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How Entrepreneurs Can Use Powerful Publicity Strategies With Jill Lublin

Episode Summary

Jill Lublin shared her wealth of PR knowledge with us. This is a MUST listen as we learn simple, unique and powerful strategies to create a PR machine that yields entrepreneurs, big results!

Learn how to:
-use the media to your advantage
-create your own PR campaign
-easily multiply your results with this one strategy
-actively increase visibility for your small business!

Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals. She is the author of 4 Best Selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. Her latest book, Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories. Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace.  She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 25 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media.  Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course, and consults and speaks all over the world.  She also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, as well as obtain foreign rights deals.

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Jill Lubin Podcast Interview

[00:08:32] Kris Ward: Okay, everyone. Welcome to win the hour. Win the day I am your host, Chris ward, and Oh boy, we got a treat for you today.

[00:08:42] We have Jill Lubin and she is an international speaker on topics of radical. Yeah. Influence publicity, networking, kindness, and reef. She is the author of four bestselling books, including get noticed, get referrals and co-author of gorilla. Publicity and network magic, networking magic. Her latest book, prophet of kindness, went to number one in four categories.

[00:09:06] Jill is a master strategist on how to position yourself, your business for more profitability and visibility in the marketplace and marketplace. And I’m not kidding you. She is the bomb. I can’t wait to dive into this with her. So anyways, yeah. Jill teaches publicity and crash courses and a whole bunch of other stuff.

[00:09:23] And she speaks around the world and I could talk for hours with her bio, but let’s just dive in Jill before I muddle all that up. Let’s just dive in.

[00:09:31] Jill Lubin: I’m diving.

[00:09:32] Kris Ward: Okay. Jill, you are the master at this. Let’s just. Start with what are the basics? When we talk about pub publicity? I know for me back in the beginning, before I wrote my first book, I think I had the idea of publicity, something you did, you know, after you arrived.

[00:09:51] I know that makes no sense, but you had this false sense of celebrities like, Oh, they’re famous. So now they need publicity. Which in fact it’s the exact opposite. I know that now, but I was very misguided in the beginning. So why don’t you start there?

[00:10:04] Jill Lubin: Well, let me just say you’ve got it right, Chris. It’s the opposite because the truth is you need consistent persistent visibility in the marketplace, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a book, a business, a product, a service, a brick and mortar, you know, whatever, right.

[00:10:20] A widget, the truth is. Somebody needs to know about it, and that’s where public relations comes in. So if you want a business that succeeds, that creates an impact in the marketplace, publicity is a place where you can shine and get, the kind of profits that kind of filling your pipeline, that kind of attention that you deserve, frankly.

[00:10:46] Kris Ward: Okay. So publicity sounds at first glance, like it’s expensive, it’s complicated. And I know from listening to you, that’s not the case. So why don’t you start off with some rookie stuff that we could do to get some publicity or where do we start?

[00:10:59] Jill Lubin: Well, since I wrote the book, guerrilla, publicity, I’m all about giving you really simple tips.

[00:11:04] So here’s a good one right now. Move on, get, get your message. Right. Okay. You got to start with the right message. And this is the thing, Chris, that most entrepreneurs and business people mess up. What do I mean there? So about, Ooh, I’ve got this product or service or Booker or. Program or whatever that they’re not focused on, what’s in it for the audience.

[00:11:24] So you gotta be using your words. You’ve got to create that, um, that kind of message that other people care about. So this is a big tip. Get off of quote unquote, what you do and listen for what the media is focused on. Like right now I have a parenting coach she’s talking about how do you raise kids in the pandemic and keep your sanity?

[00:11:46] Right. Keep your business. Um, I’ve got, uh, uh, uh, uh, a relationship expert. I got her as the, I call it, we’re calling her the quarantine Cupid. That’s not at all what she really does, but it got her into the media. And this is what I really want you all to hear is you’ve got to stay focused on what the media needs.

[00:12:05] So keep your, uh, keep your antennas up, uh, tune to that.

