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How To Grow Your Tribe And Create A Community! With Jake Anderson

Episode Summary

Jake Anderson shares how he’s building a very connected community yielding him big results! His approach is shockingly simple, yet very fruitful! 

Learn how to 
-grow a tribe quickly
-create a tribe that is extraordinarily connected
-have to leverage your tribe for success

Jake Anderson brings more than 10 years experience to his mission of helping growth-minded entrepreneurs scale with clarity by empowering their business through the network of human connection and aligning strategy with foundational clarity. Jake is also the host of the top rated podcast, Introspective, which helps entrepreneurs learn how to break through the hard choices so they can level up in both life and business.

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Jake Anderson Podcast Transcription

[00:23:04] Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of when the hour, when the day I am your host Chris ward.

[00:23:22] And today we have a super interesting guest, Jake Anderson. Now he’s been in the entrepreneur field, helping people growth minded entrepreneurs, wanting to scale their business for over 10 years. And he has a very awesome podcast, which I have had the luxury of being on called introspective. And today I really am.

[00:23:43] Sort of plucked Jake out of the middle of busy week for him because I’ve seen him, I’ve been watching him do some really amazing stuff in the last number of weeks. He’s sort of been pivoting and really expanding to what he’s doing. And I thought, you know, I know he’s in the throws of it, but I felt let’s get them on and have a conversation real time about what’s working.

[00:24:03] And not working because he’s really tapping into some things that we talk about all the time, which is building a community. But I think it’s, so for me, you know, I get inundated and I get this whole, uh, uh, I don’t know, grouped out. I’m like all Facebook grouped out. Everyone’s promised me this and that and this and that.

[00:24:21] But I really saw a movement develop in a short period of time. So I want you to help me welcome Jacob, Jacob. Sorry. I have a very little important person in my life called Jacob. We’re not that close. I can go on. Jacob helped me welcome Jake to the show. Jake. Welcome.

[00:24:41] Jake Anderson: Thank you so much. And actually my, my birth name is Jacob.

[00:24:44] So technically you were correct there. Um, I go by Jake for short. So that’s funny.

[00:24:49] Kris Ward: Yes, I do. I have a combo, my life, Jacob and Marine that are very powerful in, in my happiness. And so I think I reverted to Jacob, so anyhow. Okay. So Jake. Tell us what’s going on because I did see you create quite a movement.

[00:25:05] Uh, you know what you are, what I would call a business buddy. And so I’m always keeping an eye on what you’re doing and you really are getting a, a brighter and bigger audience and a following in a short period of time with some things that you’re doing. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?

[00:25:20] Jake Anderson: Yeah. You know, it’s going to be fully transparent here. A lot of this was kind of. In a way discovered by accident, but it all wrapped around one central idea as far as human connection. Right. I thought about human connection as the. As the epicenter to how I want to serve and really creating more meaningful relationships.

[00:25:44] So what happened was I launched my podcast on August 10th, which was about a week ago. And prior to that launch, I thought, okay, well, what do I want to do? I don’t, I personally, I can’t stand feeling like I’m like living within the mold of the status quo of business, right? Like I’m always looking for something different.

[00:26:06] That I can do to be able to really make my brand stand apart. So I had, before that I had attended this really cool virtual event and it was almost, they call them dinners, but it’s not, but it’s, it’s virtual, right? Like, so you got people on a zoom call, but it feels like a nice, are

[00:26:24] Kris Ward: you eating while you’re on the zoom call?

[00:26:26] Jake Anderson: I had a glass of wine, actually. So it was, it’s a relaxing event and this is the thing. This is so what’s so interesting about it was I thought, you know, I want to have that as part of my launch, I want to have a launch event. So I used the launch event to launch my podcast. And now that I’m looking back, like you can use this to launch your community or your program, but what it does is it builds this momentum of energy.

[00:26:48] And that’s what I was looking for because I saw the energy that came from that one event that I attend. And I said, I want that energy for my launch because

[00:26:56] Kris Ward: that’s the power, let me jump in. I always promise people, interrupt them. Cause when you start saying, why is things I want to break it down and unpack it.

[00:27:03] So what you’re saying is you’re doing an event or you were wanting to launch something. And so in tying that in, you said, Hey, let’s sort of have an event which is on zoom and sort of have a little, I guess, a virtual little party. Is that correct?

[00:27:16] Jake Anderson: Yeah, absolutely. It’s just a way to celebrate, but celebrating through relationship and creating connection with one another.

[00:27:24] And it was really simple. It was that’s really what it was. It was just an event that I wanted to put on to celebrate the launch in my pocket.

[00:27:31] Kris Ward: Now what makes us different from the fact that a, I wouldn’t even want to throw a house party and Oh, what if people, like, when I was younger, I’d be like, Oh, what if somebody didn’t come?

[00:27:39] Right. So there’s that right? And then there’s the same thing. Only amplify virtually. Like it’s hard enough to get people on webinars and everything else. So if I promise all these people like, Oh, I want you to make connections. You know, the inner fearful person, I don’t live by fear, but we’re all still human.

[00:27:54] Now. You’re like, Oh, two or three people show up when 50 said they would. So now we’re making connections with three people. How, how do you navigate around that or stomach? Like, I know yours was roaring, right? Success, but you know, you are very persuasive and charming for whatever. What about the rest of us humanoids who are a little bit less persuasive and charming?

[00:28:15] Like how do you stomach it and how do you make sure people show up?

[00:28:18] Jake Anderson: That’s such a great question. And I’ll tell you what I did. And we’re going to get super tactical here with you on this, because this is really important for this to work. First off, you have to make it feel exclusive. That’s that’s so important.

[00:28:31] So what I did was I pulled up a Google doc or a Google sheet and I went, I, now you gotta hustle a little bit in this part. So I went into my Facebook messenger. I went on my Facebook profile and I listed out a hundred people. Who I’ve had some level of connection with, whether it be through messenger or just through the comment threads.

[00:28:50] And I feel like there’s like an alignment of values there and energy, and we kind of are looking for the same thing. So at first that’s what I, first thing I did, I listed out those hundred people and then I created a, um, just a, you know, we we’re, we’re trying to streamline, we don’t want to do anything too redundant, but there is a little bit of a hustle here.

[00:29:06] And I sent private individual messages, right. Each of those hundred people.

[00:29:12] Kris Ward: I will say it worked because I was in the middle of a move and I couldn’t attend. It was a bad timing for me with the day, the hour. And it painted me, like, I felt awful, awful when I had to say, Oh my gosh, I won’t be able to attend because yeah.

[00:29:25] Were so sincere and it was personalized. And you like, you it’s, you know, you know what, you know what it reminds me of, they say, I think, let me, hopefully I get this right. They say back in the days with Jay Leno, David Letterman, when they had that whole late night competitive thing, one of the things that Jay Leno did, which, which the other, you know, other hosts and other shows felt was sort of cheating is instead of having the PR person or they’re a, what do you call it?

[00:29:51] Their guest, whatever the title is, the guest manager calling the guests, Jay Leno himself would call them.

[00:29:57] Jake Anderson: Yeah.

[00:29:58] Kris Ward: So then you’d have to, I can’t say no to him, but I could have said to his, you know, the person that fills those spots for the guests, whatever that big official term is that I’m wasting time trying to articulate, they would, you don’t get, Oh, I’m sorry.

[00:30:11] I can’t attend your show. But when Jay calls you personally, then, you know, you’re like, Oh my gosh. So I did, I felt horrible that I couldn’t attend. So. I think that’s, I mean, I’m not a big fan of the robotic thing. When I get that in Facebook, I don’t even know bother. Cause it’s like, well, we’re step one. I letting you know, this is a robo.

[00:30:28] We want to make sure that, you know, this is a real relationship. So you want to know it’s real, but you’ve sent a robot to ask me if it’s real. So I’m done. I’m out. This is not how it’s gonna work. So, and then there’s just the autumn and stuff. People get such a kick out of when I leave a audio message. I always a, Hey, I’m so glad we connected.

[00:30:44] Yeah. I go through their feed and I start liking stuff and I tell them what I like and they think it’s this big secret. So I think what you’ve done is you’ve taken that up a level and now invited them to a virtual party. And said, look, you’re special. I’m not inviting everyone you’ve been hand selected and you say it and you’re sincere Jake voice where we all just feel so horrible.

[00:31:03] We have say no. And so that was step one because when you first started telling me about there’s some thinking, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you’re going to go to a webinar and you, you click in and then you don’t and all this stuff. So, so you’re really taking it back as we always say, putting the social back in social media, but you’re going old school.

[00:31:20] And so that’s how you, cause you did get quite an attendance.

[00:31:23] Jake Anderson: Yeah. So you’re, you’re inevitably going to have a haircut from who you invite. Right? I started with, in fact, I had over 70 verbal confirmations and 30 of them showed up. So you, you got, you know, it’s, but this is the thing this was, and I, I, hopefully I’m not jumping too far ahead here, but like after the event happened, I took a screenshot.

[00:31:45] Of like the people that were there and I posted it at night on my profile and I had people like, Oh my gosh, I wish I was there. Like, I think there was a little bit of FOMO that kicked in or like, wow, this wasn’t. And the other thing too, Chris, that was interesting. When I was sending out those private invites, there were several people.

[00:32:02] That was responded. And I got a lot of like responses, like you’re talking about like, Oh, I feel bad that I can’t go. And it’s like, Oh, it’s okay. I, you know, I just want to acknowledge the fact that you’re somebody who I respect and you have to acknowledge people and theirs in those messages. So not like that.

[00:32:16] You’re, I’m inviting you because I respect you. And I think that your energy would be really welcomed into this, into this event and make it sincere. So, but there were people who would respond to me and say, I can’t make it, but can you send me the replay? And I kinda like, I kind of laughed in my head for a little bit.

[00:32:32] I’m like, there’s no replays on human connection. Like, this is not, this is not another webinar or training. That’s not what I’m doing. And I feel like there’s not

[00:32:40] Kris Ward: everybody. Yeah, yeah,

[00:32:42] Jake Anderson: no, this is a time to connect. And build relationships. This is not about me getting on a stage,

[00:32:49] Kris Ward: you know, when you’re a teenager and you think, dear God, have I missed that party the whole life?

[00:32:52] Could you send me the replay? Because there’s a, you know, a girl I might want to hit on in the replay. I couldn’t attend the party, but hook me up. Yeah. Okay. So yeah. So, this is really interesting to me. So, and I did, then I was like, so I think we also you’re setting people up as the next time you reach out and call.

[00:33:08] You’re like, well, Jimmy crickets, I’m not going to miss that one. Look what happens the last one. So you’re setting yourself up so that like treat me seriously. When I say we’re gonna do do an event. This is you don’t want to be missing out on the second one. So now you’ve pre-framed for the second one.

[00:33:23] Jake Anderson: Yes, absolutely. And the, the event went spectacular. There were people who actually teared up from the event, like that’s how powerful it was for. Cause people really felt like they actually had a chance to really connect with people on a deeper level. And the way that events is designed, it’s scalable to cause that’s the thing it’s like.

[00:33:42] Wait a second, like there’s going to be 70 people in a zoom call. How in the world is this going to work? Why does that work? Well, I’ll, I’ll give you some insights. So we actually, we make it feel like a dinner. So when people come onto the zoom call, we’ve got, we’ve got, uh, like some music playing in the background.

[00:33:57] I welcome people as they come in, I’ve got a glass of wine, like, you know, get relaxed. Like it feels relaxing. And it’s like, as people are coming in, I’m like, Chris. Hey, welcome. Welcome to the event. And you see people popping in and I’m just kind of introducing them. I take a 10 minutes just to give them some context, like, Hey, welcome everybody.

[00:34:17] Thanks for coming here. Um, you know, just going to go over some things is what to expect, but there was also, and I’m not going to go to detail until there was like a little presentation. It was like five minutes, but what it was, cause we had a form for people to fill out and it was just basically the talk about like where they’re at now, where they want to go.

[00:34:35] And we use those answers in a, in a disguised way, the kind of revealed to people. It’s like, listen, there’s some people here that don’t even know where to start. There’s some people here who feel trapped in their business. There’s some people here who are really had these desires to make an impact of, you know, Helping people in some capacity.

[00:34:52] Right. And it makes it very relatable for people. And that was kind of our way of segue waying into it. And then what we would do is, um, and I had current, who’s my partner and kind of in this new program we’re creating, he’s the one who actually facilitated the whole event. I sat back and enjoyed it.

[00:35:06] Right. Like he was kind of like my event host. So he would ask a question. And there was a question, um, wood that was sparked some deeper conversation. And then you would randomly get put into a breakout room with one or two other people. And each of you would have five minutes to listen and answer the question with each other.

[00:35:26] So you started building these deeper connections and then after that breakout room, Everybody will come back to the main lobby or main zoom. And then we would pick people to just share their experience of what they learn from the person, the people who were there speaking to. And then we would go through two or three more of those questions.

[00:35:41] And that was basically it, it was just a way to kind of pull people together. Yeah.

[00:35:46] Kris Ward: Let me jump in here too. Cause I think you also something that you skipped over, something I think yeah. Is important is you were like the host of the party and then you had a facilitator of the party. Right. And I think that’s really important cause I know one year for my birthday, I thought, Oh, cause in the summer we had a pool and we were always the place.

[00:36:03] And you know, you can feed people in large masses by a pool cause it’ll accept any kind of hamburger or hot dog and potato chips. So we were always the gathering place in the summer. So one year. We decided my husband really wanted to do this big thing for my birthday, which the man could not plan like people.

[00:36:20] So I was like, let’s, that’s very stressful and never fun. We’ll do it at our house. And you know, that’s fine. I’ll invite all my favorite people in the family and stuff and whatever. And it was like, it was the most ridiculous dumbest thing I’ve ever done because you can’t host the party, be the guest at the same time.

[00:36:37] Right. So here I am, you know, everyone said, Oh no, we’ll take care of it, but they didn’t know where the cups were. And I ended up. I could barbecue better than him and blah, blah, blah. So it reminds me of that where I thought it would be really fun and actually was well, because I should have been talking to people that I barely got to speak to.

[00:36:52] I fed them well, but I didn’t get to spend time with them. So that reminds me of what you’re doing here, especially when there’s tech involved and new people chiming in. It would be really easy to think, Oh, I should be the host I reached out or I reached out to them. So I’ll just take care of it all, but you got to enjoy it.

[00:37:10] And then you had like a facilitator right. Hand guy. So I think that’s also a big thing where a lot of us would have been distracted. Cause now I’m talking to you and I’m trying to make you feel welcome. And I hear chiming in my ear from zoom, so I better let that next person in. And so the shuffle would get lost.

[00:37:25] Okay. So that’s another big thing that you did differently. I think. Skimmed over. So yeah. How long was the event,

[00:37:33] Jake Anderson: but it’s two hours. It’s a two hour event. So it’s, yeah. It’s like, uh, any, you know, this is the thing, like I come from the special events industry, like that’s where my first company was

[00:37:42] Kris Ward: started.

[00:37:42] Ah, the secrets are coming out now, people. Okay. So, so you’re not just like, you’re not just born smart. Okay. You’re smart. And you have some mix. Experience. Okay. All right. So everybody pause now. So what you did is you took your party planning experience and you made it virtual where the rest of us, really, to be honest, what we’ve done, even like I was using Skype and zoom long before.

[00:38:10] Yeah. Most people knew. Like I just thought even when I had business across town, like 10 minutes from me, you’d have to, you know, a lot for time for driving and walk in, how are you? Blah, blah, blah. So I was doing my, my Stefan, like introducing it to people like, let’s do it on Skype. Let’s do it on zoom and you can see my computer in LA.

[00:38:26] Right. So. The most of us came from a background of, okay, we did network here and we had meetings on, you know, in personnel, we’re taking them online, but you really, I think this is a huge part that you’re overlooking or not bragging up enough is how you took the social. So you took a cocktail party and you brought it online, really.

[00:38:46] Now can people come and go as they please? Like how, w what’s the etiquette on that? Gee, do you get to sneak out the back door? Like you do in life?

[00:38:54] Jake Anderson: You can. I mean, and, and I, you know, it’s two, it’s dedicated for two hours. Obviously you’re going to get the most out of you stay the whole time, but there were people who were like, I listen to, I love it.

[00:39:03] I’m enjoying it, but I do have to get going. And, um, and that’s fine. Um, it’s not, it’s completely acceptable if you feel like you need to go, I’m not going to call you out or anything.

[00:39:15] Kris Ward: Okay. Good to know.

[00:39:17] Jake Anderson: Yeah. It’s not a problem, but, but in, in going back to just like my background, so I started an event lighting company, which was very successful in 2012.

[00:39:27] And, uh, and I just remembered like that. It kind of, it makes me think of the difference between, cause we are actually have, we have a program for it and there’s two tiers to it, but there’s a, it kinda reminds me of like, you’ve got the DIY, we did a lot of weddings. So it’s like you have the DIY bride who would kind of play her own wedding and kind of do her own thing.

[00:39:46] And you know, it would typically go right. Well, there was sometimes be some fires, but you also notice the only day of the event that. They were dealing with some stress because you also trying to enjoy it. But also if there’s an issue with a vendor or what am I going to mountable logistics with the wedding is in.

[00:40:04] Kris Ward: Yeah.

[00:40:05] Jake Anderson: Yeah. You’re the point person.

[00:40:07] Kris Ward: Even when they birthday, it was all my family and friends in my backyard. They’d been in there a thousand times. So I thought half of them would know where the go get this or go, Oh no, I’ll get that for you. Right. So I thought it could not be simpler and it wasn’t like, it could not have been more, it’s a barbecue beside a pool, a throwing some hamburgers, hot dogs.

[00:40:24] Everybody come could not be simpler. And it was really stressful for me. So yes, I see what you’re saying. So that amplifies it a thousand percent when you’re talking about a wedding. So what happens next? What’s your next plan? So you made these deep connections with people. They responded, you did a fabulous job.

[00:40:42] Where do you go from there?

[00:40:44] Jake Anderson: So, this is where, um, I just rode the bus wave of momentum and because everything was intentional up to the launch event and I was like, all right, I know like you have this huge increase of energy that happens, right. And energy is neither created nor destroyed. Right. It can only be transferred.

[00:41:01] So you have all this energy. Creative from this event, there’s people that are, I mean, it was the emotions and just the connection was insane. So I’m like, I’ve got to do something with this energy. So I transferred it to my Facebook group. So I started the next day. I. Opened up a Facebook group. And I knew I was going to open one, but I was going to wait on it.

[00:41:19] I was like, no, I’ve got to get people here now. I can’t like wait for making every little thing. Perfect and polished. I want to get them in there now. And I didn’t have a welcome message or anything. So I took everybody from that event. I send them another message and say, Hey, listen, thank you so much for being here yesterday.

[00:41:36] Listen, I just opened up my community. I love for you to come in. We’re going to do more of these every month and, and it’s something I want to continue to really just run with just as human connection that we just establish. You’re finding more ways that we can connect with each other. Everybody was like, yes, I’ll be there.

[00:41:52] I’ll be there. And then like that day, I put a, hold on,

[00:41:57] Kris Ward: let me jump in for a sec. Cause I think it’s really important. So what you’re saying is you didn’t stop and you didn’t get all, like I used to say called pulling a Chris, trying to get it all perfect. And all they showed up and the event was so good.

[00:42:07] So I want to make the Facebook group a good, so I’ll work on that for a week or two, and then it took longer and you lost the momentum, but not only did you not get caught up in that normal. Entrepreneurial trap, but also because you had those relationships develop because there was that sincere connection again.

[00:42:24] Yeah. People give you a lot more leeway. Like, listen, I really need enjoy last night. And it seemed to have connected with a lot of people. I don’t want to lose this momentum jumping into the group. It’s, you know, it’s like minding somebody over to your house when you’re in the middle of, in the middle of renovations.

[00:42:38] It’s like, yeah, I know it’s raw, but I want you to see the house I bought. You can come back later and see when it’s finished, but take a look at it now. So you really took action. And I think that’s something that a lot of us then get caught up in semantics. So, so then you move them to the Facebook group.

[00:42:55] Good job.

[00:42:57] Jake Anderson: Yeah. So I moved in, in Facebook group and I just, I put up a post and I said, I’m going to go live at three o’clock today. I’m just going to tell you what we’re going to do here. Some of the things we’re going to do, and I had some kind of an idea, but I remember not live. I thought, you know what?

[00:43:13] I want to hear their feedback. I’m kind of curious of what they thought of the event. And maybe that would be a good way to get people talking in this Facebook group. There’s already a lot of energy. There’s, there’s a lot of people that are excited from last night. So I went live and I said, you know, these are some of the things that I’m planning on doing here.

[00:43:29] I said, but you know, if you don’t mind. Would you, would you, for people who were at the event last night, would you mind going live here and just sharing your feedback? And I get it and I give them structure. Like, I think it’s important. Cause sometimes you’re like, well, I don’t know what to say. So I’m like, okay, tell me what w what was your expect expectation?

[00:43:45] Um, what did you find the most valuable from the event? And then also, what was something you found to be unique? Like, I gave him just three questions to answer, and then it was just like people were going live in and I started seeing. That there was a deeper connection. And this is the thing, Chris, that was that like those, this was an aha moment I had.

[00:44:06] From this because I’m in breakout rooms with people too. It’s not just like I’m sitting back and they’re all doing it. Like I’m in there with them and collaborating. And I remember thinking like Justine made her with somebody and we had a really amazing conversation. Well, now when Justine posts something on Facebook or where she goes live, like that means something different to me now.

[00:44:24] I than it did before, because we’ve actually had some real connection. So when she makes a post or she’s saying something like, I now know her story and there’s deeper connections. So when you do that within a big group of people, there were inside jokes, people were dropping. Like, it felt like it was a real community.

Like people were actually there to connect and collaborate. It’s like, we’ve got to do something with this energy. So. That’s kind of where I’m at right now with it.

And I’ve been finding other really creative ways that people have been leaning into and ways that are again, like we got to also think about our own time.

[00:44:57] Right. And we got to think about the scalability of things, but the  energy and the idea is what’s you’re building. Right? And, and it’s that idea of human connection. So there’s different like little tactics and things that I’ve been doing in my Facebook group that don’t even really require my own management.

[00:45:15] It’s actually something that they’re independently doing. I’m just creating, I’m playing architect. I’m like building the infrastructure and letting them live in that infrastructure to connect and build those relationships with one another.

[00:45:26] Kris Ward: Cause you see that and I hear that all the time. And so it’s going to sound like I’m.

[00:45:31] You know, not a nice person. I truly am, but I’m a person that I’ve had to learn that I have to protect my time. Right. I have to be purposeful with it or else it’s just like, I always compare it to glasses, the water, you can water plant, you can clean the counter. You can have a sip, you can do a whole bunch of things.

[00:45:46] Maybe not in that order. Yeah. But when you take that glass of water and just spill it all over the floor, you get no use to it. Right. And that’s what you do with your time. And lots of times I’ll connect with people. They spoke they’re new. I’ll check out. As I said, I’ll check out their feed. I’ll make a comment.

[00:45:58] And they send them a, the new message. And I’m like, yeah. And then they get sometimes though send back to me like, Oh yeah, I really love your stuff. I want to hear more about what you do. What’s your business. And they haven’t looked at my stuff at all because they don’t know what is it you do. Well, if I have to answer that, you haven’t given me the time of day.

[00:46:13] Right? Let’s hop on a call so we can collaborate and I can find out what you do. Well, I don’t have the bandwidth for that. I would be doing like last week. I think I got that six times. So that would have been like, you know, Oh my gosh, close to six hours. By the time you get them on and off and scheduling and all this craziness.

