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How To Become A Big Money Speaker! With James Malinchak

Episode Summary

You may have seen James Malinchak on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. But did you know that he is the behind-the-scenes, go-to marketing advisor for many top speakers, authors, thought leaders, business professionals, celebrities, sports coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs and is recognized as the “The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Trainer and Coach” Do a quick google search and you will see an endless list of big names thanking James like Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Russell Brunson, Joe Theismann to name only a few.

-the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make everyday.
-one simple shift you can make to yield big results.
-how to really leverage yourself and grow your business.

James Malinchak is recognized as one of the most requested, in-demand business and motivational keynote speakers and marketing consultants in the world. He was featured on the Hit ABC TV Show, Secret Millionaire, and was twice named National “College Speaker of the Year.” James has delivered over 3,000+ presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, universities, and youth organizations worldwide. James can speak for groups ranging from 20-30,000+. As a speaker marketing coach and consultant, James is the behind- the-scenes, go-to marketing advisor for many top speakers, authors, thought leaders, business professionals, celebrities, sports coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs and is recognized as “The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker® Trainer and Coach!”

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James Malinchak Podcast Interview

[00:06:04] Kris Ward: Okay, everyone. Welcome to the show. This is Chris ward. And when the Avar, when the day today, all boys, boys, stop what you’re doing. Stop driving the car, pay full attention. I’m not kidding you.

[00:06:17] All right. I’m going to read a bio of an amazing guests that we have today, and it is chock full with treasures treasures. Listen to this alone, James Malinchak is recognized as one of the most requested in demand business and motivational keynote speakers and marketing consultants. In the world, he was featured on the hit ABC TV show, secret millionaire, and was twice named national college.

[00:06:43] Speaker of the year. James has delivered over 3000 presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, universities. The list goes on. James can speak for groups ranging from 20 to 30,000 plus. Giving back has been a big part of james’ life. As he has raised over a million dollars for various charities and organizations, and has donated thousands of dollars of his own money to help others as a speaker marketing coach and consultant.

[00:07:12] James is the behind the scenes go to marketing advisor. For many of the top speakers, authors, thought leaders, business professionals, celebrity sports, coach athletes, entrepreneurs. The list goes on. He is a number one big money speaker, trainer, and coach trainer, and coach. And I’m telling you, my hand is chock full with testimonials from Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Russell Brunson, Kevin Harrington.

[00:07:39] Brian Tracy. I mean, I w we take up the whole show, James, just reading your bio, welcome to the show. We’re so excited to have you.

[00:07:48] James Malinchak: You are the bomb. I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy to be on your show. I mean, I was on ABC’s TV show and I don’t think I was more excited to be on that than I am right now to be on with you.

[00:07:59] How about that?

[00:08:01] Kris Ward: And clearly he’s generous too. Right? So James, let’s just dive right in because you are the best big money speaker and you are the guy behind so many guys that anybody in any arena, I mean, I have had the amazing fortune of just watching you bring people sort of in, into my world that time after time, like, you know, top athletes of NFL, big pro profound, worldwide speakers at every one of them.

[00:08:30] Tip their hat humbly and gratefully to you about what you taught them. So let’s not minimize this. Let’s give us the goods. Tell us what makes you a, such a successful speaker. What what’s this all about?

[00:08:42] James Malinchak: Well, so, uh, first of all, thank you and awesome. And kudos to you. You are the bomb, as I said, and you were making a difference and I appreciate you, uh, having me on, so, um, Yeah, I think that the same thing I try to teach everybody is that you have two sides of speaking.

[00:08:59] You have your information, your message, your story, your how to advice. And then the flip side of the coin you have the business, actually. That’s why my logo for big money speaker is a coin. Because one side it’s, you know, the message and trying to make a difference in how people and everybody thinks that if you have just that, that you will be successful and wealthy as a speaker, and nothing could be further from the truth because there’s a flip side to the coin and that’s called the business of speaking.

[00:09:26] And so Chris, when I just believed that it was the one side of the coin, that’s when I was broke working in a video store in Montrose, California making $7 an hour. Couldn’t fit it and trying to figure out why I was a failure and why I was not able to help people. My heart wasn’t big enough. You know, I didn’t want to impact people enough.

[00:09:46] No, it was none of that. It was when I figured out that there’s the two sides of the coin and I have to focus on the business of speaking. And, um, when I did that, I mean, man, my career just took off like a rocket. I literally went from zero talks to about 40 talks the next year, then. The second year over a hundred, uh, paid talks, and then I’ve never looked back from that.

[00:10:09] And so it’s the one thing I try to teach people is you could be the best speaker in the world with the most impactful story, most impactful message. But if you don’t learn the business side of speaking, you’re going to be very broke for a long time. And I don’t mean that to be harsh. It’s just the reality.

[00:10:24] Cause I went through it.

[00:10:26] Kris Ward: You know what those are, you know, obviously profound points, but something that I learned from you really quickly, really early on, and this is something I really want to nail down today because we’re told this all the time is entrepreneurs like, Oh, you’d get exposure. So go take your message and be so lucky that you get to be on this stage.

[00:10:44] And don’t worry about it. If it costs you a little bit to fly there and things like that, and you don’t buy into that philosophy at all,

[00:10:51] James Malinchak: tell us more. Yeah. So a couple of well exposer and a quarter, we’ll get you a cup of coffee and McDonald’s. And so here’s what I say to you, person who is, uh, believing that well, first of all, or led to believe that I should say is that you deserve, it’s probably one of the most important things I can tell anybody you deserve.

[00:11:13] To be appropriately and highly compensated for the amazing work you are doing in this world. For the time you spent the buildup, your message, the, the, uh, investment you’ve made with coaches or books or online courses. I mean, you put time, energy, and effort in, and you deserve to be compensated for delivering that message.

[00:11:32] And so, um, there’s, there’s a lot of folks out there that will try to convince you. On what I call BS on exposure. You should do this for free. And I’m like, screw that you are running a business. And every business is a business to make money, right. Even a nonprofit has to make money or they can’t serve people.

[00:11:52] And so, yeah. I just, I I’m I’m in this to, to give my message help the first side, help people make a difference, but I’m also though the second side where I’m trying to profit because I’m running a business. And so be flying around, you know, speaking for free where you can’t get paid a fee and you can’t make an offer.

[00:12:12] Yeah, just to get exposure. I mean, that’s the, that’s one of the biggest lines of BS out there. You should be profiting and paid for your great work, delivering your message.

[00:12:24] Kris Ward: So can you give us some language perhaps? Because, so now let’s say I’m the entrepreneur, I think. Okay. You know what? You’re right, James, of course, you’re right.

[00:12:31] Not, you know, you’re right. Let me tell you your right to use anything you say is correct. I’m not. Let me just tell you that. So you say, all right, that makes sense because it is, it’s a whole nother business speaking and it has a whole nother, you know, it takes you either away from your office or it’s a business.

[00:12:46] It takes your time, money, talent, expert, you know, experience your training, everything. So then you go, yeah, yeah, James is right. Let’s do that. But then the little fear monster needles in your ear and says, Oh, but if the other people are going to do it for free, why are they going to pick me?

[00:13:02] James Malinchak: Well, it’s just because first of all, by not giving away all your stuff for free.

[00:13:07] You actually positioned yourself completely different because you respect your time, knowledge, experience, and expertise. Right. And number two, you’re going to save a whole bunch of time. Yeah, right. And number three, you got to give up those free gigs. Now I’m not talking to them where you’re not paid, but you can speak and make an offer, but I’m talking where you don’t get anything out of it.

[00:13:27] You can’t like, I think the TEDx thing is the, one of the biggest BS things out there, because here’s what they tell you. And this is why I’ve never done one. They tell you we’re not going to pay you. We’re not going to let you seek and make an offer for a product. We’re not going to let you give a website and drag people.

[00:13:44] Somewhere. And then you’re going to save, we’re going to take all of your intellectual property and use it any way we want. And you’re actually going to feel good about that. And I’m like, okay, so what do I get out of it? You get exposure. I’m like, you can’t promise me that anybody who watches a video online on YouTube.

[00:14:01] Right. And who sees that TEDx sock, if you will, is going to actually pay me for business after it. So that’s the problem with the exposure thing. So I just believe people deserve to be compensated for what they do and, and you position your bad, really bad. You position yourself really badly. And your business really badly when you just flippantly give away everything for free.

[00:14:22] Your intellectual property is the way you pay your

[00:14:24] Kris Ward: mortgage. Yes, and you’re right. And it could becomes down to the emperor is wearing new clothes, or everyone says it’s really prestigious. You got on that stage, but you’re right. Prestige does not buy you anything. It does not pay the mortgage.

[00:14:36] James Malinchak: Oh, you, you cannot, you cannot, uh, deposit proceeds into a bank account.

[00:14:44] Kris Ward: No, you got that. Okay. So give us some, you know, fast starts of how do we need to change your thinking or behavior? What’s some language. What can we, where do we start?

[00:14:54] James Malinchak: Well, the first is to respect your time, knowledge, experience, and expertise, and just, you know, put a stake in the ground and say, you know what, darn it.

[00:15:01] I deserve to be compensated. You know, I went a year as, uh, you know, years of, uh, of learning. I went, you know, years of practicing and I’m not going to just give it away for free anymore. It’s like coaches as well. Coaches are taught incorrectly to run around, giving away free sessions all the time. Well, how much do you respect your stuff?

[00:15:20] And by the way, how good? Well, I look at how good can you be if you’re just giving it all away for free. Right. Right. And so, so the first thing is to start respecting your time, knowledge, experience, expertise, put relevance to it. It’s important, what you do matters. Right? And you do it. It’s like saying I have a sandwich shop, but just come on in and take all the sandwiches for free.

[00:15:41] And I’m never going to charge you for anything. Right,

[00:15:43] Kris Ward: right.

[00:15:44] James Malinchak: Well, why would you do that? Well, why would you do that? What’s your knowledge. Okay. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is that you have got to understand certain principles of business. So let’s say you’re trying to be a speaker, right?

[00:15:56] Your goal, the number one goal. When you’re a speaker is you got to book talks, you’ve got to get to people who control events, who will either allow you to speak and make an offer or pay you a check. And you have to get the decision maker to pick you. So you have to have your positioning the right way.

[00:16:12] You have to show what kind of value you can add and why they should pick you. You know, and that’s where I would start for anybody that’s watching. You’ve got to really understand you deserve to be paid. And number two, you’ve got to really package yourself the right way, or you’re not going to be paid.

[00:16:26] If you look like and sound like everyone else, and who talks on the same topic issue, you’re a commodity. And then you will not get paid. Higher fees because there’s 55 of you that I could find. I’ll give you one quick little example. There was a, there’s a guy one time. I said, Hey, what are you doing? He says, I’m a life coach.

[00:16:46] I said, Oh, call yourself a life coach. And he said, why so? Well go down to Starbucks and you’ll see 12 of them sitting there right now, trying to figure out how to get a client. You don’t want to look yourself in and label yourself, position yourself and package yourself like everyone else. You have to have a unique and right positioning.

[00:17:02] It has to be unique. For the topic or the niche you’re going after and after the past to be right and true and authentic for you, it has to be a level Cecil. It has to be unique and right. It can’t be like this that’s unique, but that’s really not me. Or that is me. Yeah. But that’s not unique. It has to be an equal level Cecil.

[00:17:20] And that’s, that’s what you have with one the hour when the day, which I think is fantastic.

[00:17:25] Kris Ward: Thank you very much. I’ll take any compliments from you. You have so many, so many crazy testimonials, but the story you’re telling right now actually reminded me of that really amazing example of the gentleman you worked with at the shoestring budget and stuff.

[00:17:38] Maybe you could tell that story, right?

[00:17:39] James Malinchak: Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s a great example. So I was doing my big money speaker boot camp in Los Angeles. And at the time, Oh, I had, I think 200, 180 200 people there, but it was all $2,500 a pop. So it was a very high, expensive boot camp. And so I knew everybody who was in that room and everybody paid to be in.

[00:17:59] And so I was about 1130 in the morning on day one. And I see this guy walk in and he’s standing in the back and my staff must have been out like in the bathroom or something. So I remember I’m on stage teaching and I’m like, who is this? Walking in just like take it now he starts writing stuff down and I’m like, who is this guy?

[00:18:17] He didn’t pay to be here. Right. And so I finished and I go, we break for lunch and I go to the back and I said, I’m sorry, could I help you? And he said, Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m meeting somebody. Who’s a friend of mine. Who’s here and we’re going to meet. We were just meeting for lunch. I just drove down to meet him for lunch.

[00:18:32] And he said, what is this saying? So while I teach people, it’s called big money speaker boot camp. I teach people how to take their message story and how to advice, package that up and get paid as a speaker. And he’s like, you could get paid as the speaker. And I said, yes. Right. So he turns around registers.

[00:18:50] And he said the next four days are the same clothes, including the same underwear.

[00:18:57] Kris Ward: So that story, he didn’t go so far as to say, now, listen, people, I washed my underwear out at night. Like he gave us the whole story.

[00:19:05] James Malinchak: He asked me teaching and he comes up with this thing. Oh, man, I am going to be America’s shoestring budget coach, and I’m going to teach businesses and entrepreneurs, how to market on a shoestring budget.

[00:19:16] So long story short, he ends up joining my coaching program and he comes to my house and his name is Craig does well, it comes to my house. And uh, I said, Craig, you don’t understand something. You’re positioning. I admire you. Right for trying it, but it’s not the right positioning. He’s like, well, what are you talking about?

[00:19:33] I said, You teach your people how to market on a shoestring budget means you’re talking to people who have no money. They cannot work with you in a coaching role. And he’s like, Oh, I never thought about that. Now. I said, what’s your background is I’m doing the fast version. And he used to be the manager, personal assistant type manager for guns and roses and actual rows of the legendary rock band, guns and roses.

[00:19:57] And prior to that air supply, I’m like you got this amazing music background we should position and package you based on your musical background. Okay. So here we go. It was, it became unique. It became the rock star system for success. How to achieve rockstar status in your industry. And it’s right for him because that’s who he is.

[00:20:18] And so everything matched being a rock star, he took his pictures with like glasses on, he dressed like a rockstar Nobo suit and tie. And this is a prime example of a unique and right positioning with a level of Seesaw. They versus by the way, the, uh, America’s shoestring budget coach, that’s kind of a little unique, but it wasn’t him.

[00:20:39] He never wore a suit, never wore a tie. So he was being out of character if you will. So rock.

[00:20:46] Kris Ward: And I saw, I mean, I, I, we, we met him, you had him at an event and I saw pictures of almost like a before and after. And when he was wearing that suit, that now he looked like he worked at the, you know, where you get your license done.

[00:20:58] Like, he just didn’t look like he fit. Like he looked like his mom made him wear it and like the rest of us when you dress for business. And then when you saw him. And now he’s doing an interview and he’s got his guitars behind him that were signed from people he worked with and he’s just wearing a shirt and jeans.

[00:21:13] He looks so comfortable and he exudes confidence and he’s relaxed. So it, my gosh, he got to make a crazy amount more money. And he was living his best life or is he still is living? I dunno, what I said was probably a great, yeah. Having a great time.

[00:21:30] James Malinchak: It’s made a fortune over the years, a fortune. I was just a guest the other day on his, uh, Uh, zoom for his coaching members.

[00:21:38] And I said, how many coaching members you have? He has 200 coaching members. A hundred.

[00:21:44] Kris Ward: Wow. Okay. You are just like the wise man, a wise man at the top of the mountain. You’ve end the stories, but let’s talk about, give us some mistake that you see day in, day out where we’re, you know, people running around, bumping into walls, call themselves speakers, or trying to get a bigger impact to their audience as entrepreneurs.

[00:22:01] James Malinchak: Yeah. So, um, number one, mistake in all businesses. It doesn’t have to be speaking. Any business is creating a product or service first, and then trying to find somebody to buy it. No, it’s in the speaking world, it’s creating a speech or a topic or a message and then trying to book it, you know, there’s a huge problem going on in the world today.

[00:22:22] Right? There’s all these folks who are teaching. People that you’re, you know, you leave with your message. Tell your story. The problem with that is you don’t even know if anybody cares about your message and we’ll actually pay you for it to speak. Right. Right. And when, when people tell you to tell your story, you always start telling your story like this.

[00:22:45] I did this and I did this and I felt this way. And that’s not how you create a story, first of all. Okay. So first of all, you’re listening to folks who are telling you incorrectly because they’re not starting with the market. They’re starting with you and you know why Chris? And I’m the only one who will say this.

[00:23:01] It’s an easy way to sell you on stuff. If they get you all pumped up with your message matters and all that, not to say your message doesn’t matter, but just because you craft a message doesn’t mean anybody’s going to pay you. And most likely it’s probably the wrong message for going after the marketplace.

[00:23:18] So you always start, anybody knows anything about marketing knows that you always start with.

[00:23:23] Kris Ward: Yeah.

[00:23:24] James Malinchak: Yeah, bye. And then we take yourself and, and package it and match it to what they’re already paying for. Give you a quick example. Yeah. Coca-Cola years ago, invested all this money to create something called new Coke.

[00:23:40] Kris Ward: Right.

[00:23:41] James Malinchak: Roll it out and lose their shirts. Right? Why didn’t they survey people who were Coca-Cola drinkers to find out if people even wanted a new coat? Why didn’t they go to the market before they created it? No, let’s go create this thing and then go sell it. That’s how seekers are here’s let’s create this top and go sell it.

[00:24:03] So I’ll give you a quick example. If you, if you love the law of attraction deck and you try to go see and the corporate market to get paid fees, you’ll never be booked because they cannot bring that topic into a company where there’s board of directors, shareholders, people with different religious, uh, views, different backgrounds.

[00:24:26] It’s too esoteric. You can’t take that in there. Now, if you run your own public seminar, you can do all the attraction all day, but you can’t go try to get paid from a corporation or a college or university or a youth organization or a sports team going in and talking about esoteric type topics. So that’s a prime example of you don’t create the topic first, package it up, build websites and all that.

[00:24:49] And then go try to sell it. No. Who do you step one? Who do you want to go after? Let’s find out what they’re already paying money for and let’s take what you’re passionate about and package it the right way to easily say yes, that’s how you make big

[00:25:05] Kris Ward: money. I’ve seen you give really great examples of this, where, what you’re saying is like, if you’re on the speaking circuit, okay, let’s go see who the top speakers are that they’re booking.

[00:25:14] What are those subjects? And you’re also not saying like, look, if that’s your, if that’s your jam, the whole law of attraction, that’s fine. But you can repackage that and squeeze out the message that you need to be to be on that stage. So what I want the listeners to understand is going to say, Oh no, I’m like, I have to start from zero and plow the field.

[00:25:34] It’s done. But what you’re saying is make sure you’re speaking the language of the person that’s writing the check.

[00:25:41] James Malinchak: Yeah. Let me give you an example. So, uh, my good friend, Jack Canfield, who I’ve helped for years CRO created chicken soup for the soul. Um, Jack is big into law of attraction. Now, remember in his, in his public seminars, he can teach whatever he wants, but if you want to try to go after corporations, he can’t push law of attraction.

[00:26:00] They’re just never going to book it. So what does Jack do? Very smartly. Instead of calling it law of attraction, it’s called the success principles and keys to success. Now what’s one of the principles he teaches. No, no, no, no, not law of attraction. It changes the languaging and it’s like becomes like you become who you hang around, essentially the law of attraction, but we just labeled it and language that the right way that that market needs to receive it.

[00:26:31] That’s a simple example.

[00:26:33] Kris Ward: Almost like when my mother told my brother that when he wasn’t eating liver, he was eating black Panther meat.

[00:26:43] It was all in the, it was all in the marketing. He was much more interested in the black pants or neat than the liver.

[00:26:49] James Malinchak: Right?

[00:26:51] Kris Ward: Yeah. Please do

[00:26:53] James Malinchak: awesome guy. If I had my big money speaker boot camp named Jerry, and he said, I’m going to go talk and get paid fees from corporations, associations, uh, colleges, universities, youth groups.

[00:27:04] Uh, uh, sports teams on the topic of creativity. And I said, Jerry, that’s wonderful, but no one will ever book you. And he said, but you don’t understand James, this is a key for, but you don’t understand I’m on Amazon. And I bookstores and I see all these books on creativity. I said, Jerry, with all due respect, you don’t understand, you’re talking about apples.

[00:27:26] I’m talking about cantaloupes. You’re talking about books on Amazon and books in a bookstore. And I’m talking about that. I read the industry reports, that event coordinators who control the budgets to book speakers put out in surveys. And I’m going to tell you something, Jerry, in the top 97% of what they book for fees is success.

[00:27:46] Attitude, motivation, leadership sells overcoming adversity change, future trends. And I went through a few more team building teamwork, and he got all down on the dumps. I said, cause I said, Jerry, you don’t fit the top 97% of what they’re used to paying for. And he got all the rejected endowments. I said, Jerry, watch this though, brother, if I take what you’re passionate about in your heart, creativity and I repackage you how to be a creative leader.

[00:28:16] You were now in the top 97 percentile. You’re still going to talk about creativity. We’re just going to package you as a leadership package person who teaches leadership, but teaches creativity leaders. Now you get bummed that simple little adjustment makes all the difference in the world. Always come from the market.

[00:28:36] Don’t come from what I, you want to speak about. I

[00:28:39] Kris Ward: tell you, I’ve had the great blessing of listening to you tell stories and, and just, and every time I think I get it, then I realized, Oh, I thought I got it. Now I really get it. And now I’m getting a bigger and bigger understanding of the profoundness of the word positioning.

[00:28:54] I understood it before, but I almost thought it was like tweaking or turning the car slightly, but it’s, there’s great power in that word, positioning. Oh,

[00:29:03] James Malinchak: absolutely. If you always remember, don’t ever think like yourself thinking like the person who controls the budget. Right. Right. And create from his, when I’m sitting down with somebody one-on-one I always say, look, first of all, you got to understand.

[00:29:16] I’m never thinking like you and me, it doesn’t matter what you and I want. It doesn’t matter what you, and I think if you want to get massive conversion, we have to think like the people we’re going after in this case, if you want to be a seeker, we need to think like event coordinators who control the budgets and we have to figure out what they book, which I kind of know.

[00:29:33] So I can just. What we tell people in all those markets, what they book, and then we have to create, take your passion and create it and package it. To match what they book and what they want, not what you want to talk about. You may want to talk about the law of attraction, but if we’re going to go after a fee, paid talks for corporations and they don’t want that, you’re going to be swimming upstream for a long time.

[00:29:54] So if we could just always come from the buyer’s point of view, anything you do, anybody listening or watching, always create from the buyer’s point of view, we have a restaurant. What should be on your menu? What your customers want. Not what you just want to make and hopefully go find people. It’s the, if you could just make that shift, man, you could take a business literally from zero to just killing it overnight because you’re giving people what they want, not what you want.

[00:30:24] Kris Ward: And, you know, one of the other many things you do exceptionally well. And I, and I really want to articulate this effectively is these things you call positioning is it’s just like turning of the dial. Like maybe like, you know, when you’re in high school and you’re trying to get that loft, you know, I’m done and you just missed that one number.

[00:30:42] It’s not tight on that last number. You can’t get the lock open. And what I think is so profound about what you do and I just, you do it over and over again is. That you’re making slight changes. We’re so often as an entrepreneur, you go from your defensive of like, you don’t understand, this is what I do.

[00:30:57] And if I could just explain it to people, my business is different. And then there’s the second stage where a lot of coaches out there and say, Oh my gosh, you got to start over and it’s going to take years and let me help you. It’s going to cost you a lot of money, but you take someone from where they are.

[00:31:10] I’ve seen it over and over again. You just position and change the dial adjusted a little bit and they’re off to the races. So the whole idea too, you always talk about when you know, what you do is one thing, but when you’re coaching the coaches, you say, look, people should be able to start from here. You want to inspire them, not discourage them, not set them back now, all this craziness.

[00:31:30] So that’s a super Ninja power that you have about starting from here and getting results.

[00:31:36] James Malinchak: Now. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. There’s this whole thing that, Oh, we got it. Build this over six months or two years. Yes. I’ve taken people. Who’ve never been paid before and gotten them to talk in a couple of hours just by position in the right way.

[00:31:50] Slight like slight little adjustments. It’s like shooting a basketball. If your elbow is out, you’re going to miss shots. There’s an all line and basketball. I used to play college basketball or the elbow goes, the ball flows. Cause that’s where your hand goes. But if you simply. Adjust just a little bit and get the elbow in and shoot the right way.

[00:32:10] You’ll make shots. Well, it’s the same thing. You don’t need big adjustments. You just need to adjust like shooting a basketball. You should on your fingertips of your hands like this, and you’re pushing it. But if you just cut your hand and shoot it the right way. Say Chris, it’s not about working harder.

[00:32:26] It’s about working and most people say smarter and I’m like, no, that’s not true. It’s about working rights.

[00:32:33] Kris Ward: You

[00:32:33] James Malinchak: work the right way and you don’t have to work a wall drawn up hours and it doesn’t have to take years for you to accomplish things. You got to work the right way. So I just. I have this ability to just say, Oh, look, if you do this, but the middle at all adjust, if you, if you do this, it’ll work.

[00:32:48] If you do this, you’ll crush this minor role adjustments. And a lot of times it’s, you don’t even see what’s right in front of you because you’re too far in the forest. You can’t see the trees sometimes. So I’m very blessed that my superpower is. And I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve done this. 2001 Oh one consultings and 3000 talks.

[00:33:08] And I’ve been around a lot of stuff. I just have this ability to say, man, do this, don’t do this. And you’ll make a bunch of money and here’s how we’re going to do it. So I don’t have to be long, fast,

[00:33:18] Kris Ward: James. We did not even scratch the surface with you, but I know your time is precious and I don’t want to keep you on, but boy people, we could just have a never ending document.

[00:33:27] Series on you is brilliant. Just never dolls. I’m not kidding you. It just, yeah,

[00:33:31] James Malinchak: I got the $5 I sent you in to say that about me. Right?

[00:33:35] Kris Ward: Never dims. It’s constantly glowing at full speed. So James. I, I, I’m going to ask James, where can people find it? But I gotta tell ya whatever he says, go there, go now, take a look at his books, do whatever you can watch his videos because I had just never seen him produce any amount of content, not even for 25 seconds where there wasn’t a phenomenal tip or takeaway.

[00:33:56] So get out there. It’s the best. It’s the absolute best that I can give you from this podcast. Any advice he would give you? So James, where should they find you?

[00:34:08] James Malinchak: It’s real simple. It’s just www dot big money. big money And you can also connect with me through social media, like the amazing Chris ward who puts out all these great pellets.

[00:34:23] And I always like, and say something when I say to my stream,

[00:34:29] Kris Ward: Well, James, this has actually been a treat and an honor, and I just cannot thank you very much for sharing your brilliance. It’s just been a big excitement for us here at when the hour, when the day. And I think he’s still very much, there’s no bigger gift.

[00:34:40] Somebody can give you then their time. So thank you.

[00:34:44] James Malinchak: Oh, I agree. And thank you, Chris, and keep doing what you’re doing. I love what you do and you are the bomb and, uh, I just am so grateful. You let me come on and share some ideas with some folks.

[00:34:57] Kris Ward: Thank you.