[00:12:10] Kris Ward: Yeah. Okay. That sounds like such common sense. And yet I hear it and then I forget it. And I hear it again, because I know for me, it’s like you get lost in the structure of your day. You’re like, okay, I got this work to do I’m mean we focus, gonna be organized.

[00:12:23] I’m going to be networking and doing whatever. And then the idea of going online and seeing what the trending words are, what everybody needs to hear today. It’s such a wealth of information, but I often forget that I really do. So let’s say we say, okay, all right, this is what my marketplace is looking for right now.

[00:12:41] Where do we start to get that message out?

[00:12:44] Jill Lubin: Well, the first thing I’d ask, all your listeners to do is pick one hour a week, one hour, put it in your calendar, make a date with you, make a date with you. Call it your PR date. Oh, that’ll be right. Yes. And then in that one hour, I want you to do. Maybe three visibility building activities.

[00:13:02] Uh, go, go into iTunes and see who’s talking about your subject and what podcasts are listed. Uh, go onto social media and plug in some reporters and get connected to who’s covering your subject matter, um, and then plan some networking activities. So I will tell you one great visibility building activity is.

[00:13:23] Stay focused on networking, especially in this zoom time. It’s a powerful publicity strategy that really works and build your name recognition in any business you’re in and that’s publicity.

[00:13:36] Kris Ward: Okay. All right. So this is all really helpful. Let me unpack a few things you said. I know for me, when I started doing PR type stuff, when somebody said to me very beautifully, staying in business is not enough.

[00:13:47] Like that’s saying goal. Yeah. It’s like back in the day, on the back of rental movie, two thumbs up. Yay. Oh, good. They all say that, right? No big deal. Okay. So staying in business, not enough. You have to have something to say. But I didn’t really grasp before I spoke to you, the whole idea of, you know, my, my big thing is about, you know, that your business should support your life, not consume it, and that we want to get you from ideas to implementation and, you know, make your ambitions come alive.

[00:14:14] But then there’s all this stuff about, you know, the pandemic and how to zoom and how to work from home and all that stuff. And I certainly could do that with my eyes closed, but I wouldn’t have saw that as a fit because it’s really not my main focus. And we’re all about niche marketing, right? But when you do the niche marketing, you can broaden that to start a conversation, to get your name out there more and more, you know, exposure.

[00:14:35] Jill Lubin: Correct. Absolutely. And, and here’s what I want you to look at this. This is a lifestyle, not a one-off thing. Yes. Chris, when you wrote your book, yes. You needed powerful publicity for the book, of course. Or when you’re launching a program or, you know, there are times where we go a bit. Yeah. I call it full throttle, but here’s what I want.

[00:14:55] All of you to think about maybe twice to four times a year, you need the bigger story. Think about the holidays ahead. Think about where you can fit into a holiday, make up your own. Right, right. That’ll be great. But you know, the thing is, I think that if, if everyone commits to one hour, a week of visibility building activities, it will change your life and it will bring the prospects and profits to you.

[00:15:23] And that’s powerful. And that’s what publicity does.

[00:15:26] Kris Ward: Yeah, and I can do that. That’s what I need is structure. Cause I’m very structured with everything I do. And then I think I look at the ceiling then, Oh, I meant to do that. But if you say, you know, cause we’re, I think I got lost is when you say do it one hour, we great.

[00:15:37] But I felt like, Oh, I’m supposed to be checking Twitter every morning and look for this. And that’s just not going to fit into my day. Okay. One hour a week, you got me. I can do that. And I think you did raise a very valuable point, which again, in the past I’ve neglected is the whole networking thing is a powerful it’s publicity, one person at a time.

[00:15:53] And, uh, you know, and also you don’t know who you don’t know because earlier actually I was going to mention somebody, you know, him, Kirk Charles, and he ended up in men’s health magazine and that was through networking. So, uh, so yeah, it all unfolds. Okay. This is fabulous. Fabulous information. It’s gold.

[00:16:09] Take us on this journey. What else do we need to know?

[00:16:12] Jill Lubin: Mm. Okay. So once you get your message, that’s the first, most important step, because then you’re confident. And this is what I’ve seen. Chris working with all kinds of people, introverts, extroverts, people who go, I don’t, you know, I don’t know what to do, but the powerful piece is getting that message right.

[00:16:29] Once you do that, now we can do some of those activities. One thing that’s. So simple, completely easy is to send out what I call an announcement. So for instance, I just did a kindness summit. I brought 108 people together, practicing kindness. This was on the book, the prophet of kindness. Okay. Here’s the deal, the announcement that’s going out.

[00:16:51] Announces that Joel recently launched the kindness summit. Right? And so it’s an announcement about something that happened. What I love about this is it’s an opportunity to put something out there about something that happened. And then the rest of it is my bio. That’s where it will say Josie author of the book, the prophet of kindness.

[00:17:10] She teaches virtual publicity courses. That’s where all the rest. So that will come in. So I love the, I call it the announcement strategy. I know it’s not that sexy, but Hey, it’s, it is. And you use this locally in your local markets. And one thing I love about local publicity is that it builds your name recognition.

[00:17:31] And so that leads me to something else, which I like to call the I’ve heard of you somewhere syndrome.

[00:17:37] Kris Ward: Okay. Okay, hold on. Before you, before you do that, I’m going to put them, don’t forget that we’re going to put a pin in that for a second. So two things I want to touch on here. One is when you say, get your message, right?

[00:17:48] Because I get all worked up when people say, be authentic or get your message, right. Like, Oh, I thought it was right until I found out it wasn’t. Right. Right. So when you say, get your message, right. Do you mean like the taking out the use in eyes and making sure it’s about the pain point of the audience?

[00:18:03] Or are you also talking about, like you said, finding on Twitter, what they’re looking for right now? What do, can we just be clear on what that looks like? Getting your message, right. I, you touched on it a bit. I just want to make sure I fully get it.

[00:18:15] Jill Lubin: So there’s two things. One is, I want you to have a consistent persistent message.

[00:18:19] That’s the part that stays the same, no matter what, that’s the part, when you wake up at 4:00 AM for an interview that you know what to say, even if your eyes are partially closed.

[00:18:30] Kris Ward: Right?

[00:18:30] Jill Lubin: Right. So that’s that giving you the sense of, um, it has to be authentic to you. It has to be resonant for what you do.

[00:18:38] The next piece of that is if there’s something in the media, like for instance, I made a major TV show. I did a segment when the biggest ad agency got fired because the CEO made a racist comment. You know, during this time and black lives matter, that is not a smart thing to do. Motel motel six, fired them, you know, Cracker barrel, fire them, dr.

[00:19:00] Pepper, fire them. Well, I got, uh, a, uh, a, do you want to be on air talking about this because I’m a publicity expert from a TV show in Dallas. And, uh, and I said, yes, right after I teach my virtual publicity course. Is that okay? Will that still work? They said, yes. But as soon as I got on air, no, but other way I want to say I’m not an advertising expert, I’m a publicity expert.

[00:19:22] So I bring that value into something that moment that was trending in that day right

[00:19:28] Kris Ward: now.

[00:19:29] Jill Lubin: And the way I knew about it is I kept seeing things flash across like major ad agency buyers. And, and that was a big thing. The first thing I said to him was, boy, I wouldn’t want to be that adage and see this day.

[00:19:43] And he looked at me, he goes, that was great. I’m going to turn on the recording. I want you to say that now. Here’s, here’s the thing. And I want you all to hear this. When you get an media about things that are happening right now, we’ll call it the right now things a lot of it’s opinion. I mean, the truth is he sent me an article about an hour before I went online.

[00:20:01] I read that I formed an opinion and I gave it all of you who are smart enough to listen to Chris’s show you are smart enough to come up with three to four minutes of good commentary. Right. And, and, and here’s the thing I want you to do. And this is very practical. I want you to go to Google alerts and put in your name.

[00:20:20] And I want you to put in like your one key word, you know, something like that’s how I, whatever it is. Right. I have kindness. I have publicity based on my different books. And so, by the way, when I got off that TV show, the truth is. I thought, well, how’d that all look, what did he put together? Because of course it wasn’t produced when he recorded me.

[00:20:41] Right. And I went looking for it and it was the next day, Google Lords popped up. Jill Lublin and WFAA in Dallas, Texas was right there with the, with the, I think it was four minutes segment. Right. So this is the thing I want all of you to really hear is that. Publicity in like TV and radio land is actually quite short, quite focused, you know, they’re, they’re short segments and the reality is you’ve gotta have those sound bites, those little things you can say.

[00:21:13] Kris Ward: So it’s not story time. It’s not story time. Yeah. No, the bigger, the opportunity, the bigger, the opportunity this time you get, right.

[00:21:21] Jill Lubin: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I found out, you know, most. Most, uh, for instance, when I was on Fox news with, with prophet of kindness all over the country, eight times, right? In the first week of the book coming out, here’s what I did.

[00:21:34] I actually timed each one of those interviews. The average was four minutes and 20 seconds. Now here’s what I know of for your listeners. Everyone can sound smart for that amount of time.

[00:21:44] Kris Ward: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I like the, I like the kids. I like that. Faith. Thank you so much. Okay. Those are really good points. Now the second one, I just want to touch on this really quickly.

[00:21:51] You said an announcement that is that kind of like even behind the scenes on social media, where you say, Hey, I’m working on this stuff and you think no one cares, but they see it and they that’s, they still engage in it. So announcement, isn’t really up a press release, but just keeping people in the loop on what you’re working on, like to toot your own horn a little bit, but just really pulling back the curtain a bit.

[00:22:12] Jill Lubin: Exactly and well, yes. And so you want to give people a peer behind the curtain? Yes. I loved that, but I actually liked the announcement of strategy as a consistent system. Every 60 days. That’s how I teach it. Um, and every 60 days you are going to actually make a very conscious announcement about.

[00:22:31] Anything, it could be a nonprofit board. You got elected to, it could be, um, a new person you hired. It could be a new program you’re launching. It could be anything. Okay.

[00:22:42] Kris Ward: Okay. I was thinking it had to be like, okay. So we, we started dealing with students again, back in the day we used to have students come through the system all the time, but then we went all virtual and now of course, Schools are tapping on our doors saying, okay.

[00:22:55] Cause before they’re like, Oh, students should go in there and know how to use the workplace, blah, blah, blah. Now they’re like the student can be virtual, so we could even do an announcement of, we started doing students again and blah, blah, blah. Okay. Okay. Cause I was thinking, all right. Okay. I’m getting okay.

[00:23:08] And announcement strategy. I haven’t announced everybody pay attention announcement, strategy coming out every 60 days. I wouldn’t have, I see that now. Now it’s clear. Okay. My apologies. You were about to, and I, I hope you remember. Cause they said put a pin in that. Do you know what the third thing you were about to dive into?

[00:23:23] I know it was a long time ago. You, we went from message rate announcement to it’s all my fault. I should have wrote it down.

[00:23:29] Jill Lubin: That’s okay. A third point, if I may, and that’s called use everything you’ve got.

[00:23:36] Kris Ward: Gotcha. You

[00:23:36] Jill Lubin: use all parts of who you are, and this is something most people forget about too. You know, my Christian clients go to Christian media, Hispanic clients go to Hispanic media.

[00:23:45] African-American clients go to black media and so on and so forth. People forget this, don’t use it. And yet, and yet it’s an incredibly powerful strategy. That actually works consistently and persistently throughout the land and, um, really simple, really easy and quite effective strategy.

[00:24:09] Kris Ward: I noticed too, even when you talk, I’m a guest on podcasts on a regular basis.

[00:24:14] So I’m talking to one person trying to going away from when you’re on video, don’t talk to many, talk to one, right. And then when I’m being interviewed, Speak to the host. And then I often say, and your listeners, but I noticed when you’re talking to me, you’re speaking to me, but you’re also talking directly to the audience.

[00:24:30] You’re saying, now you guys all have to do this. And that’s a shift as well, as far as effectiveness. Cause I’m really noticing that. And I noticed it’s purposeful if you’re doing it. It’s purposeful.

[00:24:40] Jill Lubin: Well, thank you. And yes, it is because here’s the deal. I want you the listener to feel close to me. Right? I want the listener to have effective real things to do.

[00:24:51] Chris. I want you to be highly effective for your lists. I want the listeners to keep connected and feel like, Ooh, I got always tuned into Chris’s show. Cause it’s amazing. And she’s got great guests. So yes, when you’re a guest, I want you to speak to the listeners because, Hey, that’s your main audience.

[00:25:08] Let’s be honest. Right. And you’ve got to drive people to what you’re doing.

[00:25:13] Kris Ward: So then I would be talking to the host almost as if the host is sitting with the listeners. Like you guys are, you all should be doing this and I’m speaking, looking at him, but you all could be the listeners.

[00:25:24] Jill Lubin: Okay. Absolutely. Let me just, you know, put an exclamation point on this.

[00:25:29] When you’re speaking, particularly radio podcasts, television. I love you. Words. You speak to the listeners. You use your words. When you do your Facebook lives, I’m going to give you all a great tip hot tip of the day. Here’s what it is. Right.

[00:25:45] Kris Ward: I, yeah, I do that in writing, but I don’t think now I realized, I think if on a scale of one to five, I was doing like a three and a four and I definitely do it in writing, but now I notice a difference is subtle, but profound.

[00:25:56] It’s just like, not enough salt too much. So, so I noticed when you’re doing, I’m like, Oh, she’s speaking almost like in a different person, not first or second. Right. Okay. We’re learning from you. The why’s Jill, tell us more.

[00:26:08] Jill Lubin: Tell us more. Okay.

[00:26:09] Kris Ward: No pressure. Normally I ask intelligent questions, but I don’t even know what I don’t know here.

[00:26:14] I thought I knew stuff until I started speaking with you. I have to say, I spent a lot of time, money and training on PR, but your, your, uh, tipsters, just like such subtle and profound seasoning that I really just, you know, you just throw your wisdom on us.

[00:26:28] Jill Lubin: Oh, thank you. And I appreciate the compliment. So, um, so let me just talk a little deeper on this use.

[00:26:34] Everything is shared because yeah. Let me tell you about Ryan, who as my client in instructional design, and frankly, I didn’t even know what that was. I mean, really I’m like, what is that Ryan? And he knew the power of publicity to drive prospects, to create more visibility, to get, to get and raise money for his business.

[00:26:53] Well, I didn’t know what an instructional design was when he told me I’m like no fence, right? That’s not interesting. And we recreated his story into what I called a virtual office warrior. The virtual office warrior is an acronym for vow virtual office warrior. Ryan took a vow, never to work in an office again.

[00:27:13] Hey, you know what. That story got them into the front page of the San Francisco business times with a headline, check this out, Chris, with a headline, wind fired you two can vow not to work in an office again. They actually use the term. That’s when I know we were highly effective and because Ryan is Asian American, we got him into the Chinese times.

[00:27:36] Do you know that by translating one of his articles into Chinese? Using everything he’s got put into the Chinese times. Hey, guess what happened? He got a $7,000 consulting engagement out of one article. That’s the power of publicity to re to do return on investment for you. You gotta be doing publicity, my friends, because you will see leads, generate money, generate visibility, generate, and you know, what’s really important.

[00:28:04] Trust and familiarity. And that’s what I also want generating for all of you, so that it increases your name recognition and people say I’ve heard of you somewhere.

[00:28:16] Kris Ward: Ah, that was the third one I heard of you somewhere syndrome. Yes. Thank you. We circle back. It was a wide birth, so he came back. Okay. That is really powerful.

[00:28:24] Cause you know what? People can’t do business with you if they don’t know you. Nevermind. No. Like, and trust you if they don’t know you, they can’t do business with you now. I I’m, I’m just, I think I’m doing horrible job of hosting this show. Cause you’re so interesting. I’m all over the place. Well, back for a second, when you talk about the announcements, do that every 60 days, where are you posting them?

[00:28:42] Are they just general blog stuff or are you trying to latch onto a PR or do like a press release on that? Just where, where do we put those announcements?

[00:28:51] Jill Lubin: So one thing I want to clarify, this is not a press release. This is really specifically an announcement and it’s strategically, where are you going to put it into the business journals?

[00:29:02] Um, you’re going to put it into the daily papers. There’s usually a section called people. Okay. And then you can also put it into your local, um, whatever associations you’re a member of. Cause they all have places where you can call us. Into Facebook groups. You’re a member of as well as your university.

[00:29:22] So let me tell you how powerful and effective the strategy is when yes. Isn’t that great. When get noticed, get referrals came out. I had put it just like I tell people to do. I do practice what I preach and I make sure it works. And I put it into my local university where I graduated. This guy calls me up.

[00:29:41] He goes, Joe, I got your book. Thank you so much. And I see from your bio in the back of the book that you are a publicity expert, I got a shoe company. The next thing I know, he flew his director of marketing out for a BIP consulting day. Now that’s the power of doing this the right way and consistently.

[00:30:00] Kris Ward: Okay. Now in a million years, would I have thought to go back to the university and promote like that’s so, so done. I just would never have thought of that. So going back to your local university, um, and also could you then even, let’s say I had my book when the hour, when the day is about productivity or time management, whatever I could also, could I do that in other universities?

[00:30:21] Jill Lubin: No. Usually this particular

[00:30:23] Kris Ward: strategy.

[00:30:25] Jill Lubin: The announcement strategy is only where you graduated every association. You’re a member of your university, plus your daily papers and biz journal. That’s just a really good start. Oh, gotcha. Cause

[00:30:39] Kris Ward: don’t get that confused with a press release. I have it. Okay. Down. All right.

[00:30:43] So we just have a sadly, sadly, Jill time flies when I’m with you. Sadly, we only have a few minutes left. Uh, you are a woman in demand. So off you go again. So tell us what’s the final thing you’d like to leave us with?

[00:30:57] Jill Lubin: Well, the biggest thing is that let publicity move your business because the reality is you have something that’s that you’re doing that you’re passionate about and publicity will multiply that factor.

[00:31:10] It will be your attraction factor to bring people back to you. It’ll widen your net in ways that frankly you don’t even know are possible yet until you start practicing publicity and it’s free. So I can think of one reason that any of you have, you know, commit to that one hour a week and, and do it because frankly, my friends, your message matters.

[00:31:33] It’s time to get it out there. Oh,

[00:31:35] Kris Ward: is she good? Did she not wrap that up? Like hello, back to the desks, back to the desk, Ken, how are you signing off for CNN here? Like, yes, boy, boy, she tied that up. Beautiful with the big fat red bow. Okay. We are so lucky to have had you. Where other than just Googling your fantastic name and a whole bunch of media is going to come up.

[00:31:57] Where do you want people to feel? Find you ms. Jill Lubin?

[00:32:00] Jill Lubin: Well, thank you. They can go to, uh, Joel  dot com

[00:32:05] Kris Ward: slash.

[00:32:06] Jill Lubin: That’s okay. Jill, and also come to a free masterclass. I have you

[00:32:12] Kris Ward: like this wave

[00:32:14] Jill Lubin: you’re with me. Wait you’re with me for more great tips. So, um, go to Jill  dot com slash publicity, and we’ll give you fabulous ways to keep your name out there.

[00:32:26] On-goingly and appreciate you,

[00:32:28] Kris Ward: Chris. Well, you are just a fantastic ms. Jill Lublin. So I am thrilled that you gave us the time of day with us. We are going to put these practices into place, and it’s just going to be a profound ripple effect based on your brilliant. So thank you again for joining us and everyone else till the next show.

[00:32:45] We’ll see you soon. And thanks again.