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How To Get Big Benefits of Public Relations! with Meredith Liepelt

Episode Summary

Meredith Liepelt gives us easy and practical tips on how to work PR! It’s a great conversation about how to get free media coverage for your business!


Learn how to:
-get the low hanging fruit of TV appearances
– recognize the resources you have that you didn’t know you had!
– create simple pitches that will get your media attention
And so much more!


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Win The Hour, Win The Day!

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Meredith Liepelt Podcast Transcription

START[00:06:59]Kris Ward:  Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Win The Hour, Win The Day Podcast. I am your host, Kris Ward. And today we have Meredith Liepelt in the house and she is the CEO of Rising Star Publicity, and she has guided hundreds of experts. Yes, you are an expert. Okay. She’s talking about you. Hundreds of experts to be recognized authorities in the media and really help them get their message out, you know, and all aspects of media from TV to podcasts, to print, to online outlets, everything.

[00:07:28] So, man, this is where it’s at guys. So we really want to pay attention to Meredith. Meredith, welcome to the show. 

[00:07:28]Meredith Liepelt: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I’m really thrilled to talk with you. You’re “winning hour, win the day” listeners. This is going to be a lot of fun today. 

[00:07:46]Kris Ward: Well, okay. Meredith, the first thing I said to you when we had our pre-meeting interview is, oh my gosh, you showed up prepared.

[00:07:52] Now I have been a guest on many, many podcasts and I want to show up prepared. I want them to instantly like me, that was my own self-serving plan. Right. But now that I have my own show, I’m like, I cannot believe how many times they look, somebody needs a great guest and I have to chase them down for like

[00:08:12] you know, you’re doing this all the time. Maybe I could have your headshot or you do a bunch of shows. Maybe you could give me something that, you know, looks a little bit professional, or I don’t even mind if it was taken off your phone, but it can’t be digitized or blurry or, you know, even just showing up prepared.

[00:08:29] Just makes it so much more fun and allows you to move faster and people will refer to you and I don’t, listen. Why am I telling you this? But I just want to tell you I recognize it and I really, really, really appreciate it now when it happens. So let’s start with that.

[00:08:47]Meredith Liepelt: Absolutely being ready for media is it does a lot of different things. Like you said, like you are booking guests. So when somebody comes prepared and, like say for example, like I was introduced to you by someone else who was on your show. Well, I showed up prepared and you instantly said, yes. And that’s what I want. That’s what your listeners want. Like, we don’t want to have to go through all this back and forth and all this kind of stuff, you know, like, continuous back and forth.

[00:09:12] Like certainly you have to meet and all that kind of stuff, right? But when you show up prepared, you’ve got a bio that’s ready to go. You’ve got a headshot that looks like it’s current. It looks good. And you’ve got like, you know, your talking points, you’ve got it. You’ve got some ideas on what you want to talk about.

[00:09:29] These are the basics, people like, you know, just having these things together really help you to be seen as media ready, media worthy and the expert that you are. 

[00:09:40]Kris Ward: Yeah, you have no idea what we used to do on the graphic. Cause we’re all about wanting to market you and promote you. And we want it to be a really enjoyable experience.

[00:09:48] Right? And so we used to have on the cover that when we promoted the show, it would be your image and my image on it. I really wanted to spotlight the guests as much as possible and not just have me on it. Right. So when you go into iTunes or whatever, it’d be there. And we had to stop doing that because there were so many times you just couldn’t get the picture, it looked so bad.

[00:10:08] Or it’s taken in a backyard with like, you know, lawn chairs behind somebody and you’re like, it just doesn’t work on the cupboards digitized. So we had to remove that aspect of it and just, okay. I wanted to promote you even more, but more times than not the picture, wasn’t it, it was a very low quality, which made me rant for a minute.

[00:10:26] I don’t even understand because with the, with the phones, you can take a high quality picture. I’m not saying it has to be professional, but it just doesn’t look like you. I don’t know. You’re wearing shorts and you just put your drink down and take a picture. 

[00:10:38]Meredith Liepelt:Right. Well, exactly. And you want to present yourself as the expert, again, the expert that you are, and it’s not that hard to do it.

[00:10:46] Just some of these things, just take time, put it in your calendar. I’m going to get a great picture of myself today. Like maybe you pick, like a great color that you look really good in or a great environment. You know, something that’s not like so busy, like right now I wouldn’t take a picture of me, like right here right now, but something that is just going to portray you.

[00:11:04] Look on the internet for headshots. Look for like, who’s an expert that you really admire. Go look them up, look for their headshot and see what do you like about that? 

[00:11:13]Kris Ward: It’s a hedgehog. Keep it simple, keep it clean and get your head in it, whatever. So, anyhow, let me not rail on. So you guide us before it becomes a half hour rant of me because you’re right.

[00:11:25] I do see these things as quite simple, but they really create a nuisance for us. It’s like, you know, you should make it easy to be on our show. So we’re not going to chase you down. So tell us, where should we start? What is it, you know? Where do you start with your clients? 

[00:11:40]Meredith Liepelt: Yes. So when I start with a client, you know, I’m always asking, you know, what kind of media have you gotten to date?

[00:11:46] Right. And usually people come to me looking for maybe their first media coverage. Maybe they might be, you know, fairly new in business, but maybe not like I’ve worked with a lot of people who have very successful six, high, six, seven figure businesses who haven’t had media coverage yet. So I’m always looking at, like, where are you?

[00:12:04] Like, what have you done to date? Because sometimes people will come and they’ll say right out of the gate, well, I want to be on Steve Harvey and I want to be on the Today Show. And I say, great. You know, like what have you done so far? Well nothing. And you know, those shows are probably not your first stop.

[00:12:21] Now I am definitely not against squashing dreams or anything like that, but I want people to understand that the process of getting on those shows is working it. So you go on a local TV show, right? Several times, you know, you get your feet wet, you practice your talking points. You get used to what it’s like to being on television, or being interviewed by a local journalist.

[00:12:46] You cut your teeth locally. Right? And then, because I have literally never talked to or heard a national producer for a TV show say that they don’t want to see a video. Like they want to see you on video. So they want to see you on television. And if they can see you also on stage, like get video of yourself on stage, you know, if you’re already going and speaking on stages, even if like right now, we’re on zoom right now.

[00:13:10] It’s okay. This works for right now, this absolutely works because I’ll tell you what, here’s the other big secret I want to share with everyone, Kris is right now going on TV looks a lot like what you and I are doing right now. 

[00:13:]Kris Ward: I know because you know what I was, I should know better. Cause I used to do local TV where I was before.

[00:13:31] Cause w but now I’m very rural. And to add to your point, like, sometimes people tell me stuff. And I don’t mean this in a condescending way, but I feel like saying, do you need to explain that to people? Like, do you need to tell them they can’t go from zero to a hundred? Like they can’t go from nothing to the today show, but even if you could, I wouldn’t want to, because you have to, you don’t want to flub

[00:13:51] your one chance, right? And when you’re on a TV show locally, and they might give you 15 minutes and you have to learn how to talk in sound bites and condense, and there’s a learning curve and realizing when to wrap up that or not to look awkward when they cut you off to go to commercial, like you have to get the rhythm of that and sure as heck if you get on the today’s show, like Brad Pitt might get five minutes, you’re not going to get 15.

[00:14:14] So you have to have that experience. And you know, there, but you’re right, now I’m like hitting myself inside the head going, oh my gosh. I was just thinking, well, where I am now, the only one that can interview me will be a couple of friendly cows, but no, I can do this virtually. This is the world’s my oyster again.

[00:14:30] Right. So spectacular. So, okay. So go local. And it’s not because, people, it doesn’t matter. I mean, we get this all the time when people pitch us to be on the show. And I don’t get this. Somebody will have their assistant send me this big, long write-up about how many books they wrote, how important they are, how significant and why should we be lucky to have them on the show?

[00:14:52] Well, first of all, it doesn’t tell me, you know, anything about my show or my audience. And secondly, there doesn’t mean they’re interesting. Right. You can be smart and boring. I’ve had them. And so people do want to see how you perform? How do you engage? Are you conversational? Can you go with the flow? Are you ‘fun’? They want to see your personality. Am I correct? 

[00:15:13]Meredith Liepelt: Absolutely. They want to see your personality. They want to see your energy. They want to see how you present yourself. So it is important to be able to give those when you’re pitching right upfront. And you also bring up another really good point, Kris.

[00:15:25] And that is when you pitch to any media outlet, you must have already consumed that media outlet at some level, if you go to a podcast, you better have listened to at least a couple of those podcasts. If you want to be in a magazine, you better have that magazine in front of you flip through it, understand like, what do they cover?

[00:15:45] Like, do they do like how to like how to do this and that? Or do they do more features on interesting people? Do they do both? Do they do book reviews, like, what is it that they’re doing television? Who are they interviewing? How are they doing that? Because you need to be able to say what you like about, you know, that media outlet and you need to be able to know, like, there’s a place for me here.

[00:16:08] Here’s where I can add value. The thing about media coverage, I love so much. It is all about, you have to bring value. This is not about just going on to like, Hey, look at me. Like you have to bring value to the audience. So to be able to do that, you need to know who this audience is. What are they doing?

[00:16:26] And then how has this particular media outlet created content for them? And then you insert yourself in a similar way so that you make it an easy yes for them. 

[00:16:40]Kris Ward: Yeah, because we’re not asking you guys to change your personality, but you have to know the pulse of the show.

So, you know, if you went to something very similar, like, I don’t know, the two big shows in the history of TV, I might say, would be the Ellen show and the Oprah show, but those are two very different shows. So they had a huge audience, but you’re going to talk to Ellen in a saucy way that you would not talk to Oprah.

[00:17:01] So it’s not about showing up and being a different person for every show, but you know, one of the things I do too, of course I do my homework. In fact, I used to go overboard. Like if the podcast is hosted, written a book, one time somebody had written three, I read them all. I was like, okay. But I was, I was really new in the beginning and I was just really, really invested.

[00:17:20] So yes. Still do your homework. Maybe you don’t need to read all three books. That was overkill. That’s just how I started. Not only do I do the homework, but then also right before I go back on their shelves. So I’ve got a booking thing going to be on a show at two o’clock or something. I really listened to the show as I’m getting ready for the show, kind of like, just get in the groove of how you know their language.

[00:17:43] How, what pulse are they going to be going out? Are they high energy, low energy? Are they more Zen? Sometimes you hear words too. Like people, they may still be talking about business, but they might talk about more of a spiritual element. Oh, well, we’re in alignment with my purpose versus somebody else might be like, you know, really much more aggressive in their language, but high energy words. Right. So I do that right before I’m on the show. I listened. We listened to some of it again. 

[00:18:03]Meredith Liepelt: Yeah. That’s a really great tip. I mean, the idea is definitely consume that media because especially with podcasts, because if you’re not really very familiar with who’s doing the podcast, you want to make sure that you are in alignment with their message.

[00:18:20] Like you don’t want to go on a podcast and then just be like, whoa, like, I didn’t know I was going to be on that kind of podcast. You know, you really need to be able to like, you need to control your narrative. And that means you understand where you’re showing up and how you’re showing. 

[00:18:34]Kris Ward: Okay, so, man, there’s so much we could talk to you about, we could turn this into a six week Netflix, six documentary series.

[00:18:42] So let’s talk about the opportunity we have now. I like to think there’s positivity in everything. So with the pandemic, there’s, you know, lots of craziness, but one of the positives is this is what local TV looks like right now. So how do you suggest we pitch that? Because sometimes for us, it’s overwhelming.

[00:19:01] When you go, okay, I’m supposed to go online and then these people have to find their own interviews, but it just seems very, very overwhelming, like that’s TV and I don’t know who the right person is. And it just seems very, I don’t know, high end, like where do we start with that? 

[00:19:15]Meredith Liepelt: Yeah. I mean, that’s a great question. And the truth is I think of TV as being one of the low hanging fruits for people. So that’s a little bit of a mindset shift, so it’s not a message that would resonate with the masses, because I’m thinking of lifestyle TV shows where traditionally in non pandemic times they would have someone come in, you know, sit on their couch or stand beside them, talk to them.

[00:19:39] Maybe there would be a demonstration of something, you know, something like that. They are looking for people like us to come on TV and bring this value. So if you can do that, you’re very likely to get booked. And so here are some things that I think of when I start to think about a client and how I can get them on television.

[00:19:59] I want you to be thinking about these things. I want you to be thinking about holidays. Okay. Holidays are a great way to get on television. And I’m not talking about just like, you know, mother’s day and father’s day, all those kinds of things. Sure. You can use those, but there are literally thousands of holidays out there.

[00:20:17] You know, you hear these weird, like national bubble gum day, you know, all that kind of stuff. You can find these holidays just by searching online. You can look up. You know, there’s a website called holiday insights or Chases Jason’s calendar events. You can just go out there and find… 

[00:20:34]Kris Ward: There’s even a ‘keep your desk clean day’. I didn’t know. 

[00:20:36]Meredith Liepelt: Yes. Yes, exactly. Exactly. I mean you and yes. And I was just going to say, eventually, Kris, you could even create your own holiday. You can have a “Win the Hour, Win the Day, Day”

[00:20:49]Kris Ward: Oh, I liked it. I liked the rhythm of your walk there. Okay. 

[00:20:54]Meredith Liepelt:Okay. So, that’s a bit more advanced, but right now, what I’m telling people is look at these holidays.

[00:20:59] So, I mean I’ve used National Oatmeal Day. I think that was in September to get one of my clients on TV who does skincare, because I was like, well, you know what, do you use oatmeal to cleanse your skin? So she went on and talked about that. So it’s just, you know, kind of take a look at these holidays.

[00:21:19] You can look up what holiday is going on in June, you know, 2021. And just look to see, is there a way that you connect, you can connect your business with that holiday, because if you can, then you are very timely and very relevant. And imagine the TV anchor saying something like, did you know that that’s, you know, national hot dog day coming up, we’ve got a health expert to talk about, you know, how to make your hotdogs healthier.I mean, I don’t know. I’m just making something up. 

[00:21:46]Kris Ward: Yeah. Yeah. So, okay. You’re really expanding my mind here. So up until this time I was always limited because I felt like it was all lifestyle TV on there and whatever, and I’m very business focused, very entrepreneurial, how to stop working so hard. But now it’s broadening how I think.

[00:22:00] So for one, I could talk about virtual teams because that’s a big question with everyone right now, and I’ve been doing that for 10 plus years. So I could talk about that. But even things like you know, I always tell my clients that my coaching clients, that they should treat themselves like, what I call business athletes.

[00:22:16] Right? Because you, you have to, you are the business, you need to be physically fit. And even something as simple as I would, my life changed when I switched to a standing desk. So even like, even though it’s not in my main lane, that could be my in, and again, I think the really important message, which we haven’t talked about here at all is

[00:22:34] being on TV or getting media exposure. What I’ve learned over the years isn’t that this appearance is going to change your life, but it’s that you’re collecting the experience and also collecting the social proof and collecting the portfolio of that you’ve been on TV. So that gig gets you to the next gig and then gets you this beautiful collection of social proof.

[00:22:55] So for me to be on a local TV show, even talking about my standing desk, isn’t a loss, even though I focus on, you know, building your W.I.N Team and stop working so hard. It’s a connection. 

[00:23:06]Meredith Liepelt: Bingo. I mean, I couldn’t have said it better. I mean, that is beautiful because sometimes you have to look at your business from the 30,000 foot view, as opposed to I have these very, very narrow and specific tips and maybe sometimes that could work. It really depends on your business. It really depends on your business.

[00:23:23]Kris Ward: Oh, my gosh. Okay. Yeah, I was just writing stuff down. You talk and I’ll make notes for my own business here. Go ahead. Exactly.

[00:23:32]Meredith Liepelt: Exactly. Well, and another way to get on television is frankly, sometimes practical advice is enough to get you on television.

[00:23:39] Like my husband, for example, is a real estate agent. He’s a realtor and he went on TV awhile ago talking about how to get your home ready to sell. And so he went..

[00:23:49]Kris Ward: Hold on, hold on. What a good setup he’s got going, a realtor with a PR wife. I’m sorry. You can do whatever you want. He can’t leave you.Right?

[00:24:00]Meredith Liepelt: Exactly. That is exactly right. 

[00:24:04]Kris Ward: Every one a day or that, you know, they’ve known about that gig for a long time. Right. He will never leave you. Okay, continue.

[00:24:15]Meredith Liepelt:  That is true. No matter what, so yeah, that’s funny. That’s really funny. So, yeah, so he went on TV, part of what he did was, show people how to take a screen

[00:24:24] that’s been broken and fix it. I mean, literally you cut it out and then you do this. So practical tips, this is what keeps people around. Sometimes we think it has to go in and be like super, like big and it doesn’t. And here’s another thing that I like to do, Kris. And this is for people who, maybe practical tips or demonstration isn’t necessarily like in your, like you can’t, you know, if you’re a plastic surgeon or something, you can’t take all your machines on a show.

[00:24:55] Okay. But here’s what you can do. Every industry has some sort of association or governing body, right? Like you’re in the association of whatever dog, walkers, whatever. Exactly. Most likely, yeah. They are going to issue an annual report about the state of the union. Like what’s current, what’s new. What are the trends?

[00:25:14] Like all this stuff. So you can go and find the reports. In this report are going to be statistics and facts. And that can sound boring, but here’s how you jazz it up for television. You’re going to go on and you’re going to pitch to the TV station. I could come on and do an interactive “Myth and Truth” or true advice.

[00:25:37] Let’s take your example of dog walkers. You could say something like, you know, if the report shows, you know, like, you know what, 30%.. Go ahead. 

[00:25:47]Kris Ward:  Sorry to interrupt. Here’s a better example. We see it all the time when they stand there and they drag out on TV shows for 20 minutes where they’ve got a piece of fruit or a piece of banana bread and a piece of something else.

[00:25:56] And then you go, which one is better for you to eat. And then sometimes you think, oh, I thought this was, but it wasn’t. And we sit there like a fool for 20 minutes, we go through six food items. And so that’s myth, you know, that’s myth or for whatever, miss or myth or false. Hello. All absurd. Any words for the next show, but anyhow, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So, sorry. Continue. We see that all the time.

[00:26:17]Meredith Liepelt: Exactly. Like you can go in and you can have the anchors hold, like, you know how they hold like a little single significant Ellen does Ellen does myth truth. True. False. You know, you can do the exact same thing with all this data that might seem really boring, but you live it up by having interactive conversation.

[00:26:33] And then you know, if it’s true and they say false, then you say, oh, actually, you know, like it just, it opens you up for dialogue about your industry. Those are just some ideas that you can take, and see about pitching yourself on TV. 

[00:26:48]Kris Ward: Wow. Okay. And so when we do that, do we go to the website?

What are we looking for? Where do we start the pitch and how do we do the pitch? Do we send them a video? What do we do? What’s our best tactics?

[00:26:58]Meredith Liepelt: Your best tactic usually is a short email. So putting a pitch together that says something like, Hey, I watched your show. I see you had so-and-so on, I really love this segment because of whatever.

[00:27:10] Okay. Again, consume the media. Let them know that you’ve watched it, that you’re paying attention. I have an idea that I think might be interesting for your viewers. I’m an expert in such and such. I can come on and demonstrate these three things. Like keep it simple, three things I can come on and talk about these three things.

[00:27:28] I can have an interactive conversation, do a true false interactive conversation with the anchors around this PR report and link to it. You know, here’s a link to my video. It could be anything, it could be a podcast like this. It could be just take your phone and do a quick video of you talking about literally anything in your business.

[00:27:50] It doesn’t have to be about the pitch, but a link to the video so that they can see you send it in. Usually there’s like on there on a website, there’s like a newsroom at, you know, whatever their URL is. You can do that. Or what I would say is even better is pick up your phone, call the station and just say.

[00:28:11] Who do I send a pitch to for your morning show? I would…

[00:28:16]Kris Ward:  Hold on everybody, hold on and pull the car over if you’re driving, picking up the phone. So help me, God, I thought I was ahead of you. I’m thinking I’m absorbing everything you’re saying. So sometimes what I do is I’ll pitch somebody on LinkedIn rather than their podcasts, because I think they have a better chance to see it.

[00:28:34] So I thought I was all that in a bag of chips. I’m like, I got this right. What the phone, the telephone, hold on. I know it’s so simple, but so profound. I got it. The telephone. All right. And we all have them. We have them, we just don’t use them for calling anymore. Okay. 

[00:28:50]Meredith Liepelt: Exactly. And here’s, here’s the thing. When I start working with people on media, what they start to realize is, and this is one of those other things we have to ask for what we want. We want to know who’s the producer. Guess what? Call and ask. They will tell you, and then you’d ask and you say what’s their email address. They’re going to tell you, like they’re accessible to the community..

[00:29:17]Kris Ward: Because they have  to fill those hours. They have to fill the show. I mean like now we have recently, as you know, made it part of the qualification to be on our show. You have to refer somebody to us because first of all, you’re a great guest. My understanding is you’re going to know other great people like this is it, especially a PR person. And so why am I running out and go, oh, this one was hit.

[00:29:36] This one’s a mess, whatever. Cause I’m so selective you guys about who’s on the show, you know? Because you guys keep telling me and all the testimonials, I read every single one of them about how you learned something and you can go try it right after the show. So even if it’s a really great topic, they can’t do that right after the show.

[00:29:52] Sorry. That’s not what they want. So why don’t I get, you know, great guests to refer to a great guest. So we do need to fill up this time. And I know everyone keeps saying that it’s like, oh, these people on TV, they have to fill up the hours, but you know, you think, oh, but it’s somehow it’s still the magic of TV and there’s just me.

[00:30:09] And am I an expert? No, I’m not. But you’re right. If your husband can talk about replacing a screen and I have sat there and watched that on TV, the fascination, you know, or how many times have I watched on TV? What we could do was, you know, baking soda and vinegar. I already should have that mastered by now, right?

[00:30:27] So, okay. Pick it up, call them, ask them. And I think also, I know for me, all my appointments are back to back and they’re all virtual and I’m just not accessible by phone because I have a very structured day, but this is the nature of what they do. And so this whole phone tip that’s worth it. That’s the price of admission right here. Call them on the phone. Okay. Awesome. All right. Continue Meredith. 

[00:30:49]Meredith Liepelt: I mean, we could go to a lot of different places from here. It’s just, yeah. I mean, again, I feel like this whole idea about asking for what you want. This is what, again, when clients work with me, our work usually expands outside of media because it’s like, it’s when I see people and when I help people get on

[00:31:06] media in media, whether it’s print, whether it’s online, whether it’s tip television podcasts, I see what it does for them. It really builds their confidence and it helps them really work out their messaging. Like you’ve got to know your messaging, so it helps you drill down in your messaging and get that to a point where you’re getting really excited about it.

[00:31:25] And then you get like, well, I could do this and I could do that. And that can be great. But sometimes the ideas can be overwhelming. Then it’s like, well, what do I do next? And, but the confidence that I see people, you know, create in themselves is enormous. And then usually like then comes, you know, I want more media, or I would like to have more speaking engagements.

[00:31:46] One of my clients, you know, we started on this personal branding journey together and, you know, we got him media appearances and he said, you know what? I really want more speaking engagements. And I really want to charge more. How do I do these things? All this stuff becomes possible because it’s just you, when you can open the door to new possibilities, you start

[00:32:04] to see other opportunities and other possibilities. So really it’s like, I almost look at media as a personal growth opportunity because it helps you to become more of who you are. You know, it’s just getting your, getting your message out there more and more getting clearer about what, who you help and what you do. How do you serve the world? So it’s just kind of like this gateway to becoming your bigger, more impactful, fuller self. 

[00:32:33]Kris Ward: Yeah, I agree. Totally because, you know, I was always comfortable, you know, my husband, when you say I’d get on local TV and  he was just traumatized by the idea. It was a very confident man and the other aspect, but he did not understand public speaking.

[00:32:46] And he’d say Hey, like, aren’t you worried? You’re going to embarrass or humiliate you. Like, he just couldn’t believe that I sought these things out. Like to him, that was just like, I don’t know, running into the kitchen and getting a knife and saying, it’s just sharp enough to stab myself with it.

[00:32:57] Like he just didn’t understand he was sick. And when he saw me on TV, he had to stand up so he could leave the room. Like he just found it very anxiety provoking, but so I never lacked confidence there, but I will tell you having been on so many podcasts and stuff, it really does help you understand how to talk in sound bites and get in to constantly tweak your messages.

[00:33:17] And then when people ask you more questions about this versus that you go, oh, that’s the thing. So then I keep tweaking and tightening up my messaging based on the feedback I’m getting. So yeah. It is profound. And then of course, more media gets more media because then people see you’ve done all these things.

[00:33:32] So then, you know, they know, oh, she’s been on these all and all these things for sure. She’ll be a great guest. Like they want a great guest. Right. So, yeah. It’s awesome. Well, Meredith, we just have a couple of minutes left. What’s one last thing we should know? And where should people find you for more of your brilliance?

[00:33:48]Meredith Liepelt: Well, thank you for having me on your show. First of all, it’s always such fun to talk to you. I would just say if you’re interested in media, if you’re interested in growing your business and growing yourself, personally, media is something to really take a look at. So hopefully some of these tips will help you just to turn your attention, to see like actually it’s attainable for me and all of that.

[00:34:06] So I hope that just you know, someone out there to say, this is attainable for me and I’m just going to just go for it, just go for it. And if you want more, like I have a group on Facebook, I’d love you to join. It’s called, “The Visibility Collaborative”. Okay. So it’s

[00:34:29] So come just answer the questions, join me there. We have conversations all day long about just, you know, every day I put out a different topic, kind of like having a visibility coach just right there on Facebook. So come join us.

[00:34:41]Kris Ward:  Yeah, that’s a keyword guys. Visibility. It’s not just about, you know, it’s visibility, it’s becoming the authority.

[00:34:48] So check that out. We’ll put it in the show notes. Absolutely. When you’re not in our, Win The Hour, Win The Day Group, because you need to be over at Meredith’s. You’ve got time for both people. You’ve got time for both. My group will give you more time so you can do the visibility stuff. All right. Meredith, you have been an absolute blast. Thank you so much. I mean, it’s been spectacular. I really enjoyed it.

[00:35:12]Meredith Liepelt: I’ve enjoyed this. Thank you for this opportunity. 

[00:35:14]Kris Ward: Thanks so much. And you guys, till the next show, we’ll see you then. [00:35:17]END…