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How Clubhouse Could Be Your Secret Weapon! With Deasha Waddup

Episode Summary

Deasha Waddup gives us the rundown on what’s happening in Clubhouse and why it’s getting such buzz.

-how to access contacts like never before
-clubhouse ninja tricks
-how to work Clubhouse to your advantage
-the secret to becoming a powerful networker on Clubhouse
-how to grow your list on Clubhouse

Deasha Waddup is a social media strategist who has worked in international marketing for over 7 years in corporate and digital marketing agencies before starting Social Treats in 2016. She is a Facebook Lead Trainer and an approved ManyChat Agency Partner and in 2019 she was shortlisted for Freelance Social Media Manager of the year. She has worked with businesses to scale and reach 6 and 7 figures using organic and paid social media strategies that they can use over and over again. Deasha loves to travel and works remotely from any location in the world. She believes that everyone should have the same freedom and flexibility to spend their time as they want, and she helps clients stop wasting time on social media and be more strategic.

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