buck out of one video. 

[00:36:30]Kris Ward:  So back the truck up, can I have a video and then post it doesn’t have to be live. I don’t have to go directly live to IGTV. I could have this video. You and I, and then I can report. Oh, I did not know that.

[00:36:41]Corey Walker: Yeah, for sure. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So like this afternoon, after I’m done talking to you, I have a client that does marketing for contractors. So he has like, just a slew of all of these YouTube videos. And he’s never, he hasn’t really been putting them on Instagram at all. So I’m like, okay, well here’s what we do.

[00:37:04] We post them on Instagram. We do the little, you know, one minute preview, and then I’ll put it on stories as well. So all these things that have just been kind of sitting there and YouTube, not getting a ton of views are now getting repurposed in three different ways. So..

[00:37:23]Kris Ward:  I always thought they had to be ‘live’. I thought that was the thing of it. Okay. Well, you guys, I hope these podcasts are helpful or that you guys are just listening to me is you find out every week, how much, I don’t know, tune in this week to see what Kris has no idea about, but you know, but again, you jump on the platform, you do what you have to do to keep up and things are changing and they say, reels are important to you.

[00:37:46] Go, boom, boom, boom. And of course you don’t know what you don’t know, but also I think that you don’t often stop to reevaluate the plan. You just like, this is what we’re doing and we’ll build on that. Okay, great. I’ve been posting a couple times a week now we’ll add a video. We do that Wednesdays and Thursdays.

[00:37:59] So you’re always building on it, but you could be building on totally a faulty plan, clearly as I am. All right. So I did not know we could do that. Just load up repurpose videos. Awesome. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Okay. Yeah. What are, you know, don’t wait for me to ask you to keep going. 

[00:38:16]Corey Walker: Well, let’s see, what else? Well, the other thing I do like to do, you know, just share a lot of the Instagram feed posts over to stories, it’s just an easy way to get more traction on some of your posts. So whether it’s a video or whether it’s just a photo, you can share any of those. Just with that little it’s like a paper airplane kind of thing.

[00:38:43]Kris Ward:  Oh, I did not know that, so. Okay. Do. Okay. This is your opportunity to make me feel better. Do most people when you’re working with them, you share this with, they all go, oh, or I just don’t have a clue. Yeah, a lot of people don’t, they don’t multipurpose as much as they should. Some all about repurposing content.

[00:39:04] We’re really good at that. If I shoot a video, it becomes a poster, so we have a process, but I don’t think we obviously weren’t reusing it. So if you’re on Instagram and you open your posts and you’ve got those three dots to the top, oh, we’ve got ‘share to’ or share?

[00:39:16]Corey Walker:  It’s, yeah, it’s actually right where you’re like the little heart and the comment. And then there’s a little..

[00:39:25]Kris Ward: Oh. ‘Add to post’ to your story. Yeah. Oh my gosh. All right. Okay. You guys amuse yourself. I’m just going to play on my phone for a bit and figure all these things out. Oh my gosh. Okay. So I’m all about repurposing content because we’re all about efficiency and toolkits.

[00:39:43] And I tell people all the time. Yeah. You know, what we do in 12 steps could be done in 10. Like we’re always looking at that or like in the fall, we’re going to double our shows, but our output will double, but our workload is going to increase 12%. So I’m all about repurposing, but I really miss the boat on all the things you could do within the platform. I was repurposing from one platform to the next. 

[00:40:03]Corey Walker: Oh yeah. Yeah. There’s so many ways that you can, you know, rearrange things and, or take little, I haven’t done this yet, but this might be something you could try is taking some of your longer YouTube videos and doing some clips and putting them on reels.

[00:40:22] Okay. So. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but somebody that’s better. Like, I’m not super huge on like editing videos. But that’s kind of my next thing to get to. 

[00:40:36]Kris Ward: Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. We got a couple of minutes left. Give us one, you know, have me say one more. Oh no, I didn’t know that. No pressure. 

[00:40:47]Corey Walker: Yeah, well, one, I mean, one other easy way to just get more eyeballs is to do some Instagram ads.

[00:40:55]Kris Ward:  So is that like a whole friggin Facebook thing? Facebook ads are such a nightmare. 

[00:41:01]Corey Walker: It, well.. 

[00:41:03]Kris Ward: Hold on. Let me, we had, we had people that talked about, but listen, we’ve had guests that talked about Facebook and they took it away from the nightmare. So I need to correct my language. No, we have other guests on other shows that have really opened our eyes.

[00:41:19] So stay tuned for that. But for me up until now, I do find that going into Facebook ads is a deep dive. Is it the same for Instagram?

[00:41:31]Corey Walker: Well, no, so, okay. So, well there’s okay. So if you just want to do a simple Instagram ad you can do it within the app and it’s not hard. I promise. 

[00:41:45]Kris Ward:  Okay. And we haven’t done them in the past. I just didn’t know, just because we did them. I didn’t mean we did them well. Right. So I just thought, oh, what am I really doing? So we’ve run some ads. And we did definitely see that when we were launching our product, we did definitely see an increase in stuff. [00:42:00] But I just thought, do I have any idea what I’m doing? That’s all.

[00:42:03] Whenever. Anyhow. Okay. Awesome. I mean, Corey. Wow. This is. Sometimes I think that the most profound things we learn in life are often the simplest. So this was just really eye opening to me. Well, no wonder, no wonder Instagram Isn’t my favorite because it’s like, oh, I’m not using any of it. Okay. So where people can get more of your brilliance other than reading your two amazing books, where can they connect?

[00:42:29] Well, I’m going to come find you on Instagram, right? So they start there. So I’m @CoreyC Walkers. It’s C O R E Y C Walker. So I’m out there. I’m out on Facebook as ‘the marketing specialist’. That’s what my business name is. ‘’ is my website and it fell off my chair.

[00:42:57] I was so excited to talk to you. And this book, Instagram for business business dummies.Well, usually it’s the cheapest on Amazon and you go on Amazon sometimes they knock a few dollars off. You can get it on prime, usually like the next day. And I will say I’ve had people from.

[00:43:22] You know, not knowing much at all. There’s like really easy, simple stuff, and it kind of gets progressively harder. And then I’ve had people that, you know, do Instagram for, you know, for their business. And they’ve said, oh, you know what? I didn’t know that. And they learn a lot here as well. So there’s lots of good nuggets.

[00:43:41]Kris Ward:  And I think so too, well, let’s all tune in for a minute while I try to make myself feel better. I think the thing is also that you forget that they are an evolving business with competitors too. So when you just go in and say, okay, here’s my routine and here’s what I’m doing. And then you don’t keep on track of their growth and all the things that they’re doing to compete with their, you know, competition.

[00:44:02] And then you’re like, oh, well, no wonder I missed all this. I wasn’t revisiting all the time. I was just going, okay, that’s done. Because let’s say I was on top of my game and it was done for where they were at that time. Then they’re evolving and changing and we’re, and I’m certainly, I shouldn’t say we are, it shouldn’t include you guys in it, but I’m not keeping up.

[00:44:19]Corey Walker: Well, it’s hard. It’s really hard to keep up and I’ll tell you, it’s hard to write a printed book about that. It’s always changing. So yeah.

[00:44:31]Kris Ward:  Yeah. All right, Corey, you are fabulous. Thank you so very much. And everyone else until the next episode, we’ll see you then. [00:44:38]END…

[00:44:41] That was great. Corey, how are you? Oh, good. Good. That was fun. All right. Was it fine? Or tell me the truth. Are you uncomfortable doing these? Like, is it because it’s a video and you’re good? No, no, I actually, I don’t mind, like podcasts are fine. Cause I like it when someone’s. Uh, talking to me and then I can, [00:45:00] it’s a conversation to me.

[00:45:01] I just, I think I don’t, what I don’t like is being on video when it’s just me, you know, just talking to the camera and that’s just awkward to me, but I, yeah, the podcast stuff, I mean, I’ve done enough of them. I usually have fun with them, but oh, good. Good, good. Yeah. Well, yes, if you, uh, have you, uh, you, you were fabulous and that was fun.

[00:45:23] So if you ever think, oh my gosh, I could use more help getting this out, but let me know. And it will give you a free strategy call because so many people, what I always say is, do they give the plant example to you? Okay. Most people really liked this one. It’s kind of like, let’s say, oh my gosh, somebody gave me a house plant, and then you go, this is so exciting.

[00:45:45] I kept this alive. This is awesome. So then you go and you think, all right, I’m going to have a second house plan. And then you get really confident and you say, yeah, You know what, maybe I’m going to have a farm. And it’s like the only difference between this and that [00:46:00] is the output. And so many people, what happens is when they have a business and it’s growing go from one client to two and they get all the things that they want, what doesn’t fall into play, but they think it will be the infrastructure.

[00:46:13] That allows them to yield the output because then you start going, oh, I got to keep up with the business, or now I’ve got these expenses because I’ve got more business. And if I lose the client, I didn’t have it set up to go get more clients. And it’s all about the infrastructure because I really believe.

[00:46:28] You should be in 60% of creation mode, 40% admin. And most entrepreneurs are like 90% in the web of admin. So if you’re having any issue, getting your stuff out, like, you know, people are looking at your stuff first to see, do they want to be like you? Right. Right. So, yeah. So that’s a, and the sad thing about most of the people I deal with is they’re like you, they have had success, right.

[00:46:52] They’ve maybe written books, they’ve done things or on podcasts, they look really great on paper, but they’re still working too many hours and more than anything. [00:47:00] They’re either spending too much money for the health they’re getting, or they’re what that bridge here they are. And they have all these ideas over here, but they’re not getting the pain point if I’m just not getting them to fruition fast enough.

[00:47:11] And it’s yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I would love to have a strategy call with you because I. Yeah, that’s one of my, I, for years I’ve been like, okay, I want to like get bigger, but then I’m always scared to hire like a, it’s a control thing. And I’m always scared to hire someone because I’m like, well, what if they screw up?

[00:47:29] And then it’s on me and Lou that stuff. Well, that would be really interesting. So then I would love to talk to you because the first thing I tell people is. You don’t need control when everybody around you is smarter than you and the rising tide is lifting all ships. So when you need control is when you’re like, oh, the hiring, the onboarding and the training isn’t set up properly.

[00:47:50] Right. Um, and actually, yeah, let me, I’ll stop myself. Because then they get all excited and like, I want to start telling you. Okay. So let’s let [00:48:00] me, uh, look at my calendar and see what we can do. Um, what time zone are you in Pacific Pacific? Okay. Let’s look at, um, um, hold on one sec.

[00:48:21] Let’s do that. Okay. How about,

[00:48:28] sorry, I’m trying to try to be creative with my calendar. Bear with me one moment.

[00:48:47] Okay.

[00:48:51] How about next Tuesday? You’re at yeah, time. Is it there right now? 11 twins, [00:49:00] 1137 or seven, 1137. Okay. So.

[00:49:06] How about 9:00 AM next Tuesday? Um, the only, I don’t have anything scheduled that day. The only thing I’m worried about is I’m getting my second COVID shot on the day before. Okay. Um, so I might, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. It sounds like wonderful medicine. Doesn’t it. Okay. Then why are we doing that?

[00:49:30] Okay. How about. Noon one, two, three, four. What time do you get in the needle? How about noon on Monday? Um, it’s yeah, it’s at 10 30 and it’s okay. It’s like 40 minutes away. Um, Nope, that’s fine. Hold on one second. Let’s go back to this week and see if I can fit a square peg into a round hole.

[00:50:01] [00:50:00] Um, Oh, no, that’s too early. Okay. Sorry. Hold on.

[00:50:11] Just check something.

[00:50:25] Um, okay.

[00:50:33] What about tomorrow at

[00:50:38] 1:00 PM?

[00:50:44] Yeah. Okay. So hold on.

[00:51:01] [00:51:00] Okay, so I’m going to right now, send it to, so I make sure I don’t get the time, don’t make a step or anything, but then yeah.

[00:51:16] Especially if you’ve got it all going on and you know how to do all these things in my God, you should. Have time to do all these things. Cause you can be doing it better than all of us reaching more people. Um,

[00:51:43] bear with me. I just want to get this right.  Pacific time.

[00:51:55] Yeah.

[00:52:28] [00:52:00] Okay. So I’ve sent you a link right now, just so we make sure we have it. Yes.

[00:52:40] Okay.

[00:52:45] Yeah, there we go. Uh, yeah, one to two tomorrow. Okay. So what I would suggest to you, you probably had a lot of things you keep pushing down. Like, I can’t think of that right now. I just got to stay focused over here. And so just start off on [00:53:00] like unleash that and if you have an iPhone, I don’t know if you’ve a regular phone, just, there’s a note section in there and just start as things come up.

[00:53:08] Percolating in your head that you’re like, oh, I can think of that instead of going, oh, I can’t deal with that right now. Then just start making a list of all these little things you wanted to do. All these little dreams you wanted to get to that you keep putting off, just start letting that breathe and grow.

[00:53:21] Cause you’ve been slamming the door in that shut for so long and then bring that to the okay. Awesome. Good. Excited. All right. Thank you, Corey. Thanks. And I look forward to it. I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay.