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How To Get A Sherpa For Your Business? With Greg Reid

Episode Summary

Greg has an amazing way of driving home a point, in a simple fashion so that you never forget it! This episode is overflowing with profound examples of how you can change your business by just making some minor adjustments!

– how the the simple CPC formula can change your life
– the important difference between advice and counsel
– how to get a Sherpa for your business

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—= Greg Reid – NYB Podcast – Timestamp – PART 2 – Transcription 


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Kris: (20:01)

Hey everyone. Welcome to Now Your Business. I’m Kris Ward and I am super, super, super excited because we have Greg Reid back in the house now. If you remember, he was during our launch where you got to go back and visit that because he gave some incredible nuggets in a short period of time. It was unbelievable episode for you. You got to listen to it and in fact, I think you’ll hear it on replay once you hear it. Once you’re like, I’ll listen to this again, but let me just remind you about Greg’s bio first. Let me welcome you to the show, Greg. 

Greg: (20:32)


Kris: (20:32)

Hola. Dr Greg Reid, who has received an honorary PhD in literature is considered one of the top five keynote speakers by Forbes and entrepreneur. He has been published in more than 80 books, which has been translated in 45 languages. Among his bestselling books are wealth made, easy, stickability and three feet from gold. He can be found pretty much anywhere. Having a great time brewing up inspiration, occasionally breaking into song and dance and being of contribution to those around him. I can attest to that. Welcome to the show Mr Greg [inaudible] Dr Greg Reid. 

Kris: (21:15)

You’re a full philosopher but I feel a little, I think you’re a little too high energy and action oriented to be philosophy on, you know there’s a new word for you on very many subjects. But you know when I quickly did a Google for you and it was really funny you said in the in launch week, I said how do they find, you should just Google me. And when I did that just to see am I missing something? Cause I’ve known you off and on for a while now. I’ve been so fortunate because many, many of the defining characteristics in which how I run my life and my business came from things that you shared on stage and I’ve just, it just never gets old. So first of all, I really, this could be a whole show about how great you are. So if you want to now your business, you really do have to look up anything Greg Reid and that will not just inspire you cause I think that’s a very limiting word in your case. There’s just so much content and it’s so helpful and it really cuts through the noise. So I found that, but when I was looking up online, the words that kept coming up were vibrancy, passion, inspiration, engaging, uplifting. And it’s just, yeah, rich, rich, rich with content. So Greg, now your business is all about what can people do now? Now I know you got endless pearls of wisdom that have really defined and redefined my life. Where do you want to start? Let’s give you free reign. What do you think people need to know in order to be a success today? Where do you want to start?

Greg: (22:37)

Clarity of vision. That’s it. I mean the whole idea until you know exactly what it is you’re looking for and where you’re going, it really doesn’t make much sense as you just be running in sand. So many people think it’s all about the [inaudible]. Yeah. Action. And I always say it’s the action in the law of attraction that makes your dreams come true. You gotta think it, feel it, but ultimately you got to do it on the same that you have to know where you’re headed, towards. One of the greatest interviews I ever did was true with Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants, and I went to him, I said, I want to be a billionaire like you. I go, what do I do differently? He looked at me and said, that’s easy. Stop planning. Oh, what? I go, that goes against everything I’ve ever learned in my life. And he said, well, last year you had a lot of plans. I go, yeah, let me go. How did that work out for you? No, not so good. He goes guarantee, you hit a goal from time to time cause you’re always taking that action. It goes, what you wanna do is look for in capitalized, an unexpected opportunity with clarity. So what it means is if I want to go to the end of the street, that’s my goal. That’s my clarity. That’s where I’m gonna be headed toward. He goes, I get off my backside off the couch and start taking action and move towards that direction. He goes, but that’s where the planning stops. Well, what I do is I look for opportunity. Did a kid leave a skateboard or a bicycle out to make my journey short? If I get lucky, I’ll wave down a yeah, neighbor driving by and hitch a ride to the end of the street. He says, either way I’ll get to my goal, my destination. I’m just not so caught up in exactly how it has to happen. And that to me is the secret of all prosperity.

Kris: (24:08)

That makes, I mean it’s well worded. It’s so simple. It’s almost like you think. Oh, right, okay, that makes sense. I know there’s a similar story in your three feet from gold book and not similar, but would the same sort of a mindset, and I know for me that was a really powerful book and I gave it away for anybody that came to our organization. Any client, any opportunity. I bought them like in six packs. I was just constantly buying them. I only stopped buying them when I wrote my own book and I was still kind of torn. I’m like, well, I think my book’s really good and I should push it, but they should really have this one too.

Greg: (24:44)

I guess I’m that way with a book called the ultimate gift by Jim Stovall. Like I’ve done 80 books, 45 all that different stuff. Yet still my favorite book is someone else’s book.

Kris: (24:55)

Right, right. Yeah.

Greg: (24:58)

Right. So that’s all. That’s kind of a little too, and we’re honoring the people that have impacted our lives by sharing their messages.

Kris: (25:05)

Yeah. So it was amazing. So I think for the viewer, for the audience who has not had the fortune to read that book yet, why don’t you tell us a little bit about that story? Cause I thought that was really powerful and it always sticks in my mind.

Greg: (25:17)

What’s interesting about that book? First of all, I was 11 years ago, so it’s like going back in time. I’m done about 40 books since that time. So I have to kind of think in my head to go index next year in 2020 they’re coming out with the [inaudible] version of it with more, uh, coaching in the back and things of this nature. So by the way, you can go to Amazon pre-order that, but that’s gonna be coming out. And the idea is so many people give up before the miracle happens. And I had an epiphany recently and says, what if God in the universe granted every wish and prayer only we didn’t like the packaging? So we send them away

Kris: (25:54)

Right, right. 

Greg: (25:55)

Think about this. We used to think, Oh God, I need $100, please Lord, give me $100. And all of a sudden the guy pulls up in a big pickup truck and it’s full of aluminum cans. He says, I’m running late for a meeting. Well, you take these off my hands, go cash them in. They’re worth 100 bucks. You’ll get those stinky things outta here. Well, you ask them, prayed it was delivered, but we didn’t like the packaging. So we sent it on its way. And I thought to myself, be careful what you ask for because you might just get it. And successful people are very careful what we put out to the universe and how we ask it because more times than not is actually given to us quicker than we could imagine.

Kris: (26:30)

Right? Absolutely. And that is a very simple but profound point. So when we talk about three feet from gold, it really was about giving up, you know, too soon. And it was just a very powerful fable. And now I’ve written my own book. I must say, I thought, you know, my book was nonfiction and then I go back and I realize yours was so much harder to write because it’s got a fable tone to it and it’s even more powerful. So I had a whole new respect for you there. When you are, I mean surrounded and you’re giving all these amazing, uh, I don’t even know. I keep wanting to redefine it, make new words up for you, like speeches, just as not it. When you’re giving these dynamic presentations to these audiences and you know, you leave them with these messages, that’s amazing. But when you’re walking day to day, what do you see is the biggest mistake where people trip over themselves as far as business getting in their own ways? What is it you could stop doing now to now your business?

Greg: (27:25)

You know, we talked about it at our other interview earlier as about your information from so key paramount today is, you know, the success profile, I mean the whole realities for myself. Look, if I wanted to become an Instagram star, I would not take any information from someone who’s got four followers and doesn’t know anything about the industry. So what I do is I seek people that are getting the results that I want for myself today. And then I started applying it towards my own daily life. And I think more people could do that on a regular basis than things for themselves would change as well.

Kris: (27:59)

Yeah. And I remember too, uh, I know you were quoting somebody else, but I’m gonna tell you, I came to it came through you to me and it really change everything I looked at their after was all that’s gonna change in five years is the book you read and the people you surround yourself with. Right. And you know what? I don’t know if that made me a better person because there’d be times I would be looking left to right. And I’d be thinking, you know, cause you were talking about the, some of your income is affected by the books you read and the people that you surround yourself by. And I would be looking around going, yeah, this is not a good plan. Like we need to move on. And it really was a very quick, uh, like school grading. Like, I’m sorry, you’re just not gonna make the cut. So really we don’t need to get any deeper to this. And it was not a superficial thing. It was just how, what level I want my life to be at, sort of being dynamic or not. You know?

Greg: (28:46)

I love it though. And Charlie, tremendous Jones, my mentor taught me that and he says that Greg, you’re the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things. The people you meet and the books you read. And I think that’s changed a little bit. Yeah, I think it’s the people that you learn from and it’s the information that you gather because not a lot of people read books, let’s just be honest, right? The realities are the book industry is dying fast and there’s only one bookstore left in a freaking America. So it’s, it’s not that great of a growing trend. However, there is now Snapchats and Instagrams and news feeds and things of this nature. So I believe we’re getting more information, better information, but we’re getting in a different modality. So it’s being able to adapt and adjust to that information and do something very unique and apply that wisdom. I mean the fact of the matter is success leaves clues. So, for example, if you ever watched something out there more like Bitcoin and you saw I have, it’s a rise in the Rough riders and meteoric and go down and go up and go down. Well, it’s starting to leave a trend now so you can start following it. So if it hits down to six, $7,000, well I just last few years, we know it’s gonna go up to nine or 10 successful people. What they do is they buy low, sell high, they learn from this history. Same as real estate, same as oil, same as commodities.

Successful people follow successful actions for others. That excellent. 

Kris: (30:06)

Yeah. And you know what? You can almost have that, just like we could do a Greg big recording and just keep replaying that over and over again because it is really easy with all the noise coming at you and every, you know, we’re all pushing these messages out in the next guru, in the next guru. It’s like who? It’s almost like the loudest person wins. And so having, you know, so having some of these things in your tool belt, your utilities have what I call defining moments from Greg Reid really helps you navigate through all that messiness and just keep a clear vision. Cause I think that’s the biggest problem is you get caught up with everyone, like a herd of cattle saying, Oh well this is the thing right now. Oh turn left. It’s Instagram turn right and you’re right, who are we getting this information from? That’s, you know, it’s crazy. Now you know we talked about this a little bit during launch week about you know, how you got started in your path and just looking for seeking counsel, not advice. And that’s, we can expand on that because that I think is just so simple but so profound and so meaningful. And it’s really helped me in my business a lot. So when you, when we look at you now and we say, wow, he’s got this freedom, this dynamic energy, he’s his powerhouse on stage. He’s this hugely sought after a sought after speaker. Can you tell us about some of the little turns that you had to make where you had to say, well I’ve got to do something different now. I know when we met many years ago the big journey was getting uh, three feet from gold. That that was a process for you. Can you share that even though you’re all this, you know, fun guy, snappy dresser. It wasn’t always, everyday wasn’t easy.

Greg: (31:39)

It’s still isn’t today. I may look first there’s a dream and to challenge and then comes victory. Unfortunately almost everyone quits in the challenging times. So for me I always look at it kind of like a skier. You’re on top of the mountain and then you want to get down to the clubhouse. Well as successful people we know that there’s trees, moguls, black eyes, snow borders. We’re gonna get tripped up along the way. So when I have my fall I just get up and keep going cause I want to get to the clubhouse where other people complain, gripe and moan and call the ski patrol, the pull them down and they give up. I just keep going through cause I know ultimately my journey ends here. That’s it. So you know, people see all the mayor, I mean this was kind of cool. Check this one out. So last month I got a star on the walk of fame in Vegas right in front of a Paris hotel, six from Elvis Presley and you know, all the most incredible icons of our generation as an author. But it didn’t come easy. The first book I did, I was turned down by 268 publishers agents in a row and then 269th one said do your book, but you have to change the title at the beginning of the middle. And the end that was, Oh I got a ghost rider who took my words and craft it away. People went to see it. And here we are, 80 books later on a star on the walk of fame. So the bottom line is everything has been a process. You know, the story with Frank has been a big one for me. So one of the people I interviewed along my journey, the founder of Make-A-Wish, and I asked him a question that says, what was your wish? It looked at me, said, what do you mean? I says, well, you’re the founder of Make-A-Wish. What did you ask for? And he said, no one ever asked me. I says, well, I will grant your wish. No matter what you want, I will give it to you whether you want a Lamborghini and new house, I’m going to grant it to you. And he said, I just want my story to be told so my grand kids will know I did something. So that took six years, millions of dollars, and the most trial, tribulation I’ve ever gone through in my life. But now we released it, became Oscar qualified, and now it’s out worldwide for the people do enjoy versus the dream. Then there comes challenged and then comes victory. Unfortunately everyone quits in a challenging times.

Kris: (33:44)

That is amazing. And you know I, it would be naive to tell you this, like it’s gonna be news for you. So sit down. But you’re a great storyteller. But what I think is really interesting is there’s a lot of people that go out there and try to follow this formula and say, okay, I’m going to go out and I’m going to interview a bunch of successful people. I’m gonna come back with this knowledge and we can all do that. But I really, I think there something is just completely different how you repackage it and, and put it out there. I mean that that is the magic. I mean somebody else, those people must have talked to other people. They must have, they, you are not the only person they ran into in their, in their span of life. Right? So they share these stories with other people. So I think again, it is a Testament to how you repurpose it, repackage it, and then shine a light on it and do it with an energy that is innately unique to you, which I think is a really good reminder to us all. Because I know I, you know, I’ve struggled with this in the past where you go online and you think, okay, I’ve got a shoulders back look professional. I went to school and tried to sound like, Oh, I’m all grown up. And I had to really learn not to present but to talk. Right? Because you feel like you’re presenting to a group full of people when you’re online. And I think a lot of us have really been disconnected with social media and got messed up on the journey as far as thinking like, Oh, you know, like you’re in a board room in front of other your peers and you’re trying to have a certain look and it’s not being in a, people think it’s about not being authentic. That’s not it. It’s about being the wrong version of yourself. Right. And that’s something you do so well. Can you give us some tips on, it sounds ridiculous, but how just to be you, how just to you could be yourself and, and deliver your best message.

Greg: (35:28)

How would you answer that? It was so interesting. When I was a kid, I was in trouble all the time at school because I couldn’t read can’t write, can’t spell, you know, all that good stuff. But I was a good storyteller. And if they say, you know, you know that’s gonna get you in trouble one day and here we are the day. But the whole idea is to keep things in this most simplistic form for myself and I do it because I’m not the smartest tool in the shed. Oh, I do is I can sit down with somebody for hours or days and then go, so what you’re saying is, and then no, reduce it towards that format. And I did wealth made easy. One of the coolest things, the first personally I called as a billionaire and he made his money in dirt, just dirt. And I said, will you teach me how you did it? He goes, absolutely. I said, why are you gonna tell me your secret? And he goes, no one’s ever asked me. He goes, my grandkids still fight about my inheritance and I’m still alive. And I go, well, how do you do it? And he said, time plus land, there’s wealth. And I said, okay, explain. It says all I do looking for a town anywhere in the world that’s growing exponentially at 25% a year. Go on Google maps, it’s free. You’ll find it anywhere. He goes, I look for Broadway Main Street and I draw a line out eight miles and I buy the dirt. I rent that dirt to farmers who pay the least so it’s free to me and I get vegetables for years as a town continues to grow at 25% it ends up on my plot and since I’m on Broadway Main Street, that’s what I sell to the big box stores for 800 times what I paid $1 billion.

Kris: (36:59)

Now again, yes we know you were born with this amazing ability to tell stories but when you are putting yourself out there you must have got some push back at some point because you are so unique. You do stand out in a crowd, you are so vibrant and that would have made really the regular people, regular people on stage kind of maybe not always enjoy you so much cause boy of boy you you, you do make the rest of us. Look, no. How did you stay true to yourself as far as the rest of us are all kind of doing that journey now with social media, how do you say, okay here, here’s who I am and I’m, there’s no different version of me. It’s all solid no matter what happens. Cause I think a lot of us struggle with that with social media.

Greg: (37:39)

Okay, now my truth or this is going to be so paradoxical to whatever like the teachers. So I just got gotta warn y’all. Okay. I avoided watching other speakers and I avoided going to other people’s events. And the reason being is I didn’t want to emulate or copy. I didn’t want to be Tony Robbins do. Okay. Number three, I just wanted to being me. And so what I did is I, rather than having all these preconceived notions, I just showed up as my authentic human self and we started this event, you know, when we did secret knock with that same mentality, instead of doing it like everyone else, like, Oh, how would I want to do it again? Well I get bored. I don’t want to listen to it talking head for 90 minutes. So we’ll talk for 10 minutes and then do a game show in the middle and then switch it over here and do some strobe lights and hit a pinata. And because that’s how my brain works. And so I just created an environment that I would want for myself and I write the books that I would want to read. What a concept.

Kris: (38:36)

Yeah, yeah… 

Greg: (38:38)

So that’s what it is. So rather than fitting into other people’s molds and you know what’s already out there, what’s popular, trust me, I get so much doubt it from my publishers all around the world. Um, like right now I’m doing a new book and everyone’s telling me no again because they’re saying it will never work. But I just did ADA work, but their mindset. So I’m not gonna change my book to adapt the way they want it. I’m just gonna keep going until I find the right publisher that fits within my wheelhouse. So that having the confidence and knowing that you’re right.

Kris: (39:10)

You know what? Okay, that is a very simple but profound message. So get out of your head, just be you. We should know how to be you by now. So we can do that. And we already have whoever you are. You are that person today. So we can do that now, which falls into now your business. And it’s also really great to hear that what you’re saying is, look, it doesn’t, we’re always sitting there looking at the person who we think is the next level of success for us. But you’re telling us, look after all these crazy credentials and all this media and all this attention on you, they’re still arguing with you about, Oh yeah, okay, you’ve been you, and this is really worked tremendously up until now. But this last thing, you can’t be you. So that is a good reminder to us all so that we don’t all just think, Oh, all right, it’s just us today. We’re not communicating effectively. So just stay strong. Be you.

Greg: (39:59)

I’ll give you a great one. I just got hired for a major keynote, um, this year. Lot of money, great event. And they call me up. They had guys says, Hey, you know, we just watch your videos. Can you tone it down a little bit and, and some hands thinking. Sure, but I know I’m just gonna show up as me. But the whole thing is that I, you know, you still gotta be your authentic self. You gotta show up because ultimately that’s what people, I know I can give people, make them think and feel and see themselves in a story that I’m gonna tell. And the way that I speak a little bit different than everyone else. They stand on stage and talk about you should do this and here’s the secrets. And there was a thing that’s not our style. Our style is like, here’s a journey that I’m going through. I’m there. This is the hero’s journey. I’m both going to, I’m on this quest myself. And by the way, this is what I learned along the way. Maybe it can help you as well. And that way even more, it feels like they’re going on this quest as a collaboration rather than just looking from the outside. You know? It’s very interesting. You know, all the different people that I meet, all the different interviews you do, you know, you had a certain few takeaways and how much more time we got by the way, cause I want to drop a big bomb on you though.

Kris: (41:09)

You listen, we’ve got another time for you. You tell us when we’re done.

Greg: (41:13)

Go. So, so one of the most interesting aha that I ever had is this. So when I was doing this wealth book, I got divorce uh, with my, my former wife Alan, about four years ago. By the way, I got the greatest ex wife in the world. I know it sounds weird actually. Awesome, right? You just didn’t get along so much at the end. And we decided to part ways on the friendliest way, but when we’re separating everything, I kept thinking to myself like, well, we should have more money, all these books, things. And all of a sudden I realize all my books were about don’t quit, perseverance, attitude, worried about make and go. And then I started reading through all this stuff I was writing about money. And I realize after doing this book, everything I ever wrote was wrong. And it was interesting because if it’s about passion and purpose, everything was correct, but a wealth building, it was incorrect. And I just changed my entire mindset. So for three years I went around the planet and I interviewed people with a hundred million to a billion real wealthy people, and they told me their tips and techniques and I wrote it into this. A little nugget changed my life because what I did differently is I started applying it. One of the things the guys looks at me and it says, look, he goes, you can have the exact same circumstance, outcome, everything as wealthy people, but you’ll stay poor in word. Again, keep getting, like I said, like what? He says, well, here’s your deal. He goes, let’s say some guy wants to sell an airplane, another person wants to buy an airplane. You’re such a nice person. You’ll put them two together. Like, well, yeah. And he goes, you’re a fool. Go why? He goes, here’s how wealthy people think. We go to the guy selling the Plane says, I don’t know anyone that wants to buy one, but if I stumble across it when you give me 20% commission, they’re gonna say, heck yeah, I want to get rid of this plane. The other person say, Hey, I don’t know anyone that wants to buy a plane. If I find you a plane, well you give me free airline tickets to Hawaii from once a year. I guess they had, yeah, always wanted to play and the connector, exact same outcome. Nothing changes except the wealthy mindset is completely different. So for myself, I started applying these amazing things. So one person I met one of my events when it started a pharmaceutical company, another person ran when the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. I said, if I put you two together, will you give me shares of your vape company? If he ever puts on that? They said, yes. Well, they gave me 3 million shares and it just went public. And the bottom line is that I realize that wealthy people don’t work for a paycheck. They don’t do transactional sales. They create relationships and alliances. So I started applying all this stuff in this book and it completely transformed my entire existence.

Kris: (43:43)

My goodness. I, you know what, if you sit here with you long enough, eventually your neck will get sore cause you just sit there, go. Yeah, yeah. You’re nodding. Yeah. Wow. Wow. That’s like, Oh my gosh. Well Greg, I’m just, I was shocked and excited when I reached out to you and you said you would do this because I must say I, I have never seen a room that you entered where when you left it wasn’t more refreshing than before you came. So you are a bright light and we are just estatic that we could say you’re part of, you know, our, our process, our journey here at now, your business. So thank you very much again. And if they’re looking for you, Greg, I guess they could just Google you. That would be right, right? 

Greg: (44:20)

Yes. The way to find, cause there’s plenty of stuff out there, but more importantly, thank you for having me on your show and seeing you again. It’s been so many years. Wonderful to watch your journey as well. And if there’s anything I can do to be of contribution, you reach out the S.O.B.S.

Kris: (44:35)

Oh, well thank you. You’re very kind. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone.