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How Marketing Has Changed – With Jim Edwards

Episode Summary

This episode is chalk full of really powerful tips on marketing. These nuggets are simple, easy, and something you can do right now! It’s from the marketing mastermind himself Jim Edwards. Jim sold 10,000 copies of his newest book, Copywriting Secrets in 3 weeks!

Learn how
– marketing has changed
– what the modern day marketer needs to do now!
– how you can save time and market like crazy!

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Jim Edwards – NYB Podcast – Transcription PART 2 – Timestamp


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Kris: (18:37)

Hey everyone. This is now your business and I’m Kris Ward and we are just estatic that we have this next guest back. He was here on launch week. Let me just check. He was episode three and we are excited to have him then. And we are even more excited to have him now. So Jim Edwards, welcome to the show. 

Jim: (18:56)

Thanks for having me. I’m glad to be back.

Kris: (18:58)

Thanks. Now I’m just gonna touch on some really, uh, highlights of your career and each one is very profound and impactful, but we’re just going to skim over some big stuff here. You’ve been selling online since 1997 and you are one of the first people in the world to publish and sell online ebook. I’m kind of telling you this like you don’t know what Jim, but nationally syndicated newspaper colonists from 1998 to 2008 featured in the New York times entrepreneur magazine and countless other publications, co creator of funnel scripts and number one push button sales copywriting solution and amazing tool. But I do say so myself and develop a sole and sold multiple seven and eight figure products online, help hundreds of thousands of authors and entrepreneurs sell their books and grow their businesses. Jim has recently sold the last count. Well, you know what, it’s changing every minute. So you still 10,000 copies in three weeks. But by the time this airs, who knows where we’ll be at. So Jim, in your very demanding schedule and all that’s going on, we just cannot thank you enough for coming. It is a real, real treat to have you here. Um, I don’t even know where to start with you because I have to say myself, I’ve learned so much from you. I have found all your content to be, I mean, I don’t think I have ever listened to you for like 30 seconds and not walked away, hit my forehead going, ah, that was so profound and so simple. And, and I think anything done really well does look easy. So then when you say something, you say it’s so, it’s so simply put, then you think, wow, I should know that. Or how come I didn’t think of that? Or whatever. So that’s the constant argument I have with myself, but I want to let my audience get to know you a little bit better. If you don’t know Jim Edwards, go online, check anything he’s doing, any Facebook group anywhere, all that type of stuff. And just spend some time with Jim. All right, Jim, for are now your audience people. Let’s talk about marketing.

Jim: (20:57)


Kris: (20:44)

Let’s talk about, you know, what, what some stuff that we can work on now to improve our marketing. Where do you see the most tripping and falling with marketing? As far as you know, the modern day entrepreneur goes.

Jim: (21:13)

I think the number one thing is that marketing is left to, it’s almost like an afterthought and people also confused marketing with sales and marketing is not the same thing as sales. Sales is what your funnel does for you. Sales is what your website does, sales is what your inbound telephone scripts do for you. Sales is the actual act of asking people to sign up, to buy, to click, to try to call on a phone and then converting them either into being a lead or into ultimately money. So that’s sales. Marketing is the function of actually putting people into those funnels. That’s the, it’s the generating the traffic. It’s the Facebook posts, it’s the Instagram posts, it’s the emails, it’s all of that stuff. And because most people don’t have a plan for consistent marketing, they, they have these huge peaks and valleys. Most people think that marketing is like a product launch and that’s not the case. It marketing as a consistent stream of information going out into your target market and designed to elicit a response or at least to get them to go check out what you’re doing to go into your sales process. So that’s the first thing is is most people confuse sales with marketing. Number two, they don’t do it consistently. So, and the reason they don’t do it consistently because they just don’t know what the hell to do. They, they just don’t understand how to do stuff every single day to to-do some marketing every single day. And, and all of us should be engaging in marketing related activities in our business every single day, in my opinion, depending on what level you have your business at at any particular time. If you’re not really making a lot of sales, you should be spending a lot of time at marketing. And if you’re making a lot of sales, you still got to spend time at marketing because otherwise once your existing sales fall off, then you don’t have any marketing. So it gets that cycle of spikes and stuff. So I try to spend at least an hour a day doing some sort of marketing related activity, mostly content marketing related, um, because I have other people that take care of the advertising and other stuff. Though we do spend, um, across all my different stuff, we’re spending anywhere between 40 and a hundred thousand dollars a month on ads, but I actually don’t do much with that. Um, I’m more on the content marketing, the side, the making the videos to and putting them out there, the sending the emails, the telling the stories to doing the demos, to doing the podcast, doing the things that pull the people in. So they say, wow, I’d like to know more about what this Jim Edwards guy’s doing, or I’m doing things that, um, make people say, okay, I’m ready that I didn’t know this existed. Oh, I didn’t know Jim had a book. I didn’t know Jim had this software. I didn’t know Jim had this membership site. I didn’t know G, you know, and so it’s just. 

Kris: (24:39)

Jim just have a lot of people. 

Jim: (24:41)

Well, but the thing is you, we assume we’ve said it once, so we assume everybody knows you’ve got new people coming in all the time. You got people coming and going. People don’t remember. They’re not paying attention, they don’t see what you’re doing. You have to just constantly remind people what you’ve got, how you help them. And you do that through content marketing, which is the consistent stream of tips, answering questions, teaching people stuff, making them laugh, having fun, all the different things that you can do to make, just to stay on people’s radar. And it used to be, you could do it once a week, now you’ve got to do it three to four times a day. And you really do, I mean it’s

Kris: (25:26)


Jim: (25:27)

it’s not just a, every once in a while, three to four times a day, you should be popping off with something in some, somewhere, some way that lets the world know you’re still alive. And I can hear people throwing up right now going [unaudible]. So one of the easiest ways to do that is with is with repurposing your content.

Kris: (25:46)


Jim: (25:47)

So every morning, or not every morning, I’d say three to four mornings a week, I make a video called letting the chickens out with Jim. Or I might do a video called taking the trash down to the end of the driveway with Jim. Or it might be Jim’s walking down to the mailbox because he forgot to get the mail yesterday with Jim. Um, and it’s just an excuse to, to get on and share information with people. And the basic formula is you grab people’s attention, you share some information, and then you bridge over with an invitation to whatever you want them to do. So I might say something like, um, I don’t know, like I did this morning. Um, you know, uh, the real secret, the real, the real secret to ma to doing well with email teasers. I mean, that’s not, it’s 

Kris: (26:39)

yeah. Yeah. 

Jim: (26:40)

Something like that. You know, the real, the real secret to doing great with email teasers. Hey, do you remember? It’s here. Welcome to another edition of letting the chickens out with Jim. And Hey, did you know that the real purpose of an email teaser is not to sell people your product. It’s only to get people to click over to whatever it is you want them to go to. And most people make a huge mistake in that they sell in their email and the more you sell on your email, the less you’re actually gonna sell because you’re actually gonna talk people out of buying. Only reason you send the email is to get them to go watch a video, read a sales letter to do whatever you want to do. By the way, that’s my big sexy transition by the way. Um, one of the things I teach in my new book is the fastest way to create a killer email teaser. And I also include in that what I called the George method, which is the, it’s, it’s named after a friend of mine that I, um, that I, that, that I developed this technique for. And so I teach that in this chapter as well. By the way, you can get a copy of the book absolutely free. I’ll ask you this. You just pay shipping and handling, so head on over copywriting and get it. I mean that’s, that’s a a cliff note version of the video, but the video is like two to three, four minutes long. Then what I do is I have the video transcribed, I edit it into an article. Now I’ve got an article and then I can post the article in the exact same places where I post the video because not everybody’s gonna see it. You might, I mean I’ve got 5,000 friends on Facebook and however many people, thousands and thousands in my group and like 5% of them see it. So I can, I post the video and a bunch of different places and I can send it on my blog and then we turned it into an info product. We have a meme that goes with it. And so we’ve got all these things that we turn this, um, this into. And you can do a couple short videos a week and have a week’s worth of content if you know how to repurpose it the right way. So there are strategies and tactics that you can use. Don’t just beat your head against the wall. There’s a lot of things that you can do, but you gotta do it. You gotta be doing it every single day because the results are like a Europe and Canada, right?

Kris: (28:57)


Jim: (28:58)

And, and everybody in Canada loves hockey, right?

Kris: (29:01)


Jim: (29:02)

So your results are like a hockey stick. And what do I mean by that? Is that it’s, it’s flat for a long time and then right at the very end it flips up and that’s, most people will give up. I made me, I guess you’re not going to see me doing this, but imagine the line going and most people quit, right? As they’re about to get results. And then the, they’re gonna flip up on the hockey sticks. So it’s, it’s geometric progression. If you want to get real fancy about it, which simply means that you’re going to, it’s one plus two plus three plus four. It’s like the double the penny. Somebody says, would you rather have a $1 million or would you rather double a penny for 30 days if anybody really offers you that take the double the penny, cause I think you get like $10 million at the end of 30 days. Um, you gotta put in the time, you got to build the connections, you got to do all these things. But once you do, it’s like an airplane that has taken off from the ground. It expends most of it’s fueled, taken off and then it takes very little fuel to stay in the actual air. Um, and that’s the thing that people aren’t willing to pay that price, but if you’re willing to pay the price, you can ultimately write your own ticket.

Kris: (30:16)

You know, Jim, there’s so much I want to unpack there with what you just said and I want to highlight a few things because you know you glossed over some things that have been a profound impact on my business and I know now your business is all about what you can do now. So we talked about that a little bit in episode number three and that’s one of the biggest things I think constantly that you show me everyday. It’s like you just do it and not only are you just taking garbage down to the street and you think, okay, that’s not glossy. But also when you give us these bite sized pieces of information it like it’s not this big production where you sat down on a Sunday and wrote out all these things that if you go, okay, maybe my audience are like this or that. You just start talking about your expertise and then it’s like, ah, he’s right. I hadn’t thought about that in a while or I needed that kind of like a little bit of a vitamin in my arm every day. It’s like, Oh, I got busy over here and Jim reminded me of this. I gotta go back and focus on that. So for me, that’s one of your many talents and there are way too many to list in this podcast. Um, another thing you talked about is we purposing content and I would just want to let our viewers and our let our audience know that Jim has this amazing, amazing, amazing software application called the Jim Edwards method. And there is endless programs in there where you just answer a few questions and then it out. It spits out within seconds all of these documents that when you’re keying in the information, it takes about 30 seconds depending on the different size. You think, well, how is this really gonna work? And then this article comes out and it’s just crazy. So there, I mean, the man really truly is speaking in this wonderful language that we can all absorb his marketing brilliance at the different levels that we’re at, but yet at the same time they’re there. He has so many different tools that can equipped all of us with our business so that we can get results now. I mean it’s just, it’s almost endless. So I really just want to punch that up and let people know about that. The other thing I wanted to mention, which I thought was really shocking to me is last week you were doing a video and it was taking the chickens out with Jim and stuff and then you were saying, you know, don’t forget, headers are so important and [inaudible] and all this stuff. And you gave that little spiel and I was thinking, Oh Jim, I’ve been doing this with you for awhile now. I know that they’re really important. I got it. And then you said, because I’ve been doing these every day taking the chickens out with Jim and because I didn’t label them, people aren’t sure, like especially if I’m wearing the same hoodie I’m going out, they think they already saw that video. So to me that was like a two minute video and I, it gave me like, like, like almost a headache. I was like, Oh my gosh. I thought I had that and then I didn’t even notice I didn’t have it. And you’re, and then I thought it was shocking that you didn’t have it, meaning like we all can fall into a routine ever so quickly. So it was really inspiring for me to say, Oh, it’s okay if I dropped the ball over here because there’s, when you’re good at it and you’re playing so much ball, you’re going to drop it occasionally or whatever. So there’s just a, I think the biggest compliment I can give to someone is it’s just not only what you’re teaching us and we need that content, but it’s how you’re teaching us. If you can learn from somebody, not just what they’re selling you per se, but how they’re selling it to you, then man, Oh man, you’re really lucky. So that’s just some of the crazy, amazing things that you do, but you do make it look really effortless and simple. So can you tell us, can you humanize yourself and tell us about the few bumps in the road that you’ve had for our listeners that you can inspire us?

Jim: (33:50)

Well, I think the, the biggest thing is that I’m, and thank you for all the nice things you’re saying. I would say the biggest thing is that the bumps in the road happen all the time. And instead of ignoring them, you, you use them as learning and teaching moments for your audience. So I mean, you just answered the question there to a degree when I, and I came out and said, Hey, I noticed that I was having decline in, in my videos and I was trying to think why. Cause I was actually getting better at delivering the content. And I said, okay, well let me try, you know, hook, story, offer what you know, headlines, all this stuff. And then what happened was I, somebody asked me, Hey, you did a video on this. And I went back through my own feet and I couldn’t even find, I couldn’t find it because I couldn’t tell which video was which. And I said to myself, self, if you can’t tell the difference between these videos, how in the heck are they gonna tell the difference? So the next morning I said, okay, today I’m going to ride out my little hook and I’m also going to say the hook. And so that I’ll know at least I’ll know at the beginning of each video what the video is. And so that’s part of your, your business, especially if you’re in any type of information, business consulting business or anything like that. There’s really two parts of your business. There’s what you’re selling and then there’s the actual selling of it. And so what I trying to do is not actually separate the two. I will tell you what I’m doing. I’ll tell you what I’m working on. Like lately I’ve been doing a bunch of different videos and stuff cause I’m trying to come up with ads to be able to PR to promote my book. So instead of getting on Ninja and saying, okay, well I’m going to put these videos out here and do this, I’ve been telling everybody, Hey, what do you think of this video? It’s potentially an ad for my book. Can you give me some feedback? And then I take the feedback and people like, Oh yeah, well this sucked and this wasn’t as good as the last one and this part was good. But that part dragged. And I’m sitting there watching the people watch my videos going, you know what? I’m watching it and you, it drags here. This is bad. You know what? This is dragging right here, isn’t it? And people say, yes, this is dragging there. I said, okay, cool. So it’s their learning by me doing it and I’m learning by doing it with them. So that’s, you know, the bumps and the, the, it’s like people want to look at failure or bumps in the road or anything other than instant success as a negative. And it’s not a negative, it’s a part of the process. So if you make that part of your process and the working through it part of your process, you’re, you’re gonna be successful. And if you engage people in that, then they’re gonna like you more. You’re gonna be an attractive character. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. And when you do figure it out and then want to sell, sell them a course or something, they’re going to be like, hell yeah, I watched how he did this. I want to know. So it’s, there’s, there’s no magic and you shouldn’t act like it’s magic. It’s, it’s simply a process of doing stuff, seeing what happens, making adjustments, doing it again and asking yourself always the question, is this getting me further away from or closer to the ultimate place where I want to end up?

Kris: (37:31)

I think for some of us, when you’re newer at this game, I think again, you made some really profound statements and one is it might take it what we perceive to be a little bit of initial bravery. So I know for me when I, and I thought of you Jim, I put my, I put my cover for the podcast up as a test in one of the groups that were both in and the feedback was vicious. It was just like, and it was like, okay. And I have to admit, I’m going to tell the truth. A younger version of before Jim version of me would have taken it down like, okay, we got it totally wrong. This is embarrassing. Take it down. Right. And I left it up there even though I was getting kicked around and pit and there was one or two people that I don’t know if they were trying to be helpful, but every time somebody said that something, it wasn’t completely aggressive, the other person said, anyone saying anything really nice as lying to you, this is all horrible. I was like, okay, move on with your day. I got it right. But I jacked it up and I remember thinking of you the whole day and I remember thinking, you know what, I’ve seen Jim experiment and, and people come at him for things that didn’t work and I thought, you know, he puts it out there and I think you’re right. Then there’s not these big huge peaks and valleys cause you’re just out there kind of like what push up is the push up that got you in shape. Right. And I know you’re a man that respects the pushup. So you know when I was starting to waffle there that day, like you know, you’re sitting in a room by yourself going, Oh, this hurts a little bit and I didn’t expect it to be perfect. I just was not expecting the, the velocity of attention to what didn’t work. And I just said, Oh too.

Jim: (39:04)

But that’s okay. The, the velocity is what you want because you don’t want to take forever to get the feedback. I’d much rather figure this crap out in an afternoon then have it drag out for a week and I want to sh I’m gonna solve part of this for you. Okay. One of the things you need to understand is that in any business you’re in, you can at any time where one of a combination or a combination of three different hats at any moment you can be the student or you can be the reporter or you can be the expert. I tried to wear those hats every single day. I can wear the expert hat, I can wear the report, meaning I know what the hell I’m talking about and this is what I’m doing and this is what I’m figuring out. Okay, the reporter hat is, Hey, this is what I see going on over here. So if, if you’re, if you’re brand new, you can always be the reporter. You can say, Hey, this is what I see going on. This is what I see so-and-so doing. This is what I see doesn’t such doing. These are the results. I see them getting this as based on what I’m seeing. This is what I think you should do. And then the third one is the student is where you say, Hey look, I’m, I’m not an expert and I’m learning this and I’m doing this and you can come on along with me and learn with me. And so you can take those hats off and on all day long. And when I’m throwing stuff out there, I’m wearing the student hat. It’s like, Hey guys, I’m seeing, you know, this is what I’m trying, what do you think? I mean I’m consciously putting on the student hat when on the expert hat, you know when I’m out there with with the chickens or whatever, it’s, it’s like this is based on my experience and and the ex expertise. Really the best expertise comes from experience and expertise comes from good experience, but experience comes from bad experience and you got to go have some experience before you can have a bad experience that you can turn it into a good experience. So it’s you, you should not get locked into the feeling that until you are a world class expert, you can’t do anything. Because if you do that, you’re screwed. And you might as well just go put on a hairnet and make your living with the, with the most famous sales copy phrase ever, which is, would you like fries with that because you’ll never be able to matriculate up and do anything else. So just understand that, that that’s why I tell people the first book you ever write should be a mistakes book because everybody can write a book about mistakes to avoid in any area and it takes all the pressure off of you. You don’t have to be an expert to tell people what not to do and it’s just flipping the script inside your own mind. And I think part of what will happen and that happens to you sometimes, Chris, is that you, you worry that you’re not perfect. But if all you did was take, you’re trying to put on the expert hat and you feel inauthentic. But if you put on the reporter hat, which is exactly what you’re doing with the, um, with your podcast, you’re wearing the reporter hat. Yeah, you’re doing the interview, you’re seeing, you’re sharing what you see other people doing in the same thing with the student thing. This is what I’m learning how to do. I’m learning how to do a podcast. I’m learning how to set up a funnel. I’m learning how to write a book. I’m learning how to promote myself all the time. And this is what I’m doing and this is what is working and this is what is not working. And it it, you’re fine.

Kris: (42:41)

And it never occurred to me to be worried about being perfect. I think what happens to us, my fear was always, if I looked like I was unprepared, like, Oh, I look like I didn’t do my homework

Jim: (42:50)

but isn’t unprepared, is an unprepared just another way of saying not perfect. Well everyone less than perfect, I’m unprepared. That means I am less than perfect. And you are as you’re very prepared. I mean you’re, you’re very prepared. No sweat.

Kris: (43:12)

I want to say Jim, I cannot thank you enough for being generous with your time. And this is an amazing treat to my listeners. And again, if you know Jim, than you know what valuable content this is and that every single time you have any touch point with Jim, no matter how short is you, walk away, you know, a better business person, a better entrepreneur for having spent that time with him. And for those of you that for some reason we’re not lucky enough to know Jim yet get stop. What you’re doing right now, pull the car over and find him online because the content is endless and it is always, always extremely valuable, easy to digest and super refreshing. Like it’s just no nonsense. It’s just like, it’s, you know, it’s like I’m starving, I need steak and potatoes or whatever, you know, something simple, get it down, get full and you move on with your day. And it really is amazing and it’s a great treat for my audience. But if nothing else, I feel like I got, you know, a one on one coaching consult with you, Jim. So this was just time with you. If, if only if the only person that listens is my mother, then we’re still [inaudible] still feel happy. I’m like, yeah, mom. But it was, it was good for me. I got to spend time with Jim. So anyways, Jim, where can people find you and you have to look from where can they find you? Online Jim

Jim: (44:27)

really three places. You can check out my blog You can check out, uh, my software @funnelscriptsdotcom and you can get a copy of my book @copywriting and you can get a free copy of my book All you gotta do is just pay shipping.

Kris: (44:46)

And I think once you get, when you land in one of those places, you want all three. So I can’t think of a bigger gift I can give to my audience in time with you, Jim. So I want to thank you so very much.

Jim: (44:56)

Thank you.

Kris: (44:56)

and uh, thank you again for joining us. All right, thanks.