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How To Get Warm Leads On LinkedIn with Marcus Chan



Episode Summary

Marcus Chan joins us and tells us how to use LinkedIn as an effective sales tool!

-how to avoid the common pitfalls made on LinkedIn
-when to use LinkedIn as a lead generator for your small business
-why it’s a proven strategy to make meaningful connections!
And MUCH more!



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Win The Hour Win The Day

Marcus Chan Podcast Transcription

[00:18:42]Kris Ward: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day. And I am your lucky host Kris Ward. Today, we have Marcus Chan in the house and he is a very impressional dynamic sales coach.

[00:18:54] And you trip across him online, LinkedIn, or wherever you s                                                                                                                 end your time. You’re going to remember him and this might be why he’s so fantastic at what he does in helping his client do better sales. So welcome to the show, Marcus.

[00:19:12]Marcus Chan: Kris, what is going on? I’m excited to be here. We’ll have lots of fun’s today. I promise.

[00:19:17]Kris Ward: Well, I’m excited to have you here. So man, when we were talking about what we were gonna talk about in the show, there was, oh, I don’t know. There’s a lot of really juicy topics here. So we decided that we would narrow down and give us a humble brag. You do bring in a considerable amount of revenue in a month just using LinkedIn as a sales tool. Is that correct?

[00:19:37]Marcus Chan: Yeah, a hundred percent. So purely off, just pure organic. We do at least 30 to 50K cash collected every single month. It’s obviously hyper profitable because we’re not doing any ads for that piece.

[00:19:48]Kris Ward: Okay. All right. Well, that sounds interesting to us. So where would we start? Because we’ve heard all different kind of things on LinkedIn and usually get the chat people up back door stuff, which I don’t know.

[00:19:59] I’ve never been able to sink my teeth into, so what’s the secret sauce? Why is this working for you or where do we start?

[00:20:05]Marcus Chan: Well, I think the first be to understand is especially when you’re selling on social media, it’s important to know where is your audience hanging out? So I’ve also seen where people say, Hey, the new platform is platform X.

[00:20:17] The new platform is platform Y. I think it’s important to understand first off, where is your target market hanging out? So the things I’m gonna talk about today, actually you do apply to really any platform. So I’m gonna be able to speaks more specific to LinkedIn today. Okay. But just understand you can take the same concepts and you can still do the same thing.

[00:20:34] So first of all, understand that LinkedIn by itself has over 300 million active users. There’s gonna be a percent of people that will do business with you on there. So the mistake a lot of people make is they go on there and like you mentioned, Kris, they start with – let me just message someone and start chit chatting with them.

[00:20:50] Hey, how’s it going? What are your biggest problems? And immediately like red flags go up, sales resistance goes up and you just ignore. So there’s a few things you actually need to do first before you start actually doing any type of outbound messaging. And it’s understanding that LinkedIn as a platform is a tool for many things, many ways to generate traffic leads and conversions.

[00:21:14] So that’s everything from either generating inbound leads to also outbound, to also nurturing process through your sales process, to get them to close. So when you understand that as a machine, there are certain parts you have to do first because. If you were to message anybody or send a connection request to someone new,

[00:21:31] they’re usually asking themselves a couple different questions. Number one, do I know this person? And number two, will they bring me value or are they gonna spam me? that’s generally what people are asking themselves in their head. So the first thing you have to do, if you understand that is I need to make sure I reduce their risk of thinking that and bring a bunch of value as possible.

[00:21:52] So that starts off with the first thing people are gonna do, which is check out your profile page. Mm-hmm . So what you have to ask yourself is your profile highly optimized to bring value and to convert. And when you think this way, every piece on your LinkedIn profile is an asset designed to either help you or hurt you.

[00:22:12] So that’s everything from your tagline – Is it clear what you do, who you serve, how you can help them. To your banner – same thing.To your about section, about you, to your history, to if any content you might post, all of the above. And your goal should be, when someone Amazon’s paid, how can they, when they read through it, build, connect with me.

[00:22:35] If you’ll connected to me, have trust increased and be open to maybe even a direct message conversation. So first of all, you have to earn the right through your profile page. That’s the first thing you must do, right? And that’s also including also your headshot, too. 

[00:22:49]Kris Ward: Yeah. Oh my gosh. Don’t get me started on the head shots. Listen, we have had other people here talk to us about  the profile page. And so we respect that and it should be there and this is not it, but I am telling you that we’re off topic for one second, but I cannot say this enough. Sometimes we have been really amazing guests on our show and there are times that they’re high end professionals and.

[00:23:12] We used to have, like, if for you being on the show, it would be me and you on the cover of our, of the iTune sync. And I had to just finally remove that because there’s too many people that would just send me like a headshot from their backyard. Right. And now we have these quote cards. We have other ways that we’ll send you the assets after when the show airs and even the quote cards becoming an issue, cuz so many people just take a selfie in their kitchen and people you just can’t.

[00:23:36] You cannot like you bring my brand down when you do that. So now we just say, look, if they don’t want the picture, then we either don’t do the quote card or we just take their picture off, but we can’t have you making us look bad. So I apologize for the rant, but that’s…

[00:23:47]Marcus Chan: It’s a valid point though. Yeah.Valid point.

[00:23:50]Kris Ward: That is everything people you like show up professional. You can’t even take a headshot. Anyhow, sorry. Now I’m now I’m ranting. I throw cut ranch out. 

[00:23:58]Marcus Chan: That’s such a great point because that’s the impression people get. They have no idea about you. Outside the new connection request you just got sent, you just received.

[00:24:06] They’re gonna check out your headshot. They’re gonna check. They’re gonna judge you very quickly. That’s that’s really key. And if you actually want to different inbound leads, if you’re actually like commenting on targeted posts or target people that you’re following in your targeted market, they’re gonna see your headshot.

[00:24:21] So again, the headshot is like bait. So the picture, your whole profile is like bait. So then from there, the first you’re gonna do is you probably gonna be able a hyper target list, which is okay. The people that are actually gonna be most likely to actually do business with you of the right target market, the right title, right

[00:24:37] industry, write everything. Okay. It’s really key as well, because if you’re just sending mass messaging, It’s not gonna get a very good result. You’re better off just being like hyper targeted and going after the right people. So after you go off the right, the right list and you setting connection request, now I do recommend take some time and make it personalized a connection request.

[00:24:57] That’s so key. Yeah. It’s not, important’s like it’s too general. Like, Hey student generally. Hey Marcus, saw your sales suit, hoping we connect. Well, that’s pretty lame.

[00:25:07]Kris Ward: I add you to my network. Yeah. Who cares? Yeah.

[00:25:10]Marcus Chan: Exactly. Like the key is, if you wanna separate take a little bit of time, you can go through their profile, find something that’s relatively interesting.

[00:25:18] That’s not like, so I went to school here, so I saw your duck go ducks. Okay. That’s that’s really? Yeah. Like if they’re going after me, maybe I put a post up about menu training and they say, Hey, Marcus saw your new training that you put out today really, really impactful on how it helps AEs achieve this big as our result. Hope it didn’t connect. Oh, wow. Cool.

[00:25:41]Kris Ward: Let me stop for here for a second. Unpack this one, just when we make the list, though, I know whether you have sales navigator or you don’t with LinkedIn being so massive. I get overwhelmed there and I say, okay, you know, I’m gonna narrow down. I try to narrow down as much as I can and say, here, we’ll just pick this one word.

[00:25:57] Like they’re calling themselves a founder and they’ve got a business this size, and they’ve been in business this long. And yet you still have such a massive amount on that list. And I find it really hard to keep track of it. Do you have any ideas for that? 

[00:26:10]Marcus Chan: Yeah. So if you are using sales navigator, you definitely need to get much more niche down to that.

Than just that. Just because if you’re looking up say President or founder, I mean, you’re gonna find little millions of people across the world and you wanna get more specific. So for example, maybe if you’re gonna go after, let’s just say service based businesses, let’s just say. HVAC right. Now, that’s gonna be a little more niche.

[00:26:34] Okay, cool. So that might go from like 10 million to like 5 million, which still might be too many. You go even tighter. So it might be, it could be by anything from geography. It could be how long they’ve been business for employee. 

[00:26:46]Kris Ward: So I did do that. So maybe I would do like often I’m dealing with business coaches and maybe I would say, okay, we are gonna say business in business this long.

[00:26:53] Maybe I picked geography, even though it’s not geography specific, I’ve got clients around the world, but at least that narrows it down. Then I can say sales coach versus business coach, keep narrowing, just keep chipping away at it. 

[00:27:06]Marcus Chan: Yeah. The more niche down the better it’s gonna be because you don’t have to do necessarily geography cuz especially if you’re servicing worldwide.

[00:27:14] Yeah, I probably would do by geography. Now you may choose specifically the countries that have the best, the strongest currency. Cause that way the conversion is not all, all wonky. Right, because, all right. Yeah. I mean that, the reality is that’s key. And then also you could also target by I’ll probably by employee count as well.

[00:27:34] If they have at least five 10 employees, they’re probably making sub money. So now, you know, all right, cool. At least they’re, they’re more targeted. You can also then filter out even more, you know, probably do second, probably first, second, maybe third connection if you want, but like, you can still have more target boards, like maybe second connection.

[00:27:51] So that way it’s a manageable list. That’s really key. Okay. Now, if you’re using sales navigator to build those list, you can also create separate lists as well. If you wanna have like a, okay. Here’s my search for all the US based sales coaches who’ve been in business for at least five years who have at least five employees.

[00:28:10] All right. That’s a little more like that’s one list. Maybe I’ll build one for Canada. Maybe I’m build one for United Kingdom, maybe one for Australia, New Zealand, et cetera. So that way I can use some of their lingo. Now, if I wanna get even more niche, I might look up a specific keyword or something else to make it little more niche, but okay.

[00:28:28] Again, it depends on what you wanna do. Now, the goal is, you get to a point where it’s a workable list. More list. Now, I would also avoid InMails. Don’t do InMails. You want to connect with them first and then, and not do InMails. So depending on…

[00:28:47]Kris Ward: And let’s just clarify for those listening what you mean by InMails.

[00:28:51]Marcus Chan: Good question. So InMails means you are actually not connected to that prospect. And you are using what’s called InMails, which is almost like a spam mail, you can do in sales navigator, you can actually do it in regular LinkedIn as well.

[00:29:06] Okay. So when, when people receive, it’s like InMail from, so and so. Right. So when you get in your inbox, it already stands out and you don’t want that. Your goal is not to like another person just spaming you.

[00:28:18]Kris Ward:  So, like walking into any social event in the world, since you’re in grade four, make sure you go in, say hello, see if you can get the connection, add some note to the connection, make the connection before you try to hop into their inbox.

[00:29:31]Marcus Chan: Hundred percent. Now, bonus points. If they’re actually active on LinkedIn. Or I’ve actually active on LinkedIn. So before I do that, they just say posted yesterday or today, go into the post. Engage on it and dropping a thoughtful comment and then sending a connection request is gonna increase the throughput, the connection rate

[00:29:50] of them accepting a request. Okay. So now they’re more likely to actually respond because you clearly have already stood out by doing that. Yeah, these are bonus points now, and then they accept the request. And then what you wanna do is I always recommend the more, they can’t scale to the same level, but depending how big your business is, you’ll have a higher conversion, which is you send ’em a video message.

[00:30:17]Kris Ward: If you’re using LinkedIn?

[00:29:19]Marcus Chan: A hundred percent.

[00:30:20]Kris Ward: Okay. So I’m all about video. I use bomb bomb and I get a lot of compliments for my videos, which by the way, is just really is somebody that comes from the whole angle of efficiency. There’s so much more texture and understanding, and you feel like you’ve met somebody when you.

[00:30:37] saw their face and you heard their voice. No matter how fast you can type, you can talk quicker. So I’m all about that. Now, I don’t know. I had somebody else recommend that and I probably wasn’t as consistent in that, but I didn’t get the open rates I felt I would get on LinkedIn with the video.  I didn’t.

[00:30:58]Marcus Chan: Are you using direct LinkedIn or using bomb bomb or ARD or a third one?

[00:31:01]Kris Ward: No. No. I dropped the bomb bomb in cuz I knew that I was like, okay. If I’m in LinkedIn, use the LinkedIn thing. So if I’m reaching out to be on somebody’s podcast, I’ll send them a bomb bomb one, cuz there’s a gift, but that’s kind of a different dynamics.

[00:31:12] But if I’m just trying to chat them up, I was using the LinkedIn video, but I guess probably perhaps I didn’t do enough of the upfront work or something or you know what? Well, you can’t tell the open rate, I guess. Can you see if they’ve opened it on LinkedIn? 

[00:31:25]Marcus Chan: So you can tell if they opened it based off, you’ll see their face on there. So here’s the thing. Okay. So I’ve tested it. I’ve tested using third party apps. Okay. Whether it’s Bomb Bomb, Drift, Mid Yard and you drop it. It looks really cool. And I’ve also tested Direct. You’re using your phone. Recording it on your phone and directly uploading it by far direct to it has a better conversion. Better response.

[00:31:47]Kris Ward: I think so too. Cuz I think as much as I love Bomb Bomb, I would support you with that saying it looks presented to versus, ‘Hey, I just thought of this. I just saw something. I wanna comment, whatever.’ So, okay. So let’s go back and assume it’s all on me that either I wasn’t consistent with it enough or whatever. What am I saying in this video? What’s my approach? 

[00:32:08]Marcus Chan: Yeah. So a couple different approaches, right? So I’m gonna give one, I prefer, which will give you…  it’s playing the long game as a thing. Okay. And I’ll give you another one, which give a little faster result, which your conversions will go down all right.

[00:32:19] Okay. So the first piece is we’re in the video. It should be about 30 seconds long max. That’s the first thing. Yeah. And just like anything else? You wanna be intentional with the video. So even before you  go into what you say, how do you say it? How do you show up?

[00:32:36] What’s your background? What’s the lighting? What’s the energy you have in the video? Is it what they wanna see? Is it a value to them? This is the stuff you wanna ask yourself before you do the video and you can’t just do one video, but like, oh, it doesn’t work. If you do a hundred videos and you don’t get any response, your video’s probably not very good. I hate to say it. right. 

[00:32:56]Kris Ward: No, that’s okay. I’m all about that. And I do find their lighting is a little less forgiving. Like you can’t control the video or edited or do anything like that. So is this something also, where would you think don’t do the video for my office, make the background a little bit more dynamic? What are your approaches on what’s your insight on those?

[00:33:14]Marcus Chan: So it depends. I mean, here’s the thing, you’re a busy entrepreneur. So am I, so probably many people are listening to this. Sometimes we don’t have the best step at our house and you’re just totally fine by the way, but it might be as simple as if you time block a little bit of time, maybe on your log and you’re just outside.

[00:33:29] Film outside, not big deal, as long as I can see you and they can tell you’re not a weirdo. Like spaming them, that’s really the key. You’re trying to again, reduce their risk and, and increase that trust level with them.

[00:33:42]Kris Ward: So let me tap in here with that trust level, my office does have a pretty good setup for videos and all those other things.

[00:33:48] So if you had the perfect choice between two, cuz you’ve got a great setup as well. Does it still lend itself to professional pitching you with the setup and you might be more a warmer reception with you’re outside? Which way would you go? 

[00:34:04]Marcus Chan: I would say I’ll go for speed here. As long as if both look good from outsider, inside. I’m about efficiency and speed. 

[00:33:13]Kris Ward: Amen. We welcome to the church. Okay.

[00:34:15]Marcus Chan:  If I’m right here, I don’t wanna just waste time to go outside film some videos, you know? So, that’s that, all that stuff, like it helps, but it’s like, it’s kinda like death by a thousand paper cuts.

[00:34:26] Like it helps a little bit, but it’s not gonna be the reason they don’t respond to you. Now, if it’s like really dim, they can’t see you and you look like you’re in the shadows and you’re like, you sound boring and not engaging. They’re probably not gonna wanna talk to you anyways. So, just so me to think about.

[00:34:43] Anyway. So once it’s on there, I think it’s awesome. Like immediately, once you record, you gotta bring the energy. So immediately I’d like to say, ‘Hey, their name, my name, and why I’m reaching out. And I want to give something high value. Completely free.So that’s really key. So this could be anything from, like it could be depending on the industry, I’m a sales coach, so I give them free training.

[00:35:09] I’m like, ‘Hey, here’s this awesome training on how to achieve this.’ So the video, how it sounds, this sounds like, ‘Hey Kris, Marcus, January 1st, I was super happy to connect with you. I love your book, Win The Hour Win The Day. I’ve actually read that. Incredible, major impact to me because of one specific thing I read in there.

The more specific, the better. If you don’t have that some specific, then you might wanna leave that out. But if it’s more specific…

[00:35:34]Kris Ward: But that’s a pretty tall ass, because I can’t like, if you’re gonna send out 50 pitches, you can’t read 50 books and they may not have a book. Right.

[00:35:40]Marcus Chan: Okay. So I wanna get, I wouldn’t get literal here. So my point is it’s something clearly personal to them that you did. 

[00:35:48]Kris Ward: Don’t get stuff in the details, Kris. Got it. I got it. 

[00:35:51]Marcus Chan: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Right. It could be just put a post up. Right.

[00:36:01]Kris Ward: Here’s one of my things, and I do think life would, I think there’d be no wars if people did this. I never say something I don’t mean. If somebody shows me an unattractive child, I say, look at him, pick up that ball, look at his motor skills. So I do say compliments only on what I mean. And there is always something to compliment people. Right? So I always, whenever I can start with a compliment because who doesn’t, we cannot get too many of those.

[00:36:20] Right. And I think it shows. Yeah, and I think it shows sincerity and why not? So I’m all about that. There must be something you can compliment them on. Right. So we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna engage. We’re gonna compliment them. I guess my fear is if we’re offering, even for you, you’re offering them free sales training. Do I not like, oh no. If I opt into that, now he’s gonna try to sell me.

[00:36:44]Marcus Chan: It just depends on what you wanna give them. So I’m just giving, so again, you’re being very literal here. My point is you give them something of value. Right. Got it. So that could be a YouTube channel. It could be a PDF guide.

[00:36:55] It could be a blog post you wrote, but it’s gotta be a value to them. That’s what’s really key. And every audience is very, very different. Right? So that’s why you have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Now, if you’re gonna have some Optin, something, that’s fine too. Or if you don’t have enough brand credibility, then remove the gate and give ’em something completely ungated, and you might need to do that to build up your audience, especially if you’re new, you’re starting out like you, you might need to reduce the friction of the conversion page.

[00:37:25] Like I just know all my conversion page are 40-50%, so I can cold message someone and still send to them. And it will have a high conversion. Because I know the copy is so well done. It converts at a high level. And you may not know those details and that’s totally fine. But my point is, is whatever’s of value to them. That’s what you want to give them. 

[00:37:44]Kris Ward: I think where I’m getting stuck Marcus and, and thank you for pulling me back, pulling me out of it when I need it. I think from my end, we see so many people that come through on LinkedIn that don’t do it well. And so I think when you go here’s step one, two and three, and then number four is give them something of value.

[00:38:03] I see too many times come through my inbox, like, oh, I have this amazing blah, blah, blah, blah. And they didn’t even say hello or anything, and it’s coming at me and I know they’re trying to get me into there. So even though it’s like, well, that’s free, but I know what’s coming next. Right. Mm-hmm . And so I think that’s where I get literal, but I think, okay, fine.

[00:38:20] If we do all these things together and then you, yes, you generously give somebody that and now I’m thinking about it differently too. I think we’ve pulled away from here’s just your free, crappy PDF. If here’s seven tips of doing whatever, versus if I really start maybe with my book and say, ‘Hey, I’ve put together the 12 most highlighted sections of my entire book. And I thought this might be of help to you or something like that.’ 

[00:38:46]Marcus Chan: As long as of again, as long it’s of value to them. So the most important thing is like from the title they hear to, right. If I just said, Hey, jump, check out my, YouTube channel, check out and subscribe’

[00:38:57] They’d be like, ah, that’s a line. They don’t want that. But if I said, ‘Hey, oh, I just put together this brand new free YouTube video on my 70% voicemail, callback strip is completely free. Here it is. Check it out. Enjoy.’  Now they’re like, oh, wow. Okay. That sounds really good. I want that.

[00:39:13] So the mistake a lot of people make is like, ‘Hey, I put together those blog posts. I include blow, check it out. I think you’ll like it. Nah, it’s link. Right?’ If it’s something that’s really gonna help them. ‘Hey, here’s say, say you’re like an accountant and you work with business coaches.

[00:39:29] Hey, here’s actually a PDF got on seven ways to reduce your taxable income. So you’re taking more money at. It’s completely free.’ You might be like, oh, wow. That sounds interesting. I think I want reason my taxable income. So again, it’s gotta be something that’s gonna be of value to them. So the mistake a lot of people make is they take the value.

[00:39:47] Oh, it’s a value to me. Yeah. Or not to my prospect, right? Yes. You’re smart.So it’s gotta be cold friendly. It’s gotta be a cold friendly value item

[00:39:59]Kris Ward: Cold friendly, meaning like that word. That’s a good one. Cold friendly. Everybody writes that down. 

[00:40:02]Marcus Chan: Yeah. Like they don’t know you, they don’t know about your book, but because they know whatever problem you’re focused on, like, oh, that sounds nice. I don’t know…

[00:40:10]Kris Ward: You’re right. They don’t know my book. I get a lot of compliments in my book, but they don’t know that. So the 12 high biggest sections of my, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. I hear you now. I hear you.  I think… 

[00:40:22]Marcus Chan: You could take from your book though. Let’s just say, for example, if it’s like, ‘Hey, here’s a PDF on five ways to cut your working hours in half without sacrificing whatever.’ And if somebody you’re talking market want and all this, you just take it from your book, those highlights.

Yeah. It might be the same fulfillment of a PDF. But it’s given, it’s packaged in a way that they actually want it. That’s the key. 

[00:40:50]Kris Ward: Very good. Okay. I think it’s like something as simple as you can make something for dinner and it’s all good and well, and then all you do is you put too much salt on it.

[00:40:59] You can ruin an hour of cooking. Right. So I think what I hear from you today is yeah. Some of these steps I’ve definitely have heard before and I’ve definitely tried before. That’s great. But I think it’s the minor adjustments in each one of those that don’t just scrap at all. Let’s take a look at each thing and then tighten up what we’re doing here. So, perfect. Excellent. Okay, man, time flies by with you. Go ahead. 

[00:41:23]Marcus Chan: Yeah, just kinda elaborate. I’ll make sure people kinda walk with what to say and what to do. But you go into the same thing, you know? ‘Hey Kris, first off, I saw your book. I just actually ordered on Amazon. I can’t wait to check you out.

[00:41:34] Looks absolutely incredible’ So that’d be true, right? That’s the case. ‘Hey, so I love working coaches, just like you. I put together this free training on three steps to add extra hundredK to your bottom line and include below. Check it. Enjoy it. Enjoy, happy to connect here. See you later.’

[00:41:49] That’s it. So there’s no like call to action. There’s no, like if you like it, let’s book a call. Hey, if you really enjoy this, we’ll go ahead and just jump on a call next week. Here’s my account. There’s none of that. So like your call to action is like, Hey, just check it out. If you like super soft, very non-threatening no big deal.

Something of value. And if you’re not comfortable having a gated, give it ungated,  totally fine. If it en gate, it makes…

[00:42:12]Kris Ward: Yes, because nothing makes me more cranky than someone I don’t know. I disconnected. I’ve looked at your stuff. And I was wondering, I think we collaborate on a lot of things. Here’s my calendar.

[00:42:20] Let’s connect next week. Oh, do you think I’m sitting here? Like I have a mother I could visit, like if we, you know what I mean? Okay. So you throw that out. You give them something of value. Let me see, you know, it, hopefully this a whatever. And then do you circle back? Cuz you’re not strong arming them.

[00:42:38] You’re just giving them something. I think that’s a thing. These are simple things and I’m really having a lot of aha moments here. Also, I see your strength as your weakness. So sometimes we get so disciplined and organized. You’re running around, you’re all about efficiencies and that’s great, but then you forget this is a process of socialization.

[00:42:58] And when you’re in a room with somebody, you know that, but then you look at all these inboxes things you have to do on LinkedIn. So I think it’s really just about the depth of doing each one of these steps in a meaningful, social way without giving and not barely letting go of it before you tell them you want something.

[00:43:17] So when we go through this and we’re more sincere and more of service, and I know you hear this all the time, but I’m really grasping why this is now working a little bit deeper level. Whether they optin or not. What do you do with that after that?

[00:43:30]Marcus Chan: Awesome question. So let’s just say, for example, to make it simple, let’s just say it’s ungated item.

[00:43:36] Okay. So something they can watch, read, whatever. I forgot to mention as well. Below the video, I include a little bit of text as well. It’s basically like very similar to what I said, but it’s in text.

[00:43:50]Kris Ward: And so when I do the personal video on LinkedIn also put the text beneath that. Okay. 

[00:43:53]Marcus Chan: A hundred percent just because sometimes people are… maybe they’re with their kids. Maybe they’re in a place they can’t really play the video and hear very well or whatever. So then maybe they’ll try to play, but they can’t hear it because whatever the text also helps really well. And the text is very simple. It’s like, ‘Hey Kris, like I mentioned above, I love helping business coaches achieve this big desire result.

[00:44:14] Here’s the thing I mentioned. Boom, enjoy. Have a great day.’ It’s it. Super simple. So now they can read like, okay, they can watch you, they feel your energy. They see it like, all right, cool. Okay. 

[00:44:26]Kris Ward: So you don’t have to do a complete transcription. You can just summarize, so they have an idea what that is above, right? Okay. Yeah. Perfect.

[00:44:31]Marcus Chan: You want this to be like a no scroll, if you will. Like okay. If they can just, you don’t want to minimize is scrolling, which this is fiction. So they’re gonna probably watch it on the phone. They could see your video. And then below that, they’ll see like a little bit of text and that’s it.

So the minimize you don’t want like an essay below. No. 32nd video text is even shorter, very simple and no call to action. Don’t have an email. Don’t have a signature or don’t put your phone number. Don’t put a booking link. Don’t put a web. Don’t put anything else outside the free okay. And type in casual language.

Casual’s better. If it sounds too professional, they think you’re a robot. Two professional turns people away actually. 

[00:45:18]Kris Ward: I’m not that professional, but I’ve been called many things, but not a robot. And so then we give them, we truly be of service cuz we really are trying to be. Yeah. And then what do we do with that afterwards? 

[00:45:32]Marcus Chan: Good. Very good question. And then you can wait a couple days, right? So depending how you want, you manage your whole sales process. A couple days, depending on really how robust it is. So if it’s like a two hour training, if you’re message the next day, that’s, that’s not a very good emotional intelligence.

[00:45:48] So like, okay. Has a little bit of EQ, right? So maybe wait a couple days, right? So let’s say let’s wait two days, wait, two days. And then if they have a message back, shoot them a quick message. Very simple. Just fall. Hey, so andso what’d you think of this? What’d you think of that guy? What’d you think of this?

[00:46:02] Love to hear your thoughts. Super again, no booking link, no signature, nothing. Your goal is just like, you’re just seeing what they say. If it’s a really good, like high value piece, they’re gonna be like, oh, that was awesome. Or they’re gonna say, oh, I looked at it for briefly. I didn’t get a chance yet, but I’ll definitely check it out.

[00:46:23] Okay. Cool. Awesome. No big deal. Awesome. Hope you enjoy it. Again, you haven’t earned the right to have a conversation. So here, if you notice you the entire time, we’re earning the right to have a conversation, which then earns the right to be able to actually ask questions or even be on a call with them. 

[00:46:39] Okay. So you kinda see how this is like, this is like super useful, but like, let’s just stay fast forward, like a week now and they still haven’t ready yet. You have this little conversation here. I still wouldn’t go for asking for a call yet. You probably, you have to kinda read the situation a little bit, if they’re…

[00:46:56]Kris Ward: What do we talk about them next? Like that’s the part where I get lost in the chit chat at LinkedIn. It’s like, okay, I don’t wanna ask them week after week. Have you seen it? And they haven’t, I don’t wanna ask ’em that three times. So that’s the part I struggle with. 

[00:47:07]Marcus Chan: Yeah. So you’re spot on, so  there’s many different approaches that you can approach.The number one, if they’re posting on LinkedIn engaging, those are easy ways to start  sub conversations, not in the DM, not in the direct messaging box, but let’s just say they post, so you can obviously engage in their posts. All right. And obviously you can use that as a reason to message ’em again. ‘Hey, Kris loved your post today about this, really impactful.’ Okay, again, you’re just like giving. You’re giving, you’re giving or maybe. 

[00:47:39]Kris Ward: So we’ll see their posts and we would comment on the post and then go back into carry. ‘Hey,’ then you would leave a message about the post. And they, I saw that today was really cool, whatever. So now we’re having a sidebar conversation.

[00:47:51]Marcus Chan: Totally nothing to do with the PDF.

[00:47:52]Kris Ward: This is the part we’re missing. The plan is landing for me here. Because you know what?

[00:47:59]Marcus Chan: We’re still earning, we’re still earning it. We haven’t earned the right to ask for a meeting.

[00:48:02]Kris Ward: And I get that, but I just didn’t know how to earn it without sounding like that annoying person that’s asking me every Monday that I didn’t initiate this with.

[00:48:10] And I do very much believe in. We have this whole process of things that I do to maintain relationships. Like I meet someone like you and it’s like, great with this great half hour. And then all of a sudden, if you’re not careful, you’re rotating relationships, not maintaining them. And so I really changed my whole approach with that.

[00:48:25] It’s very structured, but I was really struggling with how to do that on LinkedIn. And I’m always impressed with someone like yourself, who it’s like, well, that was frigging simple. I am over there commenting why can’t then I bring that into the conversation sidebar. So either you’re really smart or I’m really slow cuz why didn’t I think of that?

[00:48:43]Marcus Chan: No, so a lot of times what I find is, when someone said, Hey, this platform does the work. Hey, cold emails work. Hey, cold, cold does the work. It’s not changing everything it’s takes like, just like a little tiny adjustment. It’s like when you get a new car, the stereo sounds pretty good, but I wanna go to treble.

[00:48:58] It just a treble, just a little bit, the base a little bit. And now it sounds really good. I only knew stereo. It’s a great car, great stereo. I just need to make some tweaks. 

[00:49:07]Kris Ward: We’ve had some amazing people here on LinkedIn and I know to comment and to engage. And I learned that, I can control that.

[00:49:13] I can’t control who watches or likes my post, but I can control me engaging with yours. That’s fantastic. But that’s simple idea of tying that into the private messaging. That makes such a big difference. 

[00:49:25]Marcus Chan: Yeah. And sometimes you’ll see it if their relative, if your audience is on LinkedIn, maybe they’re not posting.

[00:49:31] But if that person has engaged on, so you can see like what they liked and commented on. If they comment somewhere else, you can go to their comment, comment underneath their comment. On someone else post. So there’s a lot of different ways you can get really approach it. Now let’s just say, for example, maybe they haven’t commented at all.

[00:49:50] Maybe they’re just like, they want people to kind of sit back, they absorb and just kind of. They consume content, but they’re not actually engaging in commenting. So this is where I think it’s important to have a few different like, I don’t wanna say tricks up your sleeve, but other pieces of value that they might like too.

[00:50:05] So let’s just say fast forward, it’s been a couple weeks. They still haven’t read whatever it was. If it’s too robust of it training, try to give ’em something a little bit easier. Do you get something else? That’s a value for them? ‘Hey, Kris, I’m not sure if this would be a value to you, but I just put together this blog post on three ways to do this specific thing that you really want without a big worry that you probably have.’ 

[00:50:28]Kris Ward: Okay. So, oh my gosh. Ah, this has been fun and time flies with you, Marcus. That’s a disappointment. Okay.

[00:50:36]Marcus Chan: It’s good. It’s good and bad. Same time. It’s good and bad. Same time.

[00:50:38]Kris Ward: Yes it is. Okay. Well clearly they can find you on LinkedIn, correct. Where can they find more of your brilliance?

[00:50:46]Marcus Chan: Super simple. Head over to

That’s SIX for six figure sales You have those all my free trainings on there. A bunch of other free stuff as well.

[00:50:56]Kris Ward: Okay, boy, boy, I’m just gonna be making notes all over the place. Everyone. Reach out. You tell ’em you heard ’em on this podcast because I think, I think landing this plane at the end was really worth its time.

[00:51:08] So thank you so much, Marcus. We really appreciate you and everyone else will see you the next episode. 

[00:51:13]Marcus Chan:Thanks so much. [00:51:14]