[00:46:29] So when you talk about deeper collection connections, I often, you know, that’s going to be dismissed initially. Cause it’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody says that. And then they want to hop on a call. They don’t know you at all and they just want to eat up your time and there’s no agenda. There’s no intention.

[00:46:47] There’s no purpose. And sounds like, you know, I free stuff. Right. And I’m all about giving free. I mean, we actually right now are giving out a. Free gift. You can check that out free gifts from with some training that we create I’m about that or strategy call, we started giving you a free, but then there’s a purpose, right?

[00:47:05] And I at least giving back there’s a movement or whatever, but just running around saying, let’s we have nothing to base this on, but let me eat up your time and yeah, you sell me or whatever, does it make sense? So I think you’re really giving this whole relationship. Stuff, some meaning some depth, some sincerity, and you’re doing it.

[00:47:23] Yeah. In a really quick, really short amount of time.

[00:47:27] Jake Anderson: Yeah. And it’s, and it’s trying to, I’m trying to think of how to phrase this because things are so new right now with what’s happened. It’s like trying to put some context around it and giving it, giving just the idea, even more meaning and structure.

[00:47:41] And that’s what happens when you like action creates clarity. Right? And like, that’s why I was like, you know, what, why way a week to launch my Facebook group. Like, let’s just get in here, get people in and start taking action and start molding this idea and giving it shape and structure. And over the week, it’s like so much has happened already in this group.

[00:47:58] But one of the things, and this is just, I’m just going to give you one example of something. It’s an idea that I tried

[00:48:04] Kris Ward: wrap up. I could talk to you all day, but as we wrap up, give us one more example.

[00:48:08] Jake Anderson: Let me give you just an example of just, just something that you can do in your Facebook group that can help build these connections in a way that doesn’t eat up all your time.

[00:48:20] Right? Okay. So I call it it’s their Facebook now has these Facebook rooms, right? It’s just basically like zoom that’s native within on the platform. So I created a little process on how to build a hot seat room for yourself. And I thought, okay, we all have something we’re working on. We’re all looking for feedback.

[00:48:39] Everybody’s come into this space feeling connected now. So what, how else can I create more connections? So I did this hot seat room and basically I created a canvas template that they can use. They just replaced their graphic, replacing texts. They create the event. And they say, Hey, I’m doing a hot seat room on this day, at this time.

[00:48:57] And this is the thing I wanted to discuss. I’m going to get in the hot seat for a minute who wants to come in and help me, like, just give some feedback. And I thought this is either going to crash miserably. Okay. It’s going to be very successful. And there’s people making hot seat rooms and people are joining.

[00:49:12] And like, they’re like I don’t have, and it doesn’t even require me. But the thing is, this is building community connection there within that community. That’s continuing to feed into the energy of the group. And that’s that’s the goal is like, you don’t want your group to be this thread of like nothing, but you making posts.

[00:49:31] And then there’s like one comment and a couple likes, like that’s not my community at all is because people are, are actually becoming

[00:49:39] Kris Ward: I’m the audience and you’re the teacher. And there are a lot of groups around like that you’re in them for three days and every day it’s boom, boom, boom. Like they’ll just wear you down to sell.

[00:49:46] Well, Jake. Ah, is your mother calls you Jacob, Jake. It’s been a pleasure. And I’m so excited. We, we pulled you off your busy week to get you on here. It’s just awesome. And I, I think you, you know, your only challenge is going to be is you feel like stomping your feet and say, no, no. When I say this, I mean, it, I know everyone else says it, but I mean it, so Jake, where can people find you Facebook?

[00:50:09] I

[00:50:09] Jake Anderson: guess? Yeah. I mean, right now, the best place to connect with me is in my group. Uh, it’s called the core collective and it’s just

[00:50:20] Kris Ward: Okay. We’ll make sure to put that in the show notes. Thank you again so much for hopping on here with us and yeah. Jake, I will be sure to catch your next event and thank you again.

[00:50:30] Thanks so much.

[00:50:32] Jake Anderson: Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it. It’s a good time.